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    Haji 2003

    Ayatollah Sistani Audience

    This is the shrine of Hur. I missed it in my last visit, when I was 5 years old.
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    Like was said before, women (I'm assuming your talking about the widow) get 1/4 or 1/8 depending if they have children or not. Men get 2X what women get because in Islam, the man has the responsibility of supporting the family. Women's income is considered discretionary (she can spend it on what she wants) while most of the man's income is non-discretionary (he has to use it to support his family). Considering that fact, it is a fair distribution. Polygamy exists and has existed on every society on earth. The only difference is, some societies and religions have (like Islam and Judaism and Christianity in the past) had the insight to regulate this practice and give all the women involved their rights. Unlike present Christianity and other socieities and cultures where polygamy is practiced in a free-for-all manner which leads to lots of oppression, injustice, bad feelings, and broken families and communities. This issue has been beaten to death on this site so I won't prolong it, and the camps are already divided on this. The position of Islam, via the teaching of Ahl Al Bayt permit what you are talking about it, but don't encourage it. There are certain circumstances where this may save a marriage or save someone from doing haram or help out a women who is in need, but also many times it is just a man following after his own lusts, and following after lusts is discouraged and is infact haram. Also, I live in the largest Shia muslim community in the United States and men talk about these things and, in reality, the number of men who actually do these 'secret mutahs' or even polygamy is very few. This is from my own experience, which is all I have to go by. I don't think it would be possible to do a scientific study on the actual number of these marriages, lol. I think maybe their talking about Saudi Arabia (or as we like to call it, the Saudi occupied territory) and their lackies in the Gulf Sheikdoms. You can read here about what most think about the Saudi govt. Needless to say this has nothing to do with Islam, but with their Wahabi cult. I don't know where you heard that from. Here are some of the following rights that women have had for the past 1400 years in Islam. - Full Financial support from the husband, not only including housing, food, and shelter. In fact the women has the right to be paid (a salary in addition to the previous) for ALL domestic work including cooking, cleaning, and even breast feeding her own children. Most women forgoe those rights out of mercy and kindness for her husband, but if she wants them, noone could object Islamically to this. - Inheritance. - The right to all the money she earns. A muslim women, if she had a job making $1000 per week, could buy $1000 worth of shoes and handbags for herself per week ( sisters try not to get too excited) and her husband would have no right, Islamically, to say anything about it. At the same time, a man does not have the right to spend his entire salary on himself, but must use his income to support his family. This is his absolute obligation whereas a women does not have this obligation. - The right to own property and assets - The right to associate with anyone she wants (as long as this association does not involve haram activities) - The right to drive (except in the Wahabi cult which has nothing to do with Islam) - The right to not be abused. There is no excuse for a man to physically abuse or hurt his wife. The ayat in the Quran about 'beat them lightly....' which every Evangelical pastor loves to quote has been severly mistranslated and misinturpreted by them. There are many good explainations of this ayat on SC , search feature. etc, etc. Which other religion gives women so many rights. Answer. None. I'm not familiar with that term exactly but in Islam, you are not allowed to charge 'riba'. Riba is an arabic word loosely translated as 'interest' but it means profiting off someones inability to pay the loan on the original terms. So, for example, if someone owes money and can't pay it back in the original time period stated on the contract, banks in the West will add interest and penalties to the original amount so that the amount that the debtor now owes is more than the original amount agreed in the contract. This is profiting off of someones bad circumstances. This is unjust and not allowed. Banks are allowed to charge a 'transaction fee' , but this fee must be clearly stated in the original terms of the loan and they are not allowed to increase this fee after the loan has already been agreed upon. Your parents are looking at numbers and ages without considering certain facts. First, girls marrying at that age was common amoung the Arabs at that time. It was also common in Europe at that time and other places for girls to be eligible for marriage after their first menses. It might have been because the overall lifespan of people at that time was less (average lifespan was 50 vs. 75 nowdays) and women were expected to be fully mature in social terms by the time they were teenagers. Islam give people a window of opportunity in which to marry but I've never heard any muslim nowdays who would encourage a nine year old girl t o marry. Also, the thing about mutah, every rule can be abused. Just because there are some who abuse it doesn't mean it's a bad rule. Most people drive over the speed limit, does that mean we should get rid of speed limits all together. I don't think your parents would like that. Second, Islam limits the number of permenant wives to 4. In Pre-Islamic Arabia, men could marry as many women as they wanted and they could also treat them however they wanted. They could marry women then leave them in limbo, not associating with them but not divorcing them, they could bury their baby girls alive, etc. All this was stopped when Islam came and it limited and regulated marriage and said that women have rights in marriage and men have an obligation to give them those rights. This was something very strange to the Arabs, pre-Islam. The rule of 4 was only abrogated for the Prophet himself, and noone else. Allah(s.w.a) knows why but this issue is mute nowdays. I don't want to speculate about this but there are possible reasons. Also, if a man wants to marry more than one wife, he must obey the regulations regarding marriage and give her her rights and not harm her. If he is not prepared to do that, the Quran clearly states 'Then marry only one'. In fact the Prophet himself was monogomous for more than 10 years of his married life. So Islam says that marrying more than one is a heavy responsibility, and that is why most men choose not to take it on. If you are not just with your wife or wives and do not fulfill your obligation, then there is punishment for that, both in this life and the next. Mutah is, and has always been, an option for certain people in certain circumstances. It shows that Islam is a realistic and flexible religion. I don't want to turn this into another mutah discussion, so I'll leave it at that.
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    The Lol Topic

