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    I Am Not Shia But...

    Let me give you another perspective.....There is no sunni Islam. There is true Islam as espoused by actual shias (not the modern commoners shiasm). What you and others call Sunni Islam was the state religion as espoused by the ruling elite to justify and prolong their rule. If you read history the masses simply follow the kings religion. Yes the early Kings (the rashidun which till much later did not list) Ali (as) as one of them were the close companions of the Prophet (pbuh). A position they used to usurp the power supported by the elites. Why they did not want Ali (as) as their ruler as was ordered by the Prophet (pbuh) was two fold. firstly he was single handedly responsible for killing their near and dear loved ones in teh battlefield and was instrumental in aiding Mohammad (pbuh) in destroying their pagan beliefs and gods. secondly and most importantly, Mohammad's (pbuh) message was against the established order not just religious but also against their exploitative socio economic order which Ali (as) would have carried on. All the people made tons of money for themselves and their families and through shiekhan's coup the old socio economic order was restored and MOhammad's egalitarianism was destroyed. All the rich got richer, the ummayad's aristocratic position was restored. It is all about the money and power in the end. Go read up how rich everybody died and what they left for their children.
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    What "grinds Your Gears"?

    Pakis with ONLY moustaches.
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    Protester's Near Fadak Tv Station

    It is a slave-like mentality. The funny thing is that you could apply any number of Malcolm X quotes to the behavior of Shias, yet we prefer to apply them to "sexier" and less controversial political topics. Talking about Palestine, et al continuously while only mentioning the plight of Shias in Pakistan in an attempt to make Yasir Habib look bad. Respect yourselves and your beliefs and you will force others to do the same. Be apologetic about them like these protesters and you will look like disingenuous, taqiyah practicing cowards. Our beliefs are not outlandish, we don't have to water them down to seem reasonable.
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    Protester's Near Fadak Tv Station

    Velayat Fakih is much much better than dirty Yankee chicken. Please be respectful in analogies.
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    Tunisian Shouted : Viva La Bashar

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9900YM9eOM Many did boycott her, but I'm afraid your whole Viva Bashar issue, is Pro-Bashar propaganda..because I looked it up its not true. She did cry but that was't the reason. People cheered for her when she sang for Syria and gave her roses and a Syrian revolution flag. Lets try and not be like Al-Jazeera and CNN
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    Baby Names.

    Ive always liked Yousif very much :wub: and also Ali and Isa I used to think i'd call a little girl Amber, but then i kept hearing people call their kids it >.< so now it seems not so unique, but i'd have it as a second name and maybe spelt 'Amba' instead, after the mango pickle :D
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    (salam) (bismillah) Surah Yasin Ayat No. 1 íÓ Ya Seen. Every one knows that Prophet (pbuh) has been called Yasin by Quran. This is one of the name of Prophet (pbuh). Now see what Surah Saf'at Ayat No. 130 says. ÓóáóÇãñ Úóáóìٰ Åöáú íóÇÓöíäó Which means "Salam on Aal-e-Yaseen" (Salam on Aal of Prophet (pbuh). When Quran says (a.s) for Aal of Prophet (pbuh) then why Sunnis object us on saying (a.s) after the names of Imams (a.s)?
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    Salam Alakom, this was written around the time of Imam Hussain (as), Birth the date is in the title :). Today we clap and we celebrate , the birth of our Holy Imam Shout out loud, Hussein! Shout out loud, Hussein! Hussein, Hussein, Hussein, Hussein you sakan ib'Galbi ************************************************************** Hussein you are the one n' only, the only one that's in my heart. Hussein my heart only beats your name, your name is a shining light. You are the Sun that Shine's brightly, your name is written in the night. ************************************************************** O Zahra, today we are in smiles, today we celebrate your son's birth O Zahra, this is a blessed month, we smile for Sajjad, and Abbas Birth Let us all raise our hands & our voices, because your holy household is our life's worth ************************************************************** O’Hussein are my one and only Imam, and all your Shia call out your name O’Hussein you are the air I breath, and your love does not die in vain I hope our love always grows for you, for your celebration today I came ************************************************************** O' Hussien, they call me a Rafidthi, but I'm proud because I love you O' Hussien, you are the path to Heaven, my path only flows towards you Muhammad said O' my Hussien, you are from me, and I am from you ************************************************************** Mountather Al-Karbaleia' Ottawa: 2012/06/19
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    Ayatullah Shaykh Ja’far Shustari (r.a.)

