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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Sheikh Hassan Shehata Murdered

    Shaheed Allamah Hassan Shehata (ra) - one of Egypt's greatest scholars - saw the holy Prophet (pbuh) in a dream standing with Amir al Mumineen (as), while the other khulapha were far from him and in disfigured forms. It caused him to reevaluate his position, research the religion in more depth and enter in to the path of Ahlulbayt (as). He lived a life where he was consistently harassed, and jailed - giving up all his rights to be able to follow Ahlulbayt (as). Allah chose him to achieve shahadat on the most blessed of days, and similar to his master Imam Hussain (as) he was torn to pieces by a large crowd of shayateen, masquerading as muslims. Ina lillah wa ina ilayhi rajioon.
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    Sheikh Hassan Shehata Murdered

    R.I.P May he be rewarded in the heaven , may his martydom serve as a reminder to us all about the struggles of the oppressed in our father and motherlands. May God hasten the return of our saviours . let us pray. N
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    Maula Dha Mallang


    Salam, Ya Ali Madad, Lanat upon the enemies of the Ahlebeyt (as) in the last 12 months Ive been through a lot of changes, to the point where I look back on my posting history and cringe. I offended 90% of the members here since i registered all those years ago, and the first thing I want to do is ask your forgiveness for my bad akhlaaq. Its under control now. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go to Karbala (will share pictures and stories in the other thread) and ever since then, something stirred inside me. there were 2 prayers that stand out in particular for me; the first was reading fajr in the courtyard of ameerul momineen Ali ibn Abu Talib (as), sat under the night sky, alone in a crowd, i thought to myself "do i have any right to call myself a lover of my master if i look at my actions"? the answer was no. the second prayer was maghrib/ isha in Masjid Sehla. the room on the raised stage in the middle of the courtyard was filled by the time i got there (i was helping this old man so missed the first rakat), the only space was in the sand next to it. again, sat there under the sky, the only thought in my head was "am i worthy to call myself the follower of the awaited imam (atf)?" again the answer was no. meeting sayyed sistani was incredibly dissapointing. not him personally, just looking at him was enough to know that this is a man of Allah, and not like normal men. guys got a massive magnificent head and looked really healthy and robust mashallah. i was NOT impressed by the people around him. will explain properly later. karbala was....well. i will need to describe that fully to do it justice. i notice a lot of faces which should be here but are not (marbles, replicant etc) and others which im happy to see are still posting (gypsy, big mac (not an admin any more??) etc) as well as a lot of new, interesting members. for those who do not know me, Salam :) i am one of the semi-old gang and have been here a long time. for those that do (those who do not like me and those who do) a lot of the aggression and sarcasm is gone, so please give me another chance to be your brother. finally, May I congratulate you all upon the birth day of the awaited Imam (atf), I seem to have returned on a great day lol. Peace
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    Salam, It doesn't work like that. Doing a sin does not exempt you from doing the wajib. If u don't do the wajib, then you are adding another sin to your first one and distancing yourself from paradise even further. like others have said, you could do mutah with her and make it halal. It takes about 3 minutes. Here is the instructions [Mod Note: Link no longer works. Substitute link was added:] http://www.mutah.com/how_do_i_do_mutah.htm
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    My biggest problem with the Laughing Cow
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    Ali Musaaa :)