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    Shiachat Memes! [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    top: Ice Cream!! bottom: Spinach!
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    Çááåã Åäí ÃÔÊåí ÓÌÏÉ Úáì ÃÑÖ ãßÉ
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    Shia Nazi

    Please do not create such inappropriate threads.
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    Qur'an Verse Of The Day

    Salamu3alaykum Bismillah alrahman alrahim Surah 2. Al-Baqara, Ayah 244 وَقَاتِلُوا فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ وَاعْلَمُوا أَنَّ اللَّهَ سَمِيعٌ عَلِيمٌ Transliteration : wa- qaatilo fe sabel 'allaah wa- iclamo 'anna 'allaah samec calem Pickthall : Fight in the way of Allah, and know that Allah is Hearer, Knower. Asad : Fight, then, in God's cause, 233 and know that God is all-hearing, all-knowing. Malik : O believers, fight in the path of Allah without fear of death and bear in mind that Allah hears and knows everything. Yusuf Ali : Then fight in the cause of Allah and know that Allah heareth and knoweth all things. 275 Wasalam
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    New Shia Party Emerging

    New Shia party emerging ISLAMABAD, April 23: A new kid is ready to enter the sectarian political bloc – Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen (MWM), and observers feel it may challenge the mainstream Shia political group led by Allama Sajid Naqvi. The aggressive posture adopted by the MWM in recent days in Islamabad to highlight sectarian killings has brought the group to the forefront within the Shia community. On April 12, the party refused to vacate the Parade Lane outside parliament, even after the camp established by Amina Janjua for the recovery of missing people was relocated by the authorities. Similarly, the Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat – ASJ (formerly the Sipah-i-Sahaba Pakistan – SSP) was not allowed to hold its protest camp there. The following day, MWM proceeded to hold Friday prayers at Parade Lane – a first ever for any group let alone a Shia one. An official of the interior ministry confirmed that the MWM leadership even turned down an offer to negotiate with Interior Minister Senator Rehman Malik on Friday, April 13. Similarly, its seemingly unknown leaders have gained greater recognition among the authorities – the MWM leaders were invited to the National Assembly Standing Committee on Human Rights to speak about the killings of women and children in Chilas while no-one from the Allama Sajid Naqvi group was invited. “We are not terrorists and neither do we believe in destabilising the country and its systems,” said MWM secretary general Allama Nasir Abbas. “It is our right to protest.” He added that his party was entering politics in ‘national interest’, and MWM leadership plans to announce it at a rally in Lahore on July 1. The MWM emerged in 2007 to highlight the woes of ordinary citizens in general and the Shia residents of Kurrum agency in particular where Parachinar had been cut off from the rest of the country for months on end. The party was still in its infancy stage as its organisational structure was established in April 2011, with the highest post of secretary general going to Allama Nasir Abbas, followed by deputy secretary general to Allama Amin Shaheedi. Their three-year term expires in April 2013, while the highest forum in MWM, Shoora-e-Aali, is composed of 10 ulema with one vote each. However, what has allowed the group to gain strength is political vacuum in mainstream Shia politics due to the low profile adopted by the Shia Ulema