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    Abu Hadi

    Stop Idolizing Bashar Assad

    As muslims, we follow the example or Rasoulallah(p.b.u.h). He made political alliances with Arab tribes who were non-muslim and also Christian groups. Some of these alliances were for trading purposes, some political, some were simply non aggression treaties. As long as the tribe was not engaged in open hostilities against the muslims and were not plotting with those who were attacking the muslims, he made treaties. The criteria for these alliances was not based on what these tribes had done in the past, as many had obviously committed many crimes. The criteria was what they were doing at present. Also, these alliances helped the muslims when they were under all different forms of attack from the kufar in Mecca. When you are being attacked from all sides, by powerful enemies, as is the case in Syria and Lebanon now, you will do things to mitigate the effects of these attacks. There is nothing wrong, Islamically, with this as long as the conditions of the treaty are based on Islam and the other party doesn't violate the treaty.
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    Abu Tufayl

    Questions From A Sunni To Shi'a

    (bismillah) Modest Muslim and PureTruth - this is not a topic to discuss tabarra' in such a manner. Please respond to the Brother who started this topic upon Imami Orthodox opinions and views. If the topic is further filled with things that will stray the topic from its purpose, there will be consequences. (wasalam) Inshaa’Allah we’ll try. No, we do not. Although some people in the history of Islam did think the Ahl al-Bayt [as] to be lord نعوذ بالله – however these people, known as the Ghulaat [exaggerators; singular: ghali] were cursed and maligned by the A’immah and their followers. Here’s an example of a narration where 1 narrator was previously a ghali then changed his belief based on what Imam Jafar al-Sadiq [as] said to him: روى عن محمد بن أحمد، عن محمد بن الحسين، عن الحسين بن علي الصيرفي، عن صالح بن سهل، قال: كنت أقول في أبي عبد الله (عليه السلام) بالربوبية، فدخلت عليه، فلما نظر إلي قال: يا صالح إنا والله عبيد مخلوقون، لنا رب نعبده، وإن لم نعبده عذبنا Muhammad b. Ahmad narrated from Muhammad b. al-Husayn from al-Husayn b. Ali al-Sayrafi from Salih b. Sahl. He said: I had believed in the lordship of Abi Abdillah (Jafar al-Sadiq) [as] so I entered upon him and so when he looked towards me he said: O Salih! Verily we – by Allah! – are created worshippers. We have a lord that we worship and were we to not worship him, he would punish us. First, he is not hiding in a cave for thousands of years. He, if veracity is give to that story, would only have disappeared in that cave. There are many many narrations that reference to 12 Imams/Khulafaa/Ameer from virtually every sect of Islam (Sunni, Zaydi, Imami, Ismaili, etc). Once one believes in the Imamah and the wilayah of Ameer al-Mumineen [as] and the succeeding Imams [as], then simply referring to their words will show you that the 12th Imam [as] had such characteristics. No, absolutely not. Nabi Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa] is the best of creation, period. The debate after that is if the rest of the Ahl al-Bayt [as] are ranked higher than the other Prophets [as] preceding him [sawa]. Are they better than all or just other than the Ulul Azam. It is not a central tenet. However the majority today believe they are higher ranked that the previous Prophets [as]. Allahu a`lam. No, this is the misinformation of fitna mongers. We don’t curse “the sahahba.” Many of the Sahaba are highly praised and loved. The only people cursed are those who showed enmity towards the Prophet [sawa] and the rest of the Ahl al-Bayt [as]. We do not hate for small errors and such. However, stealing the right of Imam Ali [as], attacking Sayyida Zahra [as], instituting bid`ah, etc. are not minor things. The Imams [as] have cursed such people and told their followers to do so, too. They are not considered “companions” to us, they are considered hypocrites. Well, first, we do not call `Aisha that. If some do, there’s no proof for it. We do not like Aisha for her enmity against Imam Ali [as] and causing fitna by starting the war of Jamal – she knew what she was doing and who she was going against; and we do not affirm her repentance. She also is condemned by the A’immah [as]. Although we do not, at least the orthodoxy of the Imamia, accuse her of zina or its like, our tafaseer of the Qur’an for that verse state it was not Aisha accused of zina, rather it was Maaria al-Qibtiyya that was accused of zina by Aisha. Thereby insinuating Ibrahim was not son of Rasulullah [sawa]. It’s a cultural mourning ritual used for religious expression. It is not part of the religion. For that matter many people and ulema oppose it for various reasons. There is no requirement in it at all, some say it is haram. We don’t have a different Qur’an – more lies and misinformation. Because it is a marriage contract instituted by Allah’s Prophet [sawa]. All Muslims agree that he [sawa] allowed it and even encouraged it several times during his [sawa] life. The only difference if he had forbade it before his death. So, if one thinks that the Prophet [sawa] would allow prostitution… Better yet, Islam allows one to have sex with their slave women. The morality card can’t really be played here, either. The practice of Mut`ah has a certain akhlaq for it. If people misuse it, that is not a problem with the law, rather the people. Khums is firmly established as one of the obligations of the Muslims to their Imam [as] – it is in the Qur’an specifying war boot and there are numerous ahadeeth on the issue. During the ghayba of the Imam [as] his share is given to the Ulema who are collectively his representative in the affairs of the believers. The Ulema then distribute this khums to the poor Sayyids, orphans, widows, etc. Some of it kept to keep up the religious structures and schooling system. If the person handling khums is not just (ghayr `adil) and misuses that trust from Allah and His Wali,, then he will have some answering to do on the day of judgment. There are problems, yes, with the Khums system as it is (because there are corrupt people). However, that does not mean the obligation of Khums is invalid. I hope it was to your benefit. All good is from Allah, all mistakes are from me. May He pardon us, ameen. (wasalam)
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    Abdul Qaim

