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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tVJOqvBzr8 Rofl.
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    Pic / Muslim Women Met Leader

    Women's role in Islamic awakening conference held in Tehran A meeting with the supreme leader, Ayatullah Khamenei
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    just had some spicy and hot chicken nihaari, with soft naan bread ofc. delish..
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    No body

    House Of Amun

    The life in the fading hour The taste that leaves an empty jar The dark which penetrates the glass Lighting stone hearts Collapsing neon stars Restlessness of the moving Rubicon The repentance of the Halcyon A tourist in your country of desires Burning Ice in your city of fire The winds trace your Face in dust Shattered skies in seas submerge With the century came the device But you didn’t …you didn’t arrive Now Time stalks the sounds of Doom .....I wish to hear you soon
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    (salam) .http://www.bbc.co.uk...041#TWEET171743 Lucky people... :dry:
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    I find them quite scary.
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    I sometimes feel like people care more about believing they are right than what is actually the truth :P And thanks (:
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    Remi gallard is a legend
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    The matn actually LOADS of issues. The infallibility of the Ahl al-Bayt (as) does not begin only when they become Imaams. They are all infallible, and absolutely infallible, from birth according to the Testimony of Allaah in the Verse of Purification. The “iraadah“ in the verse is continuous and has no time limits. This is why it is “yureedu“ and not “arada“. Allaah therefore ALWAYS protects the Ahl al-Bayt (as) from ALL bad deeds and ALWAYS keeps them absolutely pure. That hadeeth directly contradict the verse. And, if infallibility were only linked with Imaamah, then Sayyidah Faatimah (as) would never have been infallible since she never got to Imaamah!!! The bottom line is: their infallibility is for their existence generally, and not just for their Imaamah.
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    Here is another clip: May Allah curse this mad nasibi dog.
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    Two things the Lebanese should have in mind for the next war! 1. At the beginning of the war attack hard as much as you can, in the first days attack and destroy them as much as you can. 2. Use very advanced weapons. It is a mistake to say they should not use advanced weapons because Israel has everything and will respond and kill many people. Israel shown over and over again that it almost used every single advanced weapon it has except the 'atom bombs' that they are not able to use them. So, there is no need to hesitate... bring down its warplanes and target their cities the way they target yours.... invade and enter their lands as they invade your land. Bring their soldiers as prisoners as they take yours. And as a side-note, kill as many Takfiri Palestinians you find on your way as possible :- )
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    to the OP: if this guy actually used that hadith (u shouldnt rehject a righteous person in marriage) just to do mutah with you then he is the sneakiest sleeze ball and I would stay far away from him.
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    What Will Happen Aftr 2012

    ^ grr beat me to it. Collective groans directed towards you now :D
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    What's Your Favourite City?

    Salaam So what's your favourite city in the world? Mines definitely Najaf :wub:
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    Against oneself

    We Have Neglected Allah

    Islam is about Allah Life is about Allah we talk about ahlulbayt we talk about fiqh we talk about azadari we talk about history we talk about politics we talk about ulama all these things lead to Allah but some people make these the aim. they are the means.
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    No problem bro just let me know when you're ready to answer my questions. Hope to hear from you soon bro
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    Taking Off Hijab

    Show Allah that u have a strong imaan, dont take it off and have PATIENCE if u got difficulities getting a job :) A little tip: Try to apply for work on places where the boss is muslim, or a place where u know there is muslims working.
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    Zoroastrian Monotheist?

    that letter is fake indeed. It has a strong tone of neo-Iranian anti islam nationalism which is a recent phenomenon. Also there is no letter anywhere to be heard of outside the internet. You would think that such a historical document would be well known of, but there is no trace of its existance anywhere except for circulated emails.here you go... http://www.iranian.c...tter/index.html The zoroastrians were monotheistic. Their belief revolves around the fact that the universe is a constant battle between the force of Ahura Mazda, or truth, against Angra Maini representing evil and falsehood. Zoroastrians believe in the end Ahura Mazda, will prevail.interesting similarity with islam : Zorastrians must pray five times (bow down 17 times) every 24 hours - sunrise, noon, sunset, midnight and dawn a common misconception is that zoroastrians worship fire. Actually, fire is a symbol used in rituals and prayer representing eteranl truth, but it isnt worshipped at all.
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    Taking Off Hijab

    Bismehe Ta3ala, Assalam Alikum Dear Sister Fatima, I encourage you NOT to take off your hijab. Alhamd'Allah hijab for me was never a barrier. I'm also from the States, and I was called every name of the book during high school. Camel-jockey Toliet paper head Sand N*gger Alhamd'Allah not once did I thought to go to school and take it off. Not once did I thought to compromise my religion for a job offer. Dear Sister Fatima you need to build your self confidence and don't let your family pressure you to think against hijab. You have Allah swt and Ahul-Bayt 3lahum al salam on your side, what more can you want? It is not wajab on you to provide for your family. If it came down to choosing welfare or to remove your hijab, I would do the former. Sister, Shahir Ramadhan is going to be next week, please don't bow down to pressure, and be strong and make du3a2 in this month of sh3ban and continue in the month of Ramadhan. Let us please our Creator and not His creation. M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah
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    Haji 2003


