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    :Sami II

    Men With More Than 1 Wife

    dear esteemed sisters , why such the harsh words from the lovers of :Ahylul-Bayt (as) . your husbands , men of stature and strong :Aklaq should be treated here with more respect. Your words should be such that what ever he decides that is best for your family to bring you all towards :Allah swt and serve :Al-Hujjat (as) should be honoured . If he should decide to take on 2 , 3 or 4 wives than you should say the words of: "your desire is my command , your wish is my wish , you are my king , my man , the father of my babies , you strive for us and sweat for us , you face the obstacles of the cruel world and share with us your wealth , and you will be amongst the 313 , therefore dear husband , I am in full support of the journey and path you decide for us ,and may :Allah swt be pleased and give you strength in this world and the next." ws
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    Isna Supporting Sodomite Agenda

    Religious freedom and right to minority religious groups is already enacted by law (although not always by practice) in the U.S. and in comparison to many other "western" countries the track record of treatment towards religious minorities to include Muslims internally with in the country is (in general) better than many other nations.There was no need at all to put their support behind this legislation and it not only legitimizes the Gay Rights movement it also will create large scale doubt and confusion among the general Muslim population - as a significant portion of young muslims are already on the fringe in regards to their views on homosexuality. This includes Shias as well. Things like this will further them in to more misguidance and begin to implant seeds in their mind that there is nothing really wrong with gays - they are born that way etc. This is a terrible occurrence. ISNA is the largest main stream Islamic organization in the U.S - they have the largest conferences in the country and have hundreds of thousands of people in their over all network of influence. They are the primary source (for the sunni population ) on things like setting standards for Halal meat and Moon sightings etc.
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    Those who are "scared" of Islam, they are scared anyways. It has nothing to do with Tatbir. Please read my text again. I wrote that when people are afraid of Islam it is mainly other things in the Islamic world, not Tatbir in particular, or they are close-minded enough and hate Islam in general.
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    Ayatollah Khamenei

    Thanks bro repenter, Hamza and akhi jackson. It's unfortunate that the same cannot be said of American war-mongers, neither George Bush nor Barack Obama, or any other murderer like them had their children in the battlefield. They like to sit back and send children of other poor families to their deaths.
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    This is one of the major problems with tatbir in a nutshell: the kind of stupid mentality it engenders in those who practice or support it. Do you take your religion from people who claim to have recieved fatwas from Imam Mahdi (as) while he is in occultation? Then again, it seems Yassir Habeeb does, so if you are a follower of his, it would make sense.
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    Some argument that Tatbir frightens people in the West from Islam. But that is not the case. In contrary, people in the West themselves argument that Christians have similar rituals in some places around the globe, for example in the Philippines. Of course, the Shia don't mourn or believe in the "son of God". But those Shia who do Tatbir, and they are a small number in comparison to chest-beaters, they mourn their Imam how they believe is best to mourn. I recently read a propaganda article in a Western newspaper showing pictures of Tatbir to tell people (again!) that "look, this is violent Islam!" And guess what the peoples' comments replied to that article: "Don't try to fool us. The fact is that you want to show us violent Islam. But we have similar rituals. And why is that brutal, if they mourn." No these rituals are not what frightens people from Islam. It is some so-called Muslim politicians and scholars and agendas and suicide attacks which frighten people. Not Tatbir rituals.
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    Men With More Than 1 Wife

    (bismillah) (salam) No sister. Some scholars say that they may put it into the contract and some do not. This is not unanimous. She must accept (if he treats them all fairly - because then there would be no reason not to acccept it) it if she follows a marja' that rules against this. Alhamdulillah we have people like you in our society... May Allah bless you for your willingness to do Jihad for the cause of Allah and your understanding of the wisdom of Allah's laws... I personally wouldn't get a second wife due to all the burdens and making my life hell, etc. I am just trying to protect Allah's legislation from the subtle infiltration of nonsensical Western 'correct conduct' created by man. It is 'immoral' (why? because someone said so :)) and violates the 'sanctity of marriage' (baseless ideology created by humans) to be married to more than one :rolleyes:. (wasalam)
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    Men With More Than 1 Wife

