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    In first year university dorms (yes, I was old when I did this... :blush:), this nasty girl who would bully me ( I used to be a pushover) into giving her my chemistry lab write ups (which took me hours and hours to write) had a problem with her skin (rashy and spotty) and she was going someplace where she needed to look good - cant remember where - and she kept whining and going on and then asked me what she could do. Soo... I gave her this long winded, animated explanation about how she needed to exfoliate dead skin cells and increase the circulation to her living skin cells. And she needed to use organic means - not something that came in a bottle with artificial dyes and colours etc., etc... She asked me what I used and I was coy and kind of avoided the question - not wanting “to give away my secret” lol. She kept asking and asking - so finally, I “reluctantly” gave her my “secret”... I had just bought this cute little potted plant that had little red peppers growing on it and I told her that, for skin care, I cut them open and rubbed them “briskly” over my face where I wanted improvement... I told her where she could buy the plant and thinking that was the end of my performance, I went to make a spinach omelette (I cant believe it but I can remember this like it was yesterday!!) When I came back (like 15 minutes later), she was still standing there and begged me for my plant. So I gave it to her (didn't want to give it to her because I liked it - but I did) and she left. It was only like 4 or 5 minutes later when she came running to my room crying, with a bright red face. It wasnt just red, it was swollen and it was literally growing bigger as I watched her dance around screaming in pain. :( I felt sooooo bad. Really bad... and guilty... :unsure: it was even hard for me to breathe as I was so shocked at what it did to her face... I even drove her to the hospital (with no drivers license) in her car because she couldnt see very well as her eyes were swollen. They put some gel on her face and gave her an anti-histamine shot because even her tongue was swollen - I think she was allergic to it. I drove us back and she slept it off and the swelling went down, redness turned to pink - but her skin was stretched and hung like elephant skin on her face for a few days and eventually peeled off in strips like a sun burn. :( I still feel bad, and what is even worse, I was so upset - she was comforting me at the hospital, and telling me it was going to be ok. I still cant believe I did that - I just started with my stupid idea and then couldnt stop. I feel bad re-living it... :cry: Oh - and I also convinced my cousin when we were young that he was dying and made him sign a "bequeathment statement" giving me all his stuff, that we made up on the computer, using probably the entire coloured ink supply in the printer, so that it would be "legal" B)
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    When I was a young child my mum used to tell me to eat all my dinner, because there are starving children in Africa, I told her to send it to them in the post.. :blush: :blush:
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    As a muslim, I still agree with Dawkins. You dont have to read mein kampf to have an opinion on Nazism. You dont need to drink to have an opinion on use of alcohol either. He views Islam from the outside. Most people havent read the bible, but reject christianity as well. Thats just how it works. There are many sources of information from many places. So much so that, a person can learn about religion without having to specifically read any holy book.
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    Ugly Jinn

    Aisha -Sunni Perspective

    Sometimes I really don't understand Shia/Sunni's, it baffles my mind. Obsession of Ayesha from both sides doesn't make sense. Both sides agree she was a fallible, both sides agree Prophet married her and didn't divorce her, both accept her existence is not vital to the fundamentals of Islam. People need to realize these were normal humans living in middle of the desert in towns that had drama just like any other place, just like how every social environment has drama, just like every member on this website has personal drama. I can understand it's very interesting from a historical perspective to see what a wife of a Prophet did, but using her personal/private issues to attack each other's sects makes no sense whatsoever. I just don't understand the obsession of fallibles that lived over a 1000 years ago that aren't part of the fundamentals of a religion yet both sides attack as it is. And to make such detail claims of what occurred over 1000 years ago is nonsensical, even if you were physically living in that town you wouldn't know such details. Many Shias insult/attack/judge her in such a way that those words can't be repeated. And I would wonder if they would have the guts to say it to the Prophet's face if he was alive (And if they did, good luck). Many Sunnis praise her as she's the best woman of mankind - mother of all believers. I'm sorry, she ain't my mother. There is no need to praise fallibles so much. Epic. ^_^ It's refreshing to see unbiased posts.
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    (salam) You are right that it causes more harm. A brother found this out about his sister and instead of confronting her, he beat up the person she was involved with. The families who were on good terms and would have been initially upset but in time accepted a marriage between the two, now have severed ties due to the brothers behavior. Hence what has beating him up achieved? A moment of pleasure at causing another human being pain at the most. And what has it lost? Him sinning, him being responsible for bringing his family's private affairs to the public, his sisters pain and lack of trust in him, his own character determined as a brute, two families who are no longer on speaking terms and two young people who made a bad choice and are no longer allowed to correct it by making the right choice and getting married.
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    Qaradawi: No Shia-Shia Sunni Unity

