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    Bismillah Ta'la. I have noticed lately that there are alot of issues surrounding this topic that have been posted lately. As many of you know, I am a revert to Islam. I was raised in a Christian family and chose Islam as my religion when I was 20 years old. Subsequently, approx 1/2 my family reverted to Islam and the other half are still Christian. If anyone has any questions or issues on this topic, please post on this thread and I will be happy to try and answer.
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    The Four Elements

    The idea that the world is composed of four or five elements (fire, water, earth, wind, and aether) was almost universal in the ancient world. The science and mythology of many ancient civilizations, from Greece to Japan, operated on this understanding. While Islam is not really married to the idea of four elements (it is not supported in an explicit way in the Quran or hadiths), it is interesting to note that Islamic metaphysics and cosmology use this system. This is especially the case in the spiritual world. The jinn are made from a smokeless Fire, the humans are made from Earth (Teen), and the soul (ruH) comes from the word for Wind (reeH). The Throne of Allah was settled upon Water (11:7), until that water was separated into the heavens and earth. The angels are from light (Noor, a word related to Nar). Allah does not raise a prophet except that he speaks the language of his people. He may have used these literary devices to explain a realm that is ultimately beyond our understanding (ghayb). The Quran is a book that needs to be intelligible to people, especially when speaking on the unseen and unknown. While the universe is simply not made up of H2O, the image of Water as a fluid, clear, shapeless structure is befitting to understanding the world. In physics, the concept of fields (gravitational, spatial) operate largely on fluid mechanics. “Water” is a chaotic substance that was then categorized, compartmentalized and distinguished into the world we know today. Similarly, a simple sample of the water (saliva) in your body can create an entire profile of who you are: your DNA, and therefore, your family lineage, your appearance, your susceptibility to diseases, and even parts of your personality. There are some things that are beyond literal and metaphorical. The dichotomy of literal and metaphorical is sometimes not just inaccurate, but harmful to our readings of scripture.
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    I studied both sides. When I originally reverted, I was mostly around Lebanese brothers. As you know, Lebanon is mixed and is about 1/2 Sunni and 1/2 Shia. So the brothers suggested that I study the differences and choose which way I thought was correct. So after about 2 years of research, I chose Shia because I felt it was the correct representation of the teaching of Rasoulallah(p.b.u.h). Also, an interesting story of our family, is of my grandfather. My dad wrote a book about his life. He is passed away now (may Allah have mercy on him). He was a tank commander in the US Army in WWII and was captured by the Germans and was put in a concentration camp and escaped. (I posted a more extensive story about him). Anyway, he was not muslim and none of his children are. (my father is not Muslim). But of his 6 grandchildren, three are Muslim (50%). Of his great grandchildren, who are 13 at this point, all are muslim. (100%)
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    Salam alaikum everyone, I hope you all are in the best of health inshallah, allahuma sali ala muhammad wa aali muhammad I just want to start by asking everyone if youse can please keep me in your prayers for I am going through quite a hard time at the moment. I am offering to make dua for anyone here as I have mentioned before that my dad will inshallah be going to cairo to visit the shrine of Imam Hussein (as), so if you guys have any needs or anything at all please don't be afraid to ask so that I can write it down on a piece of paper on your behalfs This is going to be a very long essay, but I really need to let my inner thoughts and feelings out, and I would like to hear some advice from others and hopefully it will loosen the tight knot in my chest. Throughout my childhood, I was a very sensitive person (and still am). I would take almost everything to heart, cry over stupid things and I never realised how serious that was till I became older. And it took quite a long time for me to change and become less sensitive. At the age of 14, I started to gain an interest towards my deen and I was known to be very religious and my parents looked upon me as that type of girl who was different from other girls. I even performed hajj during that year alhamdullilah it was such a beautiful experience. When I turned 16, I changed schools (an ISLAMIC SCHOOL) that had an impact on me. Although I did get influenced, I didn't completely change to the worst, but I did change and overall my personality changed and I became much more less sensitive and I felt like people found it hard to joke around with me or try to talk to me about certain things because of my sensitivity. Maybe I kind of lost my faith, but currently I am trying my best to increase my imaan again and try to be better But this isn't the problem at the moment. The real problem here is my parents My parents have been bought up in a very conservative society, with strict rules especially for girls. Before I never used to think that my parents were even that strict and I would tell myself that there are other families much more strict than mine so I should be grateful, but now I've had a different perspective towards that. THEY ARE SUPER STRICT. And it is very hard to open up to them, to tell them how I feel about certain things, because I just feel like they'll never understand how we feel as youth growing up in a different society. They think that whatever they're doing or whatever they believe is right and that they're doing all this to protect us which is true, but they just have too many restrictions which drives me insane as well as their over protectiveness. Ever since I have recently finished high school, I have been feeling trapped, and I've never experienced this kind of trap feeling before. Because of this, I have been experiencing a lot of mood swings as well as getting irritated very easily and mad. I have always been complaining to myself about having no freedom at all Things have became very difficult but alhamdullilah for everything. I have two really young sisters that I have to help look after everyday, same