Council (SUC) – a group led by Allama Sajid Naqvi in the past five years since the demise of Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal. Allama Sajid Naqvi is a well-known name in politics, and he took over the TJP in 1988 after the assassination of his predecessor Allama Arif Hussaini.The TJP was banned in 2002 for three years; later its reincarnation Tehrik-i-Islami was also banned leading to a third avatar Shia Ulema Council (SUC). After Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal (MMA) was formed, Allama Sajid Ali Naqvi became its vice president. But when the MMA disintegrated, party activities slowed down – partly due to the high risks of sectarian attacks, which have become more brutal than in the past. Meanwhile, the spokesman of the SUC, Maulana Ashfaq Waheedi, said that Allama Sajid Naqvi is Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jaferia (leader of the Shia nation) and has played a key role in forging unity among Shia-Sunni brethren. Friction within the SUC is more visible in Karachi, Quetta, Gilgit-Baltistan, Kohat, Parachinar, D.I. Khan and western districts of Punjab. “At least the MWM was doing something by highlighting the routine killings,” said Qasim Ali of North Nazimabad, Karachi, a one-time supporter of TJP. Another blow to the SUC was the traffic accident of Allama Sajid Naqvi’s trusted comrade, nephew and son-in-law Maulana Jalil Naqvi around two years ago. The accident left him paralysed, which has in turn paralysed the party that he handled. “The best solution for Quaid sahib (Allama Sajid Naqvi) is to delegate powers to somebody else now as everything revolves around his family,” said Amjad Sadaf, a diehard party worker from Dhok Ratta, Rawalpindi. Due to this communication and organisational gap, Allama Sajid Naqvi has lost support among the party cadre and the urban middle class. “Currently there are other internal rifts too – between clergy and the non-clergy,” said Chaudhri Bashir Ahmed, former president TJP, Rawalpindi city. “In other words there is a gap between the revolutionary / progressive minded people and the traditionalist.” The ‘traditionalists’ within the Shia community are generally the clergy from rural areas who have only madressah education. The ulema conference organised by the SUC in Islamabad on April 18 this year also witnessed a heavy presence of traditional clergy from Punjab with limited participation of urban-based workers and clergy holding non-religious degrees such as doctors and engineers. Such internal rifts and the growing resentment among the party supporters, observers feel, can help the MWM attract the middle order of SUC. Earlier, the main Shia party lost workers and members when Sipah Muhammad parted ways with TJP. The main reason then too was Allama Sajid Naqvi’s soft stance on the ‘enemy’, a euphemism used for SSP or ASJ. “When we started to retaliate against the Sipah-i-Sahaba, the Allama joined them in the Milli Yakjehti Council in 1995. Later when they were in trouble due to international politics, he joined them in the MMA and now when Shias are being killed all over country nobody is coming up,” said a former area commander of Sipah Muhammad, who prefers not to be named due to pending court cases. This is also a party that is embracing the social media and other modern forms of communication. The younger lot in MWM, which includes many students from Parachinar, are using the internet to highlight party activities, including footage of public gatherings in Karachi and Jhang. http://dawn.com/2012/04/24/new-shia-party-emerging/
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    Look Back At 2006