    It doesn't matter whatever name you give it (e.g. like "naskh"), it's tahreef. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck: http://www.saaid.net/bahoth/4.htm http://shiaweb.org/b...ahrif/pa91.html At least those Shias who believed in it were honest about it and didn't try to hide behind silly nonsensical contradictions.
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    ^ xD & 'shame on you!' & 'aww'.
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    Queen Yoda II

    Should I Marry My Fiancé?

    You know I agree here, people don't really change - dump him and move on :) It might be hard now, but one day you will meet the one, the one you are best suited to :)
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    Do I Have Problem?

    Bro, it happens. Learn to let go of girls and their thoughts and occupy your mind and your body with things you fancy (apart from girls :P ) like books, travel, sports, writing, activism. I myself fought this problem with reading, writing and travel.
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    Thank You br. iDevonian for that response. The point of my response was simply to show that there are many possible meanings for this hadith, in fact, I don't know what it means and it's not really that important to me because hadiths such as these (obscure hadiths) are not central to my faith in Islam. The Quran speaks about '7 earths' and there are many hadith about the '7 earths' and what this means. My father in law, who is an alim, believes, and I agree with him at this point, that the '7 earths' are the earth we live on plus 6 planets in the universe that are like the earth. Systematic is trying to build a case based on obscure hadith and misinterpretation of the Quran to show that the Islam believes in a flat earth and that this hadith 'absolutely must' mean that the Imams(a.s) are talking about a flat earth. That was my point. Some people understood this, and some didn't.
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    Do I Have Problem?

    This thread has the potential to exhaust my eyebrows.
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    Do I Have Problem?