    The first post in a thread can set the tone for it and indeed if a perfectly serious thread gets hijacked by time wasters it is possible to delete the offending posts. But this first post made it pretty clear that educated and rational discussion was not on the agenda. So I am locking it. The OP is welcome to start a new thread and instead of just saying, "I am not being sarcastic or rude", if they could actually couch their questions and subsequent points in a reasonable manner then that thread would have a better chance of staying open.
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    No Body, I don't wanna get into the leadership debate but just to clarify I am no fan of shia sunni unity, All I know is that no matter what I don't wanna be/can't be united with anyone that has even one iota of love or respect for Omar and his cronies.
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    Ramadan Headaches

    Not really hearing about something doesn't make it untrue.. Ibuprofen has a dose-dependent duration of action of approximately four to eight hours, which is longer than suggested by its short half-life. Assuming you're is drinking sufficient fluids and then assuming that you're sedentary throughout the day, assuming that the fasts are of very short duration, assuming one's food isn't too salty or spicy (which in turn leads to more dehydration), also assuming you're diet consists of plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as opposed to fried or processed food, then yes, one will very likely remain hydrated within safe limits. But the problem here is that these are just too many assumptions to confidently proclaim that it won't negatively impact the renal function. The bottomline is that fasting creates a state of dehydration, especially when the fasts are longer than usual like they are here in the west, and ingesting ibuprofen prior to beginning the fast can increase the likelihood of renal dysfunction. There are several hormonal mechanisms for making sure that the pressure on the blood is sufficient so that you make appropriate urine even when you are dehydrated. Ibuprofen and other NSAIDs mess with the hormonal control over the arterioles and essentially causes the blood to stop flowing to the glomerulus. This can cause a sharp decrease in urine and in oxygen delivery to the kidneys. Lack of oxygen kill the kidney cells in great number. The effect of NSAIDS is mitigated by adequate hydration. If you are dehydrated, the protection is gone and the effect of the NSAIDS on the hormonal control over your afferent arterioles is gone. + 1 Tylenol is a safer alternative.
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    Salamalaikum The circumstantial evidences indicate. 1. People used to hurt swallows for no reason. 2. There are certain pest birds which can be killed according to sharia. 3. The swallow is not one of them. 4. It does not hurt anyone. 5. The imam a.s spoke to his son but it was "o neighbours listen and refrain" Many people often confuse and are so grossly involved that they forget that the aimma a.s had had the duty of teaching and protecting islam. However some people often mistake it to be humanly behaviour such as their's and the very first thing they attack is infallibility. Read ahadees so as to understand them rather than falling in to doubts and spoiling the akhira. Ya ali madad
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    Mixed Views Over India Missile Success

    Bro, you're mixing state with government. It's the government that's failing with the duty - the government is just a part of the state. The previous government, the Musharraf regime, did take action against LeJ and SSP and its sister organisations. Ahmedis were intially recognised as muslims, but as I said before, they were declared non-Muslims by ZAB because he found it politically advantageous to do so - to win support from religious minded Muslims who viewed his socialist policies as anti-Islamic. Intolerence stems from preaching of corrupt ideologies, lack of educational opportunities and economic backwardness. These problems stem from the near failure/rottenness of institutions, primarily the legislative and executive branches, branches which are the responsibility of the government, not the state. Believe me, no one hates their own government as much as the pakistanis do, but again, the government is to be held responsible - Not my country.
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    Imaam Al-mahdee Is Appointed Like A Prophet

    Those who deserted 'Mulim bin Ageel' were not Shia Rafidah. -They were 'Political Shia' which means 'one type of Sunnis' with their own 'Sub Leaders' Are you so stupid - that you think 'Shia Rafidah' were not impresoned and oppresed in Kufa - were Yazid had his goverment? Are you so Stupid? Oh you are so Stupid! 'Karbala is not 'near' of Kufa' Imam Hussain (as) had no choice to stay in Medina/Mecka he was under pressure to give 'Bayah to Yezid' or he would be killed! Your logic is funny! There is no need in swearing to him allegiance 'Materially' Hey... idiot - How is Umar your Khalifa when you never even swore allegiance to him??? Another Sunni myth
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    Quran Challenge

    “Islam has NO sects all Sunnis follow the same beliefs“ - Dagga Yet another lie by Dagga. Can you tell us why Ash‘arees and Salafees are always at each others‘ throats then?
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    Your Own Captured Photos