    Hizbullah 'shoot' Protesters

    Look forward to seeing your posts in support of the protesters in the Bahrain sub-forum ...
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    The Green Knight

    Stop Idolizing Bashar Assad

    Have fun supporting your Wahabi and kafir idols.
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    wats with the Pakistani/khoja/indian shias and their infatuation with being a sayed? is this some Islamic version of their forefathers "cast" system? I have never sensed this "being sayed" infatuation in the other groups....
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    Stop Idolizing Bashar Assad

    Brother Peace Seeker I can see you respect the stance of Sayyid Hassan (ha), so you should try to contact some educated Leb brothers and sisters with direct links to the Resistance, to find out the real stance. No doubt Sayyid Hassan (ha) appreciates and respects the assistance given by Bashar, but I highly doubt he considers Bashar a man of religion. And if your looking for proof that Bashar and co are not Shia, then you should listen to the speech of Ayatolllah Khameini (ha) a few months ago at one of the international summits, he specifically states that Syrian Gov are not Shia.
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    Russian President Vladimir Putin wants no organ-eating rebels at peace talks Read more: http://www.news.com.au/world-news/russian-president-vladimir-putin-wants-no-organ-eating-rebels-at-peace-talks/story-fndir2ev-1226657397986#ixzz2VjrjkAyM hehe Who will represent them then? Mccain?
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    You speak about personal emotional pride of others, yet you can't even guarantee that you can't just walk away from this thread without posting or carrying on arguing - yet anyone else who does so is fallen prey to Satan's whispers or egotistical. You do realise so far most of this 14 page thread has just been you making sure you get the last post/reply to every and anyone here who disagrees with you? Chances are you will be too tempted to respond to this post as well.
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    Sorry lol :/ I read the 11th supplication of dua jawshan al-Kabir and I feel so much better every time. Subhanallah it's quite beautiful
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    Why are you conveniently taking such a narrow interpretation? Other than the issue of their foreign policies or allies - they were both secular Ba'athists, both have been accused of nepotism, and ruling as minorities and favouring those minorities in key government positions against a majority population, both have had highly established and ruthless networks of mukhabarat/ secret police working for them (and not for the people) - the knock on the door at 1o'clock and disappearances of political activists was not unheard of under both. And yes as we have seen, both have photo opps of them praying. I also do not see why you are getting so obtuse about Assad praying (incorrectly according to Islam mind you with his hands folded - unless of course he is doing taqiyaa on that too - despite his open support for Hezb and Iran, which would render taqiya pointless). You are just conveniently falling back on this PC about saying how we can't judge his intentions/heart, so he could be a holy warrior-president fighting on behalf of AhlulBait (just as Putin might be). Yet when Saddam (and I am giving an example here) said the shahadah before he got hung - he remains a US stooge till death (did you know if he repented, etc?) - yet you don't address the same annoying particulars when it comes to his judgements. The bottom line is, the people on this forum who are critical are not supportive of the takfiris (apart from the obvious few who do), and do not want them to succeed for obvious reasons. They are not being PC either as some incorrectly suggest. Rather, whilst acknowledging he is a safer bet and a worse evil, he isn't to be seen for someone he is not, nor attributes attached to him that are clearly because he happens to be a key ally. Likewise, we keep hearing that most Shias on here do not like Assad either, and are forced to support him, or that he is the worse evil, etc. Yet as with the few on this forum who sincerely support the takfiris - you have the few on here who sincerely love and believe in this Assad guy - beyond the fact that he is a secular alawi (not mainstream 12er) and of a secular, nationalist-socialist political party which could not be more of a world away to WF. Please drop the 'we cannot judge him' argument too, no one is acting as the final Judge - but you need to draw a line somewhere, otherwise you end up being selective, picking and choosing when you want to apply this line of reasoning, which you have clearly done so already.
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    guest 34193