    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    <3 :wub: :wub: :wub: Imam Ja`far as-Sadiq [a] said, in a narration about the Mahdi, "My master, your occultation has taken away my night’s sleep, it has narrowed my bed for me, and has snatched away the solace from my heart. My master, your occultation has turned my tragedies into the atrocities of eternity! The loss of one after the other perishes a crowd and a multitude. No more I feel the tear that drops from my eye, and the moon that faintly leaves my chest from the places of tragedies and past calamities except that it exemplifies before my eye the greatest and cruelest of catastrophes, the most dismal and disdainful mishaps, mixed with your wrath, and calamities coupled with your anger." When his companions heard him say this, they said, "Our hearts and minds were overwhelmed by that terrifying scene and mortifying view. We thought that it is the sign of a dreadful shattering or times have brought him a calamity." They said to the Imam, "May Allah, O son (descendant) of the best of the creation (Prophet Muhammad [sawa]), never bring tears into your eyes. For what incidents are your eyes pouring and your tears raining and what situation has led you to this mourning?" The Imam [a] explained that he was recalling the Mahdi, and said that he feared: "The birth of our Qa'im and his disappearance, and its protraction and the length of his lifespan, and the trials of the believers through him and after him in that period, and the generation of doubts in their hearts from the length of his disappearance, and the apostasy of most of them from their religion, and their removing the cord of Islam from their necks." (Kamal ad-Deen) https://www.facebook.com/AhlAlBaytDaily :cry: May Allah send Blessings on our beloved Qa`im, Al-Hujjah Min `Aale Muhammad [a], and on the Believers who patiently await his reappearance. May Allah allow us to see his noble face, witness his blessed arrival and allow us to be amongst those who stand by him and Prophet Jesus [a]. May Allah bless you both, the Ahl al-Bayt [a] and all the Noble Prophets & Messengers send by the Creator of all things from Adam (as) to the best of creation Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]. Ameen alhamdulilahir-Rabil`ameen.
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    Sunnism is a failure to humanity...thats the honest truth, if the bulk of them are not strong enough to rally against this crime and cry, "not in our sects name", "or we are against this"...then they may as well call themselves the followers of satan
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    Salam Ya Ali Madad and Lanat upon the enemies of the Ahlebeyt (as) [PART 1: ZIARAT IRAQ ARAFAT 2012] Day 1 Manchester, London, Baghdad and Najaf 18th and 19th October 2012 In the name of Allah, the beneficient, the merciful. the desire to visit Imam Hussain (as) and his holy Father and brother and descendents (as) was sparked before i was born. in the name of my grandmother, she who created over 2000 shia muslims from salafis single handed, i set off. in the name of she who regretted her whole life not going to ziarat. what she could not achieve in her life, she placed in my heart from the cradle. we left from manchester for heathrow in the late hours of thursday, as our flight (via vienna in austria) was due for 6am. arriving at 3am in heathrow it was...empty. a lonely looking costa was open so we went there. it still didnt feel real. check in was surreal. as we were waiting to board we spotted one of our friends cousins who worked for the company. we told him that we were setting off for kerbala and he started crying, and gave us £50 from his wallet and told us to drop half in najaf zari and half in imam hussains (as) the flight to vienna and then on to baghdad was uneventful. arrival at baghdad international was something else entirely. we had to wait there for approx 3 hours while passports were checked and so on. the heat was opressive and the atmosphere was tense and distrustful. we boarded a small coach which drove us to another coach stop a few miles away. from here we boarded yet another coach, which would be our actual tour coach for the journey. by now it was early evening. i got my first view of american soldiers swaggering around, driving hummers down the road and directing traffic. there was an air of extreme danger in the whole city, i did not feel safe at all. by the time i woke up the tour guides voice filled my ears, speaking in urdu he said "to your left, the masjid of hazrat meesum tammar" if you have not been to ziarat, then you cannot understand what that felt like. Hazrat Meesum Tammar! we spent our whole lives hearing his story, yet here i was, in najaf, within looking distance of the place he was martyred! imagine there is a lake, perfectly still, perfectly quiet, undisturbed for 30 years. now imagine if without warning a thunderstorm stirred up the water into a froth. if you were a fish in that water, how would you feel? it is a poor analogy, but seeing an actual ashaab of maula ali (as), it was like a deep lake of emotion i never knew existed - even all the times i have been to shaam - was stirred up in my heart. it felt like my heart had swollen it was filling my throat and stretching my ribs. Messum Tammar!!!! before my mind could even comprehend what was going on i heard the tour guide once more "and here is masjid kufa" ya Rabb! the place where hazrat muslim bin aqeel was buried. the place where hazrat mukhtar was buried. the place where our maula was struck, so close if i could reach through the glass i felt that i would touch it. it was real....it all felt real. i was amongst the beloved friends and family of my maula, walking through them like a lover walking through a lush forest in the spring. I felt as though they were looking at me and smiling. talking to themselves, whispering to me. i rang my family back home, i had to share this with them. i had barely got through to my brother before i heard the tour guide once again... "ahead of you, Haram of Ameerul Momineen" Hope. all you feel is hope. a soaring, beautiful hope. it lifts you and carries you like a tidal wave to sweep you onwards. I am a sinner, i am lower than the low....but I have hope, and i have love in my heart for the one who rests here. and with this hope, and with this love, there is no difficulty i dare not face. our hotel was less than 100 metres from the haram, by now it was approximately 2am. we got checked in, and i bathed like i never bathed in my life. i was going to meet the king, no the king of kings. i had to look presentable before him. i ironed and reironed my white shalwaar kameez. i fretted over my hair and beard that was too short to comb anyway. by the end i decided to just go and wait in the lobby and talk to people. so we began to walk towards our master. how do you prepare for that?? i was wearing trainers with socks, so hid my phone in my sock under my feet, then put my shoes on. it was a short walk to the entrance of the haram so i walked with a limp. the road was difficult because it was being resurfaced. and then...i entered the courtyard of ameerul momineen. in the quiet hours before fajr, we had plenty of room to enter, recite our ziarat and pledge our allegiance. I felt cleansed. we stayed until fajr, prayed then returned to the hotel to sleep for a few hours. we had a big day tomorrow.
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    For Those Who Are Going To Marry Soon