    Ayatullah Shaykh Ja’far Shustari (R.A.) The eminent philosopher and jurist, Marhum Ayatullah Shaykh Ja’far Shustari is the author of the important book of Maqtal: “Khasais al-Husainiyyah”, meaning “The Attributes of Husain’s Movement”. He relates the following incident about his meeting with our 3rd Imam, Imam Husain (A.S.): “When I completed my studies at the Hawza of Najaf and returned to my home in Shustar, I found that there was a need to make the people more aware of the teachings of the Qur’an and Islam in general. As a first step, I decided to start giving public lectures every Friday. When the month of Ramadhan came, I continued with my lecturing. I would take Tafsir-e Safi (of Mulla Muhsin Fayz Kashani) with me and teach from it. I would always end my talk with a few words of masaib of Imam Husain (A.S.) from the book “Rawdhatu’l Shuhada” (“The Garden of the Martyrs”) because, as the popular saying goes, every food requires salt, and the salt of any religious lecture is the remembrance of the tragedy of Kerbala. However, no matter how much I tried, I could not recite the masaib of Imam Husain (A.S.) i.e. the tragedy of Kerbala on the mimbar/pulpit without reading from the book. As a result, it did not have that much effect on the people. In any case, I persisted in this manner for a whole year. The following year, when the month of Muharram arrived, I said to myself, “How long will I have to carry on reciting the masaib from a book? When will I manage to recite from memory?” I knew that I had to find a way out of this undesirable situation, but no matter how much I tried, I could not manage to find a solution. I began to constantly worry about it and one day, exhausted after thinking about the same matter, I fell asleep. That day, I dreamt that I was on the plains of Kerbala, and that too, at the time when Imam Husain (A.S.)’s caravan was there. I entered the camp and greeted that holy and radiant personality. The Imam (A.S.) seated me next to himself and then said to Hazarat Habib bin Mazahir, “Habib! Shaykh Ja’far is our guest, and a guest must always be made welcome. It is true that there is no water in the camp, but there is some flour and oil – so go and prepare some food for our guest.” At the words of Imam (A.S.), Habib bin Mazahir rose up at once and after sometime, returned and placed some food in front of me. I will never forget that there was a spoon in the dish of food as well. I had eaten only a few spoonfuls of that heavenly food when I woke up. I found that because of the blessing of that ziyarat of Imam Husain (A.S.) and his kindness to me, I had been inspired with a special knowledge about the family of the Prophet (SWW), including many facts and subtle details of their lives, which was not known to anybody else before this.” His valuable book, “Khasais al-Husainiyyah”, contains many such details and inferences which is probably from the knowledge he received as a result of his meeting with the Imam Husain (A.S.), and which was not previously known to anyone else. Taken from: “Khasais al-Husainiyyah” p. 8, as quoted in “Karamat wa Hikayate Ashiqane Khuda” - “Miracles and Anecdotes of the Close Servants of Allah”. Translated AJ/141105.
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    {12:41} O my two mates of the prison! as for one of you, he shall give his lord to drink wine; and as for the other, he shall be crucified, so that the birds shall eat from his head, the matter is decreed concerning which you inquired. It wasn't condemned.
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    al-`Ajal Ya Imaam

    I Am Not Shia But...

    Well said, this was supposed to be about unity, it's turned into a mass takfir, and Us vs Them thinking.
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    1/ (Assuming that they oppressed Persians), the fact that they converted to Islam doesnt mean that they should have not opposed the oppression. Nothing can justify oppression, whether the oppressor is a muslim, a zoroastrian, ... . 2/ (Assuming that they didnt oppress Persians), if their hate is due to racism, why dont they hate Imam Ali(a) and the Prophet (s). They were Arab, too. Moreover, if nowadays, Persian civilization is known as one of the ancient civilizations, it doesnt mean that that they used to call themselves "civilized". Racism in Iran is a new phenomenon and the reason is irreligious people who try to promote it among the youth. It was not prevalent in the ancient times. Even most Iranian (shia) scholars used to write their books in Arabic. And, there are sunnie Arab racists too? Yes? A recent example is Saddam. 3/ Can you prove that sunnie Iranians were not racist but shia ones were racist? The overwhelming majority of Iranian Kurds are sunnie and some of them are racist. Why couldnt they revert to their former religion?
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    Sayyid Ali Qadhi Tabatabai (r.a.)

