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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. Brooo you still haven't read the post
  3. Why after the reappearance of the 12th Imam (عليه السلام), and not now? Its not like people don't know what it is anymore. In fact, for better or for worse there aren't many people in the civilized world that don't know what Islam is and who the Prophet Muhammad ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) was at this point. A growing amount of non-Muslims have, at the minimum, at least heard the terms Shi'a and Sunni as well. 10 years ago in the U.S. & most of Europe no one knew what Shi'a or Sunni even meant. As such, information about it is available to the majority of the world as to what its beliefs and views are. Qurans are available in almost every bookstore or can be read or bought online. Even those that twist the verses of the Qur'an to suit their own purposes still manage to quote the verses verbatim. How can any non-Muslim currently in the world have an excuse for not knowing what Islam and its beliefs are? Whether they accept, or even agree with, Islam is a different story. I don't think the majority of the world can use the excuse of not knowing what Islam is.
  4. This is why I asked if people here know better this group and are really responsible of what they are accused. If yes this is really a shame that such people identify themselves as Shia Muslims.
  5. They look like the Aryan Nations (Sadistic Souls) white supremacist biker gang, but Iraqi! lol Not sure how they think they are adhering to the Muslim faith while going around selling drugs, assaulting people, stealing, etc. They have some pictures with Imams on their FB page, while sporting tattoos and carrying weapons.
  6. Salams brother and sister! Before beginning, I just want to wish everyone a Ramadan Mubarak and inshallah all your Duas and amaal gets answered and accepted in the spiritual nights of laylatul qadr. If you have read my last post, I was engaged to someone who had completely made me feel as thought I was not worthy enough, who always complained that I needed to change, had put myself esteem down completely. Humdlilah, when my mind had finally opened up and I had enough I left him. Although I felt a relief in some sort of way, I feel like the scares were/ are still there. I still feel unworthy, unwanted and completely unloved by everyone around me. During the last 3 months of my engagement, my actions and behavior changed completely, I had more patience, I was not as opinionated, and was not angry. Now I feel like no one is understanding where I’m comming from and everyone is taking me the wrong way, I try to voice myself now, and because it’s an unusual thing from myself, people tend to get defensive with me which could and sometimes does lead to a misunderstanding or argument. The other problem was, a few weeks after I broke it off, We had found out my father was diagnosed with cancer, and all these problems started happening within my family which took my mind off the break up. After a little over a month, my dad had a cardiac arrest, but Humdliah survived. All these problems came in one big hit, and I felt as though my close “friends” were not as supportive, everyone was moving away from me because obviously everything that was going on effected my happy mood and I was just constantly stressed, and upset. It’s like they got sick of me in a way. Now that Humdlilah my dad has gotten better, I’m also getting better in life Humdlilah. Although, I go through times we’re I feel like I’m not okay, that I’m not worthy etc, I feel like I’m just angry at everyone and annoyed from everyone and that life is just tiring. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t really allowed myself to heal from everything, that I try to avoid the hardships that I had faced. Or if it’s because I feel like no one really cared or took into consideration what I was going through, I didn’t get the proper support that I would do for them. it seems that I’m still that opinionated, aggressive, angry person and I’m so sick of myself being like this, I miss my old self, when I had this relief and happiness constantly. Is is there any advice that may help me? Has anyone gone through this? I feel like I’m going to stay like this forever :/ sorry the the story is jumbled up, but I honestly don’t know how I can explain it in another way. Wasalan.
  7. Salam everyone, Recently I've been incredibly stressed out, more so than I've ever been in my whole life honestly. The problem starts a couple of years ago, when I was incredibly careless about najasat. In a change room, I happened to pee my shorts while they were wet, and being as careless as I was, I put those najis wet shorts in a reusable bag that I used for my swimming clothes. Now, I'm pretty sure I came home and washed my shorts, but I'm unsure about the bag. It's possible that I continued to use the bag without washing it (the most likely option), or I placed it somewhere around the house and it was no longer in use. My problem now is that I'm no longer sure of where that bag is, and whenever my family members use any reusable bag to bring in groceries I feel nauseous thinking it might be that one. There are tons In our house so I can’t be sure. Another question is in terms of ayatollah Sistani's ruling for mutanajjis items, if my shorts are the first mutanajjis item, the bag is the second and that means that whichever future item goes in while wet would become the third and can no longer transmit najasat, right? Please help as I'm very stressed out about prayer and feel completely helpless.
  8. Are there some brothers in Germany who know this group? If yes do you think they are really responsible of what they are accused? https://m.dw.com/en/biker-gang-raid-what-do-we-know-about-al-salam-313/a-48839866
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  10. That's like saying its okay for someone to invent a new religion out of nowhere and claim that it brings them closer to God,since we can choose whatever pathway to reach Him.
  11. Well technically, a lunar month can be 29 days right ? Which would make the night of 19th one of the last 10 nights...