routine almost every single day. Before I never really used to complain about freedom, I never used to think about it that much, and thought that my parents were doing the right thing and that I should just listen to them. But now, I'm turning 18 by the end of this year inshallah, and I have realised that I haven't had that much freedom, I wasn't able to go out to places with friends, or barely even go to friends' house unless accompanied by a parent which sucks really and thinking about it now hurts. I wasn't allowed to do the typical things that normal teenage girls would do. Just thinking about how much my parents have restricted from me just bothers me and I always used to think that they weren't that strict compared to other families which is true but they are still generally strict. I felt like this kinda affected my self esteem and confidence, for i have always been a shy and quiet person because I would barely go out. Even tho things have became difficult recently, before my mum gave birth to my two younger siblings, it has always been like that. Not much freedom I remember one time when my mum was overseas, my sister had to go to some friend's house to work on an assignment i think, and my mum said no because she wasn't here and she wasn't allowed to go. Like seriously if you're Iraqi and you live in this strict iraqi household you'll understand Whenever i Would be invited to go somewhere I would say no, because I always felt like my mum would refuse. I'm going to bring up the topic again about how my parents almost lost their trust with me just because I plucked my brows behind their back. The last two years of highschool I felt really insecure about them and my mum would tell me there's nothing wrong with them, and that I'm not like those other girls, she would keep calling them "akhab" (idk the translation in english) and that apparently my reputation would be ruined if they see me pluck my brows. That apparently a girl who doesn't wax her face ppl have more respect for her smh.. it made me feel really insecure and I did get some bullying for it. I didn't tell them that though, it's just so hard to open up to them because they think they're always right. I give them proof that plucking eyebrows is not haram, yet they have the audacity to say that it is WITHOUT GIVING ME ANY PROOF BTW. I freaking gave them proof from our own marja'a that its not haram. Sometimes I just feel like they only care about what society will think but not how we feel as youth growing up in this generation, since their heels are so digged into this culture that dates back to the stone ages. Like so many families have already grown out of it and let their daughters do it, so idk what people they're talking about. You know what's funny? They worry so much about what other people are gonna think and how my reputation would get ruined, yet if I tell them that I don't like how they stand out, they will tell me not to care about people and fear Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى. It just doesn't make sense and that's the problem with families growing up in very conservative societies, they don't like change and they don't like it when their own children correct them when they're wrong. They say stuff like ohh you'll understand one day, but for gods sake I'm already turning 18. I was seen as a bad person for doing them, my mum even threatened me that I would be sent to my country if I laid my hand on them. I found that hard to believe and just thought that she was only saying that to scare me but she was being dead serious. I know some of youse might think that I am making such a huge deal about this, and yes I am. It's been driving me crazy. Sometimes I just try and pretend to not worry about it but it always bothers me. Every single day I pray for my parents. I pray for their health, their wellbeing, and I pray for their lives to be prolonged. But I also pray that Allah allows them to have a change of heart and for them to be more open minded and lenient. I am even starting to doubt my love for them. It's not just about my brows, that's not the only reason. It's just my parents in general. I always think about convincing them but everytime I imagine myself doing that, they'll get mad and say stuff which will make me mad and I can't control my temper. I should be grateful for everything they've done for me, but I just want them to feel what I've been feeling. How trapped I am. How they think that whatever they're doing is right even tho we may not like it. They'd assume that I'm a bad person and wanna be like the other girls. Well I aint gonna lie, it did kinda have an influence on me. But I started to see things differently. Usually when some people tell me that my brows are fine, I would agree them and be like yeah okay, but now no matter who comes and says that there's nothing wrong with them I don't get convinced myself not because I think that they're lying but it's just the way i see them are different. Like doesn't that show that I'm only doing it for myself and not for others? Sometimes I have hope, but then i start having doubts. Everytime I think that my parents will give me some freedom once I get to uni, I think about how is that even possible when they're restricting me from the smallest thing ever ? I don't want marriage to be the first thing on my list to gain my freedom. I get this feeling sometimes where I just wanna leave my home and walk out the door. I'm sorry for the really long essay, but I just had to rant. I hope youse can understand my situation and give me some advice to worry less. I promise I will make dua for anyone who wants May Allah grant us all jannah and may Allah allow us to be alongside the AhlulBayt(as) on the day of judgement and may Allah protect us from the punishment of the grave, Ameen. fee amanillah
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    A big issue we are facing is the confusion of culture with religion. Culture expects women to be submissive to men, particularly in the Middle East. While a man, according to Islam, has a degree of responsibility over his family, women are not encouraged to be submissive to men in Islam. As in, if your husband tells you to become a housewife and discourages you from working — that’s not of Islam. Islam is not a religion that encourages submissiveness to any man, ideology, fashion statement. Islam is about submitting to Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى. Didn’t Lady Khadijeh (AS) work and have her own business? So why are we breeding a backwards mentality and calling it Islam?
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    Khadim uz Zahra