    Stop Idolizing Bashar Assad

    And if that doesn't happen? What if after a messy downfall, and some years of reconstruction and reconciliation, Syria comes out as a fairly normal, multi-party state, still largely secular though probably with some religious parties. An imperfect state for sure, with much of the same inefficiencies, scandals, squabbles and so on other nations, but still, largely normal. Other countries that went through similar civil wars in the past have also managed to pick up the pieces afterwards. And then if that happened, what would you say? How would you excuse your support for an anti-Islamic taghut that has the blood of thousands on his hands then?
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    Stop Idolizing Bashar Assad

    So when are you chumps holding your next Assad worshipping camp? Let me know the time and place, I would love to be there, if you don't have a ginormous poster of the oppressor, might as well hold up your worn out toothbrush because it looks he same. "Oh we don't idolize Assad" "We just hang his posters, boast about our dying love for him, Assad the GREAT! Assad the LION! Assad the baby kill**" Oh wait shhhhhh, not that, hes killing takfiris so shhhhhhhhhh, hes great! Bunch of hypocritical personality worshippers. How can any sane person oppose the unjust dictatorship in Bahrain and then the next day idolize a dictator is beyond me. You lot are an embarrassment to shias in general who never would support a tyrant. Thankfully, even most members here who are okay with his tactics in the current war wouldn't go as far as to consider him great, a lion or declare their love for a tyrant who has been living large on the back of oppressing his people for decades, sure takes a lot of courage to order your armies to bomb this place or that. More like a definition of a moral coward. There is always going to be sectarian violence, just like there is always going to be rape and racism, it doesn't mean we cant minimize it or we should foolishly fuel it. Sectarian violence is sharply on the rise in the middle-east, there have been periods of relative calm in the past, even Pakistan has gone through periods of relatively low sectarian violence. Things were relatively better under Musharraf for example. These same blabber mouths boasting of their love for Assad also call for a shia militia in Pakistan for example, its the dumbest thing ive ever heard, more violence is their answer for everything, shias are a minority in Pakistan who would get slaughtered at a much higher rate were they to form a militia in the region. Just because Assad is stomping on a bunch of Takfiris, they don't see him for what he really is, a damn dictator who would have zero interest in protecting shia interests where they not seemingly to conform to his primary concern of protecting his empire. The worst part of it all is that no one is a winner here, Assad's empire will eventually fall, and even more shias will be slaughtered (most shias do not support his policies, but these Assad worshippers with his posters sure would make it seem so), whether that's a year from today or 15, all this could have been mostly avoided through sensible leadership and timely reforms, not typically a forte of authoritarian governments.
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    Assalamualaykum Warrahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu I am a Sunni, Shafii - as a shafii we were taught the History of Islam regarding Imam Ali AS, Imam Hasan AS, Imam Hussain AS through our classic books - yes we say Alaihi Salaam to ahlul bayt - and the base is from our salawat: Allahuma Sali Ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa Ala Aali Sayyidina Muhammad - which we do in every salaat - there fore for Aali (family/kin) of Muhammad we say Alaihi/Alaiha salaam. And for righteous sahaba we say radiallahu anhu. We know about Siffin, The poison of Imam Hasan AS and Karbala etc. Probably our difference with Shia are our view on the Khulafa Arrashidin (6 - Abubakar RA, Umar RA, Uthman RA, Imam Ali AS, Imam Hasan AS, and Umar ibn Abdul Aziz RA(who stopped the practice of cursing Imam Ali AS) I was just banned from sunniforum.com because I said la'natullah alaa Muawiyyah, Yazid, Marwan and Hajjaj bin Yusuf and all Nawasib (Haters of Ahlul Bayt) except Umar ibn Abdul Aziz RA - which none of them are considered as sahaba and I include a link from Dr. Adnan Ibrahim or and Ibn Taimiyyah is also a nasibi what the heck ..... sunniforum is dominated by nasibi (wahaby/salafi) too .... So I said now la'natullah alfu marah alaa Muawiyyah, Yazid, Marwan and Hajjaj bin Yusuf and all Nawasib.
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    Abu Hadi