    Sayyid Ali Qadhi Tabatabai (R.A.) Marhum Qadhi was a scholar of the highest calibre in Najaf in the last century. He taught akhlaq, aqaaid and ‘irfan, and was also well versed in falsafah and fiqh. Many great scholars of the previous generation were his students. He had a special status and piety, which enabled him to perform many miraculous acts. Brief Biography Ayatullah Sayyid Mirza Ali Tabatabai, famously known as Qadhi (1285 - 1366 AH) was born in Tabriz in Iran. He completed his basic hawza studies in his hometown, and then at the age of 28, migrated to Najaf to learn from the great masters who taught him in the shadow of the haram of Imam Ali (A.S.). In time, Sayyid Qadhi excelled in fiqh, usul, hadith, tafsir and akhlaq and distinguished himself as one of the most sought-after instructors in Najaf, especially in the fields of akhlaq and ‘irfan. He wrote several books, including a partially completed tafsir of the Qur’an, which is a commentary up to verse 91 of Surah al-An’am. Several of the top ranking ‘ulama and maraje of the last generation were his students, including: Grand Ayatullah Behjat (may Allah prolong his life), Grand Ayatullah Zanjani (may Allah prolong his life), Grand Ayatullah Khui (R.A.), Grand Ayatullah Najafi Mar’ashi (R.A.), Grand Ayatullah Hadi Milani (R.A.), Allamah Tabatabai (R.A.), Shahide Mehrab Ayatullah Dasteghayb (R.A.), Sayyid Hashim Haddad (R.A.) and many others. His Extraordinary Abilities Marhum Qadhi was a man of exceptional abilities - many times his illustrious students would describe their memories of the wondrous acts they witnessed in his blessed presence. The contemporary scholar and student of Ayatullah Khui, Ustad Fatimi Niya, relates the following incident: In the days when Ayatullah Qadhi was in Najaf, Ayatullah Khui came to him and requested, “I would like you to instruct me in some matters.” He (Ayt. Khui) probably meant ‘irfan and Divine gnosis and Spiritual Exercises. Agha Qadhi gave him some special spiritual instructions which Ayatullah Khui faithfully followed. Then one night in the blessed Month of Ramadhan, Ayt. Khui visited his illustrious teacher, Ayt. Qadhi, who showed him (Ayt. Khui) a vision of his future. Suddenly, Ayt. Khui saw a man who resembled himself, appear in front of him; the man slowly began to age until his beard turned white. He saw the man teaching students of hawza at the highest level in the Masjid-e Hindi in Najaf. He saw him beginning to issue edicts (fatawa) and then saw that his treatise of fiqh (risalaye amaliyyah) was printed. After a long time he heard the loudspeakers in the mosque of Kufa announce, “The grand Ayatullah al-Khui has passed away”.[1] When the vision was over, Ayt. Qadhi turned to Ayt. Khui and said, “This was your life, from now till your death. You have a good future; now you may go.” Ayatullah Nasiri Dawlat Abadi [2] relates that his teacher, Marhum Ayatullah Shaykh Abbas Quchani narrated the following incident to him: In Najaf al-Ashraf, we used to have special sittings with Marhum Qadhi. Usually the participants would inform each other about the gatherings and we all used to know one another. In one such gathering, I suddenly saw a young Sayyid enter the room. Marhum Qadhi interrupted his discussion with us and showed great respect to the young Sayyid who had just entered and then said to him, “Agha Sayyid Ruhullah! Do not hesitate to stand firm against the tyrant rulers and unjust governments. You must resist them, you must oppose their ignorance!” This was a time when there was not even a whisper about any revolution in Iran. Marhum Quchani used to say, “We were all very surprised that day at this conversation, but after many years, when the Islamic revolution happened, we understood what Marhum Qadhi had been referring to on that day and why he had shown such great respect to Ayatullah Khumayni.” Ayatullah Khumayni would often remember this great scholar. He once said, “When it came to (understanding) the deep and lofty meanings of tawhid, Qadhi was a mountain.” Source: “Karamaat-e Ma’nawi” - “Spiritual Miracles” p9 &10. Translated AJ/071205. Part 2 A great Scholar and ‘Arif Teacher of Ayt. Khui, Ayt. Behjast, Allamah Tabatabai and many other Ulema Marhum Qadhi was a scholar of the highest calibre in Najaf in the last century. He taught akhlaq, aqaaid and ‘irfan, and was also well versed in falsafah and fiqh. Many great scholars of the previous generation were his students. He had a special status and piety, which enabled him to perform many miraculous acts, some of which his students have described. One of the teachers at the Hawza in Najaf reports: “I had heard much about the wondrous abilities of Marhum Qadhi, but I doubted whether the stories were actually true or not, until one day, when I met him outside the mosque of Kufa. I greeted him and we