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    Photo Of Your Library

    Sallam Alykum, I was hoping for people to share photos of their personal libraries here. I always wanted my own library of books, especially Islamic books=] I will upload the first picture. My shelves are slowly growing (books are expensive lol) and consist mostly of Islamic (intro stuff) and a small amount of western philosophy.
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    Obama Warned on Syrian Intel By Ray McGovern MEMORANDUM FOR: The President FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) SUBJECT: Is Syria a Trap? Precedence: IMMEDIATE We regret to inform you that some of our former co-workers are telling us, categorically, that contrary to the claims of your administration, the most reliable intelligence shows that Bashar al-Assad was NOT responsible for the chemical incident that killed and injured Syrian civilians on August 21, and that British intelligence officials also know this. In writing this brief report, we choose to assume that you have not been fully informed because your advisers decided to afford you the opportunity for what is commonly known as “plausible denial.” We have been down this road before – with President George W. Bush, to whom we addressed our first VIPS memorandum immediately after Colin Powell’s Feb. 5, 2003 U.N. speech, in which he peddled fraudulent “intelligence” to support attacking Iraq. Then, also, we chose to give President Bush the benefit of the doubt, thinking he was being misled – or, at the least, very poorly advised. The fraudulent nature of Powell’s speech was a no-brainer. And so, that very afternoon we strongly urged your predecessor to “widen the discussion beyond … the circle of those advisers clearly bent on a war for which we see no compelling reason and from which we believe the unintended consequences are likely to be catastrophic.” We offer you the same advice today. Our sources confirm that a chemical incident of some sort did cause fatalities and injuries on August 21 in a suburb of Damascus. They insist, however, that the incident was not the result of an attack by the Syrian Army using military-grade chemical weapons from its arsenal. That is the most salient fact, according to CIA officers working on the Syria issue. They tell us that CIA Director John Brennan is perpetrating a pre-Iraq-War-type fraud on members of Congress, the media, the public – and perhaps even you. We have observed John Brennan closely over recent years and, sadly, we find what our former colleagues are now telling us easy to believe. Sadder still, this goes in spades for those of us who have worked with him personally; we give him zero credence. And that goes, as well, for his titular boss, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who has admitted he gave “clearly erroneous” sworn testimony to Congress denying NSA eavesdropping on Americans. Intelligence Summary or Political Ploy? That Secretary of State John Kerry would invoke Clapper’s name this week in Congressional testimony, in an apparent attempt to enhance the credibility of the four-page “Government Assessment” strikes us as odd. The more so, since it was, for some unexplained reason, not Clapper but the White House that released the “assessment.” This is not a fine point. We know how these things are done. Although the “Government Assessment” is being sold to the media as an “intelligence summary,” it is a political, not an intelligence document. The drafters, massagers, and fixers avoided presenting essential detail. Moreover, they conceded upfront that, though they pinned “high confidence” on the assessment, it still fell “short of confirmation.” Déjà Fraud: This brings a flashback to the famous Downing Street Minutes of July 23, 2002, on Iraq, The minutes record the Richard Dearlove, then head of British intelligence, reporting to Prime Minister Tony Blair and other senior officials that President Bush had decided to remove Saddam Hussein through military action that would be “justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD.” Dearlove had gotten the word from then-CIA Director George Tenet whom he visited at CIA headquarters on July 20. The discussion that followed centered on the ephemeral nature of the evidence, prompting Dearlove to explain: “But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy.” We are concerned that this is precisely what has happened with the “intelligence” on Syria. The Intelligence There is a growing body of evidence from numerous sources in the Middle East — mostly affiliated with the Syrian opposition and its supporters — providing a strong circumstantial case that the August 21 chemical incident was a pre-planned provocation by the Syrian opposition and its Saudi and Turkish supporters. The aim is reported to have been to create the kind of incident that would bring the United States into the war. According to some reports, canisters containing chemical agent were brought into a suburb of Damascus, where they were then opened. Some people in the immediate vicinity died; others were injured. We are unaware of any reliable evidence that a Syrian military rocket capable of carrying a chemical agent was fired into the area. In fact, we are aware of no reliable physical evidence to support the claim that this was a result of a strike by a Syrian military unit with expertise in chemical weapons. In addition, we have learned that on August 13-14, 2013, Western-sponsored opposition forces in Turkey started advance preparations for a major, irregular military surge. Initial meetings between senior opposition military commanders and Qatari, Turkish and U.S. intelligence officials took place at the converted Turkish military garrison in Antakya, Hatay Province, now used as the command center and headquarters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and their foreign sponsors. Senior opposition commanders who came from Istanbul pre-briefed the regional commanders on an imminent escalation in the fighting due to “a war-changing development,” which, in turn, would lead to a U.S.-led bombing of Syria. At operations coordinating meetings at Antakya, attended by senior Turkish, Qatari and U.S. intelligence officials as well as senior commanders of the Syrian opposition, the Syrians were told that the bombing would start in a few days. Opposition leaders were ordered to prepare their forces quickly to exploit the U.S. bombing, march into Damascus, and remove the Bashar al-Assad government The Qatari and Turkish intelligence officials assured the Syrian regional commanders that they would be provided with plenty of weapons for the coming offensive. And they were. A weapons distribution operation unprecedented in scope began in all opposition camps on August 21-23. The weapons were distributed from storehouses controlled by Qatari and Turkish intelligence under the tight supervision of U.S. intelligence officers. Cui bono? That the various groups trying to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have ample incentive to get the U.S. more deeply involved in support of that effort is clear. Until now, it has not been quite as clear that the Netanyahu government in Israel has equally powerful incentive to get Washington more deeply engaged in yet another war in the area. But with outspoken urging coming from Israel and those Americans who lobby for Israeli interests, this priority Israeli objective is becoming crystal clear. Reporter Judi Rudoren, writing from Jerusalem in an important article in Friday’s New York Times addresses Israeli motivation in an uncommonly candid way. Her article, titled “Israel Backs Limited Strike Against Syria,” notes that the Israelis have argued, quietly, that the best outcome for Syria’s two-and-a-half-year-old civil war, at least for the moment, is no outcome. Rudoren continues: “For Jerusalem, the status quo, horrific as it may be from a humanitarian perspective, seems preferable to either a victory by Mr. Assad’s government and his Iranian backers or a strengthening of rebel groups, increasingly dominated by Sunni jihadis. “‘This is a playoff situation in which you need both teams to lose, but at least you don’t want one to win — we’ll settle for a tie,’ said Alon Pinkas, a former Israeli consul general in New York. ‘Let them both bleed, hemorrhage to death: that’s the strategic thinking here. As long as this lingers, there’s no real threat from Syria.’” We think this is the way Israel’s current leaders look at the situation in Syria, and that deeper U.S. involvement – albeit, initially, by “limited” military strikes – is likely to ensure that there is no early resolution of the conflict in Syria. The longer Sunni and Shia are at each other’s throats in Syria and in the wider region, the safer Israel calculates that it is. That Syria’s main ally is Iran, with whom it has a mutual defense treaty, also plays a role in Israeli calculations. Iran’s leaders are not likely to be able to have much military impact in Syria, and Israel can highlight that as an embarrassment for Tehran. Iran’s Role Iran can readily be blamed by association and charged with all manner of provocation, real and imagined. Some have seen Israel’s hand in the provenance of the most damaging charges against Assad regarding chemical weapons and our experience suggests to us that such is supremely possible. Possible also is a false-flag attack by an interested party resulting in the sinking or damaging, say, of one of the five U.S. destroyers now on patrol just west of Syria. Our mainstream media could be counted on to milk that for all it’s worth, and you would find yourself under still more pressure to widen U.S. military involvement in Syria – and perhaps beyond, against Iran. Iran has joined those who blame the Syrian rebels for the August 21 chemical incident, and has been quick to warn the U.S. not to get more deeply involved. According to the Iranian English-channel Press TV, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javid Zarif has claimed: “The Syria crisis is a trap set by Zionist pressure groups for [the United States].” Actually, he may be not far off the mark. But we think your advisers may be chary of entertaining this notion. Thus, we see as our continuing responsibility to try to get word to you so as to ensure that you and other decision makers are given the full picture. Inevitable Retaliation We hope your advisers have warned you that retaliation for attacks on Syrian are not a matter of IF, but rather WHERE and WHEN. Retaliation is inevitable. For example, terrorist strikes on U.S. embassies and other installations are likely to make what happened to the U.S. “Mission” in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012, look like a minor dust-up by comparison. One of us addressed this key consideration directly a week ago in an article titled “Possible Consequences of a U.S. Military Attack on Syria – Remembering the U.S. Marine Barracks Destruction in Beirut, 1983.” For the Steering Group, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity Thomas Drake, Senior Executive, NSA (former) Philip Giraldi, CIA, Operations Officer (ret.) Matthew Hoh, former Capt., USMC, Iraq & Foreign Service Officer, Afghanistan Larry Johnson, CIA & State Department (ret.) W. Patrick Lang, Senior Executive and Defense Intelligence Officer, DIA (ret.) David MacMichael, National Intelligence Council (ret.) Ray McGovern, former US Army infantry/intelligence officer & CIA analyst (ret.) Elizabeth Murray, Deputy National Intelligence Officer for Middle East (ret.) Todd Pierce, US Army Judge Advocate General (ret.) Sam Provance, former Sgt., US Army, Iraq Coleen Rowley, Division Council & Special Agent, FBI (ret.) Ann Wright, Col., US Army (ret); Foreign Service Officer (ret.)
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    Shiachat feels so dead, even the trolls are beginning to leave...
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    Verse 4:59 - Ulil Amr.

