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    What's The Funniest Sc Username?

    'Hot hot' LOL
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    Sheikh Yasser's Defence

    Wait, sorry? "tact" and "civility" have no place in Islam? :wacko:
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

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    Salams All, Sorry I've been missing in action for a few years now, came back to post this in hopes that you too can share this and spread the word and help. Watch: http://tvnz.co.nz/close-up/helping-back-home-in-iraq-video-5107502 Link to org: http://www.iraqicare.org/ Thanks, Ws. Ali
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    Sheikh Yasser's Defence

    I've got mixed feelings about Habib. Something no one can deny is that he is knowledgeable and resourceful; he is not the typical angry populist shaykh that people may accuse him of being. He is someone that has clearly read the sources and presents them without painting a sanitized or vehement image of them. There were probably many shaykhs and Shi`as in our history who were just like Habib, and all that which he says is not unheard of our unsubstantiated. But I also disagree with many aspects of his strategy. While he references the sources he uses, I would prefer that he looks into the authenticity of these sources via rijal before presenting them. There are many narrations about the caliphs and the wives, but very little of what he uses actually have a reputable source. And when you're attaching accusations of sodomy or the murder of the Prophet, they are big charges with serious consequences, and they need to be substantiated by assured proof. It would be better to discuss the crimes that all are well-recognized and well-established (and there are many) rather than dig through questionable material. Secondly, while I believe taqiyya is used improperly by the political so-called "pro-unity" Shi`as (the same crowd who will support tawagheet like Assad and Russia against Sunnis and yet claim to love them), and our deen is being sacrificed for our politics, this does not make taqiyya lifted or removed. His honesty is respectable and unlike other speakers, he's not fooling Shi`as into the exoneration of historical personalities. The "taqiyya" of our scholars on these issues has never been like how it is today. But this mentality of being purposefully controversial and letting the fights happen is not Shi`ism at its core - yet it's the most recognizable part of Habib's strategy. He discusses other topics yes, but they will be forever overshadowed by his celebrating of people's death-days, unnecessary mubahalas, and cursing of other Shi`as. Am I the only one tired of discussing Abu Bakr and `Umar? It's a part of this inferiority complex our community has, that we need to constantly prove ourselves to the Sunnis. This can be done in two ways; either legitimizing ourselves in Sunni circles by likening our two sects to each other, or focusing fully on the argumentative destruction of the other sect. Frankly, both tactics are bad for our community. Islam is not a personality cult, it is a full way of life, and while Habib contributes to that, the people tuning in to his program (both for and against him) are looking for Shi`i talking points on historical personalities. That is what he will be remembered for. I don't believe taqiyya is lifted at our time; on the contrary, the narrations say that taqiyya will be more intensely needed before the rise of the Mahdi (aka taqiyya during the ghayba, where no Imams are in danger). By extension, I think Habib is going too far and his actions are probably contributing to the killing of Shi`as around the world - who live by and require that taqiyya. At the same time, that does not mean we should be tricking people into thinking we like `A'isha. Present your arguments against them, but do so in an effective manner, using the best arguments and sources with Islamic akhlaq. Lastly, the words batri and bakri need to be dropped from his vocabulary. Calling fellow Shi`as batris is effectively calling for their takfeer. It's better to criticize someone's arguments and evidences rather than their character. As I've said before, you can't call taqiyya-people batris when the batris hated taqiyya. Although I can't judge his intentions, to me it seems that his acting overly-controversial is a way to gain attention and attract followers - and as a counter-balance to those who are opposite to him.
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    Obviously you do not know the girls I know. For instance, my husband (Iraqi) and I's (American) nikah was very simple. The Imam came over, we had witness's, we both wore our nicest clothes and we married. Afterwards we served tea and sweets to every one. I know several girls of my ethnicity who have had their nikah in a similar fashion. Maybe you are referring to a Christian white girl, as of course a Muslim white girl wouldn't serve wine in her wedding. Even still, not all Christian's drink alcohol (my father is 48 and has never drank a drop of liquor in his life). We have been married for almost 2 years and haven't even had a honeymoon yet! He has too many obligations at work and I understand that. Better for him to be depended on at work then not having a job at all. :)
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    Ibn al-Hassan