    Make Shiachat Shiachat again

    There have already been quite a few instances of people openly criticising mods and, as far as I know, there are no cases where someone was banned for simply criticising a mod, and most certainly not by the mod who was criticised. Yes, we do generally maintain that mod decisions are not to be discussed in public and all appeals should be made via PM to avoid turning every disciplinary action into a public spectacle - that only invites chaos - and so people might face some action for that, but I don't know of any instances when a mod banned someone solely for criticising them. Even if action is to be taken, most of the time, the mod involved in the debate would ask others on the team to look into it, and I've seen this happen numerous times. As @notme pointed out, there's a lot you don't see behind the scenes so you may never know when a mod has excused him/herself from the process because they're involved in the debate themselves. I do see what's going on behind the scenes so I can tell you that I've seen mods do this on various occasions. I would also like to point out, on an unrelated note, that some people tend to point out that our rules are at times ambiguous. That much is certainly true and the rules that are laid out aren't perfect or all-encompassing because none of us are lawyers; however, we are always working on updating them. There have been numerous occasions in the past year that the whole team found a user's actions to be questionable but there was no explicit rule regarding said behaviour so we updated the rules to reflect that and ensure that future infractions of the kind cannot be skirted. Just last week, one of the mods refrained from taking action against a member because they wanted to not be unfair if there was no explicit rule about the member's misdemeanours. This was despite many other members actively asking mods to ban/discipline the person.
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    Son of Placid