    (salam) Although we should look to our Aimmah (a.s) as examples, they are infallible and as pointed out regarding the wives of the Prophet (s.w.s) the rules for us are not necessary the same as the rulings for them, a perfect example of this being the number of wives the Prophet (s.w.s) was allowed. There was a different culture in 7th century Arabia and the reasons for marrying in those times especially by our Aimmah (a.s) are likely to be different to our own reasons. Islam is not a discriminatory religion and does not impose rules regarding ages after puberty when it comes to marriage but we need to be able to differentiate between practices promoted by Islam from the practices allowed by Islam.
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    (salam) Reliable. Wassalam
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    Prophet SAW married Aisha and the age difference was huge. Enough said.
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    Please also include the 4 shia in your duas/fatiha/Quran who died protecting the Sheikh. I was crying when I saw them beaten to death protecting him. I wish if I was there dying protecting for him. I remembered Karbala of how the killers were following the Sunnah of their master Yezid (LA), whose army of more than 10,000 killed Imam Hussain (as) and his 72 followers after surrounding him. Salafis never have courage to debate nor stand one to one with any shia.
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    But....but.........she has good akhlaq and her duas are always answered......... :cry:
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    Car Thread

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    They do.
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    Car Thread

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    Check the new site out http://beta.al-islam.org/
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    Sheikh Hassan Shehata Murdered

    That's his biography: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/64388-sheikh-hassan-shehate/ It really is a great loss: He was an expert in Sunni Fiqh that's why he could so easily beat them in every debate: I suspect Saudi behind this to stop spread Shiism in Egypt and to take revenge for being beaten in the debates against him.
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    No it wont be considered selfish because of your intentions is to please Allah and seek His pleasure, and that consequently would produce the reward you are after. in addition to that, if your intention is solely to seek reward without really emphasizing that you want to pleasure Allah, the principle is the same. rewards are intangible, i.e. you cant see the book where all your deeds are recorded or know the future and what Allah is going to reward you for, so it still comes back to having strong faith in Allah for you to seek his rewards, because both Allah and His rewards are intangible in nature, and only through strong faith are you able to think like that and have such intentions, so it wouldn't be selfish. An example would be your parents, you always strive to please them and make them happy, and you know through that you will be rewarded by something they buy for you or as simple as praising you. and so you still put in the effort to study and do what they ask you to do so they are happy and in turn reward you. same idea, that you seeking the pleasure of someone so you gain a reward doesnt change the fact that you are still seeking their pleasure initially, does that make sense? It is also a scientific principle that humans (and animals as well) are encouraged by positive reinforcement (i.e. a reward), you do something, you get rewarded for it, you will more likely do it again. an example again, when you were a child and your parents hit you for doing something bad, that negative reinforcement made sure that you will not repeat that action again (unless you were like those insanely naughty children :P). but if your parents praised you and gave you a lolly then you are more likely to do that action again. So in conclusion, no it is not selfish to think that because even Allah mentions in the Qur'an several times, do good so you can be rewarded by paradise etc. hope that helps :)
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    A Very Cute Story

    Are you like 4 years old? Do tell us your story :p
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    Haydar Husayn

    Parents Of The Prophet ( Sawa)