    A New Convert

    (bismillah) A New Convert Two neighbors became good friends. One was a Christian, the other, Muslim. They often discussed their religions to see what was more conducive to a civilized way of life, and then they adopted it. The Muslim presented Islam with all its material and spiritual benefits, so the Christian, one day, embraced Islam. A few days later, earlier than dawn, somebody knocked at his door. "Whose there?" asked the new convert, a little apprehensive. "I am your neighbour. It will soon be time for the morning obligatory prayer (Fajr), so wear your clothes, perform ablution and come with me to the mosque. Today, we will offer our prayers with the congregation." The new Muslim consented, and they both reached the mosque. "Fasting is a means of gaining nearness to God," the neighbor said. The convert declared the intention of fasting for the day. Since there was some time left for the call for prayer (Aazaan), they both offered some units of prayer for spiritual satisfaction. Soon it was time, and they offered their Fajr prayer. After reciting all the supererogatory prayers advised by religious leaders, the convert got up to go home. "Where are you going?" "Home," he replied. "Hold on. Its now time to read the Holy Quran." He placed the Quran before him, and they both read till the bright rays of the sun fell on them. The convert rose to go home, but the Muslim stopped him again. This time he stopped him for the Zuhr prayer, as only an hour remained. After the afternoon prayer and all the supererogatory prayers had been read, it was almost time for the evening, Asr, prayer. Having completed that, the man said he was going home to break his fast after sunset. His neighbor advised him to offer the Maghrib prayer. He agreed. After that, he stood up to leave. "Only the I’sha prayer is left. After that you can go home." The neighbor urged. After offering the night prayer, the new convert went home. There was a knock at his door again, at the time of Sehr. "Whose there?" he asked. "Wear your clothes and come, we will offer our prayer in the mosque." "Excuse me. I returned to my religion after staying with you yesterday. Go find somebody useless who has nothing to do but pray. I am a family man, and need to provide for them. I have other duties and responsibilities to fulfill. I cannot just pray to God all day and survive on nothing. Get lost!" Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (‘a) related this incident to his followers and said: "Thus, a pious and God fearing Muslim converted a non-believer to Islam. But, it took the new convert only one day to give it up because of the rigid and extreme measures adopted by the Muslim. Remember, force and rigidity lead to unease, frustration, and discontentment. The Ummayads used force to make people obey them, and received nothing but contempt. Promote religion affectionately, courteously, mildly, with mutual consent. Our methods should make people embrace Islam by choice, and practice it according to the level of their faith and energy - both physical and mental." Source: Anecdotes of the AhlulBayt by Shaheed Mutahhari (wasalam)
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    Sheikh Yasser's Defence

    He is a very rude invidual and so are his followers. He needs to learn akhlaq. He nor his followers have any akhlaq. Is it neccissary to call Syed Musavi a fake scholar and a batri?
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    Did Fadlallah Deviate?

    I cannot bring myself to hate a man like this.
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    Sheikh Yasser's Defence

    Why does it have to be that they have "thrown him under the bus" as you claim? He him self curses many other shia individuals - as well as schoalrs who people take as maraja - and insults them. Generally what goes around comes around. Why should these institutions stick up for him?
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    you're weird im gonna do takfeer on your group.
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    Sheikh Yasser's Defence

    This is a perfect example of how dialogue should be between Shias and sunnis and this is how our Imams preached to spread the message. The Sunni scholar ended up coming to the path of Ahlul Byte. This is for the members who said their are no Intellectual sunni scholars out their. In the end only people of ahklaq will love other peolple of akhlaq. Al-Muraja'at A Shi'i-Sunni dialogue http://www.al-islam.org/murajaat/ If you don't care about sensitivity why do you care about Tact? Isn't that a contradiction ?
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    Did Fadlallah Deviate?

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    guest 34193

    Sheikh Yasser's Defence

    /\ Gosh you can be annoying.. Tact yes. Sensitivity, not really. I'd take the brutally honest man who will just lay out the unvarnished truth to me any day rather than the sugar coater.
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    Sheikh Yasser's Defence

    I do not like him, I don't like the way he speaks about other Shias and he has terrible manners. That itself is enough for me to have no respect for him. It's not even a religious issue I have with him, it's a human issue. He has no people skills.
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    The Happy Peace And Love Thread!

    You're one of those that opens drama threads about leaving eh? If you must it is here http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/forum/17-technical-support-suggestions-and-feedback/
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    Abu Tufayl

    Did Fadlallah Deviate?