    Stop Idolizing Bashar Assad

    Wa Alekum Salam, War is not like baking cookies. I'm sure mistakes have been made in targeting, intel, etc. and innocent people have been killed by the SAA. I have no doubt about that. Even within the ranks of the SAA I'm sure there are 'dirty' individuals who might kill, take bribes, rape women, etc. But as far as SAA deliberately targeting civilians, as a policy, or encouraging killing, rape, torture amoung the ranks in order to intimidate civilians, I haven't seen evidence of that, except accounts from Zionist and Takfiri operatives in the media with no corroborating evidence from source that I consider reliable. War is inherently messy and actually there is very little accurate information that is getting out of Syria at this point. I work with a non profit charity that does disaster and medical relief in war effected countries but even we can't get much into Syria these days in terms of aid due to the extremely chaotic and dangerous situation there. Until I have direct, credible evidence of Assad deliberately targeting civilians, as a policy, I would continue to prefer his government over the alternative Takfiri hoards who are very well known for their crimes against civilians from Pakistan to Iraq to Lebanon and Syria. Again, it doesn't matter much what I think in terms of the situation on the ground in Syria. It depends on who the Syrian people support and whoever they support will eventually win.
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    Unbelievable. "Better the devil you know" is a very well known idiom, why are you taking it literally and being offended? This Assad fetish is going beyond absurd now.
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    Hizbullah 'shoot' Protesters

    I pray this was somehow a joke you giving Muawiyah this title ??!! If you were serious, I'm surprised your fingers didn't seize up before you were finished. Certain individuals also called Muawiyah this during the time of Ali ibn Abu Talib (as) which would have meant Ali (as) wasn't deserving of this title, which historical facts would strongly contest. With all do respect brother, research Islamic history carefully and you will see how undeserving Muawiyah was of having this title. I apologize to the SC community from deviating from the topic, but I felt the need to address this issue. I will refer to a letter written to Muawiyah from Amir al Momineen Ali ibn Abu Talib (as)... You have ruined a large group of people whom you have deceived by your misguidance and have flung them into the currents of your sea where darkness covers them and misgivings toss them about. As a result, they have strayed from the right path and turned on their backs. They turned their backs and pushed forward except those wise ones who came back, leaving you behind, having come to understand you very well. They ran towards Allah away from assisting you when you put them to troubles and caused them to deviate from the middle path. Therefore, O Mu`awiyah, fear Allah about yourself and take your rein away from Satan since this world is shortly to be cut off from you and the next world is near you, and that is the end of the matter. Yusuf Ali
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    Hizbullah 'shoot' Protesters

    Sorry...are there any subjects he does know about?
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    peace seeker

    Hizbullah 'shoot' Protesters

    another misleading title !! la hawla walaqowata ila bilah
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    peace seeker

    Stop Idolizing Bashar Assad

    don't worry i'm probably more relaxed than anybody here but on the inside i'm burning LABYK YA HUSSAIN and Allah curse anybody who wants to take that away from me and destroy them
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    Hizbullah 'shoot' Protesters

    This doesn't mean that it was Hezbollah who shot him. I guess that's what you expect from someone who gets their news from CNN.
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    The following site tells you all the halal markets, halal restaurants and mosques around the world. It will also tell you the closest ones to your house. It has reviews too. Enjoy http://i.zabihah.com/s.php?msg=&r=20&g=1&l=38.86134,-77.3528214 www.zabihah.com
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    Your Help Please! Adivce On Bdays

    haha its 'sis'. Anyway Good luck Inshallah you do well - recite a dua before starting :)
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    (salam) Eat almonds. ;)
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    Abdul Qaim