    Salaam brotherjust the truth. Lets examine your understanding of the Ulul Amre verse. According to you, obedience towards Allah and his Messenger (pbuh), is unconditional and without any circumstances. This would be blind obedience. Where as obedience towards Ulul Amre is conditional and has circimstances. Brother you haven't mentioned the conditions or the circumstances. What type of conditions and what are the circumstances??? What is the criteria and procedure of obedience, towards the Ulul Amre??? Allah must have said or mentioned something. Brother obedience is unconditional and has no circumstances, to begin with. Otherwise it is not obedience at all. Obedience means "to submit" and submit is from submission meaning "surrender". If there are any conditions or circumstances then, they should be mentioned and listed. You gave the example of obedience towards parents, to back your arguement but the verse you mentioned, only tells and commands you, about goodness and kindness towards parents. It does't tell and command you to show obedience, towards your parents but infact tells and commands you, not to show obedience towards your parents and gives you the reason and condition. If obedience, towards the Ulul Amre, was conditional then, the condition and reasons would have clearly been mentioned. Obedience is, to give up your thought, opinion and point of view, to disregard your emotions and feelings, to quench your will, wish and desire and to cancel your own intentions and give yourself up completely and absolutely to the other. To be continued.
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    A fire did not burn Ibrahim. A flood did not submerge Noah. A knife did not kill Ismail. A sea did not drown Moses. A whale did not eat Yunis. So be with your Lord and do not hesitate. Rely on he who is all knowing and immortal in all cases, he who knows the sins of his creation and is all merciful, and you will surely be content.
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    Don't know what he has done internally, but his stance against American imperialism is excellent.
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    meanwhile back in :Kufa ....
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    (1) Shia Muta Temporary Marriage (1/9) Muta in the Quran & Definitions & Background information (2) Shia Muta Temporary Marriage (2/9) Who prohibited the two Mutas (2B) Umar's Famous Sermon forbidding the two Mutas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nM2R8Pn_lc#t=07m32s (3) Shia Muta Temporary Marriage (3/9) Who prohibited the Muta of Hajj (4) Shia Muta Temporary Marriage (4/9) Companions who allowed Muta marriage (5) Shia Muta Temporary Marriage (5/9) Companions who did Muta marriage (5B) Asmaa The daughter of Abubakr did Muta Marriage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44CGHWX9-B0#t=03m36s (6) Shia Muta Temporary Marriage (6/9) Refuting the claims of the prohibition of Muta (6B) Refuting claims of quranic abrogation of verse 4:24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2tlTpgibVw#t=05m35s (6C) Refuting claims of hadeeths abrogating Muta marriage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2tlTpgibVw#t=09m26s (7) Shia Muta Temporary Marriage (7/9) Distortion and tampering of the hadeeths of Muta (8) Shia Muta Temporary Marriage (8/9) Sunni invented temporary marriages Misyar & Reasons for Muta (8B) Sunni invented temporary marriages http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Grpaw-nZZN0#t=05m26s (8C) Different possible applications of Muta Marriage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Grpaw-nZZN0#t=14m38s (9) Shia Muta Temporary Marriage (9/9) Misconceptions about Muta & How to perform Muta marriage (9B) Muta is not Zina according to the Sunni schools of thought http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyk5i67duVM#t=10m28s (9C) Instructions on how to perform Muta marriage contract http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyk5i67duVM#t=16m07s
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    The Mahdi Situation

