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    In the name of Allah. Salam. Sorry, I can't copy-paste the article. But you can download it here: Outcomes of the Spiritual Journey - Prof. Mohammad Ali Shomali - Message of Thaqalayn - the Quarterly Islamic Journal.pdf ma salam
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    Today was the day when Arif ul hussaini was matyred 25 years ago. lets take this moment to remember him and his life, heres a bio of him: Early Age to Schooling: Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini opened his eyes on 25th November 1946 at the time of Adhaan-e-Fajr. His pious mother brought him up until at the age of five he was sent to a government primary school in Pewaar. At the same time arrangements had been made for him to study the Holy Qur'an at home. He remained at the Pewaar Government Primary School until the fourth grade, then he took admission at the Government High School of Para Chinar and completed his matric examinations (10th Grade) from there. While in Para Chinar, he stayed at his elder sister home. Early on Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini was fond of sitting with elders and listening to them with intense interest and respect. He was also strictly punctual in saying his prayers. He used to sleep with his uncle and insisted on hearing stories of his forefathers. He shunned all the customary cultural practices in marriage traditions such as singing and dancing even as a young child. After coming home from the school he herded flocks of goats, and while the goats grazed in the near-by hills, he used that time to do his homework and study, thus always using his time productively. As serious as he was about the important things in life, he also possessed a sense of humor and his jokes were enjoyed by his family. One very interesting story of his childhood was that he was very fond of eating a type of fruit called “Amlog" and used to climb on that tree. One day he fell down from that tree breaking his arm. As soon as his arm healed up he again climbed that tree. His cousin exclaimed, "You again climbed the tree where you recently fell from!" Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini replied, "Today I climbed not for the fruit, but so that this tree might not think I am afraid of it." In 1962 after completing his matriculation examinations, Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini took admission in the newly established Madressah e Jaffaria administered by Haji Ghulam Jaffer. This is the beginning of the unending quest for knowledge and faith by a servant of Allah! Najaf Period: Staying for a while in Para Chinar Madressah, Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini decided to further his religious studies and with his teacher Maulana Ghulam Hussain. He departed for Najaf, Iraq in 1967. “Madressah Abdul Aziz Baghdadi" was where he began his early Islamic education. Then Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini was admitted in “Madressah e Shabbiriah". He was a very hard working, intelligent and serious student. He regularly attended all lectures, and kept extensive detailed notes in his journal and was an active participant in the debates between students that took place dealing with the subjects of the lectures. Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini teachers include Shaheed e Mehrab Ayatolah Madni, Sheikh Ashraf Asphahani, Aqai Lashkarani and Ayatollah Murtazavi. During his stay in Najaf he gave utmost importance to Bandana. Every friday night he read Dua e Kumail and Ziarate Warsa. More than 20 times during his six and a half year stay in Najaf, Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini went to Karbala on foot. Whenever Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini left for Karbala with any caravan, he always took the luggage of elderly and sick Zaireen on his shoulders in the same way of the Imams (AS). Thus he tried to model his life from the examples of Ahlul-bayt. Qom Period: In 1973, Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini decided to return home after six and half years in Najaf. In this period at home, he married the daughter of his uncle Syed Yunus Jaan Khateeb Aalim Sher. Allah (swt) blessed them with 5 sons and 2 daughters whose names are Syed Muhammed, Syed Ali, Syed Hasan, Syed Hussain, Syed Sajjad, Syeda Fatima and Syeda Zainab. After marriage in 1974, Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini again tried to go to Najaf but was not allowed to enter in Iraq due to his involvement with Imam Khomeni (RA). Thus, Shaheed Quaid decided to go to Qom where he took lectures from Ayatollah Shaheed Murtadha Muteheri, Ayatollah Nasir Makarem Sheerazi, Ayatollah Waheed Khurasani, Ayatollah Tabrezi and Ayatollah Harampanahi on the subjects of history, Usool, philosophy, fiqh and Ilme Kalam. Iran was gripped in political turmoil in those days. Imam Khomeni (RA) movement was spreading and oppression increased day by day. “SavakEkept extra vigilance on every movement of revolutionists especially foreign students who supported the movement. Since Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini was the active participant in every move for revolution, he was arrested. He was kept into detention for some days, was given threats of severe torture and sending out of Iran but the determined Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini never bowed down. In 1975 and 1977, Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini went to Hajj from Qom. During his stay in Qom Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini tried to remain in touch with current affairs of Pakistan. Incidents in which Shias were targeted made Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini grieve for many days. He also remained very much concerned about Kurrum Agency situation and asked in letters to his friends in Para Chinar to write in detail about the situation in the area. Returning back home: Due to the pathetic situation in Kurrum Agency and also for “Madressah e JaffariaEin Para Chinar, Allama Abid Hussain al Hussaini called Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini for help. In respect for his teacher’s orders and with the aim of improving situation in Para Chinar, Shaheed Quaid returned to Pakistan. Here, he immediately joined Madressah e Jaffaria and also started to take steps towards betterment of Kurrum Agency in general and Para Chinar in particular. As a teacher, he tried to improve the syllabi of the Madressah while also encouraging students to adopt modern techniques to understand Islam with the strict following of Taqwa e Ilahee. Due to his efforts, not only did the atmosphere of Madressah improve but also the number of students increaseed in the madressah. Later, this Madressah become Pakistan’s best madressah with respect to educational standards. Shaheed Quaid always remained in friendly relations with his students. He used to say that the best teacher is one who is the best friend of his student. He delivered lectures sitting on the floor with his students. He even used to visit his students at night in their rooms. One night during his routine visits, he found one student with a fever lying alone in his bed. He sat with the student so that the student would feel better. Shaheed Quaid always advised his students to read Namaz e Shab, telling them, as this is the only way to get nearness to Allah. He loved his students so much that he distributed half of his Rs 1200/- salary between the top and needy students. Due to Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini's pious character and knowledge, people of Peshawar started to call him for reading Majalis there. From 1977 he started delivering lectures in Imam Bargha Akhund Abad, Peshawar. He proved his character and knowledge there. Not only did he revolutionize the lives of shias there, but he also inclined thousands of sunnis towards shi'ism through his speeches. Whenever Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini visited Peshawar, he never stayed at host’s house; rather he always stayed at his cousin’s small quarters in a railway station. He used bus or rickshaw to come to Imam Bargha and paid the fare from his pocket. He was very strict for ladies separation and hijab in Majalis. When hosts didn’t heed to his requests of arranging proper separation for women Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini stopped delivering lectures, which embarrassed hosts heavily, and they quickly arranged complete separation for ladies. After confirmation and satisfaction of the arrangements, Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini continued the delivery of the Majalis. Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini took a keen interest in the affairs of youth. He organized different programs for their spiritual training. He, himself used to come every Friday night to Peshawar by bus and this continued for a long time, thus converting thousands of youths towards Imam Khomeni’s (RA) movement of freedom with imperialism. Leading from the front in Kurrum Agency: After the Islamic revolution, imperialists got scared with its spread to all over the world specially its neighboring areas and hesitantly marked areas where it could reach and influence easily. Kurrum Agency was also marked due to its all-shia population and nearness to Iran. They used Afghan refugees to suppress the Kurrum Agency's brave population. First, big camps were erected around Kurrum Agency and then, after settling, unscrupulous elements in Afghan refugees attacked Kurrum Agency. Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini took the leading role in defending the area. He founded “Alamdar Foundation" comprising around 1200 area youths and made himself its head. He made it clear to the members of Alamdar Foundation that the future of Para Chinar is in extreme danger because America wanted to disconnect all shia centers with Islamic revolution. In defending Kurrum Agency, many gave their lives. Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini himself got severely injured when he was in a front line post defending the land. A piece of mortar shell hit his shoulder. To help martyrs' families, Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini founded the Shaheed Foundation and in an address to its members he said: “It is obligatory for us to remember martyrs, praise their courage and look after their families. Arrangement of proper education should especially be the top priority for the orphans of martyrs". The valiant character of Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini made him natural leader for the people of Kurrum Agency. When people started to listen to Shaheed Quaid, he stepped further into eradicating false and unislamic cultural practices in the area. Upon witnessing Shaheed Quaid’s love and affection to the area, more and more people started to gather around Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini and his efforts resulted in a marked decline in unislamic cultural activities in the area. First direct clash with Government: Besides the political agent who was the unrestrained king of the area appointed by the government, a committee of 40 Maliks was also constituted by the government to look after the affairs of the area but it was entirely ineffective. Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini raised voice against this injustice. He started his campaign with two points: 1. Abolition of the "Maliks" assembly. 2. Getting rid of the monopoly of political agents. Shaheed Quaid's movement gained popularity as he went village to village to increase public awareness of tyranny. The government and those in power in Kurrum Agency felt threatened so they used all means and measures to stop Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini and his movement. Political agent of Kurrum Agency even tried to bribe Shaheed Quaid by promising money to establish a madressah. After listening to them, Shaheed Quaid started to read Namaz and, after completing it, replied in his peculiar accent, "Get out from here. If you would not be my guest then I would certainly give you the right answer to your ugly act. Insha'Allah, people will give you and your pet Maliks the answer". Finally, because of all of its efforts to suppress the movement, the government had Shaheed Quaid arrested for some days and thus a new chapter opened in Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini life putting him on the political scene of the country. Interests in welfare projects: Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini gave utmost importance to the welfare of people and instructed members of Alamdaar Foundation to start a campaign against social evils, especially the drug heroine. For this, Shaheed Quaid personally took interest and got a welfare project constructed under his direct supervision. With this project, he arranged proper rehabilitation services for drug addicts in the hospital. Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini possessed the heart full of grief and sense of responsibility for the impoverished. Following the footsteps of his peers Aimmah (AS), in the night Shaheed Quaid took his students with him to distribute floor, rice, oil and money to the needy and impoverished people in their area, directly to their homes. Shaheed Quaid strictly instructed his students not to disclose the anonymity of their good deeds to anybody. As such, it was not revealed until after his death. Undoubtedly, we can say that we have lost the real Follower of Ali living amongst us! Shi'a political arena in Pakistan: At a nationwide convention on April 12th, 1978 in Bhakkar, Punjab, Shi'a ulema and responsible parties perceived the need to converge the Shi'a population of Pakistan under one platform. More than a hundred thousand Shi'as from around the country attended the convention. The main agenda of the convention was to evolve a strategy against General Zia ul Haq's biased policy and decisions against the Shi'as of Pakistan. The party Tehreek e Nifaaz e Fiqh e Jafarria was formed in the convention with noisy chants of approval. Mufti Jafar Hussain was selected as their leader. Mufti Jaffer Hussain, albeit his elderly age, worked day and night, and visited every corner around the country to awaken and organize the nation. But Mufti Jaffer Hussain’s health didn’t allow him to see the fruits of the tree from the seed he planted. He died on 29th August 1983 leaving millions of mourners behind him. Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini’s appointment as Millat e Jafairria: The meeting of supreme council of TNFJ was called in Bhakkar, Punjab on February 10th 1984. One member put forward Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini’s name as the new leader. Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini, at first, plainly refused to accept this responsibility citing his pressing commitments in the area that he lives. The meeting was called off for one hour and Allama Syed Safder Hussain Najafi and some other elderly Ulema took Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini to the adjoining Imambargha and requested of him to accept the responsibility as leader and confirmed their complete support for him. Taking assurances from the Ulemas, Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini agreed to take responsibility of leadership. As Leader: Early days Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini selected Peshawar City as his head office and reconstituted and reorganized the entire setup of TNFJ. He visited every corner of the country and people of every area welcomed their new Quaid with historical fervor and passion. Shaheed Quaid's first one and half years passed in removing discrepancies in the nation’s beliefs, counteracting the enemy’s scornful propaganda against him, and quelling the fighting within the nation. Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini used to say, “My first one and half years as leader were passed in assuring the nation that I am Shi'a and believes in Azadari". Appointment as Walie e Faqih representative by Imam Khomeni (RA): Imam Khomeni (RA) issued a written statement announcing Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini as his representative in Pakistan. One could say that that written statement by Imam Khomeni (RA) gave real strength to Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini's leadership as his popularity among masses increased manifold. After becoming the official representative of Wali e Faqih, Shaheed Quaid again visited the whole country with new vigor and purpose. Struggle against dictatorship: It was the prime black era of Gen Zia ul Haq. Public hangings, lashings, political imprisonment, barbaric use of state machinery on every voice that spoke against the dictator, Zia's, rule was the order of the day. In all that Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini’s voice was nothing but thorn in the eyes of Dictator Zia. Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini in his first press conference in Peshawar announced candidly that his first demand was to change the system of the country. Zia understood the power of Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini’s words and was very afraid of him. So his government planned a ferocious campaign against Shi'as. The first step they took was against Azadari e Imam Hussain (AS). In the first year of Shaheed Quaid's leadership, incidents of firing and ransacking on mourning processions and Imambarghas in different cities occurred. In the second phase Zia's government introduced Draconian and discriminatory laws against Shi'as of Pakistan. All the government's tactics bore no fruits. Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini emerged from every crisis more forcefully.
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    Islamic Salvation