    Thoughts 2018

    My first wife left me for a good friend who had started using cocaine. I moved half way across the country with my three boys. My second wife was widowed with two girls and a boy. This weekend we celebrate 28 years. My wife was working when I married her. When we married our pre-nup was, share everything. All bank accounts, work, kids, even our vehicles are registered in both names. Raising six kids on one paycheck would never work so she continued to work. I found her a position in the company I was working for and within six years she was making what I did, when I retired she was making 25% more than I was, and 60% more than my pension. She never worked for self promotion. To get her a raise I made her go to an interview for a job she didn't want but we knew she would get. When she got back to her desk the manager called her in and offered her 5% more than the substantial raise offered. All the kids are out on their own now, some married, some single, but all contributing. It makes a big difference to find someone who works with you rather than against you.
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    Female submissiveness

    Those acts within themselves are not degrading. But once they are used to trap a woman then they are. If a man chains his wife to the kitchen sink and blackmails her by making her choose between work or living with her children, that's disgusting. There is nothing wrong with a woman cleaning and cooking for her husband. The issue arises when he makes her do all that against her will (by taking away some of her freedom) because she is a woman. That is what I have an issue with. When a woman cleans and cooks for her husband, it should be because she loves and cares for him, not because that's her main job/use as a woman. No one is saying all women who cook and clean are submissive. What most are saying is that that is not a woman's job, but she chooses to do it out of generosity and love and care, and a mutual understanding between a couple.
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    Make Shiachat Shiachat again

    Mods must be the most civilized wild beasts ever. Then be part of the solution. We don’t function on pure predestination in our faith. We have the power to elevate our destiny. The biggest drain on this site is not the loss of a couple banned members, but the huge numbers of inactive members who can’t put in even the tiniest amount of participation. That’s just a small sample for you on the kind of stuff we deal with. If you like, re-send it again by PM to staff and it can be re-reviewed. While the rules are firm on insulting personalities, there is also flexibility. To quote directly from the guidelines: “The Shiachat.com team does however reserve the right to keep such threads open granted that it is put under heavy moderation and all parties engaged in the debate maintain a certain level of respect and maturity.” Interesting reminder. Mods receive many complaints and reports from many of you calling for the banning or disciplining of members. When mods don’t comply to these requests, they are called insensitive, supporters of corruption, betrayers of Islam, betraying their duties etc. When mods do ban, they are trigger happy tyrants and vicious beasts with a sadistic agenda. Looks like mods can’t win either way.
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    Make Shiachat Shiachat again