    (bismillah) ^^That Shirazi
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    Abu Tufayl

    Did Fadlallah Deviate?

    (bismillah) Let me answer for all groups as best as possible: The Shirazi: Deviant. He's not even really Shi`ah, butri. The Wilayat al-Faqih Zealot: He was a revolutionary and supporter of the Hizb! And he was pro-Unity! But his historical views and ideas conflict with the Rahbar, so don't follow that. The Fadhlallah Muqallid: He was an academic scholar that took proof seriously and was open to questioning many things that are not core to being a Twelver Shi'i, historical incidents don't affect one's aqeeda and this should be a non-issue. The Revert-Sunni-Quasi-Akhbari: He had a good `aeedah views, I may disagree with him on some things, but that was good. His fiqh was too liberal and not what I found in the sources. æÇááå ÃÚáã Ýí ÇãÇä Çááå
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    Where Is The Shia Dawa?

    Today after persian school, I went to the square next to the church in Parramatta, Sydney and saw a bunch of Sunni brothers doing dawa. I stayed there like 2 hours or so to just see how they go. I myself witnessed two people giving their shahada infront of me converting from christianity to Islam. Just before me a chinese man converted. I asked one of the the guys about their success. He said atleast once a day someone converts. There was a student of Zakir Naik there, who was also giving dawa. As we all know Zakir Naik himself has spent his life and wealth towards dawa and converted lots of the non believers. If not to the perfect Islam (shia islam), at least they saved them from shirk. The thing is that all of those converted follow the sunni path. My question is where is our dawa? Why don't we set up programs and groups like that on the street to give dawa? What is a greater dead than saving a humans life? What is a greater dead than calling someone towards Allah? I have never seen or even heard of shias giving direct dawas like them.
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    Hamsa Live Wallpaper

    Hello my muslim brothers, I want to share with you Hamsa live wallpaper which brings good luck. Download link: Hamsa live wallpaper Power to Isalm!
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    (salam) Okay so due to my fathers lack of attention towards the words that I speak, we have a surplus of bananas... Like a lot. I really need a recipe that uses up a lot of bananas because I would hate it if I had to throw away all those bananas. I feel like I'm overusing the word banana... It's such a funny word... Anyways! Get to it, my fellow shiachatters. Thank you.
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    Fabrication: Make up a lie or reiterate a lie, telling yourself it's true. Examples: - Shia pray to China as a Qiblah - Shia believe Allah, Muhammad (pbuh) and Ali (as) are a trinity - Shia believe Ali (as) is God incarnated - Shia believe the Quran is incomplete etc. Misconception: Spew out some ignorant nonsense you have no actual knowledge about. Examples: - Shia only say three prayers a day - Shia don't talk about the Prophet (pbuh), only about Ali (as) - Shia believe Imams will help them directly (when in reality we ask them to put our requests before Allah because they are closest to Him) etc. Projection: Blame Shia for your own attributes or say do something only you and your Sunni sect do. Examples: - Say Shia don't follow the Quran, when Shia are the only ones who follow the Quran 100% and Sunnis ignore the parts that contradict their sect - Say Shia don't follow the Sunnah, when Shia are the only ones who follow the authenticated Sunnah 100% and Sunnis ignore the parts that contradict their sect - Some Sunnis say that Jabreel (as) went to Muhammad (pbuh) by accident and was supposed to go to Umar. Then when a Sunni gets the opportunity he says Shia believe this about Ali (as). - Say Shia are a created sect and that they follow the same Islam as the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), when the opposite is true. etc. Justification Through Blame: Get proven wrong? Ignore that and start saying a bunch of stuff about Shia thinking if you blame them for something else it will make the original point okay for yourself. Example: Guy 1: Sunnis don't follow the Sunnah where it says there will only be 12 Muslims leaders of the Ummah Sunni: MUTAH! YOU WORSHIP IDOLS! YOU BELIEVE GANDHI IS A PROPHET! etc. etc. Thinks if he blames Shia for other things, then that somehow justifies the original point for himself. Bid'ah Arguments: Usually when all else fails they'll start making Bid'ah arguments like how Shia don't love Sahabah or don't worship Aisha as a goddess, like it's an invented pillar of Islam or like it's in the Quran to do so. Example: Guy 1: The Quran says Ali (as) is a Wali in 5:55 "Only Allah is your Wali and His Apostle and those who believe, maintain the prayer and give the zakat while in a state of ruku." It is a fact, both among Sunni and Shia, that only Ali (as) gave the zakat while in a state of Ruku and that this Ayah is referring to him. Furthermore, the Sunnah says "I heard Muhammad say 'The (Islamic) religion will continue until the Hour (day of resurrection), having twelve Caliphs for you, all of them will be from Quraysh.'" in more than 20 Sahih narrations, and it is confirmed that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said the hold on to his Quran and Ahlul Bayt, and that the 'Quran and Sunnah' hadith is mawdu (fabricated). Sunni: Shia don't love Sahabah!
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    al-`Ajal Ya Imaam