spoke together for a few moments. When we reached the entrance of the mosque of Kufa, (which was facing the open desert), we sat outside facing the qiblah in the shade of one of the walls of the mosque, for some rest, before we entering the mosque. We began a discussion and Marhum Qadhi related some matters about the secrets and signs of Allah swt, the definition of tawhid, the importance of pondering deeply on this subject and the fact that this is the true and the only purpose of man’s creation. The talk continued until the call for prayers came. As he spoke, I thought to myself, “Truly, we are all confused and totally unaware of the actual reality of our creation. How shameful will it be if our lives end in this manner? What he says is so true, and if we do not take benefit from it, then woe to us!” Suddenly, I saw a large snake came out of its lair and began to slide next to the wall of the mosque, coming towards us. There were many snakes in that region, and people would often see them, but they did not usually attack anyone. However, this snake came right next to us, really frightening me. I noticed that immediately Marhum Qadhi pointed at it (the snake) and said, “mut, bi idhnillah” – i.e. “die, by the permission of Allah!” To my utter surprise, I saw that the snake immediately withered away and died. Then without even pausing for a moment, he concluded his comments and then we stood up to attend the prayers. Marhum Qadhi recited his prayers in the mosque and then retired to a side room where he used to engage in worship. I also performed some a‘mal, and then decided to return to Najaf. Before I left, a thought passed in my mind, “was the snake truly dead or had this man somehow tricked me, as some magicians do?” I decided to go and examine the snake to see if it was actually dead. I went out and saw that it was exactly in the same place, dead & dried up. I pushed it to check - it did not move. I became ashamed of my doubts and returned to the mosque to continue with prayers, but I could not concentrate. Marhum Qadhi remained in his room for some time engrossed in his worship, and then came out and left the mosque. I also came out and we met again. As soon as he saw me, he turned to me and with a smile said, “Well sir, you tested me, you tested me!” Allamah Tabatabai, the author of Tafsir al-Mizan, reports the following, about his teacher: “My brother (Allamah Mohamed Hasan Ilahi) had sent a question to our teacher, Agha Qadhi through one of his students that, “The carpet of Prophet Sulayman (A.S.) on which he sat with his entire court and travelled from the east to the west; was it a physical thing, manufactured from some components, or was it a miracle of Allah that had nothing to do with any physical object?” Marhum Qadhi replied to the student, “I do not know the answer. However, one of the creatures who was alive at the time of Prophet Sulayman (A.S.), and who participated in these journeys, is still alive. I will go and ask him.” Marhum Qadhi set off for an area, which was mountainous. When he reached a particular mountain, a creature who resembled a human being came out, and they began to talk with one another. The student, who had accompanied Marhum Qadhi, could not understand anything of their conversation, but when Marhum Qadhi returned, he said, “He (the creature from the mountain) says that it was from the miracles of Allah swt, (through wind currents which Hazarat Sulayman (A.S.) was allowed to control) and there was no apparent physical apparatus involved at all.” This was Marhum Qadhi, who not only was able perform miracles like Prophets, but was also able to communicate with ancient creatures in their own languages. May Allah swt’s peace and blessings be on him and on all our Ulema, (Ameen). Source: “Karamat wa Hikayate Ashiqane Khuda” - “Miracles and Anecdotes of the Close Servants of Allah”, p40 & “Mehr-e-Tabaan” – “The Radiant Sun”, p373. Translated AJ/301105.
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    (salam) Sunnis propagate very proudly this idea that every religion corrupted after death of its prophet. And companions of the prophets were the one who were unworthy and conspired against religion. If Christianity could have knight templers, companions of prophet Isa conspired against him then why on earth would they believe that Islam was completely safe from this threat and some companions of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) were not like companions of other Prophets(pbut). Is not Quran trying to tell us something when we hear stories about companions of all other Prophets.
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    why on earth would you want a shia doctor? does the sunni one do it different (lol)?
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    Protester's Near Fadak Tv Station