  12. Thank you, I already saw that video.
  13. Was just watching the video of Ali Banat (may Allah grant him Jannah) who only had less than a year to live since he got diagnosed with cancer. When asked about the value of the expensive car he owned, he replied "this is worth one pair of thongs for an African child with no thongs", "it's worth more to me to see him smile with a pair of thongs than to own one of these"
  14. Yeah add @Propaganda_of_the_Deed to your list of 40 mu'mins in salatul layl please
  15. Before I begin... I want to make it clear that I know this issue is not black and white, and the general idea is that Allah is most merciful and most just and takes into account OPPORTUNITIES and KNOWLEDGE on the day of judgment. ...... This is actually an important question that I had... does the Shia Jafari ruling [see islamquest or al-Islam] mean that eventually the inculpable ignorants will go to heaven (suffering in hell), or will it be immediate (no suffering in hell) You bring up a good point. If I understand you correctly, you are guessing that non-'Muslims' who do good deeds and have TAWHID belief and are culpable ignorant, will suffer in hell but will eventually make it into heaven... whereas the culpable non-'Muslims' who do SHIRK will suffer permanently in hell? [As a general rule of thumb] ...and of course we need to remember that there are different levels of Tawhid and Shirk. This seems logical, but I don't know the truthfulness to it. ... SHIRK is the only sin that Allah might not forgive you for, despite your sincere repentance. This creates a new discussion... Surely some inculpable ignorants will be punished in hell for their SHIRK before reaching heaven? The ruling implies otherwise, and possibly implies that all inculpable ignorants are treated the same, and TAWHID vs SHIRK is not taken into account. Let me further explain... As it stands, it makes no sense that [in general] among those who do good deeds, ignorant Sunni Muslims and ignorant People of the Book and ignorant Polytheists/Atheists are all on the same level. I though monotheism was part of the fitrah... is it not? The ruling states otherwise. It also doesn't take into account how much they are on the straight path. There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. This belief makes you a Muslim. Surely that's worth much more reward than an ignorant idol worshiper. The ruling makes more questions than it answers. Please help us answer these complicated questions @Ibn al-Hussain https://www.islamquest.net/en/archive/question/fa283
  16. Al-Qaddafi claims Assad used chem weapons , US takes Their Words & warns Assad of quick response
  17. Salam until time of reappearance of Imam Mahdi (aj) & second coming of Prophet Isa (عليه السلام) “Jesus” all people of book have excusefor not accepting Islam but after that they won’t have any excuse but before that they will judge on their actions not believing to Islam but after reappearance & second coming anybody that refuses Islam deserves Hell .
  18. I don’t understand your question but I ring it from trustable & well known sites although it doesn’t mention the chain maybe it be helpful
  19. Please remember each other in your duas tonight!
  20. Seems to me that this thread has a lot of personal opinion, selective quoting of Qur'an verses and some level of Muslim Apologeticsm going on here. I'm not advocating that non-Muslims won't or shouldn't make it to Heaven. Allah, in his infinite Mercy and Wisdom, is the only who will make that decision. I'm also not advocating that just being Muslim guarantees you entry automatically either. We're all going to be judged accordingly by his divine judgment. I would like to believe that being a Muslim increases your chances based on the precepts of our religion (every religion in the World say that its followers are better off in the afterlife, while other religion's followers aren't, so its not something exclusive to Islam). However, we can't start picking and choosing which Quranic verses suit our opinion, while ignoring or knowing the ones that go contrary to them. Many people are quoting verses here without knowing of, or mentioning, the complete set of verses which touch upon the topic of the afterlife for people that do not follow Islam (that was my original reason for starting this thread, I already know upon which basis Muslims will be judged, I wanted to know what the basis for Non-Muslims was). Perhaps we should all set some time aside to first build a list of everywhere in the Qur'an that this topic is brought up? To find out every instance of this topic being discussed in our holiest text. After we have a proper list compiled, we can start researching the tafsir's of Islamic scholars (it is Ramadan after all, what better time to research Quranic data?). Until we take those steps this discussion will only be driven by personal opinions and not grounded in fact. This is thread is just going back and forth with personal opinions in my opinion at this point.
  21. They argue that God is so great He can do as He wants, even come down to Earth as a human. We say, God is so great He does not need to appeal to simple minds by coming down to Earth as a human. He has nothing to prove, and the Qur'an tells us many times that even if He came down or showed some sign, people would still disbelieve. He doesn't need to prove anything, such is His greatness.
  22. I didn't read the full thing because to use the comparison of God to a man that can be a father, son and husband just shows the limited understanding of God. When a person compares God to man they have opened up their shortness of intelligence for all to see. Also agree with all of the above.
  23. Out of curiosity, what is the grading of the chain according to your scholars?
  24. Brother, don’t let them confuse you listen to this and compare it in your brain with their ideas 1) Jesus ate food and drank Water If he is God why does he need nourishment to survive like a creation does ? He should have some sort of godly powers if he is son of God or God like maybe not sleep at all maybe not cry at all maybe not feel hunger 2) Jesus never claimed he was God look at the Bible he says My father is greater than me My father is greater than me 3) Jesus lived and according to them DIED well a person that was born , lived like a human and supposedly died like a human how can he be God . Isn’t he limited and restricted as any other creation of Allah. He can’t go days and days without eating could he then isn’t he limited like creation, 4) Who is Jesus praying to if he is God himself ?? Since they say father and son same God at the same time how? Can they coexist when clearly the son came after the father 5) some one will stand up and say God came down as spirit inside Jesus body well then I don't know what you guys believe but I can say that God doesn’t need to come down in any body as doing this would limit him I.e have you ever seen something which is limitless be confined inside limited body ,can you pack inside the whole ocean in a jar NO! You can’t The moment God comes like human down then it is proved that God couldn’t sit there and protect all his People so He HAD to do this so people could be understand him. The God I know doesn’t HAVE to do anything he can will and it happens
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