    To this I would add that if Azar was Ibrahim's father then we would have an apparent contradiction in the Qur'an: Indeed, there is for you a good example in Ibrahim and those with him when they said to their people: Surely we are clear of you and of what you serve besides Allah; we declare ourselves to be clear of you, and enmity and hatred have appeared between us and you forever until you believe in Allah alone-- but not in what Ibrahim said to his father: I would certainly ask forgiveness for you, and I do not control for you aught from Allah-- Our Lord! on Thee do we rely, and to Thee do we turn, and to Thee is the eventual coming: [Qur'an 60:4, Shakir] This verse says that Ibrahim said to 'his father' that he would seek forgiveness for him. It is not (fit) for the Prophet and those who believe that they should ask forgiveness for the polytheists, even though they should be near relatives, after it has become clear to them that they are inmates of the flaming fire. And Ibrahim asking forgiveness for his sire was only owing to a promise which he had made to him; but when it became clear to him that he was an enemy of Allah, he declared himself to be clear of him; most surely Ibrahim was very tender-hearted forbearing. [Qur'an 9:113-114, Shakir] This verse says that Ibrahim only asked for forgiveness on behalf of 'his father' due to a promise he made, and then stopped. And when Ibrahim said: My Lord! make this city secure, and save me and my sons from worshipping idols: My Lord! surely they have led many men astray; then whoever follows me, he is surely of me, and whoever disobeys me, Thou surely arc Forgiving, Merciful: O our Lord! surely I have settled a part of my offspring in a valley unproductive of fruit near Thy Sacred House, our Lord! that they may keep up prayer; therefore make the hearts of some people yearn towards them and provide them with fruits; haply they may be grateful: O our Lord! Surely Thou knowest what we hide and what we make public, and nothing in the earth nor any thing in heaven is hidden from Allah: Praise be to Allah, Who has given me in old age Ismail and Ishaq; most surely my Lord is the Hearer of prayer: My Lord! make me keep up prayer and from my offspring (too), O our Lord, and accept my prayer: O our Lord! grant me protection and my parents and the believers on the day when the reckoning shall come to pass! [Qur'an 14:35-41, Shakir] This verse quote Ibrahim in old age praying for the protection of his parents, which would obviously include his father. Now, clearly he stopped praying for the forgiveness of Azar when he was young, so he can't be referring to Azar in this prayer for his parents, since he says he was given Ismail and Ishaq in old age.
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    Maybe youre going through the menopause.
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    Their country has gone to utter disaster with risks of agricultural disaster, freely roaming rape-gangs and no electricity. But hey, let's attack some Shia villagers. Pretty much sums up modern Sunnism.
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    Wahabi version of "Islam" at its finest.
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    Easier said than done. I presume they are normal people leading normal lives in their native country and now being forced and persecuted for no other reason than that they are Shia by the angry retarded Sunni-Wahhabis of that country.
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    Car Thread

    ^ Nope. Want a fancy car? Take one like this
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    in lilah waina ilaih rajiun.
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    this will make the egyptians to actually find out what shia islam is. i met an egyptian guy called hassan who said to me: "yeah hassan .. he was decaptitated" .. i was like o .. m ... g ... may Allah help the afflicted shias and help the ones in this video too in sha Allah and reward them generously
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    Before these salafis turn lebanon into another Syria, the Lebanese army should annihilate them.
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    Wow, a thread about a hadith was quickly turned into assumptions of pedophilia. We don't know the age difference between the man and the woman, and even if there was a big gap, she agreed to marry him. There's nothing wrong with age gaps in the shar`ia. You can talk about how large of a gap is "acceptable" in your society and your era, but any numbers will be arbitrary and not universal.
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    Lebanese Singer Reacts To Al-Assir

    Do us women a favor....poke your eyes out and don't leave your house.
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    I think you are having trouble with trying to understand. No offence.
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    For Those Who Are Going To Marry Soon

    Yes, there's a thing called consent, I know of a girl of 20 who fell in love and married a 40 year old. I didn't think it was horrible. Do you? Trouble? Pardon me?
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    Couldn't control my tears after seeing this barbarism, made me think about Karbala, made me think about Saqifa, Wallah i think all the bloodshed and tryanny that has taken place is solely due to what they did at Saqifa, Allah humma laan Fulaan o Fulaan wa bani umayya, ya Allah hasten the appeareance of the Imam (atfs), al ajjal ya Imam, al ajjal ya Sahib e zamaan.
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    How Tall Are You?