    The situation about the Mahdi: Brothers and Sisters, you are all asking the wrong questions, How will he look like, does he have a mark on his right cheek? Is his name this or that. Lets start intelligent and conrete questions about the new reality that is round the corner about to emerge. The situation in the middle east, poltically and economically is exakt as the prophecies as predicted, I adwise to read information from all sources of books, websites, torah, sunnah, quran, bible, kabalah, sufi texts, ancient astronaut theory and etc. The reality and world we live in is extreme complicated and complex and to get further light in the situations that are going to emerge, you have to question everything you belive, the goverment that rule you, the corrupt leaders, the so called "religious institutes" that is putting shame on what is rightouess and just. The media, the economical system, the social structure of ways, question how the reality is built and who is actually creating all this bad situations for us? That person my name is Iblis/Lucifer, it his he who have created all the corrupt systems. So if you want to agreee on what the Mahdi have to say and teach. You have to start de-programm your mind, heart and soul from all bull[Edited Out] and evil that society teaches us. The mahdi will establish new systems from scratch, its in DNA to fulfill this task, so there will be no errors, Allah and his angels will assist him also, It will be a totally new system, social order, economical/material order, spiritual order, he will erase all current political systems, everything from communism, nationalism, liberalism, socialism, capitalism and yes my freinds, even all theocracy systems like Iran and Saudi-Arabia will the Mahdi oppose. His system will be like nothing you have seen or heard, His justice and rightouessness in his political system will be so detailed and perfected to every inch of atom. Only way to enter the system of mahdi, deprogram and question everything except the afterlife, Allah, the angels and what is just and right in the soul/heart.
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    In the name Of God,the Glorious. Let me begin by being honest,Hinduism is one religion which I don't know much about,but the fact is that even though I was born Muslim I really don't have much knowledge about my own religion,I think this was one of the reasons the prophet Mohammed had said Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave, Ok while reading one of my favorite speakers and authors Swami Sukhabodhanda's book called SHIVA SUTRAS I came across some striking similarities between the teachings of lord Krishna and the teachings of P Mohammed (s). Here is one. There is no doubt that child upbringing is a huge task,the German Immanuel Kant had once said 2 things are very tough,one running the nation and second guiding the youth.Of course if he would have been alive today he would have said that running a nation is still possible but guiding the youth is way too tough. One reason for this is that we as parents wake up but most of the times the train has already left the station. So here is some very good advice which u find in the Hindu scripture as well as within Islam. In the Hindu scriptures the principal says - Worship your child for 5 years, then from 5 to 15 you must discipline him and from 16 onward treat him like a friend. P Mohammed (s) teaches us the 7-7-7 principal,where he says " Your child is -Your king for 7 years(day 1-7)-meaning let him play and enjoy. -Your slave for the next 7 years(7-14)-meaning discipline him and keep a watch on him,discipline does not mean that u stand on ur child's head with a stick in ur hand,rather it means u spend quality time with ur child and and In everything that u do with him or her u try and instill a moral lesson of life.Dale Carnegie says the best teacher is one who teaches without even letting the other person know. -Your minister for the next 7 years(14-21)-now its time to check ur teachings,so involve ur child in decisions of the house and other important discussions.Here the child takes the driving seat but u r always watching him from the corner of ur eyes. After this by the time ur child hits his twenties he is ready to face the world. Now most of us argue that 7-14 is a pretty young age to discipline ur child,how many a times have u heard the line Arre yeh to bacha hain.....that same bachha will rape,steal and murder only because of the extra leniency the parent shows,remember too much sugar gets u diabetes. Bertrand Russel says Every bad habit acquired is a barrier to good habits,that is why formation of habits in early years are very important,he then says that habits acquired in the earlier part of life become like instincts or second nature. Imam Ali says that 2 things are a miracle one is teaching an ignorant and second is to break a habit. So all what the divine teachers are teaching us is that u should not let bad habit grow and then try and cut them. 7-14 is the stage wherein ur child is on the path of self discovery he is in total acceptance mode,it is here the parent must act as a filter and make sure that correct teachings are given to the child. Thanks and happy reading,....
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    (salam) Title says it all. I think Iran should have them. Anyone wondering why NK ain't threatened with military force? Because it has nukes.
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    Out Of Egypt