    (salam) here an interesting new short docu about the war & some technical details labayk ya Khamenei labyak ya Nasr Allah So let those fight in the cause of Allah who sell the life of this world for the Hereafter. And he who fight in the cause of Allah and is killed or achieves victory - We will bestow upon him a great reward. 4:74 (salam)
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    The Lol Topic

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    A great lines to grief frm a zakir on janabe qasim karbala ki jung me qasim wo hai jo ghode pe qasim tha Zameen pe taqseem tha (The qasim was the one who was Qasim on the horse and was in pieces on the land)
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    This is so disappointing, a Muslim scholar should not be biased... Does he not remember he has to answer to Allah eventually? Who is your marja? Contact another scholar and or consider contacting your marja's office and explain the situation. Hopefully, the Marja's office may put you in contact with a scholar in your region. Concurrently, wait and see what this scholar will "fix" the situation. I will pray for you and your daughter. InshaAllah, you will find a suitable solution soon. Remain strong and patient, as you have done these past 6 years and do not give up until you find a suitable solution. Remember, Allah does not change the condition of an individual until they change what is in themselves. You have begun, inshaAllah Allah swt will not leave you to walk this path alone.
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    It is a sad thing for all of us living today that we have been surrounded by Satan and we're being forced to commit haram and submit to its wishes. There is no hijab and hijablessness is being promoted globally in a big way. Open your web browser, messenger or any site and you'll be greeted with links like "How to increase your libido", "How to have better sexual experience" etc., updated twice or thrice DAILY. Along with pictures of models and super stars. Go out on the street and you'll see erotic things; pictures, people, whatever. So much effort put into this shameless and illogical pursuit of this particular evil. Some nations do such things for the sake of increasing their indigenous populations and go to any lengths, take Japan as an example. Anyway, its just sad. Sometimes I think that may be I didn't perform admirably enough in the spirit world before this one to have been sent in this unfortunate period of our time. There is only the brown stuff to be seen, and we're completely helpless. Global enforcement of shamelessness, usury, corruption, humiliation of freedom, rights, Satan has a strangle hold over the entire world. I don't think there is a permanent escape from this except marriage. Get married with a home maker while you can, before they turn every last female into a Britney Spears clone who will marry you just to make your life miserable and, if the anti-marriage law exists, takes half of your property and wealth from you. Look at these loveless materialistic throngs of females, roaming about like chicken. Speaking of chickens, even the breeds of chickens available today have -somehow- lost the gene that makes a hen go broody and raise a family. 20 years ago one in thirty hens would go broody and now one in a hundred hens will go broody, sit on her eggs patiently for four weeks, and even then there is a good chance that she'll say "to hell with it", get up and leave the pile of eggs to rot after sitting for a few days. I hope I'm wrong but the way things are headed soon the youth will be left with extremely little choice in the matter and only haram options left. Those who don't want to make an effort in this regard are already practicing the much more convenient and purely haram alternatives, much to the pleasure of satanists and their master.
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    Aly ReZa

    Share Hadiths About Sayeda Fatima A.s

    Imam Hasan Askari(a.s.) reported that his father quoted Jabir Ibn Abdullah as saying : ' The Messenger of Allah, Peace be Upon him and his cleansed progeny, said : ' When Allah created Adam and Eve, they strutted through paradise and said : ' Who are better than we ? ' At that moment they noticed an image of a girl like they had never seen before; from this girl came an illuminating light so bright that it almost blinded the eyes. They said : ' O Lord, what is this ? ' He answered : ' This is the Image of Fatima(s.a.), the mistress of your women descendants. ' Lisan Al Mizan Volume 3 page 346
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    Pacman would eat Mayweather up.
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    lol not being a racist or something but that is much more with arab ladies.. when i was in saudi arabia.. we would have full on nikabi ladies staring at us just b/c we did not cover our faces and they had faces to stare at lol and it does really make u fee uncomfortable... :/
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    how is it we are killing ourselves...... when doing it?
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    Anyone Currently In Indonesia?