    We women are taught to hate sharing a man and polygamy by society and even family. Mothers are usually against it, my mother tells me not to marry an arab because tend to have more than one wife. My father tells me that as an educated women, I should not like polygamy (although he's not personally against it) -sigh- family..
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    In addition to what Shiabro posted, I decided to just look up an article on self-flagellation in Christianity and found the following article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/05/christians-in-philippines_n_1405551.html Comments from readers included: And one even took a shot at such practices in Islam: So, please, let's not delude ourselves. I challenge anyone to bring substantial evidence that the West views it favorably. And one or two testimonies does not count. We have to go by how it is generally perceived, or the 'urf. If you want to do tatbir, go ahead, as most maraja allow it in principle, but please do it in your basement far away from the public eye. As Imam Askari (as) says, "be a beautification for us." Clearly these practices are not regarded by non-Muslims as beautiful...
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    (bismillah) (salam) Does it not send chills down your spine to know that the Prophet (s) said in his very last sermon “be careful with how you treat them [ahlul bayt] after me”?
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    Men With More Than 1 Wife

    (bismillah) (salam) Revisiting this thread, I found this post of yours, Aqua. I felt the need to address it, if you don't mind Insha'Allah. "In wasāil it is reported that, Imām al-Bāqir [as] said: Indeed, Allāh - mighty and tremendous - decreed jihād on men and jihād on women. So the jihād of the man is that he spends out of his wealth and his blood until he is killed in the way of Allāh, and the jihād of the woman is that she is patient over the suffering she receives from her husband and his jealousy (ghīra). Jihād is a word for hard struggle, tremendous striving against the self for the sake of Allāh and His dīn, which is built on His ḥikma, His wisdom. It is obvious that putting one's self in the way of ferocious swords or fatal bullets, where the fear of death hangs from the sky at every second, and killing and being killed can drain the blood from our faces from terror. But sometimes, Allāh has decreed obligatory jihād of the sword on men, which they must obey and turn themselves into fodder for His pleasure, and place their very worldly existence at risk. Spending out of one's wealth can also prove very difficult, as Shayṭān whispers in our hearts various excuses not to spend, all of course in the apparent form of well-argued, reasonable, justified excuses. The woman's jihād is no doubt also a heavy and difficult burden to carry, which they must carry, and no doubt the Shayṭān whispers to them as well, by invoking their jealousy and stirring their fantasies. I have little doubt that women, generally speaking, hate this idea of not being the centre of their man's attention. But for a faithful woman, it is a natural hate, like how every man, even the faithful men, naturally hate death. This is because living beings, when not agonised and tormented in life, prefer life infinitely over death, and thereby abhor the annihilation. Similarly, all persons, when not suffering from severe inferiority complexes, prefer being the focus of love and appreciation infinitely over being ignored or even being 'one among many'. These are all natural traits of the ego, which sometimes need to be sacrificed for the love of Allāh, the only true beloved. The faithful man knows that death is annihilation from one world, but a better life in a subsequent world, and this spurs him on to fight in the way of Allāh and spend generously from what Allāh has provided him. Similarly, the faithful woman understand that, though her husband's polygamy lessens her material share of her husband, by acquiescing, she might increase her romantic share of her husband by pleasing him, and she will certainly increase her spiritual share of the afterlife by pleasing the Lord." - An angel who I'm sure wouldn't mind me decimating his knowledge to help others. (wasalam)
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    Have You Done Tatbir This Ashura?

    Death of one person as a result of tatbir in Karbala, and dozens more fell unconscious as a result of loss of blood more disturbing pictures at this link : http://www.iraqqanon.com/in-focus/2013/11/15/3739
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    Ocd Shirk