    Asalam Alykum, MashAllah, beautiful sight. My Arabic language teacher teaches me from Egypt too. Beautiful country. Ma´Salam
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    His internal management of the economy is very bad! Russia has the potential of being a great industrial giant! However, they only manufacture weapons and export oil and gas. The country has little consumer export industry a shame really. Russia's dependence on energy export is shameful for such a country! As for Putin he is a pillar of the resistance and a defender of Islam against Zionists. Oh, he also enjoys excellent relations with Israel!
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    Brother, Iran is a country of over 99 percent Muslims, and I guess around 95 percent Shias. There are some cultures who don't wear clothes, yes. However, none of those cultures are native to Iran. So we're talking about a country which has ALREADY accepted Islam as its religion. This is not Sodom and Gomorrah. The Iranian nation is familiar with Islam. The Iranian nation adopted Islam, and has remained Islamic. So it's completely different from the thing you're talking about. Do you want to see how Iran's "indigenous cultures" dress? This is traditional dress in Lorestan: This is traditional Azari dress: (And the guys get to wear funny hats) Traditional Kurdish clothing: Bakhtiari clothing: And so on... But wait, what about the non-Muslim peoples of Iran? Do you want to know the traditional women's clothing of the largest religious minority in Iran (the Zoroastrians)? Here it is: That's right. It's just like a black chador, only instead of black, it's patterned. That's what they've been dressing like for thousands of years. Hijab is embedded in Iranian culture. It's even embedded in the pre-Islamic Iranian culture, let alone after Islam. Imposing hijab on Iran is not the same as imposing hijab on that amazon culture you're talking about. In fact, how can it be called an "imposition" when we are talking about something SO DEEPLY ROOTED in the culture? Zoroastrians are in such small number and have been outnumbered for over a thousand years. They kept their clothing. Muslims account for one seventh of the world's population. (not to mention over 99 percent of Iran's population!). So why can't we learn a lesson in honor from the Zoroastrians, and refuse to change our principles?
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    Absolute Forgiveness