    Ahl Al-Bayt Daily

    علي بن إبراهيم، عن أبيه، عن ابن أبي عمير، عن عبدالرحمن بن الحجاج قال: كنت عند أبي عبدالله (عليه السلام) فدخل عليه عبدالملك القمي فقال: أصلحك الله أسجد ويدي في ثوبي؟ فقال: إن شئت، قال: ثم قال: إني والله ما من هذا وشبهه أخاف عليكم (*) Ali bin Ibrahim from his father from Ibn Abi Umayr from Abd al-Rahman bin al-Hajjaj who said: I was with Abi Abdillah عليه السلام when Abd al-Malik al-Qummiy entered and said: may Allah make ease for you, do I prostrate while my hands are inside my clothes? so He عليه السلام said: if you want; then He عليه السلام said after a while: as for me, then By Allah - it is not for this and its like that I fear for you. (Mu'tabar) NOTES: The Imam is pointing to the fact that there are more critical issues that affect our faith and works (eg. entrapments of the world, division and hatred among ourselves) which he fears for us - over a rigid concentration on the minutae in regards secondary jurisprudence which unfortunately is a trend among certain quarters of the community.
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    5 Aug 1988 death of shaheed Arif hussain hussaini :cry: American consulate in peshawar officially funded this operation. Death to USA
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    (bismillah) (salam) I thank thee my :Creator swt , lord of the worlds For giving me a friend , a companion for a month a month you have chosen in which the glorious :Quran revealed together with all other glorious books the month in which we lose the most beloved man after your greatest :Messenger (as) and we lose his beloved wife . two most precious and first of :Muslims. The month of joy to as you bring 2 other beloved :Imams (as) . But for me , i see my friend leaving me . I see the days towards it's departure sad , I ask thee to stay , and never leave , as you bring such gifts . gifts like :Qadr and spiritual building. :Ramadan companionship through the years of my life seem to become stronger as it's the only companion that has been consistent with it's gifts to me It has always kept it's promises and it have visited me from the day I was born till the day I will die. It will accompany me in the hereafter It is my true friend I bid thee farewell till next time . I will miss you and my tears will be many . Good bye my old friend Please convey my :Salams to :Al-hujjat (as) . ws
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    Uhhhh there's plenty of pics of black and brown kids in this thread. Just look through every page thoroughly, my friend. :)
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    Abu Tufayl