    The new system lets you see a list of topics from multiple subforums (or even the whole site), all on one page, all at once. Makes it much easier to browse new topics. In the old system, you had to open each subforum one at a time, either clicking the back button constantly, or having multiple tabs/windows open. It was horribly inefficient. The only appeal of the old system was its familiarity, definitely not its functionality. Admins and mods are usually well standing members of the site who can be entrusted with sensitive information, and to collaborate in maintaining rules. Although usually selected by other staff members, somebody is unlikely to become a mod or admin if they are controversial and aren’t in good standing with the general community. Although the “election” format was tried, do you think there’s a huge spring of eligible, qualified, motivated candidates? Ones who who don’t disappear for a few months? And are willing to do lots of tedious work? We have lots of big talkers, but not many who can handle the seat. Originally, in the “good old days”, there were 40+ subforums, navigated by the inefficient system described above. Because of this, many were abandoned ghost towns. It has since been reduced to around 25, which admittedly is still quite high. We’re open to ideas to reducing this, and if you have specifics on which subforums should be merged or changed, let us know. The reaction emojis are still a work in progress. Data is gathered on how often each are used, and whether they are appropriately used. They can always be added/changed/removed. That’s the goal. You’re complaining that is time consuming, but clicking on 40+ subforums one-by-one was fine? For this reason, many new topics in the old days were lazily placed in “General Discussions” (even though they really belonged elsewhere), because it was easy. Today, with the new system, members are better at placing topics in appropriate places. That’s a good thing if we care about organization. The current layout (the “fluid” style), is similar to the style used by Reddit, Facebook newsfeeds, news sites, etc. That’s better designed for those with low attention spans. Of course, the process can be even easier with reducing the number of subforums, which again, we’re open to specific proposals. This nostalgic sentiment is common, and I’m convinced it has more to do with remembering our younger days, when the internet was more fresh and exciting in our minds, and we had more free time to hang around. As we get older, we lose that wonder, and we often blame the site, rather than our own weariness. Objectively though, there’s really little inherently better about the past than now. Good topics and members existed then and now, but if you dig deep in the archives, you’ll see a lot of junk. That’s exactly the point. The old system was s nightmare to find new topics, unless you had the patience to open each subforum one at a time. Thanks a lot, we appreciate it. Running the site is serious business. Changing management “for fun” is not wise. Also not sure what “tradition” you’re referring to. Mods typically change after long inactivity or quit for other reasons. It’s an important job, and uses skills that develop over time, which is why long term stability is important. Changing mods is difficult, because it takes a while to “catch them up to speed” with a radically different site interface and experience. Only those who have done it will understand. As someone who works with the mod team frequently, I can assure you there’s no widespread “abuse” of any power. Actions are taken for a reason, often after team consensus. Mistakes in judgment are made, which only underscores the necessity of maturity and experience. The site is not hierarchical by most standards. Unlike many forums, we don’t have paid premium members, and most site features are accessible to everyone. Whether people stay or not is up to that individual, for whatever reason. Likely more outside personal reasons. I can assure you, mods do the best they can, and I trust their actions are always in the best interest of the site. We have that covered already. That’s mostly what is done historically. The previous election was a experiment. It’s clear to me, as most members have a limited understanding of the full scope of mod responsibilities, they may not be the best to make penultimate decisions on staffing. As somebody who participated in it, I can understand that feeling. To be fair, it was a first time experiment, and it had its positives and negatives. It generated excitement but also escalated grudges and factionalism as well. But overall, it ended on a good note. That’s appreciated. I believe this is only nostalgia talking. As I stated above, there’s virtually no advantages of the old system from a functional POV, and it was more tedious. The new system may have a slight learning curve for some, but overall, it’s made the site a much more pleasurable experience. That’s an important point. Mods are diverse, with varying levels of time commitment, expertise, and style. Bluntness is fine, as long as it’s within the rules. Of course, sometimes bluntness in bad taste is counterproductive. For me at least, to regret is an important part of the learning process. I definitely regret some posts I’ve made in the past. You make us sound like the Gestapo or SAVAK. Chill dude. Generally, members aren’t banned by the whim of an individual mod, but by consensus among the mod team, typically after long discussions, and only after multiple prior warnings, suspensions, mod previews, and a million chances to correct rule violations you guys don’t see. For me, it took only one click. Not sure who on the team fits these descriptions exactly. The amount of time you spend here is your personal choice. On one end, people don’t show up, but then complain the place is dead? And then pretend these are not mutually exclusive occurrences? Agree x 1000%. Also agree 1000%. Mods are still members, and are allowed to express their opinions and biases on topics as they wish, just like anyone else. It is up to an individual mod to determine how they participate. From an action taking standpoint, the consensus style of moderation lessens vigilantism. In fact, individual mods who get caught up in a contested public discussion are more likely to seek consultation with other mods to ensure a fair outcome, in my experience. Different interpretations of the rules exist, and those mods who are most active usually will direct the course of action. Any mod action can be appealed privately, and the team will discuss it and will either reverse or confirm the action. Having devoted, stable people who think beyond themselves is all we can ask for. We have lots of backseat talkers who will go as soon as there’s nothing in the site for “me”. More like it highlights the fact that mods are unpaid volunteers who can’t devote 24/7 to reading every post in the forum. And also they have certain information that you don’t have, which often explains the discrepancy between how mods see a member and how an unknowing public sees that member. Also, interpreting laws and guidelines is a difficult task, which is why people get years of high education to do it. But mods try their best. Hi Not sure what time you are referring to. I can assure you as well, in our present time (can’t speak for the past), “irritating” mods is not a criteria for getting a ban. Many members are irritating, but they don’t get banned. In fact, we have quite a high tolerance, and are far from “trigger happy”. With all due respect, how can you have an opinion on the validity of any ban without all the corresponding facts and knowledge (especially what’s behind the scenes). Relying solely on what you see publicly paints a very incomplete picture. There’s many misconceptions that need to be addressed. Firstly, members aren’t banned solely for their viewpoints or opinions, unless it’s overt blasphemy (which is rare, and banning is generally uncontroversial). Members get banned because of repeated breaking of rules, both publicly and privately (especially by PM). Finally, permanent banning is rarely the first step, and often many warnings and temporary measures take place first. All after mod consensus of course. Mods only enforce rules the best they can, and mistakes are made. To say mods are inherently vengeful is silly. The banned members thread was created for transparency, exactly to allievate your concerns. Banned members are a very tiny fraction of the site. A much larger portion (and of much more significant impact) of this site are voluntary inactive members (like yourself, as you’ve admitted).
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    Salam alaikum everyone I would like to thank each and every person from the bottom of my hearts for your responses, @Ruqaya101 @MartyS @rkazmi33 @Abu Hadi @2Timeless @Bakir @AbdusSibtayn @eloquence @layman alhamdullilah I am feeling much better now and I pray that Insha Allah your lives may be filled with joy, happiness and ease. I will try my hardest to be patient towards my parents inshallah and I'll leave everything else in the hands of Allah, if He wills for them to change or not @Bakir May Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى guide you and have ease in your life, for you are a strong brother who has gone through alot And @Ruqaya101 WALLAHI YOU MADE ME SO HAPPY LAST TONIGHT I'M SO GRATEFUL ALHAMDULLILAH YOU WERE SO EMOTIONAL all the best to everyone fee amanillah xx
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    Brain Cancer Duas

