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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. Excellent resources created here. If you still need any help with the Arabic content I am willing to help.
  3. 2400GMT/2000EDT,MemorialDay,Monday,25May2020 5,494,,455 Cases (+96,505) 346,434 Deaths (+2,826) 2,299,139 Recoveries 2,848,882 Active Cases of which 53,224 are Serious or Critical. The US has 99,300 Deaths The WHO fears "silent epidemic" on the African Continent as there is only 2% of reported global cases there. Brazil has now the 2nd largest number of cases after the US [363,618 vs. 1,686,436]
  4. And vice versa. Look at the spaced-out people we have here on Earth. Hillary, Creepy Joe, Trump, . . .
  5. Please try and read around the topic I would recommend Stratfor As someone who has Shaam close to his heart, it crushes me to think what occurred there.
  6. So are Sunnis also under that category? He (عليه السلام) is their 4th Caliph and all sufi orders go back through him to the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم). Also they do not deny the wilayah, they accept Ali (عليه السلام) is Maula but just disagree it was an appointment of succession. I think by shia you mean 12 and for that reason this definition isn’t enough.
  7. According to the news, the spike in food prices in the last couple of months is the highest since the 1970s. The 'big' reason back then was inflation, which our common enemy -the Federal Reserve- used to inflate the economy; and the USAID sponsored "oil shocks". Other "opportunities" for price gouging were in coffee, orange juice and processed commodities. This time the excuse is "the supply chain". The meat industry has a C-19 Disruption, so under cover of "supply and demand" --as if every shipment of meat is auctioned off at the dock and not under contract-- prices are arbitrarialy raised. Most likely so the managers can get bigger bonuses. But other products are having their prices raised (watch peanut butter)(and tomatoes). As l always told my sisters, inflation is your biggest enemy. l told my students that the Fed was their biggest enemy in Life.
  8. Today for Lunch I had beef-potato stew with rice, for dinner I had burger and fries with some cheese bites and Fanta.
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  10. Loud music has part in causing these disorders if you have a weakened immune system.
  11. If it goes wrong, it goes horribly wrong and for that it's not worth it. And what someone says and what someone does are different things. He might be saying "Yeah yeah sure, of course!" just to move things along to get married asap, then once a child is born new rules will come out of nowhere. I really recommend you listen to this
  12. @guest 2025 very interesting brother, good find.
  13. Many people here tend to think of Sunni and Shia as two separate boxes. You are either in the Sunni box or in the Shia box. I don’t see it that way. Islam is a spectrum. There are numerous views/perspectives within Sunni Islam, some of which are closer than others to average Shia positions. For example, in terms of belief, many Sufi Sunnis believe that the power of wilayah was transferred to Imam Ali (عليه السلام). There are even Sufis who are Sunni Twelvers, in the sense that they believe in the Twelve Imams as spiritual leaders of the ummah after the Prophet, peace be upon him. Most Sufi tariqas include at least the first eight Shia Imams in their spiritual lineage. Same could be said about fiqh. There are various fiqh positions in Sunni Islam; some of which are closer to Shia fiqh than others. Imam Malik, for example, encourages praying with hands down (like Shia). He also holds that it is preferable/mustahabb to prostrate on a nature substance, like a straw mat. Again, close to what Shias say and practice. On the other hand, Imam Shafi’i insists on reciting the Bismillah loud in prayer, and on sending salawat on the Prophet and his family in tashahud. So, as a Sunni Muslim, if you combine the positions of Shafi’i and Imam Malik, you can pray 98% like a Shia, while still following "Sunni" fiqh. There are various different perspectives within Shia Islam as well, both in theology and in fiqh. Again, some are closer to the average Sunni position than others.
  14. Siri, pull up "early life of Alan Dershowitz" "Sure! Dershowitz was born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on September 1, 1938, the son of Claire (née Ringel) and Harry Dershowitz,[11] an Orthodox Jewish couple. He was raised in Borough Park.[12] His father was a founder and president of the Young Israel Synagogue in the 1960s, served on the board of directors of the Etz Chaim School in Borough Park, and in retirement was co-owner of the Manhattan-based Merit Sales Company." Almost every time....