    You being attracted to females is very, very normal bro. At 21 you are finding females attractive, I on the other hand have found 'em attractive since I was freakin' 14. So you can imagine how that went. It's the natural laws of attraction my friend, it's the chemical reactions which goes through our body. Actually be glad that it's happening to you, as people who don't suffer from lusts/desire issues in any part of their lives means that they are having other complications. [Which I and many of us should thank Allah that we are free of them] If you absolutely can't control, then I would advise early marriage, or the Nikkah done initially and the Ruksati after you are settled.
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    (bismillah) (salam) A little while ago I posted a clip of this video, which dealt with the age of Aisha. However, the fuller video actually deals with several issues that have come up on ShiaChat recently, so I thought it would be worth posting. These issues include: Aisha's age when she married the Prophet (pbuh), how to interpret ahadith that seem to contradict empirical evidence such as the Sun prostrating to Allah, how to understand ahadith that we find objectionable on moral grounds such as children of zina being damned to Hell, and other issues. As I'm sure most of you are aware, these topics all have their own active threads right now. I think this is worth watching in order to not only understand certain arguments, but also to see that there is no reason to panic when presented with weird-sounding ahadith. Scholars have been aware of them for centuries, and have discussed them at length. Additionally, although it is a bit of a shame that this is the case, many Muslims find converts (especially White) quite faith-affirming. So perhaps seeing a well-educated Western convert confidently deal with these issues will help some people to be a little less troubled by certain aspects of the religion. For some information on the speaker, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_A.C._Brown I'm aware that this is the second video of his that I've posted today. It wasn't intended, but having just watched this, I felt it might be of use to some people here.
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    Dear Reader.. this is a translated topic and may contain some lingual mistakes.. please help me to change them before its being published ..many thanks Altruism selflessness What is Altruism in language? In Arabic altruism (Al-Ethar:الإيثار) is to prefer something over something else, (e.g. When someone prefer someone else over himself). In English, Altruism or selflessness is the principle or practice of concern for of others. It is a traditional in many cultures and a core aspect of various religious traditions, though the concept of "others" toward whom concern should be directed can vary among cultures and religions. Altruism or selflessness is the opposite of Selfishness. Pure altruism consists of sacrificing something for someone other than the self (e.g. sacrificing time, energy, possessions, or Self-sacrifice) with no expectation of any compensation or benefits, either direct, or indirect (e.g., receiving recognition for the act of giving). In Quran, “They said: By Allah! now has Allah certainly chosen you over us (12; 91).” Some of Imam Ali’s AS traditions Stated the virtues of Altruism: Imam Ali AS said: -‘The peak of virtues is self-sacrifice.’ -‘Altruism is the peak of beneficence’ - ‘Altruism is the best kindness and the highest rank of belief.’ - ‘ Altruism is the extreme limit of beneficence.’ -‘ Altruism is the noblest beneficence.’ -‘Altruism is the noblest generosity.’ - ‘Altruism is a characteristic of the righteous, and the habit of philanthropists.’ -‘Altruism is the best form of worship and the greatest eminence.’ -‘ Altruism is a virtue, and selfishness is a sin.’ The prophet of Allah Muses AS said, “O my God, show me the ranks of Mohammed and his nation!” He said, “O Muses you will not be able to stand it, but I will show you one level among his level. A lofty, and grandiose. For it I preferred him over you and all the creatures…” then He SWT revealed heaven for him, and saw a level which almost was harmed because of its’ lights and nearness to Allah SWT. He AS said, “O my God, for what reason did you give him this virtue!?” He SWT said, “ for a moral which I specialized for him among them, which is altruism –self sacrifice-. O Muses, no one of them comes to me and did it at a time of his life, unless I felt shy to settle with him, and accommodated him in my heaven, wherever he like” (1). Imam Ali AS also said: -‘ The best beneficence is altruism’ - ‘ The best generosity is altruism’ - ‘ Altruism only is sufficient moral’ - ‘Deal fairly with general people, and self-sacrifice with the faithful’ - ‘ The best choice is to use altruism as a moral’ - ‘One of the characteristic of the righteous is to habituate themselves with altruism (2)’ The meaning of Altruism to Imams AS The Commander of Faithful Ali b. Abu Talib AS said, “Virtues would not be completed without chastity and altruism” He AS also said: - ‘ The aim of virtues is altruism’ -‘ When the time of sacrificing against the self, the pure inner of righteous will be revealed’ -‘ By altruism generosity will be deserved’ - ‘Through self-sacrifice do free people become enslaved.’ -‘ by sacrificing your desires you will own freedom of people’ The holy Quran praises the virtues of such persons: The Almighty Allah said in His noble book, “And those who made their abode in the city and in the faith before them love those who have fled to them, and do not find in their hearts a need of what they are given, and prefer [them] before themselves though poverty may afflict them, and whoever is preserved from the niggardliness of his soul, these it is that are the successful ones. (59;9)” The meaning of altruism in narrations Hudhaifah U’dwi, recounts: On the day of Yarmook battle, picking up a container of water, I set out for the battlefield, searching for my cousin, hoping to provide him with a drink in case he happened to be alive. After searching for sometime, I found my cousin who was barely alive. I stooped down beside him and asked him if he needed some water. He nodded. At that very moment, another soldier, who lay near him, heard me and then sighed loudly to indicate that he was very thirsty. My cousin signalled to me to provide water to the soldier first. As I went to attend to the injured soldier, I realized that he was Hishaam Ibn Al-A’as. I asked him whether he needed water. He signalled in the affirmative. Instantaneously, another injured soldier demanded water and Hishaam too refused to drink the water before the other soldier had drunk it. I moved towards the third soldier, but just as I reached him, he breathed his last. Returning to Hishaam, I observed that in this ensuing period, he too had died. I hastened towards my cousin, only to find him dead too (3). Imam Sadiq on describing the perfect among the faithful said, “ they are devoted to their brothers in hardship and ease, they prefer (others) before themselves in bad situations. Allah also Has described them saying , “and prefer [them] before themselves… (4)” He AS also commented when Allah SWT described them said , “ doing good has nothing to do with abundance, that because Allah SWT said in his noble book ’and prefer [them] before themselves…. He whose Allah known him for that, Allah has loved him’” (5) Abu Hurayra narrated, ‘A man came to the Prophet (SAWA) and complained to him of hunger, so the Prophet (SAWA) sent a messenger to the homes of his wives, but they said that they had nothing but water. The Prophet (SAWA) asked, ‘Who can host this man tonight?’ So Ali b. Abu Talib AS said, ‘I will host him, O Messenger of Allah.’ He came to Fatima AS and asked her, ‘What do you have, O daughter of the Prophet?’ She said, ‘We only have food for tonight, but we will give it to our guest.’ He AS said, ‘O Daughter of Muhammad. Take the children to bed and put off the lamp.’ The next morning, Ali AS came to the Prophet (SAWA) and told him the story. No sooner had he left than Allah, the Exalted, revealed the verse: “…but prefer [others] to themselves…” (6)) In Dur Almanthoor (book) stated that ibn Omar said, “ One of the companions of Messenger of Allah has received a head of an ewe as a gift and said, “ My brother so and so, and his children are more need for this than us” then he sent it for them, then it was being sent from a house to another until seven houses were counted. At the end it was returned to the first house then Allah revealed (and prefer [them] before themselves) (7). The Commander of the Faithful Ali b. Abu Talib AS in his address to people after the death of Omar b. Alkhatab, he said , “ tell me for Allah sake! Has this verse (and prefer [them] before themselves) revealed upon anyone other than me?” they said , “ No!” (8) Imam al-Sadiq AS said, ‘Fatima AS had some barley which she made into a sweet paste. When they had finished cooking it and placed it on the table, a poor man came and said, ‘May Allah have mercy upon you.’ So Ali AS stood up and gave him a third of it. Soon afterwards, an orphan came and said, ‘May Allah have mercy upon you.’ Ali AS stood up and gave him a third. Soon afterwards, a prisoner of war came and said, ‘May Allah have mercy upon you.’ So Ali AS gave him the last third, and they did not even taste it. So Allah, the Exalted, sent down the Qur’anic verses honouring them, and they apply to every believer who does the same for the sake of Allah, the Exalted. (9). In a book titled Noor Althaqalain, Aisha narrated, ‘The Prophet (SAWA) had never spent three consecutive days having eaten to his fill until he left this world, although he could have, had he wanted to; but he used to place others before himself. (10)” As soon as Ali AS slept in that bed instead of the holy Prophet (SAWA), the Providence questioned His two dear angels, Gabriel and Michael, "I have created brotherhood between both of you and let the life-span of one of you be longer than that of the other. Which one of you wishes to have the life of the other be longer than his own?" Each held his own life dearer. The Almighty said: "Why can't you be like Ali ibn Abu Talib between whom and Muhammad (SAWA) I have created brotherhood, and he has chosen to sleep in Muhammad's bed, offering to sacrifice his own life for his brother?...” Regarding that incident, the verse "And among men is he who sells himself to seek the pleasure of Allah; and Allah is Affectionate to the servants (Qur'an, 2:207)" was revealed(11). Messenger of Allah (SAWA) said, “He who gives (spend) in unrightfully did extravagance. Also, he who prohibited (spending) unrightfully did parsimony” Hence he specialized extravagance with spending on the unrightfully, while the path of rightfulness is the right(12). Al- Sadiq AS, said to Jamil b. Darraj: “The good ones of you are the generous and the bad ones of you are the miserly. Among the good deeds are to treat the brothers kindly and to fulfill their needs, for these (acts) force the Satan (to turn away from you) and save you from the fires and make you enter Paradise. Jamil, tell your honorable companions about this tradition.” He (Jamil) said: I (i.e. Jamil) said to him: “May I be your ransom, who are my honorable companions?”. He AS, said: “Those who treat the brothers with kindness during poverty and riches.” He (al- Sadiq) said: “Jamil, this (act) is easy for the doer of the favor. Allah, the Great and Almighty, has praised the doer of the little (favor). He (Allah) said: “ And prefer (others) to themselves though poverty may afflict them, and whoever is preserved from the niggardliness of his soul, these it is that are the successful ones.” (13) The virtue of Altruism (self-sacrifice) Abu al-Tufayl narrated, “ Ali AS bought a gown, which he liked, so he gave it away in charity. He said, ‘I heard the Prophet (SAWA) saying, ‘When a man places others before himself, Allah, the Exalted, will place him [before others] in Paradise. (14)” Imam Al-Baqir AS, “There is a heaven of Allah where only three (type of people) enter it:….. and a man preferred his faithful brother on himself for Allah SWT sake.(15)” Commander of the Faithful AS Imam Ali AS, “he who preferred others before himself deserved the title of the virtue(16)” Commander of the Faithful Ali b. Abu Talib AS, “He who preferred others before himself has became an extreme chivalry(17)” He AS also said, “The self-sacrifice doers are among the men of A’raf (The Heights).” Commander of the faithful Imam Ali b. Abu Talib stated in his will to his son Imam Hassan Al-Mujataba AS: “Humble yourselves with good deeds, and lead them to virtues. Accustom yourselves to patience, and be patient on self-sacrificing of what you like, and do not treat people as they treat you(18)” Imam al-Sadiq AS, "A sinful but generous young man is dearer to God than a worshipping but stingy old man." References: 1. Tanbih Alkhwater: V1, p.173 2. Ghorarul alhekam: H09350 3. Almostatref: V1, p.157 4. Bihar Alnwar, by Almajlesi: V67, p.351 5. Alkhesal: p.97 6. Alkafi by Alkulaini: V2,p.206, H6 7. Tafsir Althaqalain: V5, p. 287, H60 8. Aldur Almanthor: V8, p.107 9. Alehtejaj: V1, p.333, H55 10. NoorAlthaqlain:V5, p.470, H20.Also, p. 469, H18 &19 11. Tanbih Alkhwater v1, p. 172&173 12. Tanbih Alkhwater v1, p. 172&173 13. ‘Awaed Alaiam by ALmohaqiq Alnaraqi: p.629 14. Man la Yahdoroho Alfaqeeh by Sheikh Alsadoq:V2, p.61 15.Nor Althaqalain: V5, p.285, H52 16. Alkhisal: P131&136 17. Ghorarul Ahekam:H8845 18. Tuhaf al’oqol:p.224
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    (salam) Since over a month now the administration or state is increasingly ignoring the electricity needs of the nation. There have been huge indiscripansies (sp?) or corruption being done by the caretaker set up and beaurucracy (sp?) in the delayed payments worth billions of rupees to the IPPs (Independent Power Producers -- a petroleum and gas sink forcibly chosen over hydal / coal / solar / wind / tidal power solutions in order to feed uncle Sam and its band of 2500 corrupt crooks in parliaments who own the IPPs). So much so that I myself have to keep my house's biogas powered generator running longer than its designed to in order to keep batteries charged and keep the power flowing. Where I live I get power from the grid for 4 hours out of 24. And am going to supplement power generation by adding solar panels as I don't see things getting better as a result of giving so much extended respite to all the crooks and thugs who are pillaging my country with the excuse of 'democracy' and 'freedom'. Two decades ago, election time meant that all the roads and all the public works are going to be completed, repairs, paint jobs, everything spick and span. But this is such an accursed time that even with the elections close at hand there is not a hint of such a thing. Meaning that they don't really need us to vote any more and I'm not surprised. Personally I've never cast a vote any way nor have had any hope of betterment from these devil worshiping swine. In fact I started building self sustaining systems to have my own power, food, fuel and security because I knew that things would only get worse with the degeneration of thought and characters of the people.
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    Aisha -Sunni Perspective