    You can't handle the truth. I guess you are living in Ngalam. right? :D
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    Food Videos!

    The best thing in the world: Now imagine eating this savory naan with the best kababs and karahi: Just imagine brothers.....
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    Was What I Did Right?

    It's one thing having feelings for someone of love/lust for another individuals and a completely different thing when you actually profess your love and have romantic conversations with a member of the opposite sex outside a marriage contract. Obviously such a situation is haram. Well said.
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    Tyre Liquor Restaurant Bombings.

    Hayda shab w dod our politics..za77etlo
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    lover of Mola

    The Lol Topic

    all were too good specially the dad one :D
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    ^^ someone got told :shifty:
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    Just enjoy the chocolate man.
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    YUP i understand bro thts y im asking,did they prohibit cutting of arms?secondly Ayatollah Shirazi has confirmed THAT IMAM(AS)encouraged ppl to visit Karbala even with that condition,now he is marja knows more than him abt Shia history,ofcourse.r u paki too?which city?
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    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    My heart is torn, saw iraqi children standing in the middle of garbage looking for useful stuff.. Young boys standing on the middle of the road selling melted chocolate cookies and hot bottled water.. Kissing the little bit of money they're given. But masha'Allah the children appreciate everything they get, they show the best akhlaaq and always thank Allah. The streets are impossible to drive, bumps and holes and filth everywhere. Most of the people are careless, they even make things worse. I just wonder where are the people who hold on and practise the teachings of the Ahlulbayt (as)? Where are the good morals that RasulAllah saws taught the people. If everyone just quit the stealing and cared about their country. Even the members of jaish al mahdi are doing no good. We should be ashamed.. :( Insha'Allah everyone prays for the reappearance of Imam Al Mahdi (as) Allahuma ajjal le waliyaka al faraj ya Rab. Alhamdulillah for everything, I still love it here and insha'Allah returning for ever to live near our Imams (as). Oh and ps: don't marry an iraqi lol
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    Of course this is a Sunni Shia debate! Becuase Mu'awiya is only praised in Sunnism not shiism
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    Lebanese Shia And The Syrian Uprising.

    This article is full of lies
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    AlAbd AlThaleel

    Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    I wish I knew Persian. :/
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    Muhammad in Yahya has narrated from al-‘Amrakiy ibn Ali from Ali ibn Ja‘far from his brother from abu al-Hassan (DivineSupremeCovenantBody) who has said the following. ان فاطمۃ علیه السلام صدیقۃ شهیدۃ و ان بنات الانبیاء لا یطمثن "Fatima is truthful and a martyr. The daughter of the prophets do not experience menses." Source: Al Kafi - Kitab Al Hujja, Vol .4, Chapter 114, Hadees 2.
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    may Allah swt make things easier for u. its hard to appreciate sometimes but there is wisdom in everything Allah swt puts you through. u seem like a momina mashaAllah. put ur unrelenting faith and trust in Allah swt - ultimately He is ur only helper.
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    Waiting for HIM

    Was What I Did Right?

    ^^^ really good lie detector. Also you don't want imbalance personalities in life, those who give these sort of immature surprises. After all, if indeed he were true, he was coming to see your parents, and should had preplanned it. But again, you seem to be very immature as well as in falling in "love" with someone over net/phone. You have fallen for hormones and lust, not love for sure. Give it 10 weeks, don't talk to him for 10 weeks straight, go have fun, take a vacation, better yet if you find some other male to talk to (don't try this, its haram), and you will forget about him altogether. That would be a litmus test if these were hormones (lust) or was it really love. Still know this, LOVE between two strangers - male and female only happens when they pronounce the "sigha of nikah", then and only then Allah puts that special love in their hearts. Anything else which people call love while they are not in Islamic halal nikah, is just an arrow of Iblees, a lust of your desreful self, a longing to be closer to an opposite sex, more biological than real.
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    Shia Is A Reactionary Sect?