    Think about how many times you have upset your mother? Think about how every single time she has forgiven you? Now listen. Allah loves us 70 times more than our mothers. For those claiming to feel depressed or as if they are losing Allah, don't let shaytan trick you into thinking that this is actually true. Imagine if Allah loves us that much how forgiving he is? There is always room for repentance no matter how wretched you are. Ask and you shall receive iA. JazakAllah.
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    And this is the core of the issue. Every country enforces hijab at some level, both through their legal systems and through social conventions. Iran is being criticized not for its enforcing of hijab (which every country does, according to its own set of limits), but rather for the fact that their limits are determined by Islam. Why Muslims would go up in arms about such a thing, I have no idea, but that's the way of the world. It's an unusual hypocrisy. That the global dictatorship propagades immodesty non-stop, and has influenced the Iranian people through various means, but IRAN is called dictatorial for upholding an opposition stance (which also happens to be the correct stance).
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    People who are quoting the verse there is no compulsion in religion better know everything about it. Here is the explanation of verse, again stop using verses and applying your own interpretation: First of all, the verse 2:256 is not giving the choice for a Muslim to do whatever he or she likes. “Muslim” means someone who submits to God’s commandments. To say that a person can be a “Muslim” and still have “choice in everything” is a true oxymoron. Secondly, such brothers and sisters conveniently ignore the context of that verse. The verse is talking about the choice of religion before coming into Islam—submission to the will of God. It means that no one can be forced to become a Muslim. The verse is clearly talking about rejecting the Shaytan and believing in Allah. It does not mean that a Muslim has a choice in whatever he or she wants to do. Once a person has submitted to God, there is no choice left for him or her in the matters already decided by Allah and His Messenger. Source: http://www.al-islam.org/hijab/2.htm
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    What's Your Opinion On Vlademir Putin?

    Rootin Tootin Vladimir Putin! Can't say the same about Obama.
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    Ayatollah Khomeini’S Great-Granddaughter

    Of curse theres nothing wrong, it is a reasonable personal interpretation of hijab and doesnt clearly violate any of the clear directives on the issue, so im not going to presume to know her reasoning or intention or make some kind of assumption about her character based on this picture. That would be supremely arrogant. ws
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    Abu Hadi

    Verse 4:59 - Ulil Amr.

    Salam, Then, according to you, who are 'those firmly rooted in knowledge' (Al Rasikhuna fil Ilm). If, as you say, every sect in Islam believes it to be a certain group, who do you believe it refers to ?
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    Jazakallah brother for pointing out surah 3:7. Firstly in order for you to meet the criteria of this verse you have to fulfill the first part. He it is who has bestowed upon thee from on high this divine writ, containing messages that are clear in and by themselves - and these are the essence of the divine writ If you can prove Imamate your foundation using the criteria above then you've cracked it otherwise..... 2. noone knows its original meaning ( ta'wilihe ) except Allah and those who are firmly rooted in knowledge (Al rasikhuna fil ilm)...They say....We believe in it MY ANSWER You have pointed this part of the verse out who h is itself unspecific. You said that here Allah (swt) is talking about a "group of people" and you're right. Who are these group of people brother??? Each sect in islam says it is their ulema who arethe firmly rooted in knowledge. They are not specifically mentioned, so who can tell the other sect that there deeply rooted in knowledge are not the right ones. You pointed out this hadith: I am the City of Knowledge(ilm) and Ali is it's Gate Brother you should know this is not hujjah on me because this hadith is unauthentic. Here is why: http://www.schiiten.com/backup/http://www.*****************.com/www.http://www.*****************.com/articles/hadith/city-of-knowledge.html Brother jazakallah for your kind words. Brother I wasn't directing it only at you. The last thing I wanted people to think was that I left this forum because I couldn't answer Assalamu alaykum May Allah (swt) guide us all. AMEEN Summa AMEEN
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    786 "Amr bil Maroof wa Nahi annil Munkar" OP - Why post this on ShiaChat? What do you intend to accomplish by doing so? You posed a question which basically implies that (why do government officials and their families have more privileges then the rest of Iranian citizens) that seems innocent enough but here is what you are implying and Fatima NMA is supporting: 1) Imam Khomeini was a hypocrite, he gathered wealth while a leader which his family is taking advantage of today, he was not very pious and could not get his own household to follow and practice Islam as he imposed on his nation. 2) Imam Khamenei is a hypocrite and a corrupt politician for allowing this behaviour by government officials. Fatima NMA is adding that he is a brutal dictator for enforcing Islamic Shariah Law in public and for arresting & imprisoning those who wish to overthrow the government or eliminate the system of WF. If anyone reads this thread and walks away with that conclusion the both of you and anyone else supporting this will be held accountable! Are you that confident in your position? Do you really want to be questioned in your grave and on the Day of Judgement for implying these things about two great Momins, Faqi's, Urifa and Islamic Leaders in the world of Shia Islam in this century? It is really easy to say things, criticize and chat, but sometimes we forget or become unmindful that we may be violating Allah (s.w.t.) laws and guidance in the process. This maybe sound harsh but my intention is just to remind both of you and all of my brothers and sisters to be careful what they write because Allah (s.w.t.) is always watching and the 2 little angels are always scribing and we do not want to make a mistake by accident or purposefully that may hurt on that day when we will be alone. Was salaam
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    wow!! now i've become a 'murtad' and a non muslim and an unveiled woman and a mossad..hahaha wow i'm impressed! see people?again u r judging and accusing a "hijabi,muslim,shia,religious woman" like me just becuz i want every human being to be free to chose whatever lifestyle and religion he wants,becuz this is the normal thing that must happen,and a brother above gave you the ayat that clearly state that religion MUST NOT be imposed on others,but u people don't want to listen,and i understand why now,one is living in qom,the other is getting his info from his Relatives in iran,and others have nothing to do with iran at all....so.. i hate talking about myself but u left me no choice by ur accusations...everybody who knows me in person knows that i hate zolm to death,i hate imposing my beliefs on others nomatter how much i believe they are true,i hate Lying P@i@m,i just say what i see and what i'm sure of,so don't accuse me again of lying or i'll report u :) i live in the middle of the "battle field",i see things foreigners and those who live in other cities don't see or hear about.i'm ok with telling everybody to put hijab on,but the way they punish some of the girls and even Guys for just wearing improperly and styling different is really unislamic.the way they treat opposers is really unislamic(imam Ali would never ever punish nonmuslims or non religious people this way!!) and like PENOFTRUTH said:{ I repeat, the prophet saw in medina, didn't force them but advised them};iri gov must merely advise it's people of islamic laws,WHICH IS NOT HAPPENING sister,becuz advising isn't followed by punishment if not obeying,while in iran punishment takes place all the time and for silly reasons!! may Allah forgive khamenei if he really doesn't know of the messed up actions his fellows and basijis are doing in this country!! ps:The islam History, don't call me DEAR ever again.. peace.. :)
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    Photo Of Your Library