    Who Is The Imam's Imam?

    Did the Prophet [pbuh&hf] have a Prophet?
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    “I was living the high life; I had everything a young person could dream of.” Kristiane Backer, a presenter on MTV Europe who interviewed rock stars and enjoyed the red carpet, simply felt that although she had everything, something was still missing. She speculated that perhaps she was missing a romantic partner, but she soon realized that that the inner void she felt would not be filled by any more fame, money, and even relations. “It was a dilemma for me at that time; I was on stage with 70 000 person cheering, and it was as if I were on a cloud. But I felt lonely.” Backer did not acknowledge at that period of her life that what she really needed was being reunited by her God. Backer expressed this dilemma using the exquisitely beautiful lines of Rumi from “The Song of the Reed”: Listen to the song of the reed, How it wails with the pain of separation: "Ever since I was taken from my reed bed My woeful song has caused men and women to weep. I seek out those whose hearts are torn by separation For only they understand the pain of this longing. Whoever is taken away from his homeland Yearns for the day he will return. The reed is a symbol of the soul and the reed bed signifies God, our Creator. We long for Him, and wish to be united with Him, our Source. She felt that despite the fact that she has read so many books, she failed to read herself. In the same breathe, she has reached the sky but failed to reach what is in her heart. This spiritual dimension was never pursued until her identity crisis culminated and become unbearably overwhelming. At that moment, she was first introduced her to Islam; she explains: “not by a long- bearded Imam with a flowing robe, but by a sports star, Imran Khan.” Imran played Kristiane Sufi music and explained that the lyrics were addressed to the Ultimate Beloved; God. Backer learned that Allah is Arabic for God, the Creator of the universe and the Center of our being. She found out that all the Muslims she had met were looking beyond themselves. It was faith that inspired them to spend time, energy, and even money to fulfill their aspirations and higher goals. On her trip to Pakistan, she found that God played an important role in everyone’s lives; and that “He was everywhere: in the beautiful architecture, in the music, and in the hearts of people.” The generosity of Pakistani Muslims was overwhelming, and despite their miserable conditions they were content. Kristiane realized that there was a stark contrast between the world from which she came, and the Pakistani culture. The Pakistani gave her gifts and offered apricots, walnuts, and whatever they had despite their poverty. Right after her trip, Backer attended the MTV music award in L.A. “The whole scene was so fake and superficial, I really missed the warmth and authenticity of the people I met in Pakistan.” On the following years, Backer kept traveling back and forth to Pakistan. In addition to the humanity of the people and the culture, Backer was also captivated intellectually. Imran gave her books on Islam which they later discussed in depth. The doctrine of Islam was more logical to her: People worship one God, they are held responsible for their own actions, and that babies are born pure rather than sinners, and that this life is only a bridge to the Afterlife. She explains: “I missed all this intellectual stimulation, there was so much to discover. Having worked at MTV, where it was a matter of leaving your brain at home and have fun at work.” To her surprise, Backer read about Prophets who were familiar. There were so many commonalities between the three religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. After all, they all came from the same Source. “Islam was only a continuation of Christianity,” Backer believes. Backer continued to ask questions about the purpose of life and our roles as humans and such existential questions were only answered in Islam. She even started viewing the entertainment industry with a critical eye; which brought her to the issue of Islamic dress code of modesty. She felt as if her job facilitated and promoted idolatry in which pop and rock stars were being excessively admired and even revered. She adds: “On the issue of youth; women from the entertainment industry are going under the knife all the time in pursuit for eternal youth. But of course, no surgeon, no technology can prevent the passage of time. Only our soul is everlasting. Thus, it only makes sense to beautify that.” Islam indeed values women for their characters rather than their physical appearance. Western women, in contrast to Muslim women, were under a lot of pressure to comply to the ideals presented in the magazines. After all, God looks into your heart, not at your outer form. He looks at what lies behind the clothes. He looks into your private room, not at your public show. This notion deeply resonated with Backer and made her realize that she would try to be good rather than to look good. She explains: “ What a liberation it is to worship nothing but God, not money, not fame, not fashion.” She believes that Islam has changed her life. And even at times when she felt that there is so much pressure, the Quran encouraged her; it says that God does not burden anybody more than they can bear. Backer pronounced in public that even though she was not yet a convert, she was a Muslim at heart. However, she wanted to “smell the perfume of Islam, and taste its savory fruits.” Thus, she decided to get down at the prayer mat and ultimately converted. Her career immediately ended, but she never minded it. She regarded it as a test from Allah; and she learned that suffering is a purification for the soul, and that those who accept it gladly, win Allah’s gratification. In 2009 Kristiane published her acclaimed biography “From MTV to Mecca” in Germany. The book is currently translated into Dutch, Turkish, Arabic, and English. Kristiane is engaged in interfaith and intercultural dialogue and is a Global Ambassador for the Exploring Islam Foundation.
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    Khalid Bin Walid