    If in the time of Prophet Jesus (as) the people he went to wanted him dead, and only a handful remained faithful, and at the Time of Prophet Musa (as) whilst he was still alive but only gone for 40 days the majority of the people (or maybe all I don't know) began to commit shirk (except for Prophet Harun (as) of course), and only 40 days earlier they had passed the sea which had been split into two, then its not absurd to say that after the Prophet (pbuh) died many of his followers apostated.
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    About Our 12 Imams (as)

    (bismillah) (salam) The place of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib’s (as) grave [`Abbad b. Ya`qub al-Rawajini related: Hayyan ibn `Ali al-`Anazi told us: A retainer of `Ali ibn Abi Talib (as) told me:] When death was close to the commander of the faithful he said to al-Hasan (as) and al-Husayn (as): “When I die, you two put me on my bier. Then take me out and carry (me) in the back of the bier. You two will protect the front of it. Then bring me to al-Ghariyyayn. You will see a white rock shining with light. Dig there and you will find a shield and bury me at it.” When he died, we took him out and began to carry him on the back of the bier while we guarded the front of it. We began to hear a rustling and whistling of the wind until we came to al-Ghariyyayn. Behold! There was a white rock whose light was shining. We dug there and behold, there was a shield on which was written: “This is one of the things which Noah has stored for `Ali ibn Abi Talib.” We buried him there and went away. We were happy at God’s mark of honour to the Commander of the faithful. A group of the Shi`a followed us but they had not witnessed the prayer performed for him. We told them about what had happened and about God’s mark of honour to the commander of the faithful. Then they said: “We would like to see what you have seen of his affair.” “Traces of the place have been removed according to his bequest,” we told them. They kept coming back and forth to us and they told us that they had dug but could not find anything. Source: Kitab al-Irshad by Shaykh al-Mufeed (ra) http://the12masumeen.wordpress.com/2012/02/22/the-place-of-the-grave-of-imam-ali-ibn-abi-talib-as/ (wasalam)
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    Against oneself

    Response To Sayid Ammar

    the solution to this problem 49:9 And in case two sections of the believers fight each other, then make a righteous (reconciliation) between them both; (Literally: act righteously between them) then in case one of them is inequitable to the other, then fight the one that is inequitable until it concedes to the Command of Allah. So in case it concedes, then make a reconciliation between them both with justice, and be equitable. Surely Allah loves the equitable (ones). first step we need to act as peacemakers second step fight the trouble makers
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    Response To Sayid Ammar

    Salamalaikum Taqiyya has its proper place and time. And taqiyya in Iran and Iraq?? Shias have this new dawaa thing where they compromise their own belief to bring others in to shiism. First with Sufis bringing philosophy in then with mutazallites bringing ilm ul kalan m in then with zaydis bringing this ; u know and then with Sunnis bringing neutrality to enemies of aale Mohammad a.s. And within the last 15 odd years these very ulema have divided shias in the name of uniting and fitna. In the next 20 years they might change essentials of religion too and we might not be there to see it but our support today in small changes that don't seem to effect can bring about bigger changes tomorrow which could be against the benefit of the community's spiritual growth. Far sightedness is necessary and creating unity among shias under the banner of ahlulbayth a.s is priority while not compromising on the beliefs of the ahle tashayyu. Ya ali Madad bar dushmanane ahlebayth a.s Lanat Those who make money go with the the tide but these guys are atleast doing something with the money they have got rather than filling bank accounts
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    Shia Is A Reactionary Sect?

    and what would u say if someone said: "boohoooo, but israel owns Palestine and you gotta live with that" ????
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    Early Marriage - More Encouragement