    This advice may be wrong, i'm not a scholar, nor have i studied islam, but i too have had ocd, i too have had random thoughts popping up, i too have doubted the existence of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. Make firm your faith in what you believe in through gaining knowledge on the topics, and proving through rational, that which can be proven through rational (Some things can be proven rationally such as the existence of God, some things cant be proven rationally such as why fajr is 2 rakats, but once you rationally come to the conclusion that Islam is right, then you would naturally accept fajr being 2 rakats, because you reached the naql (text/tradition) through the aql (intellect), and the naql tells you its 2 rakats for fajr salah) e.g. If you doubt the existence of God, go to the scholars who can teach you the proofs for the existence of God, such as Burhan an-Nidham amongst many other proofs. I think it would be good to start with the principles and go through them in order i.e. Tawheed, Adala, Nubuwwa, Imamah, Ma'ad. Also avoid sinning, this is something which i believe can take someone down the road of doubts. I'm not saying anyone who has substantial doubts definitely falls into sin, but perhaps it is a possibility that its because of their sins. As for the images popping up into your head, ignore, ignore ignore. Also seek help from Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. Once again, im not a scholar, im a young person who has gone through those stages before, and this was my own way of overcoming these issues, and i believe alhamdulillah my faith became stronger after those doubts entered and answers were sought, but that doesnt mean it will definitely be the same for other people.
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    ^ You are beyond ignorant Instability in Iraq = weakness of Iraq Weakness of Iraq = easier to perpetuate control over Iraq These are simple political principles. Sometimes I wonder why the Leader bothers bringing them up, as they are self-evident. But then I see people like you rejecting something so self-evident, and I realize many people NEED to be told these things. Yes, Clynn, sometimes, certain countries desire instability in other countries. This is why terrorism happens,this is why invasions happen, and this is also why color revolutions happen. Why is there a "civil war" in Syria right now? Because some countries (namely, NATO countries and the Khaliji kingdoms) wanted to create instability in Syria. When there is either the motivation to control a country (as is the case in Iraq), or a motivation to topple the government of a sovereign country (as is the case in Syria), there IS a motivation to create instability. If you do not understand these basic concepts... I don't know what to say to you. "Perhaps because he can not understand what it means to be free." Oh so you're bringing that back? You're bringing back the "They're just jealous of our freedom!" slogan? It's this type of narcissistic self-obsession that results in such an ignorant worldview.
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    1 not repelled vs. Many repelled, you can do the maths. With tatbir comes the skill of Swordsmanship = Shohada fought valiantly because they had skill of swordsmanship and Zanjeer equals a Gun, baKhuda atleast i can not understand whats the connection.
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    Abu Hadi

    Migration313 - The Latest

    Salam to all. Alhamduillah, the channel, migration313 has grown. We know have several brothers working on the project in addition to myself. Here is the latest video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vJfue2zUn0 Please like and subscribe (of course, if you actually like the content). Also, comments are welcome
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    (bismillah) (salam) http://www.islamicinformationcentre.co.uk/karbala2.htm#4 ZUHAIR BIN QAIS WENT TO YAZID They were still on their way to Yazid when Zuhair went ahead to meet Yazid. Yazid asked him how he was. He replied, "I have come to you with some good news, Allah Most High has given us victory. Imam Husain and 18 of his close relatives and 60 of his friends and followers came towards Kufa. When we heard this we went to them as we thought they would create trouble; and we told them that either they swear allegiance to Yazid or we would have to go to war with them. They preferred to fight with us rather than compromise, so we had to get ready for war. When the sun came out we surrounded them from all sides. We attacked them with our swords, arrows and spears. They tried to save their lives by running here and there, in the trees, mountains and behind rocks; like pigeons would run if they saw a vulture. I swear by Allah Most High that their running and hiding did not make any difference and did not help them at all. Our sharp swords killed them and their bodies are lying there in the field with no clothes, or shade as we speak. If they have any shade it is the sun's rays and if they have any clothes it is the soil, and the strong winds of the desert are throwing their bodies around. The only people who are looking on them and feeling sorry for them are the wild animals." When Yazid heard this, his eyes filled with tears and he said, "I would have been pleased with you even had you not killed Imam Husain. May Allah's Most High wrath be upon Ibn Zaid who has done this to him. I swear by Allah Most High that if I were you I would have forgiven Imam Husain, may Allah Most High send his blessings on him." After saying this he became very quiet, and instead of giving him a gift, as it was customary to give the bearer of good news, he turned him away(1). I cannot tolerate this BS... Can anyone find such a reference in sunni history and whether the source is any good? Also, where can we find all of Yazid'a (la) statements and actions from both Shia and sunni sources??? Allahumal'an Yazid!!!!!
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    Awaiting Al_Faraj

    Shia Sunni Unity

    I am a shia and have several non-shia friends, consequently there is a lot of disagreement on issues related to Imamat of Ali(as), Fadak, Karbala, and many more. I come up with hadiths from my faith, they come up with hadiths of their faith, so at last no conclusion is drawn and all discourse goes vain. What can i do to settle the matter ? Is there any way to put an end to this Shia-Sunni fighting that is not ending since 1400 years ? Please enlighten me on this issue, i want to unite people of the muslim ummah.
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    Men With More Than 1 Wife