    Right, good question. Anyone? Great post, makes sense. ______ Khalid's war stories exceed any other sahabi(including Ali) no doubt he made great achievements as a general. Jihad and conquest is highly praised by Allah. If this man did his conquests sincere to islam and not boasting his ego, I don't see why he deserves lanat. Think about it, conquests made islam greater, every land taken by him, its ppl turning muslims, their children, grandchilderen up to this very day, are ALL thx to him. Do you even know how much hasanat that is worth? Ofc his true intensions are only known to Allah, so don't jump in with blazing guns ridiculing him, he might be better than you....(it's a quote from the Quran!)
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    Kaniz e Zahra

    Sheikh Yasser's Defence

    I am not his fan ,or supporter but was just discussing about Taqqiyah. Obviously abusing, and mocking isn't way of tableegh, but i don't think he or anyone else is responsible of what nawaasib are doing around in the world. They were like that even before him. Anyways you made your point clear. It can have many forms other than hiding Beliefs.
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    If u aren't attractrd then don't marry him. You're gonna live with him for the rest of your life. Don't waste your life like that maybe you haven't met alot men to choose.
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    Sheikh Yasser's Defence

    Unfortunately, the born Shia Muslims do not see the world as how a convert sees it sometimes. I used to be just like everybody else here - let's first make Shiism the fifth madhab. Once they see how nicely we fit in their formula then they would be more open to us and start accepting us and our differences. Like you pointed out, the whole formula is wrong and it doesn't work that way for most of the cases for most of times. The selected fews that converted to Shiism through reading and deep research via our books are very few and extremely rare. And it is not out of the question to think that these few were singled out for guidance because of who they are and not because how convincing we were. But what about the majority of the non-Shias (especially Sunnis) that continue to obstinately cling to their idols? I'm not sure there's a polite or politically correct way to go about it. They may not be ready to hear the truth but why should all of us continue feeding them ignorance? The real tragedy is that people generally don't seek out Islamic knowledge – especially not about other sects. Why should they bother about all that, anyway? They are the majority! Even the Shias themselves don't go out of their way to read Shia academic works or even something as simple as the risala of their marajas. People don't care about complicated matn/chain of narrators or opinions from every Islamic scholars who have lived on earth since the sixth century. They want everything to be simplified. And Yassir Habib has simplified everything into a very simple formula. “If you follow the Sunni oppressors (such as name1, name2, name3..name7) then you are a fool, because these people were horrible evil people and we have all these disgusting filthy things said about them in soo many books.” And do you know why Yassir Habib's message resonate well (in the wrong way) among the Sunnis? Because Sunnism is nothing but a personality cult of the oppressors of ahl al-bayt with a bit of fiqh and other stuffs blend in together.
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    English Lecture/events In London

    (bismillah) (salam) https://www.facebook.com/events/270766516359294/ https://www.facebook.com/events/357593397658168/ https://www.facebook.com/events/164036290387215/ https://www.facebook.com/events/286832244764804/ https://www.facebook.com/events/526917043989073/ https://www.facebook.com/events/330250590403637/ https://www.facebook.com/events/418187928228548/
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    What's The Funniest Sc Username?