    Shi'a Beheaded By Belgian Takfiri

    Would it be possible for you to quit your racist rants? I'm not sure whether you were rejected by a white girl, fired by a white boss, or you simply don't like the way white people look, but your prejudiced, xenophobic tirades are growing tiresome.
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    I fail to see why it is shirk to ask the Masters of the Muslims (The Holy Prophet (saaw) and His Pure Household (as)) to pray for the forgiveness of our sins and to pray for our success. Hmmm but it makes sense to some when Salafists beg the Israelis and the Arab hypocrite Kings for help.
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    Imam Ali's Words On Aisha

    Yassier habibi well put that video in the ignore list for sure. Am not insulting her anymore, just for you ameri al mumeeni.
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    (salam) Just like the Shirazi's have their own family , or the qazwini's with their own family tree or any other family that passes from generation to generation.. then it's the same for the Sayed's . I don't think there is anything wrong with it. However I disagree with the pride that is inside the group
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    i understand your point and you are right from your perspective. what i meant is that there hasn't been a military victory and revenge for Karbala for instance, and the other countless crimes against the ahl bayt, that's all so for the oppressors and hypocrites it's hard to imagine that they could even be defeated, or that there will ever be a turn-around, such as revenge for Imam Hussain, and Imam Hassan, Imam Ali, etc Victory of Allah is something they can't imagine ya Fatima al Zahra
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    Fi sabil Allah

    Stop Idolizing Bashar Assad

    Asalaamu alaikum, It appears my views are more Shi'a than I thought they were. Bashar al-Assad is a dictator. An al-Qaeda and Zionist backed regime is going to be worse. Wa alakium asalaam
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    A true Sunni

    No Sunni Mosques In Tehran ?

    He seems to have dissapeared. Lets see if he can come up with a legitimate clip from the people he quoted
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    Haydar Husayn


    The age of accountability isn't a concept that can be clearly proven from the Bible. It is more of a philosophical concept that was developed in order to avoid condemning infants to Hell (since they can't profess faith in Jesus), and then people went through the Bible looking for things that could be used to justify it. The main 'proof text' that is used is the one you mention, David's son's death, however this seems to be a case of extrapolating far too much from one example. Just because God chose to save David's son, perhaps as a favour to his servant or as a consequence of his prayer and fasting, it doesn't necessarily imply that all infants are saved.
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    Imam Reza A.s Explains The Sahabah

    I think you mean pure truth not PureEthics.
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    Yeah, I believe the pro-Assad camp is showing extreme emotion and sentimentality in taking sides in the conflict. It's fine if one has to support lesser of the two evils as the opening poster said, but to go ahead and declare Assad's war aided by Nasrallah as some sort of moral jihad is stretching it too much for it to be taken seriously.
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    Tell him you're a feminist.
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    Stop Idolizing Bashar Assad

    Now theres division between the shia kumlat, the shyadeen must be laughing soo loud... Why dont we just pray that syrai well settle down soon and all the mahjeren come back and live in peace. And no one can be compare to that rat saddam he couldnt even fight instead he hide in a whole, under the ground thats where rats like him belong, Allah eli3an wa eil3ain maean haba. Still saddams daughter had the nerves to come out and say her dad was a assad... And people here are getting annoyed at people saying assad is a lion, at least he aint no muppet, even gradfia wasnt as low as this hasharr saddam.
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    Stop Idolizing Bashar Assad

    Guys, Check the ideology of a Baathist....its is completely against the teachings of Islam. I remember reading somewhere that Sayyid Muhammad Baqir Sadr Shaheed (r.a..) had stated that if he were to find out his 'finger' was a Baathist, he would cut it off!! I dont think the brothers and sisters here truly consider Bashar and his party as some sort of Islamic Role Models. I think its more to annoy the Salafists.
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    Icc Champions Trophy 2013