    Post Fake Shia Hadith Here

    (bismillah) I am repeating this. Do not call narrations fabricated. The most to say is that something suspicious and do tawaqquf, especially in the case of laymen like us! في أمان الله
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    thanks for your suggestions, We have already discussed about these two questions lastnight with the sheikh, the sheikh thinks the reappearance of our beloved 12th Imam Mahdi(atfs) is near but only Allah(swt) knows when he will reappear... we had really good questions asked also related to afterlife and the world of barzakh/heven/hell which he will be speaking more about in tonights majalis inshAllah, one of the questions that the sisters asked lastnight was that can our family relatives or friends intercede/shafa'at for us on the day of judgement... If anyone has any questions they would like me to ask the sheikh tonight, your most welcome to ask :-)
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    Interesting video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBG6qAea-Io Summary: - Abu al-Qasim al-Khui (ra) represents a methodology in which Qur'an is relegated to secondary status in deriving legal rulings and is not a basis for law and jurisprudence. - Kamal al-Haydari refers to various usul works of Khui. In one book, Misbah al-Usul. There he presents a chapter on reconciling conflicting legal verdicts as understood through our ahadith. There Khui presents one solution and that is referral to the Qur'an. al-Haydari is upset by this in that why the Qur'an is not a primary source for deriving rulings? Why is it some secondary source that is referred to when we're in trouble? - al-Haydari goes on to explain that Khui has written dozens of books on multiple topics, including fiqh, usul, rijal. On each subject, Khui had dozens of books written, but he only had one book on Qur'an (al-Bayan fi Tafsir al-Quran). al-Haydari believes this is a tragedy as we've left the Qur'an to a large extent in the realm of law (he criticizes the Sunnis as having left it totally in the realm of law). - He then presents Khui's introductory chapter to his Tanqeeh of the Urwa where he (Khui) delineates the sciences that a mujtahid uses in deducing legal rulings. These two rulings are the sciences of usul (to understand fiqh) and rijal (to understand chains of transmission). Anything additional to this is a "bonus" (fadl) according to Khui. - al-Haydari makes it clear that this isn't a personal attack on Khui, but that he is merely using him as an example to demonstrate a problematic legal method that is pervasive in the hawzas.
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    Shia , Sunni , Unity

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIn2pxUUY6o May Allah Guide us All Peace be upon you all.
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    Moonsighting Explained - Must Watch

    786 Hujjatul-Islam Syed Muhammad Rizvi explains the rulings on Moonsighting according to Ayatullah(s) Sistani, Khamenei, Khorasani, Makarem-Shirazi and the late Imam(s) Khoi and Khomeini. He also shows the rulings in light of modern science. Was salaam
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    Mard e Haq Zia ul Haq l.a was playing dual game, and Arif Hussaini r.a was doing everything to help revolution. Well the culprits met their end very soon. Ik professor ne ye puri tamheed is shandar tareky se bandhi k me heran reh gya. He made connections between the events so well, starting from Iran-Iraq war to the crash of Zia. He is from Jamat e Islami, and showed respect for Hussaini, and contempt for Zia.
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    One who had the knowledge of the Book said: I will bring it to you in the twinkling of an eye. Then when he saw it settled beside him, he said: This is of the grace of my Lord that He may try me whether I am grateful or ungrateful; and whoever is grateful, he is grateful only for his own soul, and whoever is ungrateful, then surely my Lord is Self-sufficient, Honored. (27;40) Tafsir al-jalalayn: The one who had knowledge of the, revealed, Scripture — and this was [one] Āsif b. Barkhiyā, a righteous individual with knowledge of God’s Greatest Name, which when invoked [in supplication] for something it is [immediately] granted — said: ‘I will bring it to you before your glance returns to you, after you look at something. So he [the afreet] said to him, ‘Look up towards the heaven’, which he did, and when his glance returned [in front of him] he found it [bilqīs’ throne] placed before him — for in the instance in which Solomon looked up to the heaven, Āsif supplicated by invoking the Greatest Name that God bring it [thereto]; and this was done by having it travel under the earth until it sprung up below Solomon’s seat (kursī). Then, when he saw it standing, still, before him, he said, ‘This, bringing it to me, is of my Lord’s bounty, that He may try me, test me, whether I give thanks (read a-ashkur, pronouncing both hamzas; or by replacing the second one with an alif; or by not pronouncing the second one, but inserting an alif between the one not pronounced and the other one or without [the insertion]) or am ungrateful, for the favour. And whoever gives thanks, gives thanks only for his own sake, because the reward for his thanks shall be his, and whoever is ungrateful, for the favour, [should know] then my Lord is surely Independent, with no need of his thanks, Generous’, by being bounteous to those who are ungrateful for it. http://www.altafsir.com/Tafasir.asp?tMadhNo=0&tTafsirNo=74&tSoraNo=27&tAyahNo=40&tDisplay=yes&UserProfile=0&LanguageId=2
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    My 40 Day Vow

    Looooooooooooool You were SPOT ON!!!!!!!!!
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    Hello Propaganda of the Deed, I do hope the sanctions end, for the good of the Iranian people. I don't see the need to punish people for what their leaders do or to try to force governments to not get nukes. I believe nukes are evil and hope more nations do not follow the USA's lead in weapons of mass destruction. I think the creation of nukes is not trusting in God but rather is trying to trust in man-made creations. :( Hopefully Iran will realize that. I do believe God is very displeased with USA killing thousands of babies, children, and civilian adults by nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki. :( While granted Japan attacked the USA first, I don't believe 2 wrongs make a right. I don't believe God looks with favor on weapons of mass destruction because we are to love, not kill each other. Anyways, may God bring peace between Iran and the USA, and may God bless Iran, Iran's new president, and the Iranian people!
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    Brown? Papers Please...