    Slight exaggeration. Try dozens.
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    Perhaps I can jump in here. IMO, the idea of "worship" is extremely personal. It is a subjective experience. The purpose of the OP - when I started it - was not about discussing and comparing "right" versus "wrong" forms of worship. However, since this topic has come up, perhaps I should address it. From a Hindu standpoint, the belief is that people are in different cycles of reincarnation. As a result, their perception of the divine is also likely to be different. This does not mean that the divine itself is different. Regarding avatars, the avatars are NOT different from each other in essence. A worshipper of Rama is not going to claim that a worshipper of Krishna is doing so wrongly. This issue of right worship vs wrong worship is just not something that bothers Hindus much. So, it is not that Vishnu gave rise to a different set of "Gods" to be worshipped in lieu of Vishnu. At this stage, I can perhaps let Krishna talk about this issue himself.
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    Umar & Aflah

    Attacks on Islam using dirty sexual stories are not new to us. You guys slander the sahaba for the same reasons, Jews and other Kuffar slander Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alayhe wasallam. Kuffar slander our Nabi, because these kuffar are losers, they couldn't defeat Muhammad, Muhammad s.a.w came up as a victorious man, so the kuffar are jealous of him. Exactly the same relation is between shias and the sahabah. Sahabah especially Abu Bakr, Umar radiyallahu anhum were victorious, their enemies couldn't defeat them. So the enemies now slander them using dirty stories.
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    khakay batool


    sharik-e-gurdish-e-haft aasman na tha pani hamary piyaas pe kion mehrban na tha pani? luta raha tha bohat moaj moaj khud ko magar zameen pe apni tarhan rAaigan na tha pani wahan ki rait lahoo chatti thee yuon mera! rag-e-foraat may jaisay rawan na tha pani wahan pe aag nay jhulsa diye thay mashkizay jahan qareeb-e-saf-e-tashnagan na tha pani simat simat kay kinaron mein be karan hi raha raheen mahbas-e-sood o ziyan na tha pani Aana nay toar diya jaam-e-elteja Mohsin wagarna piyas ki had say na doar tha pani Mahbas= jail, zindaan, qaid khana
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    ילדת מלך

    Would You Ever Hit A Woman?

    Some threads simply refuse to die--- just keep on resurfacing --- Maybe you heard it in the context of Prophet Job and his wife--when he vowed that he would lash her, ( 100 lashes, if I remembered correctly ) as He (as) thought she had committed some indecent act; but later on it was revealed that it was not so, but still He (as) was bound by the pledge so God advised him to make a light whip of some grass strands to lash her---so as not to harm her physically but still be able to fulfill his vow.
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    *those who wear wool* what one can gather atleast form the name is meaning people who adapt a ascetic lifestyle. however sufi's are very diverse, and have many difference sub sects. and cannot at all be grouped together as being all the exact same.
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    Against oneself

    Free The Slaves!

    brothers please please please lower ur gaze for this video cause the speaker is weaning bad clothes . switch the monitor off like i did if u have to. this is a very important lecture. very shocking and sad.
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    Abu Tufayl