    I'll have to disagree with the two of you, Crimson and coldcow. First: when you're young, it's better to get married and avoid the risk of falling into haram activities (which as the Sheikh said are very easy to get into; even little things that might we consider normal desires in today's world may be sinful and lead to greater troubles down the line). Second: as he said from experience in the video, as a couple, your pace of studies might in fact speed up as opposed to becoming unstable. Third: when you marry after you've settled down, it would be much harder to lead a stable life with your new spouse because both of you would have become more set in your ways - it's just easier when both the husband and wife are younger to adjust to each other's lifestyles, and live a happier life in the long run. Fourth: marriage shouldn't be tied to children - there are ways to plan your life, and you don't have to blindly have children without being able to support them or thinking of the consequences. Fifth: when you get married early and are still staying with your parents for example, it doesn't mean that there are artificial limits placed to the time you can spend with each other. What is to stop you and your spouse to enjoy the entire day together, just going back to your individual homes for the night's rest and meeting in the morning again? Let's not look for reasons to avoid getting married early... it's halal, it's healthy and a nice legal way to enjoy with the person you like (and get rewarded by God several times more for the same good deeds you perform as a bachelor). Don't delay and risk falling into haram!
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    why did you disabled rise or die, im witness that the action you commited was wrong, look at who started being offensive and rude, is this a way to show justice? , im very dissapointed in this as a revert, i hope you ask rise or die to forgive you after this thread he started :realangery:
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    guest 34193

    Why I Left The Shia

    Are you talking about belonging to a religion, or a political party, because I'm not really seeing much about the former in your "post". Now maybe I should go wash my eyes with bleach..
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    Aly ReZa

    Qur'an Verse Of The Day

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    Qur'an Verse Of The Day

    (bismillah) Guide us the straight path 1:6
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    Allah (swt) doesn't really choose who goes to hell or heaven, we as human choose were we end up depending on how much we have sinned and how heavy the sins are
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    I liked the way she showed her catty jumping skills. But this was a serious breach of security and all of the security details of Ahmedinijad ought to be replaced. This could also be a prequel of an MKO attack, the same way a woman killed Indian PM Rajiv Ghandhi before a similar dry run. There is nothing funny about this.
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    Sports Memes..!

    That's a keerap edit coz it wasn't for Dravid.. it was for Misbah.. coz everyone calls him King TukTuk :P
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    The smell of lubban (frankincense) burning slowly over charcoal is a faveourite of mine, it is such a mellow, relaxing scent, that takes you back, as if to ancient times, way before your time. Bakhoor is also nice, especially the sweet smelling one by the UAE brand Nabeel (called Touch Me), however none compares to frankincense. I also have a faveourite cologne - but unfortunately I cannot say the exact name of it, as it is MINE, and many people ask what I'm wearing, and I never tell anyone. I will say it is by Bvlgari though. Also Fahrenheit by Dior is a classic, that I'm sure everyone can attest to its awesomeness. They have a recent addition called Fahrenheit Absolute, which is a more potent and woodier fragrance.. as it has Ethiopian Myrhh and Somalian frankincense and Oudh from Laos added to it. My kind of fragrance.
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    ishq ast abul fazl

    Google Goggles

    People are already practically married to their computers. We need less technology. We'll start to forget how to actually talk to people :lol:
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    The Source Of Evil