    There is lot of books in the internet! :)
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    Salaam I have sat in courses taught by Dr.Nasr and Dr.Faghfoory. Dr.Nasr had mentioned in the Foreword to Sheikh Fadhlallah Haeri's Son of Karbala (I am paraphrasing) 'in both Haeri and myself there is a rare meeting of Shadhili Sufi spirituality and Shi'ism.' So I do not think he is a Mevlevi although he has also written forewords to books regarding Mevlevi spirituality such as Shems Friedlander's work on the whirling dervishes. Dr.Faghfoory's translation of a work by a Dhahabiya Sufi Sheikh, Sabzawari Khurasani, titled "The Golden Chain of Sufism in Shi'ite Islam" also shows that he is very much open to Sufism, specially in the introduction to that particular work where he shows no spec of prejudice against Sufism and talks rather reverentially about the Sheikhs of the Dhahabiya Sufi Order (who are Jafari in fiqh and aqeedah). Also, Dr.Nasr has mentioned he is a twelver Shi'i in this particular lecture available online: http://vimeo.com/25207438
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    Zaynab McCabe

    This Life Is Nothing But Misery

    Salaam brother, Is it not ok to have pleasure of this world if it is halal? "Allamah Mirza Ali Qazi used to say that one day when he came out from his room into the veranda he suddenly saw himself standing quietly beside himself. When he looked carefully he saw that there was no skin or flesh on his face. He went back into his room and looked into a mirror. He found his face was as empty as it had never been." I believe if you traveled a wayfare path but did not complete you can get in the in between of the stages and never reach the next stages thus never realizing that Allah is everywhere!
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    The Kingdom Of Mahdi:

    InshahAllah it will happen soon.
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    The Samson option (something Israel adheres to): If your existence is threatened, take your enemies and the world with you.
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    Syrian-Christian lady confronts McCain, tells him stop supporting Alqaida!
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    My Response To John Kerry

    Kerry the war monger, what a pathetic joke. . Democrats in Washington are servants to the same interests as the Republicans. It is a two-sided, one-party system that creates an illusion of opposition and choice, but nothing more.
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    you didn't talk rudely bro and I do understand what you are saying. even i like to live in a society that when I leave my home with children and husband I see only covered women and it will be so difficult for me to live in the west but what I am saying here is about "governments" who don't believe in what they are doing. like it or not, iran is a country full of pretensions. people think these mullas and lectures and scholars who talk about religion in majalis, most of them are not able to teach these things to their own kids. I don't deny that we have so many religious people in iran , but after more than 30 years claiming that we have a shia muslim country, you need to travel to big cities like Tehran, you will see that how much youth believe in state of Islam. ُsomething is wrong with iran's revolution, somewhere we have dont a fault. I dono why but all I know is: we are not able to teach iranian youth about real islam anymore!
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    for all those who agree on forcing 'religion' in iran,what about this statement?:' la ikraha fil deen'. don't u people see the concequences of forcing something even on those who 'neglect religion'? those, if not being forced the way they are in iran,they may become even more pious and religious than u and me... forcing only leads to aversion and reluctance..
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    it is a shame to see his granddaughter like this... and it is an Islamic state. people who have studied the quran and islam like they should have will agree with iran's ways. otherwise, I advise to study the life of Fatimah alzahra and then tell me what you think of iran's government. thus, she looks like she has her ways mashallah and won't listen to anybody, I advise anyone who is against iran's rules should do the same. wasalam :)
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    President Obama and President Bush get together every Friday night for a dinner of fried Christians with a side of pulled Jews. This is a fact. If you don't believe me, I will not provide any evidence whatsoever. There is no need to argue with one another but only to seek the truth for our own selves and this is truth enough for me.
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    Striver forIslam

    Khamenei Or Sistani?