    most Indian teens keep this kind of nick, and this brother is no exception, this is few nicks I found of Indians guys... hotguyforu@yahoo.com hotsaif@gmail.com hottypantsforu@gmail.com :lol:
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    Did Ayesha Go Against The Quran

    I Create My Own Ways... What accusations, Yes I am Lost in Something, Yes When I find the Way InshaAllah...Things Will change... I can Speak A lot here, But I choose not to because the time has not come yet too... Honoured By the Queen, NAH...S I will choose to be honoured by the Most Merciful... The Most merciful is LOVE...and MERCY...and Is with them who have this with them and on truth... For me Who went against is PAST... PRESENT is what is Important to me, and the FUTURE... And I am Looking Forward for Peace...I am Not Unlike You People...I am different..When I say Different, It means in All directions You are all slandering me, passing names, I have No probs, Do that, But Do not bring cracks among the Ummah... I am Not MR BIDAH.... My Name Is Ateef...
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    Jews Make A Movie/serial Nuking Pakistan

    That's exactly your post was. It is in vogue to bash Pakistan and they are cashing in on the popular anti-Pakistan sentiment in American society. So be it. Where the heck did you see "Jews" in the article you quoted poking their horns at you?
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    Is what's app good as well? :P My little brother pretended to be Aang the last airbender from Avatar and I was a bad girl from the Fire nation, he did his tricks on me and I threw myself across the room and played injured. Aahh good times.. Though I slightly got concerned about my mental health.
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    Hot hot

    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    This thread is like a Bbm status for some people like above ^
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    Did Fadlallah Deviate?

    May Allah (swt) bless him if he had sincere intentions. If not, then Allah (swt) judge him. In conclusion: His knowledge was 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000X mine so I don't really care. I respect him as a man of knowledge. Same way I even Slightly respect YH, because he too has knowledge. although of course everyone has disagreements. Gawd Guide us all.
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    You're all dreaming.....I stick to my first statement. Jack would have been a drunk, unemployed, coming up with never ending get rich quick schemes, he eventually would have developed a taste for prostitutes that frequent the bars he gambles his life away in on a nightly basis......probably would have died in a knife fight for not being able to pay up....or caught syphilis and would have died when his brain turned to mush causing him to go insane.
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    Chaotic Muslem

    People With Psychological Issues

    criminology ? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criminology
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    sorry to hear that, hope you feel better soon
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    Chaotic Muslem

    How To Be Far Of Doing Sins?