    Well, at least the conservatives showed their true racist colour. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/07/31/immigration-searches-kensal-green-tube_n_3681463.html?utm_hp_ref=uk Immigration officers have been accused of racial profiling and heavy-handed tactics during visa checks at a London tube station. Four "burly men" in UK Border Agency (UKBA) stab vests stopped people at Kensal Green tube this week asking people to prove their residency status. A number of people claim the officers were only stopping non-white individuals and when questioned about the operation they became aggressive. Matt Kelcher, writing in the New Statesmen, said: "I asked them what they were doing and was told it was a random check of identity documents to find illegal immigrants. "They didn’t seem interested in me and I walked straight through, but the two Asian women who entered the station after me were stopped, taken to one side and questioned." Another commuter said the officers were "heavy-handed" and "frightening". Phil O’Shea told the Kilburn Times: "They appeared to be stopping and questioning every non-white person, many of whom were clearly ordinary Kensal Green residents going to work. "When I queried what was going on I was threatened with arrest for obstruction and was told to ‘crack on’." The Home Office said in a statement: "We make no apology for enforcing our immigration laws and our officers carry out hundreds of operations every year around London. Where we find people who are in the UK illegally we will seek to remove them." "We take any allegations of inappropriate behaviour from our officers very seriously and operate a comprehensive complaints and investigation process for where detainees or members of the public believe they have been mistreated." The Kensal Green area was subject to the so-called 'racist van' this week, a mobile billboard telling illegal immigrants to go home or face arrest. Although the pilot trial has stopped there are plans to roll it out across the country.
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    Further Contradictions In Imamate

    @ambrosechappel How many people were there when Rasul (as) announced Ali (as) as his Wali at Dhul Ashira, and then what was the crowd at Ghadeer Khum. How many were muslim at Dhul Ashira, how many of its participants might have remembered it, and how many would have the understanding to not call it a statement made in jest or excitement. The announcement at Ghadeer was certainly important as Rasul (as) asked this message to be conveyed to those who were not present, and Umar came forward to congratulate Imam Ali (as). If Rasul (as) had made the announcement only at Dhul Ashira, would you have accepted Imam Ali (as) as the first Imam? No you wouldn't have, since you don't accept the appointment through additional narrations either. But still, you use the many more narrations after Dhul Ashira to criticize Shias as being illogical. You have also assumed that when Ali (as) presented himself at Dhul Ashira to be his deputy and helper, Rasul (as) rejected at the first two instances;and we cannot do anything about assumptions. The facts are that nobody else came forward, Rasul appointed Ali as his deputy, and showed the world Ali's (as) commitment and the vast difference between Ali (as) and other participants to be huajjh upon you and others. The presentation of Imam Ali (as) by Rasul as his successor all over his life while having announced Nabuwwat is not a contradiction. If you may, you may view it as a gradual delivery of message in the words of IbnSohan in the above post. TheIslamichistory presented many other such hadiths while completely disposing off your argument. As the brother explained, try to view the Imamat concept in totality for which excellent arguments have been presented including the one where Prophet recounted this tradition of leaving behind two weighty things to his Sahaba, which proves the Sahaba could go astray if they turned away from these two sources of guidance. How come than the inferior could claim to be an Imam over the superior? My question is, why do you people accept Abu Bakar, Umar, and Usman as the first three caliphs when no comparable hadith for their appointment over muslims exist as against the proof of Ahlul Bait being superior. See the events mentioned in chronological order below: Revelation of Qur'anic Verse 5:67 "O Apostle! Deliver what has been sent down to you from your Lord; and if you don't do it, you have not delivered His message (at all); and Allah will protect you from the people". Hadith of two weighty things at Ghadeer Khum "It seems the time approached when I shall be called away (by Allah) and I shall answer that call. I am leaving for you two precious things and if you adhere to them both, you will never go astray after me. They are the Book of Allah and my Progeny, that is my Ahlul Bayt. The two shall never separate from each other until they come to me by the Pool of Paradise." Hadith of Appointment "Do I not have more right over the believers than what they have over themselves?" For whoever I am his mawla, 'Ali is his mawla. "O' God, love those who love him, and be hostile to those who are hostile to him." Revelation of Qur'anic Verse 5:3 "Today I have perfected your religion and completed my favour upon you, and I was satisfied that Islam be your religion." For us Shias, it is common sense really. I am sorry but I do not see any any contradiction. I also fail to comprehend your attempt at trying to avoid replies from brother Theislamichistory on this thread.
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    Further Contradictions In Imamate