    Both of them are amazing, amazing men, who are a gift to the 21st century. I was in the taqlid of Ayatollah Syed Ali Sistani and changed to the leader, Syed Khamenei later on. Why? Well, both were highly intellectual and both are great Marjas, but I changed my taqlid because of Syed Khamenei's fatwa against cursing the sahaba and wives of the Holy Prophet. It was this fatwa, which I believe is an amazing way of bridging the gap between Sunni and Shia Muslims today. This fatwa truly amazed me and I embraced it immediately because (although many Shia brothers and sisters would disagree with it for their respective reasons), I knew that it would have a profound effect on Sunni/Shia relations. Many Muslims will come towards the Shia school of thought because of this fatwa, inshallah.. But that's just one reason. The other reason is that Syed Khamenei is true leader, and that's what I needed and wanted in this precarious time in history. Whereas Syed Sistani is more of a scholarly figure, and appears to be more confined by the geopolitics of Iraq and the people in his office etc. Yeah, so that's my reason. Hope you guys see my view point...
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    Islamic Salvation

    Rijal Al-Kashi

    محمد بن مسعود، قال حدثني عبد الله بن محمد بن خالد، قال حدثني الحسن الوشاء، عن بعض أصحابنا، عن أبي عبد الله (عليه السلام) قال : من قال إنا أنبياء فعليه لعنة الله، و من شك في ذلك فعليه لعنة الله 540. Muhammad bin Mas’ud who said: narrated to me Abdallah bin Muhammad bin Khalid who said: narrated to me al-Hasan al-Washsha from some of his companions from Abi Abdillah عليه السلام who said: whoever says that we are prophets then the curse of Allah be upon him, and whoever doubts about that then the curse of Allah be upon him. حدثني محمد بن مسعود، قال حدثنا ابن المغيرة، قال حدثنا الفضل بن شاذان، عن ابن أبي عمير، عن حماد، عن حريز، عن زرارة، قال، : قال يعني أبا عبد الله (عليه السلام) : إن أهل الكوفة قد نزل فيهم كذاب، أما المغيرة فإنه يكذب على أبي يعني أبا جعفر (عليه السلام) قال حدثه أن نساء آل محمد إذا حضن قضين الصلاة، و كذب و الله، عليه لعنة الله، ما كان من ذلك شي‏ء و لا حدثه، و أما أبو الخطاب فكذب علي، و قال إني أمرته أن لا يصلي هو و أصحابه المغرب حتى يروا كوكب كذا يقال له القنداني، و الله إن ذلك لكوكب ما أعرفه 407. Narrated to me Muhammad bin Mas’ud who said: narrated to us Ibn al-Mughira who said: narrated to us al-Fadhl bin Shadhan from Ibn Abi Umayr from Hammad from Hariz from Zurara, he (Zurara) said: Abu Abdillah عليه السلام said: the liars have descended upon the people of Kufah, as for al-Mughira then he lies upon my father (i.e. Aba Ja’far عليه السلام) - he says that he (Aba Ja'far عليه السلام) narrated to him that the women of Al Muhammad remake the Salat which they miss when they menstruate, and by Allah he has lied, upon him be the curse of Allah, there is nothing like that, nor did he (Abu Ja’far) narrate it to him, and as for Abu al-Khattab then he lies upon me, and he says that I ordered him and his companions not to pray the Maghrib until a certain star is seen – which is called al-Qandaniy – while by Allah it is a star that I do not even know. سعد، قال حدثني أحمد بن محمد، عن أبيه و الحسين بن سعيد، عن ابن أبي عمير. و حدثني محمد بن عيسى، عن يونس و محمد بن أبي عمير، عن محمد بن عمر بن أذينة، عن بريد بن معاوية العجلي، قال، : كان حمزة بن عمارة البربري لعنه الله يقول لأصحابه إن أبا جعفر (عليه السلام) يأتيني في كل ليلة، و لا يزال إنسان يزعم أنه قد أراه إياه، فقدر لي أني لقيت أبا جعفر (عليه السلام) فحدثته بما يقول حمزة، فقال كذب عليه لعنة الله ما يقدر الشيطان أن يتمثل في صورة نبي و لا وصي نبي 548. Sa’d who said: narrated to me Ahmad bin Muhammad from his father AND al-Husayn bin Said from Ibn Abi Umayr and narrated to me Muhammad bin Isa from Yunus AND Muhammad bin Abi Umayr from Muhammad bin Umar bin Udhayna from Burayd bin Muawiya al-Ijli who said: Hamza bin Ammara al-Barbariy – may Allah curse him – used to say to his companions: 'Aba Ja’far عليه السلام comes to me every night' - and there never ceased to be someone who (falsely) claimed to have seen him (i.e. Aba Ja’far) with him (i.e. Hamza), so it was possible for me to meet Aba Ja’far, so I narrated to him what Hamza says, so he عليه السلام said: he has lied, upon him be the curse of Allah, the Shaytan is not able to transform himself to take the appearance of a prophet or that of a successor of the prophet. سعد، قال حدثنا محمد بن الحسين و الحسن بن موسى، قال حدثنا صفوان بن يحيى، عن ابن مسكان، عمن حدثه من أصحابنا، عن أبي عبد الله (عليه السلام) قال، : سمعته يقول لعن الله المغيرة بن سعيد، إنه كان يكذب على أبي فأذاقه الله حر الحديد، لعن الله من قال فينا ما لا نقوله في أنفسنا، و لعن الله من أزالنا عن العبودية لله الذي خلقنا و إليه مآبنا و معادنا و بيده نواصينا 542. Sa’d who said: narrated to us Muhammad bin al-Husayn AND al-Hasan bin Musa who said: narrated to us Safwan bin Yahya from Ibn Muskan from the one who narrated to him from among our companions from Abi Abdillah عليه السلام, he said: I heard him (i.e. Abi Abdillah عليه السلام) saying: may Allah curse al-Mughira bin Said, he used to lie upon my father so Allah made him taste the heat of the iron (i.e. al-Mughira was killed by the sword), may Allah curse the one who says about us what we do not say about our own selves, and may Allah curse the one who absolves us from servitude to Allah - the One who created us, and to Him is our reckoning, and to Him is our return, and our foreheads are by his Hand (i.e. in his control). و قالا، حدثنا العبيدي، عن ابن أبي عمير، عن هشام بن سالم، عن أبي عبد الله (عليه السلام) و ذكر الغلاة، فقال : إن فيهم من يكذب حتى أن الشيطان ليحتاج إلى كذبه 526. And they both (i.e. Hamdawayh and Ibrahim) said: narrated to us al-Ubaydi from Ibn Abi Umayr from Hisham bin Salim from Abi Abdillah عليه السلام – and the Ghulat had been mentioned – so he عليه السلام said: from among them is one who lies so well that even the Shaytan needs (i.e. makes use of) his lies (in his separate schemes).
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    If you're going to write rubbish like that, then remove the picture of Shaheed Syed Muhammad al-Sadr from your DP.
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    A better question would be why the Pope doesn't excommunicate Catholic politicians such as Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi that openly support abortion, rather than receiving them as honoured guests. http://www.lifenews.com/2013/03/20/pro-abortion-biden-and-pelosi-received-communion-at-mass-for-pope-francis/
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    Perhaps because Obama is not Catholic. (the only US President that was Catholic was JFK).
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    gif of the year
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    Photo Of Your Library