    ^^^^^ love them! They're beautiful subhanAllah, keep posting :P
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    1-Pakistan is a word meaning land of the Pure. It is a country built out of struggles of muslims and hindus with the british drawing the lines between muslim majority and hindu majority areas. Which they majorly messed up and gave a lot of muslim majority areas to India. Muslims and Hindus had decided that they could not co-exist peacefully and wanted separate nations, so when the british left, they separated Hindustan into two countries, Pakistan and India (and Bangla Desh which came in later on). 2- The Word URDU means group. The language urdu is an ancient language developed during the times of the early mughals as a mix between different groups of languages. it is NOT the same as hindi. Hindi is not changed to urdu but has kept its distinctness through its writing and vocabulary. Urdu was a necessity inorder to facilitate social relations between different peoples that existed in the land during that time. With punjabis having their own language, gujratis their own, and sindhis and balochis, and arabs, and hindus, and bengals, and persians and so many other civilizations with their own distinct cultures and languages, Urdu was necessary to communicate between all thsoe different groups. The language Urdu came to be from a mix of all those languages and is rich in its own history and poetry and prose. 3- Already answered that in no.2 Hindi was not renamed. It is another distinct language which keeps its own heritage and culture. Urdu is separate from HIndi. 4-Pakistan is more than just Punjab. Punjab is actually a small part of pakistan, Balochistan is larger area wise, and SIndh has the most populated city, then the pakhtunwala province has its own distinct peoples and so do the norther gilgit-baltistan areas among many others. There is a part of Punjab in Pakistan and a part of Punjab in INdia. In reality, punjab was more densely populated by muslims so as a whole, it should have went to Pakistan, but the british decided to give a larger chunk of it to India. They did the same stuff with Hyderabad.
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    I guess he forgot what happened that day in chat... This thread is officially hijacked by Tonsvi
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    Alim Schooling

    Insha Allah next year I will be at one in canada that does train up to alim and above. if you have facebook go to my profile and click the link and message me there.
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    There are several logical and theological (according to Christianity) inconsistencies in this position. 1) So if he was originally sent by God then became corrupt, that means that God didn't know he would become corrupt (an untenable position) OR God knew he would become corrupt and sent him anyway so that now there are more than a billion confused people in the world who believe Muhammad(p.b.u.h) to be a Prophet sent by God. So this would also lead to many theological problems such as if someone believed in Prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h) and died before he became 'corrupt', then would they be cosidered guided by God or astray according to this guy. Also, at what point did Prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h) become 'corrupt' and no longer a Prophet sent by God, when he married his second wife, third, or before this or after ? Could he give the date ? 2) If his only argument for Prophet Muhammad being 'corrupt' is based on the fact that he married many wives, then this priest should also be prepared to say that David, Soloman, Abraham, Jacob, (peace be upon them) and most of the Prophets of the Old Testemant were also corrupt, because all of them had many wives. If he has some other basis for this accusation of Prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h) being corrupt, then let him bring the evidence for it or keep quite. This guy obviously has never read the Quran. Tell him to read Surat Al Rahman, Surat Al Jinn, Surat Taha, (many others also), even the translation and say the same thing. First, when you read the Bible, you are reading a translation of a translation of a translation of the original words of Jesus (if even that) Jesus spoke Ahramaic ( a dialect of Hebrew). The original Codex Vaticanus (which all bibles are derived from) is in Greek. The English Versions of the Bible, such as King James and Revised Standard Version are a translation from the Greek. As anyone knows who speaks more than one language, it is impossible to do a completely accurate translation, word for word, from one language to another. There are many concepts that exist in one language and not in another and these have to be changed and paraphrased upon translation, That is first generation translation. Second generation (like the bible) is almost uninteligeable most of the time when this is done in real life. So it is more honest to say that we don't know what the original words of Jesus were, and what you are reading is an approximation of an approximation. Second, we don't know where the changes occured because we don't have an original text to compare them to. When Christians say 'comparing the changes that occured', they are comparing them to a text (the Codex Vaticanus) which was written hundreds of years after the death of Jesus in a language he didn't speak by people who never met him (Christians admit this). If that is the 'original text', then the derivatives from that text are pretty much meaningless. Third, there were so many manuscripts and on even the basic theological issues, like was Jesus God, a man, a Prophet, or one of a trinity, these texts contradict each other. That is why you have books like the Gospel of Barnabus and the Gospel of Thomas which are included in some versions of the bible and not included in others. The Gospel of Barnabus was included in early versions of the bible and taken out in the later editions, and the Gospel of THomas is included in Catholic version of the Bible but not in the Protestant versions. So if you have whole books and sections of books taken out of the bible, how can you call these 'small changes' ?
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    ABC + GSK (as in glaxosmithkline - afterall this is for a pharmacology exam) Aspirin + ACE-I B-blocker CCB (not routinely added unless the antiplatelet, statin and ACE-I combination isn't working) GTN (spray +/- longer acting tablet taken regularly as a prophylactic measure) Statin K-channel blocker (again not routinely added)
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    (bismillah) (salam) YOLO is New School. Old School: Just Do It. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying. "And if not now, Then when?" aetas: carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero Seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future. An excuse to do anything and everything. :no:
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    Walkin' Fashion Statement