    How is calling your family is equal to proclaiming the successor ship to the whole ummah? They are 2 different orders. Informing a family is a private matter. Hadith Almanzilah was said when prophet left Imam Ali as governor over Madinah. It was specific appointment but with a hadith that was not said to others who were left to govern Madinah while prophet was in battle field. I am really not expecting any of you to accept Khilafah of Amir Almo'minin , the longer it takes to accept it the less likely the acceptance will ever happen except what Allah wills, but I am curious if you are aware and familiar with the course of revelation of some other laws? Gradual delivery of message? This is often can be the way scholars interpreted the need for many prophets, because the message was gradual. The Quran revealed gradually (this is even mentioned in Quran, that Quran should be explained to people slowly and not in a hurry, giving them time to reflect) The concept of Imamah also follow the same course, that message is delivered slowly. Even the roles of Imams being different was interpreted that the massage needed time to become mature.( depends on people readiness). Famous example of gradual revelation is the rule of wine.
  22. 1 point
    1) Because the Prophet said so. 2) No, that's a debated issue. The two opinions are, if I am not mistaken, that a) the Ahl al-Bayt [as] are superior in rank to all Prophets minus al-Mustafa and b.) Ahl al-Bayt [as] are higher in rank than all Prophet's except the Ulul Azm (Noah, Ibrahim, Musa, Isa & Muhammad [peace be on them all]) 3) Yes he did, the Prophet was an Imām in every sense of the word. He was the Imām of the Prophets and all humankind. 4) We don't consider `Ali [as], Hassan b. `Ali [as] and Husayn b. `Ali [as] Imāms because of their contribution towards Islam. We consider them Imāms because the Prophet said they were. The same goes for the rest of the `Aimmah [as].
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    My Husband Dont Want Me To Study

    :lol: more like a male female thing. '-can we buy this or do that?' -'I'll see what I can do' the best line ever. thanks to hollywood.
  24. 1 point

    President Rouhani Urges End To Sanctions

    Sanctions are not likely to end mr rouhani..simply because congress is in israels hand, not obamas. Perhaps a couple of mild gestures will be offered for show, for rohani to tow the line..but thats it. You have to remember these sanctions are coming about deliberately on a false bases inorder to isolate and ruin irans economy. ... Simply at israels behest...If rouhani thinks capitulating will make a difference then he has another think coming. That was a different era back then when he was in gov, this is a totally different world. On the plus side; he has the goodwill of most western nations, ( albeit so did ahmadinejaad initially), and that is making israel furious.... All that hard work and demonising of iran and ahmadinejaad had worked in the past... But that has now turned it on its head. Now they have to do it all over again.... And they have already started the demonising.. By calling him 'wolf in sheep clothing' etc. around the same time he was elected. Rouhani has to be extremely careful, anything he says will be twisted to demonise him if they can. The ball is now in the western court; they will have to change thier belligerent tacts, in the face of a reformist.. Simply to maintain face. Already, the gov was villified by a disgusted public that british gov refused to send a rep to the inaugration ceremony... They were accused of not taking the chance to start afresh, and instead being too high amd mighty. Others suspected orders from above.. I.e. us/israel. And that indicates a clear shift of the mood of the general public. Still one thing i would advise; do not capitulate any of your core priniciples....you will not gain anything but slavery; a destabalised and divided country... That is the only relationship that is being offered. Freedom and democracy are just another word to beat others by the west, it doesnt actually exist; they still spy on all, torture and arrest people with out reason or trial. Please dont be taken by thier deception.. Do what suits iran, but please do not use the west as a higher standard. As much as they tried, the only reason the west were not able to destabalise iran internally; was irans restriction on the social network/; media, by maintaining their own intranet and generally a very strong intelligance. That has helped iran immensley in these times of immense hostility...to prevent foriegn controlled media, and terrorists with in iran to stick thier oars in. They tried hard via funding jundullah attacks, by spreading false and hostile propaganda, stirring sectarion rubbish, using false job websites abroad to recruit innocent iranians to spy and lure them to carry out attacks on key figures in iran; cyber attacks on nuclear sites, they did all they could...and still are... But because iran was on the ball, they were quick to respond.. And been very successful in arresting those responsible...quashing thier plans to wreck to havoc. That is the only reason iran is not pakistan, egypt, syria or iraq today. That and the leadership of seyed khamanei. . Any other country would have been crushed a long long time ago.
  25. 1 point

    Have Shiachat Gone Down?

    Do not worry, young padawan, this is the yearly Ramadhan ritual, of self reflection and worship. In a few days time, the forum will be wasted with EID posts, quotes, and the white garb will be left on the mantel until the next month of reflection. All will be back, repeating and arguing over the same issues. The old, shall be replaced with the young, such is age and time. But it is time, for you to get some real life friends.
  26. 1 point

    The Sun

    Greetings PureEthics, Thank you. I am not adept with poetry and did not understand the connection. Of course, I also did not know the story of Thamud and the camel. Am I to understand then, that in these verses when it says 'the messenger of Allah', it is referring to a man named Salih? Salaam, CLynn Greetings Ali Musaaa, I have always been reading the Qur'an. :) Ali Musaaa and PureEthics, Thank you both. I only just saw the reply by Ali Musaaa after I replied to PureEthics, so I understand a little bit more about Salih. I did not know there were any other prophets to the arab people besides Muhammad. You have both been helpful. Shukran, CLynn
  27. 1 point
    I see, good to hear everything is going well alhamdulillah, I hope you get well soon, i'll remember you in my dua tonight inshAllah, i am also sick, i have a really bad headache and the cold and im at uni library finishing of my journal article so i don't have to worry about it tonight when i go to the masjid, im nearly done just need to do proofreading :-p Hows your second semester coming along? hope first semester went well.
  28. 1 point

    Have Shiachat Gone Down?

    Some people just like to read the posts and threads rather than post.
  29. 1 point
    Latmiyaat in english translation means lamentation, the passionate expression of grief or sorrow; weeping
  30. 1 point

    Mallets Mallet

  31. 1 point

    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    laur laure aay :D exactly
  32. 1 point

    What Do You Think About Ndes?