  15. They’re the flip side of the same coin as per Imam Ali in the sermon I quoted. Of course you have nothing to even counter that sermon as it is coming from Imam Ali himself so you resort to emotions. Good try.
  16. Spewing such divisive slander against the lovers, mourners and lamenters of Ahlulbayt (عليه السلام).... And then have them on an equal footing with the haters of Ahlulbayt (عليه السلام).... May Allah guide us all. Enjoy your Eid.
  17. Look up willful intent. I have to be candid here, people are trying to manage impression. To down play, is to marginalize the issue, which is your interest. Not the interest of the Religion. People need to find clear path to the teachings of Muhammad al- Mustafa (peace be upon him and his pure progeny). People who did not obey the Messenger, ( Tragedy of Thursday) , Ghadir Khumm, Saqifa, Battle of Jamal, Battle of Siffin, Karbala are not the ones who provide the clear path to Allah(عزّ وجلّ) Religion. So, to say, don't duel in the past is a mirage. And Yes we are doing something about it.
  18. The verses you quote don't mention any individuals by name. They mention general reprehensible character-traits, e.g. the unjust, liars, people who speak evil things. Besides, I asked for an 'aqli reason, not a naqli reason, as to what one would achieve by cursing. Suppose I am in a dark room. Which is more constructive? 1. Repeatedly cursing the darkness or 2. Doing something about it; lighting a candle, turning the lights on?
  19. Many people simply "ease into" a new madhhab rather than deciding they are going to change their maddhab overnight. It can be a gradual journey rather than a sudden shift. This can even happen with changing one's religion. A friend of mine married a Christian. At first, his wife was quite firm that she wouldn't change her religion (though she respected her husband's); then she gradually became interested in Islam. She would fast the entire Ramadan and read the Quran regularly, for many years before deciding to formally convert. She took her time to fully familiarise herself with Islamic beliefs and practices before making a public commitment. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Now, they have two kids and a loving family.
  20. Funny. Surely, had I said “Nasibis are in for a surprise...” this wouldn’t have been slanderous I suppose? So please elaborate what was so slanderous.
  21. In general, I'm a proponent of "Sunni-Shia" marriages: as long as there is mutual love and respect, the religious differences are easy to transcend; after all, all Muslims follow the same Prophet and the same scripture; the core beliefs and practices are the same. That being said, I don't know the nature of Sunni-Shia relationship in the OP's homeland. In some places, whether you are Sunni or Shia is enmeshed with your ethnic identity or political views; for example where there is a civil strife in a country, and Sunnis and Shias are on different sides of the political divide, each side seeing the other as traitors. Unfortunately, love, powerful as it is, does not always conquer all. So, even I concede that such marriages, though in principle possible, are not wise in all circumstances.
  22. In a situation where one isn't sure whether it's Eid or not, he can travel and break his fast. Another person who follows one Marji who doesn't have Eid whilst his family follow a different Marji who does have Eid, the person can travel if he wishes and break his fast so that he can enjoy a feast with his family.
  23. To You and All. As a Layman, I can see/read/understand that Allah(عزّ وجلّ) revealed a complete Surah # 63 al-Munaafiqoon (The Hypocrites) & Surah #23 al- Mu'minoon (The Believers) - So, among the followers/disciples will be two type of people. So, not sure if the Companion really is the right thing to say. Muhammad al- Mustafa (peace be upon him and his pure progeny) was the most truthful and trustworthy person living among(Companion) the Meccan so it may have something to do with this fact. However, You may be on to something more than you intended. This will imply that, for people reading today, as Allah(عزّ وجلّ) addresses them that "Your Companion" Muhammad Al- Mustafa (peace be upon him and his pure progeny) is/will be our Companion till the end of time.
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