    I'm so sorry. Inshallah you're cured and your life goes back to normal, may Allah grant you perfect health. I'll be going to visit the imams in a couple of months, I'll keep you in my prayers when I visit the shrine, and I'll remember to pray for you until then sister.
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    No Interest in Anything

    im so tired of things im no longer intrested in things i used to want. im not intrested in anything. i feel like the evil eye happened to me because compare now to 2 years ago, i used to love life , have dreams , motivated and now im the opposite , i have no desire for anything , i dont want to continue anymore, im always feeling empty, and i pray to Allah everyday but things get worse and worse. what happened to me in just confusing to me and i dont where im heading.. i just want to know why im like this and km the only one thats like this? could it be the evil eye? because i know that i used to be succesful and it felt as if people got jealous and now im just like dead
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    Salam, These videos that get over million views such as "Imam Mahdi (as) miracle", "angel seen at ka'aba" are produced by people who want to make a mockery out of Islam, and it affects the beliefs of those who aren't well versed with religion. For example, there was a viral video of an angel which was seen at the ka'aba. I was shocked to see so many Muslims write "subhanallah" in the comments section. Firstly how can a fallible being see an angel in this world to start with? I'm sure you can come up with more ridiculous videos. The point is that we should be logical and see the purpose behind such videos. What are they trying to achieve?
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    Gender roles are a construct. Gender itself is not a construct.
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    True, but I think finding the balance is difficult when you change environments. For example, I have seen many cases of brothers who when they lived in their country, were practicing the religion very well, then when they came here to the US, they forgot about it. I'm not sure why, but some people tell me that when they were in (Insert name of Majority Muslim country) they heard the athan, they mostly saw women in hijab, they would walk down the street to the masjid, they attended Salat Jumah, they 'felt' Ramadan and Ashura because it was evident in the environment around them, etc. When this went away, they forgot about religion. I don't see how this is possible, but apparently it is. This is what I have heard, alot. I lived in a place where I never saw these things, except when I visited a muslim country for brief periods of time. I have never been in a muslim country for Ramadan or Ashura. So I don't know. I assume they're not lying. To me, someone saying 'I forgot about my religion' is the same as saying 'I forgot to breath' or ' I forgot that the sky is blue'. I don't see how that is possible.
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    I think people need to understand that Islam is a religion meant to bring balance and peace into one’s life. That we are meant to enjoy the secular as well as the deen/spiritual. We cannot live a full, fullfilling life when neglecting one or the other. Deen doesn’t have to be at the expense of letting go of the dunya. We don’t have to deprive ourselves of the halal enjoyments of this world if we choose to practice Islam. I think some people forget that we are meant to strike a balance between deen and dunya.
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    Female submissiveness