    Why is polygamy even controversial? The prophet (saw) did it. Of course he had good intentions too but its halal.
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    How hard can it be to keep it civil? I said insult wahabis, not Sunnis. And i expect the same from Sunnis. Simple, basic, binary instructions you people can't seem to understand.
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    Salam It is impressive how tatbiris are willing to convince people that their practice is normal and that other people may find it cool.
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    Isna Supporting Sodomite Agenda

    The quoted article was not from ISNA. I can't tell if they are endorsing homosexuality or endorsing human rights. I support human rights regardless of who or what you are. I do not support homosexuality, any more than any other mental or physical disorder.
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    As usual blood letting apologists misleading people. Pose a question and then prove they are right. The west are not so much scared of blood letting as totally disgusted and repelled by this barbaric practice. So if you were honest you would have posed the question. 'Why the west isn't disgusted and repelled by blood letting and why they dont consider it to be a barbaric practice ?' If you and your ilk bother reading the fatwas they talk about repulsion and misunderstanding , therefore if you want to keep it in context you should discuss it in those manners
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    Why People In The West Don't Fear Tatbir

    Please stick to topic, this is not about Tatbir being bid'a. Non-Muslims in the West usually don't know about bid'a.
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    Yahsuah, Messiah

    And remember how the American president Bush declared on 1st May 2003 (yes 2003), 'Major combat operations in Iraq have ended', 'mission accomplished' etc. Of course, the war on innocent Iraqis raged on for many more years. They killed around one million Iraqis. Bush, Obama, Clapper... Lies, lies, and more lies. Can't expect much else from them anymore.
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    (salam) There are a few things to note. 1. Yazid sent assassins to Mecca to martyr Imam Hussain(a. s.) 2. Heads of shuhada were brought in front of Yazid after the battle of Karbala and he made a show of it. If he didn't order their killings or was averse to killing them he might have punished the killers at that time. 3. He kept the household of Imam Hussain(a. s.) imprisoned for some time before letting them go. All these points suggest that he was as vile as he is portrayed in the history books and had no remorse whatsoever for martyring Imam Hussain(a. s.) and taking his household prisoner.
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    If You Could Have Any Job...

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    Ali Musaaa :)

    Yahsuah, Messiah

    I already addressed that point. She is a he, btw.
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    Yahsuah, Messiah

    I was not defending her. But I hope you will agree that we should keep our cool when we are confronted by such posts.
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    Yahsuah, Messiah

    This is what she said The word of Muhammad spread, not because the people had faith in him, but because of people who took power and insisted on the caliphate. And did these power grabbers follow the ways of Muhammad or did they use Islam insofar as it served their purposes of government and power? Who was the true Muhammad? She clearly seems to be under the impression that Islam spread more after the Prophet than during his life time. I agree she is wrong,of course, when she says that Islam spread without people having faith in the Prophet. She is probably trying to say that Islam was spread by the sword and Christianity by the faith, That, of course, is plain nonsense. She is probably not aware that latter day Christianity was spread by partly by force, partly by allurements and partly by bribes. That was a good response. And that is how we should respond to such posts.
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    Maybe I'm little bit more conservative but I never liked the idea of Shia girls singing religious songs over the media (TV, radio, internet)... A Shia woman's sanctity and hijab is much greater than her singing noah, latmiay, or other religious songs in front of millions of watchers.
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    Waiting for HIM

    Exercising With Male Instructor

    Sister, people pretty much don't need as much of a gym equipment. Try doing body weight exercises which are much better and healthier option than using machines anyway. For aerobics, invest in a good treadmill and an elliptical machine. Between the three of these, you would never miss gym. http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/body-weight-exercises http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/harley-pasternak Do this and you won't need a treadmill etc. ever: http://www.fitnessblender.com/v/workout-detail/At-Home-HIIT-Workout-Program-for-Fat-Loss/a6/ Also consider the amount of time you would save in going to the gym and coming back, besides the luxury of working out in any way, shape, and form once you are home. Turning on your favorite opera on your own tv/tablet pc would be the icing on the cake :)
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    Waiting for HIM