    Enjoin Good Forbid Evil, I respect her, but I dont say she was a good women, so i separate her from myself. That is the point shias are trying to argue, you cannot mix the good and the bad, within the religion. In islam, personalities are very important, as its a part of the religion, they in some way represent our ideals.
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    More important to remember here, Sayyida Fatima Tahira (as) was the first shaheed of WILAYAT. Imam Ali remained 'spiritual' leader but was removed forcefully and deceitfully from his 'worldly' leadership. Sayyida Zahra (as) fought, argued, and became shaheed for the establishment of 'WORLDLY' leadership of her Imam. Something to think for those who think Shia Islam has nothing to do with monotheistic politics.
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    Burn A Quran Day - Fathernathan

    Bismillah La ill ah illahlah Salaam alikum to all and blessings It is unfortunate that these people exisit and use the pure name of lord Jesus Christ (a.s) to carry out hatred towards other religions and specifically Islam . these people will face hell as my Christ showed no hatred towards any as he was pure in heart , and in no where is it written in the bible that Islam is the enemy . Its also should not offend anyone since these so called Christians come from America . no offence to my christian brothers on this forum . but that is the truth most off them do not even know what Christ is all about . I would ask those who burn any holy book , Ask yourself would our prophets do this ? Did they ask you to do this ... No If do not condone this then you have already broken one of the most sacred commandments , do to others as you would do for yourself. Love all of you , with all my heart. Your christian brother in faith in one God most merciful. N
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    peace seeker

    Neda Soltan's Vultures

    http://www.jpost.com/Israel/Fianc-of-slain-Iranian-protester-Neda-Soltan-meets-Peres here is what your fiancee Nada thinks: shame on them:
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    Ibn al-Hassan

    Am I Really Shia?