    Before we debate equality, we need to agree upon a definition of equality. Clearly men and women are not the same and have different assigned responsibilities and rights. I do not believe either gender is superior or inferior.
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    Female submissiveness

    What's worse is we've come to a point where we're advised to put it in our marriage contract to secure the simplest and most basic rights. We're told to put it in our contract to have the freedom to study and work if we please. Seriously? Do all men abuse their power? Does every bride need to secure her freedom through a contract? Whatever happened to trust? If you're marrying someone and you need those terms in your contract to secure such basic rights, what kind of man are you marrying?? (Sorry for going off-topic).
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    Khadim uz Zahra

    Female submissiveness

    To add to that, from an Islamic point of view, a woman is not obligated the least bit to cook and clean for her husband. In fact, she can even ask him to pay her for any housework if she so desires. That the man seeks to provide for the family and the woman looks after the affairs of the house may be part of Islamic ethics and a relatively efficient division of labour, but it is not a responsibility or obligation for a woman.
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    Okay. It seems people do not grasp the real problem and why dams in particular are the choice. The reason is that the underground water in Pakistan is depleting. We have already lost entire rivers of fresh water flow to neighboring India. The international law says that a country upstream has the right to take and store -any- water in a river that the country downstream does not use and lets flow out into the ocean. And India has built a lot of dams. A lot. Why? Because this region has always been about agriculture. And agriculture requires fresh water. Lots of it. Pakistan has been ruled far too long by foreign puppets with absolutely no vision except mega-corruption. The people here need to store water in a few large dams in order to replenish the ground water levels and have enough water to feed the backbone of its by far biggest but ruined industry of agriculture. And the "sane" way is to build dams asap by any means necessary. Why? Unlike LNG or Petrol or Coal or everything else the puppets have been needlessly importing from all over the world, water on this scale simply can not be imported. Bottled water is an alien concept to us and we can not allow the capitalists to take control that level as we are a poor nation. We can not rely or wait or expect the world to acknowledge our big problem and help. That would be anything but realistic to expect that and keep waiting. If they do help then that will be a bonus. I understand its an ambitious undertaking. And having large dams is not the only option, we can build smaller several instead of a large ones with similar storage capacity. But they ll need money so that is what we are doing. I worked on Basha dam project until 2007 and some of its requisites like a colony and the raising of the Karakoram highway are almost complete. So we have already invested a lot in the project. Just like we invested a lot for Kalabagh dam which the foreign puppet politicians very strongly oppose. To just roll over and die instead of trying to help ourselves is not a healthy attitude. In the condition our country is in after so much monumental pillaging by former regimes, the "sane" people all just had to do something, anything. The whole nation can't just fly the coop or end up like Afghanistan or Syria or Kashmir. Because that is where we have been going all these years. EDIT: Now, being realistic, we will probably never be able to build these dams. I can see that. Why I even faintly recall a hadith of end times that said this region will not grow crops or have much population by then and now I can piece the puzzle together. Pakistan is still brown nosing Saudia, and is still expecting something positive from NATO, entertaining them. It will never learn. Like the rest of the Sunni world it will have to follow and pay the price of folly. I don't expect these rulers to pull up and save it. Its probably too late now. HOWEVER, God expects of us to be charitable and accommodating to our brothers. There are many millions of Shia also living here. A Shia made this country. It is ours, too. God will reward us all of our good intentions and for TRYING for a noble thing. Who cares about the result. The result of all life is death anyway and the result of all constructions on the face of this world is complete disintegration. So..
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    Written on 'Moon'