    Ayatullah Burujerdi (r.a)

    (bismillah) Mock it all you want. It takes one guy in the hawza (who isn't very pious to begin with) to make up or exaggerate someone and then everybody knows about and beliefs it cause it's such a popular idea, but the idea just began with a single person. I'll say again that the super natural stories about scholars should be put aside and ignored as they cannot be proven and are hujja for nothing - but end up biasing people towards them subconsciously. The nice ones about their piety and dedication to Islam are fine, but shouldn't be exaggerated. We don't want to turn into Sufis who say their `ulema can read the lawh al-Mahfuth or other such rumors that go around. æÇááå ÃÚáã Ýí ÇãÇä Çááå
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    There might be a nuclear war before he comes back, so we will be back to the stone age anyway.
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    Salam Aleikum! Affluent Shia in that part of the world are under survailance or co-opted by the regimes.
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    Abu Tufayl

    The Two Weighty Things

    (bismillah) You obviously know nothing about the Imami or our `aqeedah. al-Qa'im aka al-Mahdi [as], is the son Imam Hasan al-`Askari [as] and was born roughly 200 yrs AH ( I think 255...) and went into ghaybah or occultation and is to return at the end of times, inshaa'Allah soon. æÇááå ÃÚáã Ýí ÇãÇä Çááå
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    Baby Names.

    Oh lol.. My badd.. Lovely names :) I very muh like the girl names you have chosen :) Lol! Lets hope they wont be yolo'ing things ha Ah yes Meesam is a sweet name I like the boy names :) and how do you pronounce Ulya?.. Sorry but i am saying it and it reminds me of the way you sick in urdu lol Aww you have a lovely choice :) The feeling is mutual! Ooo Jawadain is a very unique name, I like :) Haha yeah I dont like it when names are too common, like goin for unique ones too
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    Umar & Aflah

    Umar (PPEK) was also a non-Muslim. There is nothing to stop anyone from praising his killer. In fact, it is mustahab and thawaab to send blessings upon Abu Lulu RA for killing him and freeing the strangulated Muslim ummah from Umars bidat-filled tyranny and lead the true leadership to Imame Ali (as). Tell me, is Imame Zamana going to rip up Abu Lulu from his resting place or Umar? I rest my case.
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    Yes, InshAllah if i ever get married, it will get married like this. I've never liked desi weddings, and i've told my mom this too. , I just hope my future in-laws and husband don't mind
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    Music, Why Is It Haram?

    I listen to music but I'm not addicted. The occasional Lady Gaga and rock and roll. :/
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    Hot hot

    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    23 ramzan laylatal qadr over Iltemas dua
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    Protester's Near Fadak Tv Station

    He's not solely to blame, of course, but he is inflaming the situation. Just because you believe something doesn't mean you have to say it out loud in public...especially when it could contribute to someone being killed. Maybe his outreach is exaggerated and he's not as famous as people think. But anyone can see his clips on YouTube and I know many non-Shias who think Habib is representative of all Shias.
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    Protester's Near Fadak Tv Station

    If it was a member of this group whose family was being butchered, then I doubt they'll be saying 'it's fine, Shias have been killed for 1400 years'. That line always makes me angry, it's a terrible excuse in my view. I think the sentiment from the protesters is right, but they shouldn't be bringing a TV crew with them and publicising our problems (then again, someone can just visit shiachat.com to see the sad inter-Shia hatred). Habib should be condemned - not to please Sunnis, but to protect the lives of Shias. I don't think Habib is an agent or anything, he just seems like a very angry human being who isn't thinking wide enough. We live in a world where public speaking can reach all corners of the globe (via internet), so we must be careful with what we say. Your words can make you have blood on your hands. Habib is safe in his little place in London, he doesn't realise that people in other countries are not. He should say all this stuff in Saudi Arabia or the Wahhabi-rich areas of Pakistan. If he does, I will take everything back. This is how I see it.
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    The Prettiest Man Ever Created

    I've not read this narration myself, but a reliable scholar in a lecture mentioned a narration that when God created beauty, he gave 99 parts to Yusuf (as) and the remaining one part was distributed among all other humans.
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    Prettiest man....I think if son of Adam then Yusuf (as), but if you from the Noor before Adam (as) then definitely Nabi Muhammad (pbuh).... And if you are talking about Non Ma'sum, then obviously me.
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    oh gosh :( there goes my proposal.
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    guest 34193

    Banned Members

    Dagga - blasphemy
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    I Am Not Shia But...