    I actually see that as the only reasonable explanation. To me, the Imam is a cosmological necessity by virtue of his ontological status as the 'Proof of God'. His 'Imprint on the Universe', if you will. Reducing the Imam to be nothing more than a socio-political religious leader would make the concept of occultation untenable for me. (wasalam)
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    Its talking about aql - less mushrik women. Not someone who is a Hindi like fizza s.a or an African like qambar a.s.
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    Circumcision Reverts

    Haha then we're cool :P
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    I can't post the worst thing I've done to another person because you would all curse me for the rest of your lives :cry: Only 2 people know: the person I did it to, and. friend I told.
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    Ah, I see, yes I agree.
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    Google Glass

    i wonder how many people will be too busy using this outside to notice a car coming, and then they'll get hit. :rolleyes:
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    Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    I made this low calorie.
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    Dubai, You Did It Again

    Then policemen will wish all criminals to be taken in two seaters are female!
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    Dubai, You Did It Again

    I dont know, but it looks like you might need to know your way around a flux capacitor :blink:
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    History repeats itself. The same argument is going to take place between me and my son if and when he'll cross over to sweet sixteen. "Son, here's your suzuki. Take it, you don't need a damn bike" I never rode one either and don't plan on doing so in the distant future either :D Motorcycle is, either reach your destination in no time, or don't reach it at all :P
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    Johns Hopkins University geneticist Dr. Eran Elhaik, Ph.D. (http://eelhaik.aravindachakravartilab.org/and http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=-gZa-KkAAAAJ) has completely refuted this colonizing Zionist criminal on that particular false claim of his; from a genetic angle. http://gbe.oxfordjournals.org/content/5/1/61.full http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5iJN90t2gN6hxGiFQuBv-gYQE060w?docId=CNG.52483183e4e0f60d963361c17572c848.81 http://www.salem-news.com/articles/december302012/jewish-gene-oa.php (original Haaretz article of December 28, 2012 mirrored for free here)
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    Qaradawi: No Shia-Shia Sunni Unity

    And I believe in this cheap-unity program Shias lose a lot, over Palestine, in Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain and elsewhere... Shias never benefited from Sunnis.. Because Sunnis never had anything to offer... Can someone name a single Sunni country or organization that benefited the Shias in the Sunni world? But, on the other hand Sunnis from Palestine to Afghanistan, from Bosnia to Sudan, they all benefited from Iran, Hizbullah, and other Shias! It is a total waste of time... Sunnis are lost even amongst themselves, we cannot find at least 3 Sunni countries or a few million of them who are united even with each other. They are divided more than any other sect on the planet and never benefit themselves or anybody else... They are source of problems, backward, and very ignorant. We should welcome Qaradhawi on this one... you deal with your own mess.. do whatever you want to do in Palestine, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia and 10s of other countries that you are in a mess.. And we will deal with ours...
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    Most times in a bad way. There's no independence and no freedom with families. Your individuality is lost. Nice to see you here again in your wonderful and still-going-strong thread. Stay here with us :)
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    Traveling on bike is fine as long as people do precautionary measures like helmet and driving with slow speed etc. this is dangerous ghurbat ha bhai yaha.
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    Is it just me, or does he look shockingly similar to this legend?
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    Ummul baneen : the girl in the video is saying: Salam khamenei, why are you late. I was impatiently waiting to see you. And then she invited him to her house etc etc.
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    ـ رسولُ اللهِ‏ِ (صَلَّيَ اللهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ): لا تَختارَنَّ عَلى ذِكرِ اللّه‏ِ شَيئاً فإنّهُ يقولُ: «وَلَذِكْرُ اللّه‏ِ أكْبَرُ». The Prophet (pbuh) said, ‘Never prefer anything above the remembrance of Allah for verily He says, “and the remembrance of Allah is surely greater.”’ [bihar al-Anwar, v. 77, p. 107, no. 1]
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    Aisha -Sunni Perspective

    No, because flying and an elephant is something that is possible, since they are both different entities. You cant be short and tall at the same time, as I said, short is short and tall is tall.
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    Aisha -Sunni Perspective

    ^ and this sums up the definition of what ghuluw is. What is the evidence of being the Prohpet (pbuh)'s self? Are you referring to anta minni hadith? Ya akhi, there is absolutely nothing wrong in Aisha (r.a.) being jealous of khadija (r.a.) or Fatima (r.a.) being jealous of potential marraige of Ali (r.a.) because both of them were getting jealous out of their love for their respective husbands ! I personally take it as a merit of both!. And it's so funny when someone talked about Fatima (ra) disrespectfully everyones up in arms. Sunnis feel the same way about both Fatima and Aisha (ra)
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    Funeral of latest Hezbollah martyr defending the shrine of Sayyida Zaynab
  40. 1 point

    Do I Have Problem?