    Imam Ali (as) said, 'Verily among the qualities that greatly develop one’s faith is abstention from worldly pleasures. he Prophet (SAWA) said, ‘Asceticism from worldly pleasures means to cut short one’s hopes of this world, to be grateful for every single bounty, to have piety and to keep away from all that which Allah has prohibited Imam Ali (as) said, 'Asceticism is summed up between two phrases in the Qur’an, where Allah, most High, says, "So that you may not grieve for what has escaped you, nor be exultant at what He has given you.” Therefore, one who neither grieves about past losses nor is overjoyed about the possessions he is granted has perfected his asceticism from both sides The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'Asceticism is not to prohibit oneself that which is allowed. Rather it is to find that which is with Allah more secure than that which is in one's own possession Imam Ali (as) said, 'He who renounces this worldly life, neither concerning himself with its baseness nor vying for its glory, Allah rewards him with a gift that is unobtainable through any of His creatures, grants him knowledge without the need for learning, secures wisdom in his heart and makes it flow upon his tongue Imam Zayn al-Abidin (as) said, 'He who renounces the world's vain pleasures finds its afflictions trivial and is not bothered by them as a result. The Prophet (SAWA) said, 'The most abstemious of people is he who renounces the prohibited things. Imam al-Kazim (as) said, 'Verily he who is most persevering in the face of adversity is the most abstemious from among you. ---------------------- there are also hadiths about keeping away from shubuhat will keep you away from sins Also the salat !
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    Shi'ah View of Abu Bakr Introduction Shi'a believe he and Umar conspired to take over power over the Muslim nation after the death of Muhammad – a coup d'état - overthrow against Ali. Shi'a do not view Abu Bakr's being with Muhammad in the cave as a meritorious act. They argue that being there did not constitute a merit in itself, as any merit should be derived from his action and behavior there. Then, they quote Sunni sources: Narrated Abu Bakr: I was with the Prophet in the Cave. When I raised my head, I saw the feet of the people. I said, "O Allah's Apostle! If some of them should look down, they will see us." The Prophet said, "O Abu Bakr, be quiet! (For we are) two and Allah is the Third of us." [sahih al-Bukhari, 5:58:259] Shi'a argue that a behavior that resulted in Muhammad responding "O Abu Bakr, be quiet!" can not be constituted as meritorious, especially when compared to Ali, who voluntarily slept in the bed of Muhammad essentially risking his life. It is Ali's meritorious act that saw the following Qur'anic verse revealed And there is the type of man who gives his life to earn the pleasure of Allah: And Allah is full of kindness to (His) devotees. (Holy Quran, 2:207) However Sunnis claim that these verses were not for Abu Bakr when read in reference to the context. Some Sunnis say that the fact that Abu Bakr was referred to as the "Companion" (Sahib) of Muhammad in the Cave, in the Qur'an, shows his high status. However, Shi'a claim that this word does not represent a high status at all. In the Qur'an, Yusuf (Joseph) talks to two disbelievers in prison who are referred to as his "Companions" for the sole reason that they are in close physical proximity to him, clearly showing that the word "Companion" in the Qur'an does not represent a high status, but just may describe the physical proximity of someone to another person. The word "Sahib" used for Abu Bakr however is used to refer to Muhammad quite a few times, describing him as "The companion who is not possessed". It is interesting to note that Sura At-Tawba states: If you do not aid the Prophet - Allah has already aided him when those who disbelieved had driven him out [of Makkah] as one of two, when they were in the cave and he said to his companion, "Do not grieve; indeed Allah is with us." And Allah sent down his peace upon him and supported him with angels you did not see and made the word of those who disbelieved the lowest, while the word of Allah - that is the highest. And Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise. (Holy Quran, 9:40) The above verse is cited where Prophet Muhammad says to Abu Bakr "Do not grieve; indeed Allah is with us." The last few words are cited to be so as to show high status of Abu BAkr. But even common sense can understand make out that Abu Bakr was afraid and started crying. For which Prophet Muhammad had to say "Do not Grieve". Further more examination of the verse shows that Allah (sawa) send down tranquility upon "HIM" i.e Prophet Muhammad only with Abu Bakr excluded from divine peace. This verse is not an admiration, but rather a narration. It refers to the emigration of the Messenger of God when he had left his house for Medina, he returned to Abu Bakr, he picked him up and they proceeded towards the cave of Thaur. Those who were looking for the Prophet climbed up to the cave. The voices were not far off; they were still approaching the cave. Abu Bakr felt grief. The Prophet (S.A.W.A.) looked at him and said, ﴾”Do not grieve; Allah is indeed with us.” Then Allah sent down His composure upon him.