    (salam)Try floating :p
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    Sheikh Hassan Shehate

    May Allah bless your soul and others who were killed.
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    Bismihi Taala. Salam Alaikom. Here's a booklet you might like to read: Akhir al-Zaman (the End Times) by the late Ustad Said Nursi - 20 pages booklet http://www.mediafire.com/view/?6dbeh4c934s8liw ma salam
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    Of course you have excuses for everything even if the word "lame" becomes entirely insufficient and incapable to describe their nature.
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    Question About Religion And Selfishness

    Imam As-Sadiq [as] said about the meaning of worship: “Worship is of three kinds: some people worship Allah, because they fear Him – so it is the worship of slaves; and a group worships Allah, Blessed and High is He, to seek reward – so it is the worship of hirelings; and a group worships Allah, Mighty and Great is He, because of (His) love – and this is the worship of the free, and it is the most excellent worship.” (al-Kafi) Imam Ali [as] said: Verily, some people worshipped Allah being desirous (Of His reward) – so this is the worship of traders; and some people worshipped Allah fearing (His punishment) – so it is the worship of slaves, and a group worshipped Allah in gratitude (to Him) so this is the worship of the free. (Nahju ‘I-balaghah) Imam as-Sadiq [as] said: ‘Verily people worship Allah in three ways: One group worships Him in desire of His reward, and it is the worship of covetous ones, and it is greed; and others Worship Him in dread of the Fire, and it is the worship of slaves, and it is fear; but I worship Him in His love - Mighty and Great is He and this is the worship of noble ones. (It is) because Allah has said: and they shall be secure from terror on that days (27: 89); and He has said, Say: ‘If You love Allah, then follow me, Allah will love you. . .’ (3:31). Therefore, whosoever is loved by Allah, he shall be among the secure ones; and it is a hidden position, cannot touch it save the purified ones.” (al-Ilal, al-Majalis and al-Khisal)
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    oh dear!!! thats baaad, you should try using the search on your computer? even if you just search up words contained in the document (incase you forgot the title) and it will come up. try repeating this dua 'Allahuma adhkirnee ma ansanee al shaytan dhikra" "oh Allah please allow me to remember what the shaytan has made me forget" Hope you find it soon, inshallah i will make dua for you now :)
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    I thoroughly enjoy these conversations!!!
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    A Very Cute Story

    So cute and innocent.
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    Men And Girls Weight

    Isn't that refreshing
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    Men And Girls Weight

    http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/52056-wasting-food/?p=664870 (bismillah) Imam Ja'far Sadiq (as): “As for the three pieces of advice on self-discipline – firstly do not eat that which you have no appetite for, for this brings about idiocy and stupidity. Secondly do not eat unless you are hungry. And thirdly when you do eat, eat only that which is lawful (Halal) and begin in the Name of Allah, and remind yourself of the tradition of the Prophet : ‘There is no vessel that man fills worse than his own stomach’. So if you must fill it, then allow one third of it for food, another third for drink, and keep the last third for air."
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    Your Own Captured Photos

    Alhamdulillah, finished my painting yesterday. Here's how it was made: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. done!!
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    Wife Wanted!

    SC has been nothing but a match making and match destroying soap opera site since its inception.
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    Introduce yourself here.

    (wasalam) Greetings and welcome, :) Siberia means coooold, killing one.
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    If he is persistent, you don't have to worry about breaking his heart. People who don't care about their own self respect, they don't care about respecting other people. It's better to stay away from such people. I recently heard about a girl who committed suicide in examination room because some guy was stalking her. I hate it when stalkers and players misuse the word "love". If I ever loved someone, I would never think about making his life miserable or throwing acid on his face just because he rejected me (it's different with husband because husband is a guy who rejects you with his actions but claims to love you).
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    Man And Universe By Mutahari

    This book by far, is one of my favorite books ever. I recommend everyone to at least take a look at it and see what it contains. It has EVERYTHING you can think of, literally. Not all the contents are named within the sections in the online version, so you would have to check out the chapter to see its contents. If you have any comments or reviews, please post so we all can read. Here is the full book: http://www.al-islam.org/universe/ WaSalaam
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