    I think NDE's give us some of the strongest scientific evidence for non-local consciousness - the accounts where people travel and see things that they couldnt have known about otherwise. Its interesting that there are so many common features in NDE's, but it also seems to be true that to some extent the experiences people can have have some cultural determination. One thing to bear in mind is that 'NDE' is quite a wide umbrella term. Not all of these experiences are as compelling as others and some may well be altered states of consciousness that are taking place in the brain. The NDE's that take place while people have clinically died and are wired up to sensative machines detecting electrical activity are interesting, as this still hasnt been explained. I also find the spontanous healings that can take place when people have been on deaths door (or clinically died) and had NDE's very interesting and the reports of NDE'rs who were blind 'seeing' during there NDE's interesting. All these things make for compelling evidence, but its hard to test these things under strict scientific conditions and until tht is done its hard to imagine these experiences becoming accepted in the scientific community, even though theyre not uncommonly witnessed by people in the medical field. So its an interesting subject. Definitely an area that needs more study and investigation. I remember reading about a surgeon who sets his operating theatre up with symbols that can be seen from ceiling level, so that if anyone has an out of body experience they can mention these symbols as proof - if this sort of thing could become commonplace and patients who had clinically died were routinely asked if theyd had any unusual experiences (you'd have to be careful with the wording, maybe some sort of form could be filled in rather than speaking with the dr's/nurses directly) then the data on NDE's could possibly sky rocket.
  33. 1 point

    Sikhism Is Anti-Islamic Religion

    Sikhs in general are very nice people, I have known many in my life. They're hospitable and respectful. Though like others have said, they have a deep hatred for Islam and Muslims. Since the gurus had fought Muslims and were oppressed by Muslim rulers, their antagonization of Muslims became rooted in their religious canon. But there's no need to focus on that - treat peaceful people as they would like to be treated.
  34. 1 point

    President Rouhani Urges End To Sanctions

    trying to control inflation through capitalist monetary policies in Iran will benefit the already rich classes such as the Hashemi families and other wealthy and powerful Iranian families, who materially benefited from the Islamic Revolution. In the short and long run these policies will fail in the same way they have failed in western capitalist economies ... Ahmadinejad made the correct policy choices but was opposed by the powerful family cabals, resulting in him not being able to fully implement his economic policies. Now this guy, who is totally beholden to Hashemists, is going to make things totally worse. Hopefully, Iranians will recognize their mistakes, and vote him out in four years, if he fails to deliver and makes things worse for the masses of Iranians.
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  36. 1 point

    Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    this looks really good....I ate it at Hui restaurants a couple of times...I wish I knew how to do it just like them
  37. 1 point
    ^ I second that , get rid of all those freaks that talk of such things , and while we're at it , why not stop there . let's continue and ban those that talk of a super human being , over 1200 years old , but looks in his 30s, perfect in all aspects of creation , lives in a parallel dimension and will come one day with an army of only 313 men and will destroy all the oppressors , and bring truth , peace and justice. Let's ban those that talk of curing all diseases using a simple :Dua , let's ban those that dwell deep into the glorious :Ayats of the :Quran , and explore the many hidden meanings . Let's ban those fairy tales of another super human that travel back and forth in time , and visited heaven and hell. Let's ban those who talk of another super human , who is over 6000 years old and looks like 30s. Let's ban anything and everything that disturbs and effects the sheep into using their minds that :Allah swt has given them. we have no room for such people and their crazy ideas . because everything is just dandy , just click your heals 3 times Dorothy , and say "there's no place like home "
  38. 1 point

    Im Sicking Of Eating At Resturants

    WOw!! nice mother in law ;)
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    Abu Hadi