    I suppose I consider myself Shia, but that has never stopped me from having Sunni friends, praying alongside Sunnis, asking looking up what Sunni scholars have said on various issues, or praying 5 times a day (not 3). I'm of course no scholar, but if we try to take the example of Imam Ali, we will see that he could have easily fought Abu Bakr to take over the caliphate if he wanted to. But he did not. He knew that the Islamic state would have crumbled in its infancy if it was forced to endure a divisive issue such as that. So, why is it today that we continue to fight each other over the subtle differences between us when we infact have so much in common. Islam isn't in its infancy any more, but we continue to be divided. There are those, as evidenced by this very thread, who refer to our Muslim brothers as Kafir, and then complain when they do they same to us. Both Sunnis and Shias are so indoctrinated from the time we are little, that we see anyone who questions anything we believe as deviants or Kafirs. Why is that? Are we so insecure about our beliefs that we can't have anyone hold a microscope to it for fear they might uncover something? So, while I consider myself Shia, I do honestly believe that the truth lies somewhere inbetween Sunniism and Shiaism. Over the years, both sides have been so caught up with being either Sunni or Shia, that's we've forgotten how to be one Muslim ummah. That is all.
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    What "grinds Your Gears"?

    LOL everyone in the gulf has a maid it's not a rich thing plus she can't cook she can't clean all she does is talk to herself it's really creepy :no:
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    Long Beards For Young Men?

    long beard is gr8, just hve to keep it in shape . Dont let it grow frm side ways but just straight down. I usually keep one, many say i look like an ayatollah, not some sunni freak.
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    ילדת מלך

    Sisters Only

    Exactly--- A woman should know herself----Greeks were not wrong when they declared, " Know Thyself " an axiom for wisdom. A woman should know what she wants from life, from the opportunities, what are her ultimate goals in life, what she can forgo, and what she can't and what she should never. Letting yourself being exploited by other is bad, no doubt, but letting yourself beguiled by your own insecurities and uncertainties is even worse. Freedom of choice---if we are lucky to have it, than we must be judicious to exercise it with caution and keeping our sense and sensibilities both intact and active ; somethings are worth sacrificing every other thing under the sky for---one's self-esteem and sense of self-worth is one of these.
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    Sisters Only

    mona's comments- *like like like* i agree. i hate it when society condemns a halal act simply because of the way guys abuse it. if our society didnt view mutah as shameful and spoke about it the way they do with permanent marriage then the brothers will have less of a chance to abuse it.
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    Sisters Only

    ok there was a confusion from my part - Sorry. Your original question on the topic was whether or not we would accept mutaa or not and you said that you won't accept it because it is abused . Keep in mind that not all mutaa relation ship results in abusing , just because it is looked down in our culture doesn't mean that it is bad in reality . In fact , only a few percentage of mutaa relationship end up in abusement but most of them are really healthy and done for a good sake .. and even though you are being abused , you will be rewarded because you did an act for the sake of Allah . Plus, by having people from our culture that look down at mutaa, it makes it look even more bad and abused when in fact, it's not.. People drama's -_-
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    Getting To Know A Good Sunni Girl

    Even if she is willing to learn about shia islam and if she ever converts, it may be just for u. Not for the love of Ahlulbayt :wacko: Difficult situation brother, i think its up to u cuz u know her much better than any of us here.
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    You two have any standards? She committed the crime against Ameer AL Mumineen and how did he deal with her? Follow his seerah and stop spreading Fitna..
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  49. 1 point

    Anyone From London ?

    Vaat you say. Me no understand nothing.
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    Bro science can only explain so much. It cannot explain anything that exists outside our 5 senses. How do you explain someone being possessed and speaking acient ARAMIC or languages they do not know. Or how do you explain someone having so much strength and cannot be held down by 5 6 people?
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