    If you were living on moon, you will see the same written/embedded/carved on earth . Perhaps the reason for this is that you have written the name "Ali" on your heart.
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    Gender is not a social construct

    Amongst some of the people who promote pink and soft ways to replace traditional family customs, they have come up with a strange assertion. They claim that gender is a social construct and that males and females are actually the same, but culture has made all these weird "roles" for each gender. So they would normalise boys wearing dresses and playing with barbie dolls, and girls wearing boys clothes and playing with boys toys. Of course this is all an abomination and a form of transgression against morality. We know that the genders are different, we know they have differences in their brain, they have innate interests, and so on. Islam has given specific roles to males and females, that's it. Any attempt to oppose this is due to the false propaganda installed in the minds of people of pink freak leanings - and they are the ones who wish to destroy chivalry, masculinity, honor and noble protective pride aka gheera.
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    Salam alaykum, We should continue to support Iran because it is an example to the other Shi'a countries and Inshallah we will see Imam khamenei will hand over the leadership to Imam Mahdi (a.s) in our lifetime. The other shi'a countries (as is Iran) are plagued by the forces of shaytan through the dajjal system orchestrated by the Israel, US, and Saudi Arabia. I believe this is the era our prophet Muhammad (sawas) was speaking about. Also, Prophet Mohammed (sawas) said that a 'gold' will unveil itself in the euphrates river before the coming of Imam Mahdi and a great war and many calamities will be over this gold and that muslims should avoid it. He was obviously symbolically speaking about the oil since no one would understand what oil is at the time. The start of the war of oil possibly started at 2001, september 11. (9/11) The great nabi Mohammed (sawas) has reported: "The Hour (of Resurrection) will not occur until the Euphrates will recede revealing a mountain of gold. People will fight over it. Out of every hundred, ninety nine will be killed. Each man of them says 'May be I will be the one who survives'. " (Sahih Muslim) Another variation of this Hadith adds "If you see it (the treasure), do not approach it." "The Euphrates (River) will recede revealing a mountain of gold and silver. If you are alive (at that time), do not approach it" "There will be around the Euphrates, near AshSham ( Syria or Damascus) or a little after it, a great assembly (of armies). They will fight each other over wealth, and seven out of every nine will be killed. And that will be after the Al-Hadda (blast) and the Al-Wahiya (catastrophe) in the month of Ramadan, and after the split resulting in three banners (battalions or armies), each (head of a battalion or army) will seek the kingship (or possession of the wealth or treasure) for himself, among them is a man whose name is 'Abdullah." Al-Hadda (blast) and Al-Wahiya (catastrophe) clearly refer to a NUCLEAR explosion that will have catastrophic effects to the land, air, health and moral to people in that area. Jazakallah.
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    Karamaat for non-Prophets and Imams

    In Surat al-Kahf, not only do the non-prophets live for 309 years, but their dog does as well. In the tafsir of Surat Yusuf, a baby speaks, and in the tafsir of Surat al-Burooj another baby speaks. You mentioned Asif b. al-Barkhiya who brought the throne of Balqees. Maryam, a siddiqa, gave birth to `Isa (as) miraculously. The Imams are called siddiqeen in the Quran. As for strong proofs that the Imams can perform miracles: there are plenty of hadiths in our books where they do, including ones with sahih chains. It's always been interesting to me that the books and usul of Shiism, which were written so close to the lives of the Imams, report so many miracles, with chains going back to each one. In any other religion, miracles are basically embellishments that appear many years or centuries after the person is long gone, found in some anonymous or late source. However we have documented miracles even from the later Imams, including the 12th, during the lifetime of or shortly after the named witness. As for the karamat of scholars, I've witnessed it alhamdulillah. I'm not saying I saw someone teleport or shapeshift, but kashf for example is common among scholars and even ordinary believers. The Imams were able to do kashf at will, while the mu'min does it accidentally, and the scholar is somewhere in between. And Allah knows best.