    I Have Lost Faith

    One of a major Salafi scholars (an oxymoron in itself) has claimed the same, "we Salafis have learned Tawheed from Iblees". He was giving a lecture on how pure the Tawheed concept of Iblees was hence he rejected Allah swt order to do sajda to Adam. These people are truly twisted.
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    [Closed/Review]Jahil Evil Scum

    can you please explain how it is good for you? you cannot believe everything you 'hear about'
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    (bismillah) Lol, listened. Anyone who says or thinks these means of mourning (any means for that matter) is the center of Karbala and the message of Imam al-Husayn [as] has problems. His speech is addressing that issue presented to him at the very beginning. The problem is here, just because there are other good things to do, does not mean you stop doing other stuff. I can say Shias recite too many duas and poems and not enough Qur'an. Does that mean there's something wrong with the former? No, rather both things should be done. Not every muslim is some grand intellectual, they do listen to majalis about the message of Abi `Abdillah [as] and the deepness of his tribute (rather they should if they do not). That is not a problem with Tatbir or whatever, the problem is within people. Tatbir or no tatbir, the issue will not be resolved. On that point, there's not separation between these ideas and Latom (chest beating). Unless you're all ready to throw in even latom/mata/sine zani into the same camp as tatbir, there's no real consistency. As for "Jafari Akhlaq," they don't think anything we do has anything to do with our Imams [as], the `Awamm rather. As for non-Muslims, they can actually be reasoned with more than Sunnis on Tatbir (I'm actually not so shocked). People can both be impressed by Tatbir, turned off by it, neutral, etc. Depends on the individual in mind. As a side note, some of the people with the best akhlaq are fine with Tatbir and even practice it. في أمان الله
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    he following is an edited Friday sermon by His Eminence, the late Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah (ra). One of the main issues the Glorious Quran is the true meaning of being a Muslim and a believer. Does it mean that you could testify that there is no God but Allah, and that Muhammad is His Messenger (P), and perform all your religious duties, but when it comes to social and financial relations, you act according to what serves your interests or reflects your mood or fanaticism? Belief implies that all your life should be subjected to your belief, meaning that you would not embark on any action unless you are sure it pleases God. To support or oppose any party, you should learn what the judgment of Allah regarding this issue is. Moreover love hate, friendship, or rivalry should also be based on what God has revealed. Islam means obeying God in everything. It is not a word, it is a commitment. The Glorious Quran has given us several examples of those who say that they obey God and His Messenger (p.), but when they differ about anything whether a business, an opinion or any other thing, they will not accept God’s ruling if it is not in agreement with their own way of thinking. Such an attitude is common in our communities where fanaticism whether to the family, sect or party is the major determining force of the stands people take. Let us read these verses and use them as a mirror that reflects where we stand: Are we true believers? Or do we obey Godand His commands only when they are in our favor? God says: “They declare: We believe in Allah and His Apostle and obey them both”. But a party of them would turn away afterwards. Surely those are not believers, and when they are called to Allah and His Apostle to judge between them, a party of them turn away” (24:47-48). They will not accept the rule of God, and they will chose the rule of another party like the civil law or the laws of their tribe or party ButHad justice been on their side they would come to it in all obedience”. (24:47-49) They do not follow Islam; they follow their own interests. Were they true believers they would have followed God’s commands in all cases in compliance with God’s saying: “It is not for true believers, Men and women, to take their choice in their affair if God and His Apostle decree otherwise” (33:36). God considers those who follow their own interests and not the right path of justice that he had shown them not only to be sick in their hearts, but also wrong doers. Is there a sickness in their hearts, or are they in doubt? Do they fear that Allah and his Apostle may deny them justice? Surely these are wrongdoers. But when true believers are called to Allah and His apostle so that he can pass judgment upon them, their only reply is: “We hear and obey” such men shall surely prosper. Those who obey Allah and His apostle, those that revere Allah and fear Him, shall surely triumph. Then God tells about those who had lived with the Prophet and did not keep their promises. Needless to say, there are many like them in our time. He says: “They solemnly swear by Allah that if you order them, they would certainly go forth. Say: “Do not swear: true obedience (will count). Allah knows of all your actions. Say: “Obey Allah and obey His Apostle, if you turn away, he is still bound to fulfill his duty, and you yourselves are bound to fulfill yours. If you obey him, you shall be guided. The duty of an apostle is only to give a clear message”. (24:53-54). If these verses talk about abiding by the judgment of God and His Messenger (p.) after having been called upon to solve a dispute, the issue is not restricted to such judgments. No father could run the affairs of his family except by the rules and commands of the Islamic law. The wife and children too ought to abide by God’s commands, and seek always to please God. Moreover, since this attitude extends by its very nature, to all our actions in life, it also extends to our political and party life. A party might ask you to boycott certain believers because of their political opinions that might be different from that of the party. It is unlawful to boycott them, since God, the Prophet and the Imams have commanded us to preserve our relations with them. Furthermore, the party may ban praying behind a just Imam, or you might be asked to inflame others against a believer, or distort his image and accuse him with false accusations. In such cases, it is unlawful to do so, because being a Muslim means that all your actions and sayings should be judged by Islam in accordance with God’s saying: “They will not be true believers until they seek your arbitration in their disputes... Then they will not doubt the justice of your verdicts and will submit to you entirely” (4:55). A believer cannot follow God and something else at the same time. Being a Muslim means that you abide by all the rulings of Islam, even in minute details. We are returning to God, and we have to make sure that we have done our best to prepare for this meeting. We have to hold ourselves accountable before God judges us. For then, nothing will save us except our good deeds. RabiII 21, 1422h /July 13, 2001
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    (bismillah) (salam) tatbir... Imam Hussein didn't say hurt OR shed your blood so to remember me, all he said was to " remember me".. Hazrat Muhammad (s.a.w): حسين مني وأنا من حسين أحب الله من أحب حسين "The men and the women of a particular sect of my followers, who will befriend my Ahlu l-bayt, will mourn for Hussain and commemorate his martyrdom each year in every century." Imam Hussain was killed on the battlefield as he was offering his prayer in Sajdah. INNA LILLAHEY WA INNA ILAIHEY RAAJEYOON. Imam Hussain said “O my followers! Whenever you drink refreshing water remember me Or whenever you heard about a martyred or a lonely person, weep for me I am the son of the Prophet who was martyred cruelly, and then smashed me intentionally under the hooves of their horses. I wish you all were present in Ashoora and saw how I asked them for water for my infant, but they refused to give. (wasalam)
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    Shia Sunni Unity