    To me You Only Live Once means you only have one chance to work on entering Allah's paradise. Not you only live once so LET'S DRINK AND HAVE FUN AND PAARTAAYY!! :)
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    For What Crime?

    Habib :cry: you've done it again :cry: you making me all soppy :cry: Impact of this is just amazinggg :(
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    AlAbd AlThaleel

    Thawab Of Deeds In Sha'baan

    (bismillah) *EXTREMELY IMPORTANT ACT* It has been narrated from the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him and his progeny) that he has said: And whoever says in Sha'baan one thousand times: There is no god but Allah and we do not worship except Him, faithful to His religion even if the polytheists detest it, Allah (swt) wrote for him the worship of one thousand years, and erased from him the sins of one thousand years and he will emerge from his grave on the Day of Judgment with his face glistening like the moon [on] the night of a full moon and he is written with Allah as a friend. عن النبي صلى الله وآله قال : ومن قال في شعبان ألف مرة : لا إله إلا الله ولا نعبد إلا إياه مخلصين له الدين ولو كره المشركون ، كتب الله له عبادة ألف سنة ، ومحى عنه ذنب ألف سنة ويخرج من قبره يوم القيامة ووجهه يتلألأ مثل القمر ليلة البدر وكتب عند الله صديقا . [Based on what I have read, this does not need to be done at once, and can be done throughout the month (i.e 50 times daily for example).]
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    Gold & Copper. Oro Y Cobre

    By love, bitternesses became sweet, By love, pieces of copper became gold. http://www.al-islam.org/polarization/6.htm Gold and Copper.. the best movie i have ever seen.. thank you..
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    wa alaykum as-salaam here are some ayatullah wahid khorasani hajj hassanain rajabali sayed ammar nakshawani http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xY5S2p8JOYY shaykh hamza sodagar (3 parts) shaykh hamza sodagar (3 parts) the first and last part arent showing up as a video for some reason
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    series of lectures by: shaykh Muhammad Shomali (2011) http://www.ic-el.com...M%20A%20Shomali shaykh Ahmad Haneef (2010) http://www.ic-el.com...0ahmed%20Haneef
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    ילדת מלך

    Favourite Accessories--

    And here are some more, Let's see if I can get some of you hooked on to them or not--- :D The hair combs are from vintage hairdresses.com. They are almost similar to the ones I have inherited from my mother and grand mother---of course there are some differences like setting of particular jewels or intricacy of designs ( like the one with blue stones , I have one like this in peridot ) but still as those were in vogue during that period , so I do have an ample stock.....and yes I love them, :blush:
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    Just because someone doesn't support the 'free' syrian army, doesn't mean they support Bashar al assad either. The situation in syria is not as simple as Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen or Libya, there is much more too it. As shi3a, we shouldn't automatically support someone because they seem to be right, or seem to be or support shi3as, we need to keep an open mind and understand before we support anyone, even the A'imma(as) expected this and they were ma'soom and chosen by AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì.
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    Thoughts : "You're fat." :huh: "It runs in my family!" :) "Dude, no one runs in your family." :dry: :lol:
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    Down with Israel! Announcing they will kill civilians like it's nothing...
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    ^ ^ I'll slap you silly khoja boy :dry:
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    Worst Nightmare You Have Ever Had?

    Not long ago I had this dream where I was sitting in the living room like usual with my family, and one of my sisters walked in holding something like a kebab skewer and she was running after me wanting to stab me, I was runnig and I reached the hallway and all the family was watching as my sister stabbed me on my back, my waist and I was shouting for their help and they were just standing there...then my sister was looming over me and the final stab was on my throat...I woke up gasping for air :( She was so evil in that dream. And she was wearing a mantoo and a hijab. She sure was after me.
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    I am deeply embarrassed for this hideous post and it's appearance, I just don't know what happened. Actually I am writing in the light of my laptop screen, did not turn on the table lamp because i do not want to disturb my Baba. So I apologize for this abomination on both eyes and mind.
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    1. Aisha 2. Hafsa Oh wait, I thought it said top 10 women I hate the most... My bad.
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    I am looking forward to reading your posts in a couple of days if you manage to stay awake ROFL :!!!:
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