    LOOOOOOL at Shoaibs comments man hes a joker.
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    A good read http://www.atimes.co...-01-060613.html The "Friends of Syria" are appalled. Their much vaunted "rebel held" stronghold of Qusayr is gone. This BBC headline sums it all up: "Syria conflict: US condemns siege of Qusayr." For White House spokesman Jay Carney, "pro-government forces", to win, needed help from by their "partners in tyranny" - Hezbollah and Iran. Right: so the "rebels" weaponized by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the CIA, not to mention jihadis of the Jabhat al-Nusra kind, are partners in what, "freedom and democracy"? Spin out, facts in. This is a monster strategic defeat for the NATO-Gulf Cooperation Council-Israel axis. [1] The supply lines from Lebanon to Homs of the Not Exactly Free Syrian Army (FSA) gangs and the odd jihadi are gone. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) will next move to Homs and the whole Homs governorate. The final stop will be two or three Aleppo suburbs still controlled by the FSA. There's absolutely no way Qusayr can be spun in the West as yet another "tactical withdrawal" by the FSA. The rebels insist they "withdrew". Nonsense. It was a rout. This, in a nutshell, is how it happened. Qusayr had been under control of the Homs-based al-Farouk brigade, part of the FSA, for no less than 18 months. Six months ago, the SAA had already cleared the Syrian north-south highway, not far from the city - essential for all Damascus-Aleppo business. Qusayr was strategically crucial as a key weaponizing depot for the FSA; Sunnis in Lebanon were relentlessly shipping them weapons through the Bekaa valley. So the first thing the SAA did was to encircle Qusayr. Then Hezbollah stepped in - as most of Qusayr's population of 30,000 had already left for either Lebanon or Jordan. The final, wily SAA tactic was to allow the Aleppo-based al-Tawhid brigade to sneak into Qusayr to help the al-Farouk. So when these twin top FSA brigades were properly encircled, the SAA pounced. Virtually no civilians were in town, apart from a few farmers nearby. There was no "genocide". And then Paris went chemical When will the NATO-GCC axis ever learn? Hezbollah's Sheikh Nasrallah staked his reputation by going on air and promising a victory. Once again, he delivered. Contrary to Western spin, Hezbollah did not do it by itself; it was a combination of SAA, Hezbollah and Iranian specialists applying superior tactics and displaying crack urban warfare knowledge. It's also easy to forget that a prime wet dream among US Think Tanklanders these past few months was the possibility of pitting Hezbollah against al-Qaeda-linked jihadis inside Syria. They got their wish. Hezbollah fighters though don't need to overextend themselves and venture inside Syria further than Qusayr - which is roughly 10 km from the Lebanese border. Their "mission" is in practice to secure the Syrian side of the Lebanese border. And talk about precious timing; the "fall" of Qusayr totally blew away a monster chemical weapons propaganda orchestrated by Paris. French Minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius is breathlessly spinning that "Bashar's army" used sarin gas against the "rebels". French media is gung-ho for a military intervention. [2] There is a slight problem though. Buried in sensationalist reports in Le Monde or Liberation is the fact that the French scientific analyses - based on two samples, one of them collected by Le Monde reporters - do not specify who used sarin, the government or the "rebels". Even UN experts, in their official report, have admitted as much. So once again - don't mess with Hezbollah. One can imagine the ear-splitting wrath levels in Washington, London, Paris, Tel Aviv, Riyadh and Doha. Their "response" - or revenge - may include setting Lebanon on fire. The usual imperial courtiers, Brookings Institution-style, are already mourning a Middle East prey to an "aggressive Russian-Iranian axis". [3] What about the aggressive NATO-GCC-Israel axis bent on totally destroying Syria to install an Islamist, pro-Western puppet state? The Susan and Samantha show And now, to compound the drama, we have Susan Rice as the new US National Security Adviser and Samantha Power as the new US ambassador at the UN Security Council. It's always helpful to remember that along with Hillary Clinton, these were the Three Graces of "humanitarian intervention" that forcefully pushed for the bombing and destruction of Libya. Whatever replay strategy Susan and Samantha may come up with, Russia and China will veto. Moreover, even the Washington establishment admits all options are noxious. [4] To top it off, Turkey has been plunged into the Taksim/Occupy Gezi/Down with the Dictator maelstrom - and the last thing an embattled Erdogan will be thinking about is to further empower a bunch of "rebel" losers. As for the Geneva II talks - co-sponsored by Washington and Moscow - their next preparation meeting will only happen in three weeks or so. This means that even if Geneva is on - and that's a major "if", considering the "rebels" in disarray are bound to boycott - it will be in early July or even later. Plenty of time for the SAA to keep advancing. But also plenty of time for the NATO-GCC axis to keep denying the "Syrian people" the fateful decision over who should lead them out of this ghastly proxy war.
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    (bismillah) (salam) Brothers. Do no waste your energy and time, but rather instead, let the Imam(as) speak out for himself on this matter. At the end of the day, no personal opinion can outweigh the sayings of Imam Al-Sadiq(as). قال الصادق عليه السلام: ان الشيخين فارقا الدنيا ولم يتبا ولم يتذكرا ما صنعا بامير المومنين فعليهما لعنة الله والملاءكه والناس اجمعين الكافي- الشيخ الكليني -8\246 imam jafar Al-Sadiq(as): "Certainly the Shaykain(Abu Bakr and Umar) left the world without repenting and without remembering what they have done to Amir Al-Mumineen(as), so may the cursing of Allah and the angels and the people be upon them. Al-Kafi-Al-Shaik Al-Kulayni-Volume 8-Page 246- Arabic version "وقال الصادق عليه السلام: "من شك في كفر أعدائنا الظالمين لنا فهو كافر". - الاعتقادات - الشيخ المفيد ص 102، 106: Imam Ja'far Al-Sadiq(as): "Whoever doubts in the kufr (disbelief) of our(as) enemies (and) the oppressors of us(as) then he is a kafir (disbeliever)". Al-I'tiqadat-Al-Sheik Al-Mufeed-Page 102-106-Arabic version (wasalam)
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    Modest Muslim

