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    • Okay, perhaps it is an issue with your browser or server, perhaps someone else can check to see if my links to my blog are working. 1. Yes there is a modality. 2. It is not necessary that there is an implication of size. We simply do not know nor can we speculate. Yes we can say that Allah's Hands are larger than our hands without meaning that in terms of size. After all, Allah Himself is Large and Larger الكبير اكبر. So we can use the terms large and larger, but not necessary referring to size. That is because large and larger are not always used to describe size, they can also be used to describe rank, etc. Also, it is not necessary that something which is larger in terms of size have a measurement, for example, infinity cannot be measured, so infinitely larger in size cannot be measured either. At any rate, we simply fall silent where the Text is not explicit, therefore we do not speak in terms of size whatsoever. 3. We cannot speculate on how Allah descends. We just believe He does, and the modality is known to Him not us. 4. What do you mean by necessary and contingent in this context?
    • l just watched NBC Early Today cover the "live bullets" in the Belarus riots, but never reports or mentions the flash-mob riots and looting in several US cities --probably because these cities all have Demoncratic 'leaders'.
    • That link doesn't work either. It says "islamsalvationfromhell.blogspot.com didn’t send any data." You do not explain the modality, but do you think there is one? Yes, while the revealed texts do not use the term size, this is the apparent/literal implication of the text. For example, do you believe Allah's hand is bigger than our hand, or smaller than our hand? The apparent meaning of the text implies that His hand is bigger than ours. But, this would then mean Allah's hand has a size. Even if we do not know "how much" bigger Allah's hand is, it will still have a measurement. When Allah descends on Thursday night for example, does Allah go from not descending before the night, and then he starts to descend when night time happens? This would be an example of change.  Ok, so you believe attributes like power and knowledge are distinct. Are they necessary or contingent?    
    • Pardon me, what I meant to say is that the Hashemites of the Hijaz during the First World War, who were aided by the British, were not Wahhabis. The Wahhabi-Saudis actually attacked the Hashemites of the Hijaz and drove them out of the Hijaz in 1925.
    • This is not a clear sentence. Can you re-write it? As an aside, this is the first time @Ashvazdanghe and l have read the same post and have opposite reactions. Bro, what part(s) do you disagree with?
    • The link should work, just copy and paste it in your address bar. Here is another URL islamsalvationfromhell.blogspot.com 1. I more or less agree with Salafi/Athari/Hanbali creed as it pertains to Allah's Attributes, but creed encompasses other matters too, so it is not necessary that I will always agree with their creed on every subject and issue. Specifically, I disagree strongly with Ibn Taymiyah's belief in tasalsul fil hawadith or an infinite regress in events. According to that doctrine, Allah's act of creating has no beginning, and so it cannot be said that there is any one thing which is the first creation in an absolute sense, nor can it be said that there was ever a time when Allah was alone by Himself. I totally disagree with this belief. I believe Allah existed and there was nothing with Him, then He decided to create the creation, which He created from nothingness, i.e., creatio ex nihilo. 2. I accept the apparent meaning, yes, but I do not explain or imagine the modality or the كيفية 3. I cannot speak of size because I fall silent where the Divinely revealed texts are silent. That is the methodology of the Hanbali/Athari creed, we cannot speculate on matters that we have no knowledge about as it pertains to Allah's Essence and Attributes. 4. I do not describe that as "change", but I do believe that Allah's attributes of activity are tied to His will, so He speaks when He wishes. I cannot speculate on whether Allah is eternally speaking or if He speaks then ceases to speak then speaks again, etc. I cannot speculate on such matters as a matter of caution. 5. The attributes of Allah like power and knowledge are Divine, but they are not identical to His Essence.
    • This is news to me that in your madhhab a woman can give the khutbah and call the adhan. In my Madhhab, a woman can never give the khutbah or even sit on the minbar, nor can she ever call the adhan publicly. Let me ask you, is Lady Maryam سلامٌ عليها superior to her son sayyidina Masih al-Ma'wud عليه السلام? And is Umme Musa سلام الله عليها superior to sayyidina Musa عليه السلام? So what was the point of mentioning this? My argument is not that every individual male is superior to every individual female. That is obviously not the case. There may even be times and places where majority of pious people are women and majority of evil people are men. My point is that the male gender itself is superior to the female gender, which is why, for example, the institution of Risalah is a male institution, as Allah says: "ِWe sent not before you except men to whom We revealed..." (12:109)
    • Oh ok very interesting. For some reason the link isn't working. I hope you don't mind if we have a discussion on your beliefs? You say you are not Salafi, but what you say in the sentence sounds very Salafi. What aspects of Salafi aqeedah do you disagree with? When you say Allah has two hands, eyes, and a face, do you accept this by the apparent meaning?  Also, you say they are not comparable to created things. My question would be, do you think Allah's two hands for example, have a size? Even if this size is different/bigger than any other hand in creation, and even if we do not know the size, do you still affirm that Allah's hand has some size? Also, with regards to the attributes of action you mentioned, do you think Allah changes? As in He goes through intrinsic change? In other words he is not speaking/loving/coming at one point, but then at some later point he starts the action? Also, what do you say about attributes like power and knowledge? Are they identical to God? Or distinct?
    • Salam it's about men & women relation but in shia Islam a woman can do whole of these action just for a group of women even a woman can be marja for other women  this is a wrong comparison & doesn't  prove your point that also other pious women mentioned  in holy Quran like lady Maryam (sa) & her mother & Asiah the wife of pharaoh  & mother of prophet Musa (عليه السلام) .
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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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