    I am sunni, and i have many brothers and sisters in islam of the Shia sect... I want to believe in what is right without labelling it! The History of Islam especially the death of Prophet Muhamed (saw) grandson, Hussein (RA) :( However I do not see the any logic behind the gatherings on this day for mourning, whereas in Islam mourning is not good in Islam, yes mourning is ok for a certain period of time. I just feel there is an exaggeration and innovation in what is practiced today. Even the prophet (SAW) knew what will happen and did not mourn, yes he cried, but thats different then gathering peple together and crying together. Its a shame that instead of just educating each other about these things, shia and sunni muslims fight. i personally believe that the conflict you see now was started by the west to remove the unity of Islam. Because although we may have some differences in practices our foundation is the same. Please take no offence of what I am saying, But I am here to learn and undertand. Jazzakallu Khaira
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    my beard: beard i want but probably won't have because it needs so much maintenance:
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    Racism Survey

    Hard to believe that Pakistanis are less racist than Indians/Iranians.
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    Ocd Shirk

    Salam Seek refuge from satan when this happens and recite Quran (surah 112, 113 & 114). Seems like the most appropriate. Inchallah kheir
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    If You Could Have Any Job...

    shoekeeper in the shrine of Imam Ali ibne Musa (AS)
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    Oh better yet, why is Iran dealing with such a childish organization who has nothing but contempt for Shias. Iran also has much growing up todo.
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    As-salaam mulaikum to everyone. I listened to this lecture a long time ago and it is pretty good. Please, all of you have a look at it (members, guests, visitors). Its forty minutes long and he touches on some of these concepts -importance of the day of judgment and the need to prepare for it -two groups on that day -talks about Jesus (peace be on him), Imam Zainul Abideen (peace be on him) -Also relates a nice story You can find the lecture in the link given below, its at the very bottom. Or if you don't want to click the link, type Khalil jaffer day of judgement in google, and you will find: updated list of lectures of Brother Khalil Jaffer. http://provokedthoughts.wordpress.com/2011/11/27/9585/
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    Hobbies Useful Otherwise.

    I meant to say make us learn these helpful hobbies of Yours so that we can get benefit from them. Gardening tips for Tomatoes planting by DARTH VADER Some tips about tomatoes added by RUFFLES
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    Ali Musaaa :)

    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    A Word of Wisdom from Imam Hasan al-Mujtaba (a.s): “Whoever attends a Masjid regularly will gain (at least) one of the following six benefits: An established Sign of God, a useful friend, an abundant knowledge, an expected Mercy, a word that would lead him to guidance or prevent him from evil and the last not the least the quitting of sins either out of shyness or in reverence of Allah.” Tohaful-Oqul p.169
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