    Why are you picking on cabbages??? cabbages are beautiful. Here is a beautiful cabbage: Here is another beautiful cabbage: If you'd said 'jerusalem artichoke', i'd be saying 'fair enough Marbs', but cabbages are a wonder to behold!
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    Do I Have Problem?

    salamalaikum, u have a problem and it can be resolved. Involve yourself in activities like exercise, sports, socialising, etc however do not sit idle, don't spend much time on the internet, or with other friends in similar situation. Manup and figure out what you really want at this point of time. the more you will ignore it the more it will trouble you so face it and resolve it.
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    Ibn al-Hussain

    Shiachatters Blogs

    (salam) Post #3 I did on this thread back in 2005 is of course extremely out-dated (wow time flies!). Almost 7 years later, my current blog is hosted on http://www.iqraonline.net - Just Another Muslim Blogger. I've recently been documenting my experience in Qom as a student here. Wassalam
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    Quran Qari Lessons

    (salam) Anyone know any videos on how to learn becoming a qari quran reciter? jazakallah khairan
  44. 1 point

    Sayed Kamal Al-Haidary Is Back!

    (salam) :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: Can't wait to see him again. And with that will come more translated videos Inshallah
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    Quran Recitation

    From my Tajweed book, hope it helps: It is said in the Holy Qur'an ''...And recite the Qur'an in slow, measured rhythmic tones'' (Al- Muzzammil: 4) ''وَ رَتِّلِ القُرأنَ تَرْتيلاً...'' Speed wise, recitation is divided into three types: Tahqiq تَحْقيق: that is reciting the Holy Qur'an with the slowest speed and more concentration. Tadweer تَدْوير: that is reciting the Holy Qur'an with an average speed. This is known by people as Tarteel. Tahdeer تَحْدير: that is reciting the Holy Qur'an with speed. - Tarteel تَرْتيل is reciting the Holy Qur'an with an average speed, pronouncing each letters correctly one by one and applying the rules of Tajweed with understanding and thinking about what is recited.
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    The Green Knight

    This Guy Peeves Me!

    The Quran is fine as is, Imam Ali (as) was asked about the post-Uthman compilation and he said that if you follow it it will lead you to success. Albeit then later Hajjaaj had his way with it. If you disregard the Quran because only Quranists rely upon it then you're a fool, nothing more. Its still way better a source than any and all hadith books, hadith "sciences" (the term cracks me up) and e-scholar opinions. Its only counterpart is the seerah of the Prophets and ma'soomeen and their sayings. So many people recite the Quran, write and wear its verses, use it for their needs. It has purity. And thats not to say that only one or the other or nothing should be followed. A guided man keeps searching through all resources and its his faith that guides him. Nothing should be ignored however some sources are purer and effective than other.
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    Your Ramadan Schedule!

    (bismillah) (salam) I'm a wife and mother, so I never know what will happen. The day goes along and I try to get things done. :) 4 am get up and make Sahar for my husband and me. Children don't get up if we are quiet. 5 am Fajr prayer, du'aas, pray for people on my list . . . 1:25 pm Zohr and Asr prayer, du'aas, prayer list . . . 6:30 pm Cooking 8:40 pm Break fasting with a date and warm tea 8:45 pm My husband prays Maghreb and Esha while I feed the children 9:00 pm My husband comes for Eftar and we are all together 9:30 pm I go pray and read Qur'an while he watches the kids . . . On the Laylatul Qadr nights we go to the Islamic Center. We pray two rakat special prayer, read Qur'an, say Astaghfirullah, ask Allah for help. Make towba repentence, Put Qur'an on our head. Read du'aas and make dhikr with turbat tasbih. Read some more Qur'an. Read some more du'aas. InshaAllah make sadaqa on the nights when we go to the Islamic Center. May Allah SWT bless you and your family. ws
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