    My Husband Dont Want Me To Study

    Salam Sister, About your situation, it is a difficult one. No, I don't think you should go behind his back to do the course. That would be unethical At the same time, the duty of every muslim to educate themselves is still incumbant on you, so I would say. 1) Take an Arabic course. He would probably allow this and this would give you immediate practical benefits in the place where you live 2) Once he gets used to the idea of you being in class and taking course, he might change his opinion regarding your education if he sees some practical benefits from it, i.e. you can get along better in the country where you live and you can communicate with his family. I would first try a class in spoken Arabic, Saudi dialect, rather than studying Classical (fusha) Arabic. Again, he and you will see more immediate and practical benefits in your life from the spoken Arabic. You being a revert, there is a larger issue here. I am also a revert so I am familiar with these issues. This may or may not apply to you personally. There is a big problem with, especially young, Caucasian female reverts getting married too quickly after their reversion and with too little thought and investigation about who exactly they are marrying and the implications of marrying someone from a different ethnic and cultural background. There is a tendency, because these women are very vunerable after their reversion and sometimes suffering alienation from their own family and society to cling on to the first muslim man that asks to marry them. They do the marriage without much knowledge of the guy or his family and are not prepared for the cultural differences that exist. I lost count of the number of cases that I know of of these women marrying men they barely know, find out after the marriage that there are huge differences and issues with the guy and/or his family that are impossible for them to deal with, then end up single and divorced sometimes with a few kids also. I would suggest that if there are any sisters in this group reading this thread, that they wait and investigate the man and his family thoroughly before marriage. Ask alot of questions, do some outside investigation, ask other people in the community about him who know him but are not his close friends or family. I would even do a credit check and criminal records check. If there is anything there that looks suspicious, ask him about it. All of this is your right to do, Islamically, and it is a recommendation of the Prophet(p.b.u.h) and Imams(a.s) to ask about someone and get as much information as you can from outside sources (not from his family ) before marriage, so there are no nasty surprises afterwards. Also realize, that if you are marrying a guy from middle east, south asia, you are marrying his family also. Especially if the mother or father has a bad reputation in the community or has a criminal record, etc, I would seriously reconsider the marriage because you will have to deal with the parents on a regular basis. Also, you must understand the cultural differences of the culture you are marrying into. To sum, do your homework, do not rely on blind trust.
  40. 1 point
    Salam brother, I just made a reply to this topic =) I hope this will clear it out for you. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/235016206-imam-ali-as-did-not-pray-under-the-abu-bakr/
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    Guru Nanak had Muslim companions, and even their Golden Temple in Amritsar - it's first stone was laid by a Muslim. The Guru Granth Sahib also contains works by Sufi saints. As someone mentioned earlier, they did suffer as a persecuted religious movement (as did most including Islam and Christianity in earlier years) by the authorities at the time - the Mughals, and eventually had wars with the state as the religion became more prevalent, politicised and militant. Some of their gurus were also made 'shaheeds' too. Then there is more modern history between Muslims and Sikhs, which was the fault-lines of the partition across Punjab which saw most of the sectarian violence during the creation of Pakistan and independence of India. So the relationship between the two has been of mutual animosity unfortunately. Still, I wouldn't go as far as to say Sikhism is anti Islam, rather some Sikhs are, and I do recall as a teen in high school the two communities were somewhat lukewarm though they were not completely that close. I have come across religious sincere Sikhs, and I know one very well who has nothing but praises and respect for Islam, and religion in general. Sikhs do not believe their religion to be the one 'truth', nor are they propagators or actively seek converts from other religions. However, it isn't all so bad between the two. Also during the London riots couple years back, there were groups of Sikhs who stood guard outside mosques during Ramadan while Muslims prayed. Oh and this was a recent thing, even if it is just of an individual, it is clear not all are as closed-minded, or generalise as the OP has done.
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    currently in need of your duas, guys! please and thank you. thoughts: sab pagal hain...
  44. 1 point

    God Bless Y'all This Ramadhan! :)

    ^ That's an 'i' at the end, but i'm sure he'd support that sentiment also =D Ramadhan Mubarak to you too. Why dont you do lent?
  45. 1 point
    Subhan'Allah! What do you mean scholars are wrong and I know better? Merely recording narration by them in their books doesn't make it authentic and it doesn't mean they considered it authentic.
  46. 1 point
    (bismillah) Sorry, your jarh and ta`deel methods do not fly in a polemic discussion and are unacceptable and unsatisfactory responses to historical analyses. See (here) في أمان الله
  47. 1 point
    To somehow blame `A'isha's murdering rampage on Imam `Ali (as) is quite pathetic.
  48. 1 point

    #1 Imam Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (as)

    How come a lot of Saying don’t have their sources? Are we forgetting that we need to source in order to keep it authentic or else anyone can come and attribute anything to Imam Ali (KAW)? A very important saying of Imam Ali (KAW) that directly speaks to us Shia, lets be Shia not Ghullat (Extremists) "Two kinds of people will be damned on my account, those who form exaggerated opinion about me and those who under-estimate me because they hate me". -NAHAJUL BALAGHA:- -Saying of Imam Ali #116 - There will be those who will Always Hate him and call themselves Muslims. "If I cut a faithful Muslim into pieces to make him hate me, he will not turn into my enemy and if I give all the wealth of this world to a hypocrite to make him my friend he will not befriend me. It is so because the Holy Prophet has said: "O Ali! No faithful Muslim will ever be your enemy and no hypocrite will ever be your friend. " -NAHAJUL BALAGHA:- -Saying of Imam Ali #45. - A true saying for competitive sports, debaters’ those who are about to compete in harsh/tough physical sports for competition purposes. "When you feel afraid or nervous to do a thing then do it because the real harm which you may thus receive is less poignant than its expectation and fear". -NAHAJUL BALAGHA:- -Saying of Imam Ali #175
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    Post Fake Shia Hadith Here

    (bismillah) Salam Very true. حدثنا محمد بن الحسين عن محمد بن اسماعيل عن حمزة بن بزيع عن على السنانى عن ابى الحسن ع انه كتب إليه في رسالة ولا تقل لما بلغك عنا أو نسب الينا هذا باطل وان كنت تعرفه خلافه فانك لا تدري لم قلنا وعلى أي وجه وصفة. Muhammad bin al-Husayn narrated to us from Muhammad bin Ismail from Hamza b. Bazi from Ali the as-Sinani from Abul-Hasan (as) that he wrote to him in an epistle, "And do not say for what reaches you from us and is attributed to us “this is false” even if you have known its opposite, for verily you do not know why we said (it) and upon which aspect and attribute." [source: Basair Al-Darajat Pg. 538]
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    Hameedeh For Mod: Reloaded

    ^ ^ And That's what you get for not knowing Hameedeh Jii.. A BAN FOR LIFE..! :dry: :lol:
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