    Why you think im saving my wishes for from the dragonballs? Anyone else going to upload photos?!
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    Dunno if something like this was already posted, but...
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    Disrespecting Sunni Sahaba

    (salam) Akhi, Yes, I agree. He has only been constantly dodging questions and deliberately expanding the topic being discussed. Mashallah the posts in that thread are very informative. You are doing a great job Mashallah. Carry on the good work. :yaali:
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    After years and years of casual reading and serious pondering one thing has stuck in my head which is a key to all goodness and if you have that; every goodness shall follow suit. Salman did it , Abu dharr did it and were punished many times for it yet they did not stop. I.e., tell people to instill the love of Ali ibn abi talib (as). Salamalaikum
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    What Are Good Habbits?

    (salam) Very good topic At home : - Begin the night by praying salatul Layl - followed by a 2rukaat nafilah and salatul Fajr - Recite Dua Ahad and Quran Alkareem - Stay awake, browse your emails and the news (and shiachat if necessary) - Help your mother with the dishes, the lunch -Take out the garbage -Bring tea/water to your mother. Try to kiss her feet.. jannah is under :rolleyes: -Clean your room , open the windows , let the sun enter your room In school : -Be polite to your teachers, you're a Muslim -Particpate actively in class -Be polite to your classmates, you're a Muslim -Always be in Wudhu state - Sisters, wear good Hijab plz -_- Brothers too -Sit in front , become the teacher's friend - Spend most of your time studying in the library ..even between breaks - Volunteer in school, be involved . Show a good Image to Islam at the masjid : -Give your seats to older people -Say Salam to everyone ,even if you don't know them -Help the people in the Kitchen -Clean the garbage at the end.. no one takes that role sadly .. Imam Zaman would do it =] -Try to be involved On Shiachat: -Check the topic Shiachat Akhlaq for this section On your free time - Avoid browsing useless social network -Take an Islamic book and read -solve those random chemistry problems in your book ,it will reinforce your brain -Read Quran
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    I think life itself is too funny. Let me explain. I had this dream long ago where a urdu speaking obese pimp invites me to a group of prostitutes and tells me to recite bismillah before going closer. Even in the dream it struck me as so amusing, perhaps that is why I could never forget his face or that scene. However, this is the case in real life as well. Where I live there is a town where there is a group of so-called "Shia" who are all pimps and prostitutes and petty hasheesh vendors. They hold their majalis separately probably because of fear of rejection. Their leader once invited me to come sit with them as it would give his people morale that a Seyyed is among them. I turned that offer down. See its so absurd. What the hell do such people think? On one hand they're enemies of Allah by having such professions that is pure poison for the society and Allah's creatures. And on the other hand, they will wail and mourn the loudest and give our Shia nation such a tarnishing image. Thats funny as hell. Human beings can be so ridiculous and there are so many similar things going on. I can't stop them, so I laugh at their stupidity.
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    True said brother :)
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