    Insulting The Companions

    I've given you clear proofs from Qur'an, sunnah and Nahj al Balagha. What more do you need? Look, I'm not asking you to love those who wronged with our Imams. I'm just asking you not to insult them openly. I'm against the attitude of terrorists like Yasser al Habib. We all say, 'Oh God, curse those who wronged with Ahl al Bayt and deprive them of Your blessings'. I'm just against openly insulting the Caliphs like Indian or Pakistani Shia Muslim lecturers do in public. This causes fitnah and is foolishness. If they're going towards hell through one route, will you use another route to go towards hell? Please visit this link now:
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    for all those exam oppressed students like me..........
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    Stop Idolizing Bashar Assad

    No self respecting shia or a human being with a moral conscience would refer to Assad as a lion or pronounce their love for him or have his disgusting picture as someone to admire in their DP. Any soul who is responsible for countless deaths and oppression of innocent human beings under the pretext of fighting of FSA scum is a moral coward, the imams would be the first to condemn him. Assad could have avoided all this mess in the first place if he had implemented meaningful reforms at an opportune time, but what do you expect? Dictators are never good with timing. The unjust policies of his father and his dictatorship over decades made it convenient for outside parties to hijack Syrian uprisings. Almost all revolutions are hijacked and almost all are violent, what is happening in Syria was inevitable, the only indeterminable variable was the amount of senseless violence and bloodshed.
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    Marrying A Lebanese

    If you care about protecting your aqeedah (being shia) and your childrend accepting the Wilayat of Imam ali (as) - then NO, do not enter in to any such marriage. However if you dont care... then do what ever you like.
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    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركته If you have a thousand dollars per night (how much he demands to speak) to blow (plus other fees), try contacting him. Alternatively you can also just read a book, and save yourself/whoever from your community gives him money, the thousand(s) dollars. Though I never really understood the craze behind him, a lot of the times he's given a lecture after reading literally just one source, such as his whole lecture on the massacre of Bani Qurayzah was literally all taken from this article. Just giving an alternate view before you spend all that money on him. Otherwise if you are adamant on inviting him, contact him through the information people gave above. والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركته
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    There is presence of unauthentic narrations. Thats y we dont claim every hadith to be authentic.
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    Today at the mall (Westfield's) I was in the queue at a smoothie stand, and in front of me where this Khaleeji couple, could tell from their accent, although the woman wasn't wearing traditional abaya but normal clothes with a hijab and the guy had a trim beard - they were holding hands, which I think was fine, but then they started kissing eachother on the lips every now and then - like not proper full on tonguey kissing, but still, kind looked off-key and weirded to me.
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