﴿ (Holy Quran: 9:40). Coup d'état / Overthrow of Ali's Position Abu Bakr returned to Medina after the news of Muhammad's death reached him. At that point, Umar stopped threatening people with death if they spread the news of Muhammad's death. While Abu Bakr was in the house where Muhammad's body was kept, accompanied with the rest of Banu Hashim, Umar informed him of the meeting of Saqifah. Shi'a believe that Abu Bakr leaving the house without informing anyone of the meeting, proves that he went there in bad faith. If Muhammad had predicted the four caliphs as Rashidun (Rightly Guided Caliphs), then there was no need for the meeting at Saqifah to decide the first caliph and the later three caliphs. Even though Hasan ibn Ali ruled the Muslims, he has not been included in the Rightly Guided Caliphs, especially being declared as the Chief of the Youth of Paradise along with Husayn ibn Ali by Muhammad. Abu Bakr and Fatimah Shi'a criticize the Sunnis for refusing taking part in the dispute between Muhammad's then living child, Fatimah (the wife of Ali) and Abu Bakr, a dispute that ended with Fatimah becoming angry with Abu Bakr and refusing to talk with him for the rest of her life, six months, according to the most reliable Sunni sources including Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, and her being buried in a secret location, still unknown, instead of with her father. Shia believe that Fatima being angry at Abu Bakr was enough to stop him from taking the caliphate. They quote the hadith narrated Al-Miswar bin Makhrama: Allah's Apostle said, "Fatima is a part of me, and he who makes her angry, makes me angry." [sahih al-Bukhari, 5:57:61] So, the Shi'a reason that if Abu Bakr angered Fatimah, he also angered Muhammad, therefore that did not give him any rights to the caliphate. It is noteworthy that Fatimah openly refused to recognize the first caliph as Ulul-Amr, the one with authority and to be obeyed as per the Qur'an, thus proving that the Muslims chose Abu Bakr after a bitter dispute and turmoil at Saqifah and many refused to obey the hastily installed caliph. Persecution on the Followers of Ali They believe the armies Abu Bakr sent against the Muslims that did not want to give him Zakat was in line with his coup d'état / Overthrow of Ali's Rightly Position. There were many Muslims that refused to give allegiance to Abu Bakr, let alone give him taxes, but they did not deny the need to pay Zakat, nor any other Muslim principle. As soon as Abu Bakr came into power, he sent against them the former champion general of Abu Sufyan ibn Harb, Muhammad's former arch enemy, Khalid ibn al-Walid. It is important to note that Khalid ibn al-Walid's tactical decision making had been the reason for the Muslim's loss in the second Battle of Uhud. However, he soon became a Muslim at the hand of Muhammad, and was sent by him as a commander on various military missions prior to his death. Shi'a refer to several hadith that mention three conditions where a Muslims blood may be shed, and not paying Zakat is not one of them. Khalid ibn al-Walid killed several people, including Malik ibn Nuwayrah. Khalid married the wife of Malik bin Nuwayrah, Layla bint al-Minhal, in the same night he ordered the death of her husband. Shi'a believe that Khalid raped her as he had not waited for the full period of waiting. Thus, Shi'a consider him as a persecutor of Shi'as, employing the former arch-enemies of Islam as his highest generals, and protecting him when they committed murder and rape. The Holy Quran Collection Shi'as strongly refute the idea that Abu Bakr or Umar were instrumental in the collection or preservation of the Qur'an, rather that they refused to accept Ali's compiled Qur'an, while th Shi'ah are confident that only Allah's choosen repsentative after Prophet Muhammad could complete such a task. Abu Bakr's Caliphate Era Shi'a believe that the entire history of Abu Bakr's life was whitewashed by Umayyad propaganda, fabricating hadith where possible and giving black propaganda spins to the parts that were regarded as established history. Even through the Umayyad's endeavours to obscure the truth, it remains evident in the main events that are recognized as authentic by both Shi'a and Sunnis: Fatimah completely broke her relations with Abu Bakr the same week Muhammad died. Rather than being buried with her father at the Al-Masjid al-Nabawi, Fatimah was buried in a still secret location. Ali refused to give allegiance to Abu Bakr. Ali did not support Abu Bakr in the attack of Muslim, who were declared apostates on the sole issue of not paying taxes to a man they did not regard as their caliph. Shi'a conclude that they had no motivation to give taxes to Abu Bakr, since 100,000 heard Muhammad say in the hadith of the pond of Khumm that Ali was every Muslim's mawla. Further, Shi'a conclude that it is evidence that anyone going against the wishes of every Muslim's mawla and Muhammad's daughter can not be on the right path. http://www.qul.org.a...iew-of-abu-bakr Also check this out http://www.abubakr.org/
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    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL haha that just reminded me of the friends episode where they sing that to their baby :mellow: A man without his beard is like a lion without his mane.
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    I was born with a beard.
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    ^ I am a sister I was correcting u
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    what is wrong with calling bangladeshi?I mean I am so proud of my country that u can call me as AN INDIAN BROTHER at any day.
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    Part 4, this documentary keeps getting better and better, too bad I can't watch as much as I'd like because of exams <_<
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    "And why would I not weep for I have no knowledge of my fate and I observe my self deceiving itself, and my days are fading away, and the wings of death have flapped close by, So why wouldn't I cry! I cry for surrendering my life, I cry because of the darkness of my grave, I cry because of the narrowness of my grave, I cry for the questioning of Munkar and Nakeer of me, I cry from my leaving my grave naked, humiliated and carrying my book (of deeds) on my back, I look to the right once and to the left once and I discover that people today have other concern than mine, for every person that day has a concern of his own..." - Dua Abu Hamza Thumali by Imam Sajjad (as)
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