    Cold is not exist actually. It is just a word to describe the absence of heat.
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    Salaam brother, Its not that complicated as you think it is.. I have done Muta with christian, .. this is how i did it.. I went out on a date.. i dont even believe in doing anything physical on the first date anyways. I like to get to know each other.. if the chemistry is good.. she knows it.. and you know it.. the date goes successful.. you both click.. you feel in control of the situation.. had a good time.. she wants to see you again.. and you know its time to move the relationship further (physical). This is when you should tell them about muta casually. The more serious you get them to think.. they more they get scared and run away.. So you tell them in a casual manner.. explain to them that you cannot touch her because of your personal beliefs... According to your beliefs i cannot touch you unless i am married. (At this point she might get a little confused). continue telling her... but there are two types of marriages, One is a marriage which is like our mom and dad's marriage which is permanent. and the other is fixed time marriage. Fixed time marriage is like legal way of dating.. thats all.. so if you want me.. you have to say this.. tell her its more romantic if you understand.. tell her to repeat after you.. I am giving to you myself as your wife or companion, for this amount of time and this amount of dowry. and you say "I accept" and you HAVE To pay the amount whatever she said immediately. and you have to set a time limit. she may tell you what if the time runs out. Tell her that you can leave me before or if you want to stay with me for more time for even lifetime we can always extend the time limit or turn into into a permanent marriage like our mom or dad in the future. its just saying this makes me feel that i am not disobaying God. You will be surprised that she will smile or laugh and repeat it for you.. She may say that i dont believe in it but i'll repeat it for you.. and its good enough.. Believe me i have done Muta with a one penny. I have even done muta with one dollar. because the dowry was not an issue for them.. but later i have given them nice gifts.. took them out for shopping.. when i thought her company was worth it..and she deserves it.. then I spent a good money.. but i start with little money in the begining with quick and cheap dates (usually going just for over coffee) Just go for them.. ask them out.. this is the most hard part.. anyways they are into Zina, and Haraam.. for them Muta is strange but its not a big deal. infact one girl felt that she was honoured that i offered her this previlege.. instead of just zina with no commitments. she thought it was the nicest thing somebody has offered her in a long time. and it was very romantic. she used to tell her friends .. We are temperarily married!!! . If she does not to repeat after you (the muta lines).. for some odd reason.. and if she was ready to commit zina.. then you probably scared her away..... with your tone, or your seriousness.. you have to see if the chemistry is good.. make her laugh, rip on her.. making her laugh will make her feel comfortable.. what i also do is.. act like i am all that (as a joke). ask her to take you out for a movie, buy you popcorn, joke with her. . what have you done for me lately? something happens to them.. they dont feel intimadated anymore.., and start to feel comfortable with you.. and then they will be willing to do anything with you.. and Muta is what you want to do with them. (Halal) always keep a good intention, If she wants to stay a virgin. dont convince her to break it.. you dont have to have intercourse in muta.. you can do outercourse .. and enjoy pleasure. its like eating a fat free, low calorie, guilt free cake. If you have fallen in love.. and she has not.. and she wants to leave you.. after using you.. enjoying you.. relax, set her free.. and remember.. If your in Muta.. its not like Nikah, that its up to the man if he divorces her or not.. he can drag the qula as well.. but in Muta its her right ..she can dump you whenever she wants.. and for any reason she can leave you.. its her right.. in Nikah men have alot of rights.. in muta women have all the rights.. even for the smallest reason she can leave you.. and its ok. you just have to move on. she leaves you.. be a perfect gentlemen and always keep the door open. dont try to chase her, call her too much, threaten her, stalk her, follow her, beg her ... all this is a turn off! the more you do this.. the more she does not like you and is more turned off!!! the best thing to do is respect her decision and let her go.. give her space.. believe me she will respect you for this.. and after a few days she would'nt mind staying in touch or even getting back together.. and maybe this time around she may really fall in love with you.. because you were a perfect gentlemen when she was not sure about you. some young girls i have heard say that the biggest gift you can give to your wife is your virginity. I disagree with this.. the biggest gift you can give to your wife is expertise and knowledge in how to be with your wife ( emotionally, physically, financially, and in every aspects). knowledge is not good enough.. if your experienced.. it comes very handy after marriage.. and she will thank you. wear nice perfumes when your in muta. interesting seductive smells.. clean clothes, clean underwear and socks, polished shoes. and make sure you dont have a bad breath. also make sure if going to bed.. make sure you carry protection.. (condoms). I suggest wear two condoms.. not one in bed. unless you get her tested. because HIV is very common nowadays. satisfying her sexually is another subject. fear of pregnancy is another subject.. how to avoid getting her pregnancy. If she gets pregnant.. then its your responsibility to take care of the upbringing of the baby atleast financially. these are all Islamic values.. zanadine.
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