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  2. Not too surprised by their experiences, although the various clips by some Nasibi is really disgusting. How can someone be so focussed on hating and backbiting other pilgrims. Just shows how toxic wahabism is to the mind and soul.
  3. It could be anyone! including you and I. Only God knows! Or, God will reveal this to us on the Day of Judgement. We can hope and pray that God counts us amongst those of iman and not those amongst the hypocrites or the faithless... inshallah.
  4. Undoubtedly Turkey is the Sunni equivalent of Iran with their Neo-Ottomanism which should also be rejected and is no surprise the two are beginning to become closer and closer?
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  6. I definitely agree with you, that the aforesaid country and it’s 'sprigs' and propagandists are taking advantage of my country and the Middle East. And that evinces that I’m not in a personal 'war' with you, neither am I jealous of whom you follow. At the end, we’re followers of the holy family. And we won’t be asked about this or that. What’s important is to love him, and him alone. However, I’d beg to differ & ‘difference in opinion, doesn’t deprave of friendliness,’ as they say. Politics is structured on interests; that’s why you’d see the aforementioned country and it’s branches, wishing to have a friendly alliance with Turkey or the 'Muslim Brotherhood,' because they’ve got the same colonial, exponential and conquering mindset. Turkey wishes to bring back their Ottoman Empire, and the 'Muslim Brotherhood' dreams of a caliphate. The aforementioned country also wishes to expand the operation, and rule more countries from afar, by the remote-control - of fear from foreign powers, obviously. Your friend, also has the same political sly and guileful mindset. He tried fighting the invasion (and failed at the end...) - and got his funding from Iran. After failing in doing so, he went to Saudi Arabia and made an alliance with them. Such people, are called in Arabic: Meaning, sly/cunning spiny-tailed lizard. They’ll try to deceive and trick for their interests, even if that meant going to the eternal hellfire. As for pushing off terrorism: that, I’ll give for the soldiers that gave their lives. He wasn’t on the front. All militia 'leaders' in Iraq live in their palaces, and only come out when a province is liberated, to go take selfies and pose with dead fighters - they go in military uniform, that has clay and soil on it, to make it seem as if they did anything. Also, his so called, 'Peace Companies' participated in Syria. And he met the Syrian president many times. Not once, not twice... but thrice! The best I see, is to leave them all alone & follow the Holy Family of our Prophet.
  7. Hafiz was not a Sufi. He criticized Sufis in his poems.
  8. Lol this is hilarious https://twitter.com/Hxmaliik/status/1120047526873378816?s=09
  9. Have you tried sudoku? Maths, algebra and logic are really interesting. If your daughter was older, I would suggest you to teach her how to create numerical puzzles or how to quickly solve an equation by finding the relationship between numbers...but she is only 7 therefore sudoku is a good option, I think.
  10. Hi SoP If the WARSH is still in use in parts of Africa, then the HAFS-WARSH differences simply cannot be in the text, rather in things like script and /or pronunciation. Because, if my information is correct, at the moment, textually, every Qur'an ALL over the world is exactly the same. And that gives substance to my niggling suspicion that the author has manipulated the differences in script and / or pronunciation to make it sound like textual. He has put in a lot of work, of course. So we cannot take him lightly. if there are people in this site with the overall knowledge and expertise to dismantle this article, please come forward. Otherwise, we need to look outside the box. I think this subject requires fairly high-level scholarship - perhaps not of one but a team of scholars. I would request those of us who have contacts with English speaking scholars (Shia and Sunni), to give them this article for their written comment. If a number of people in this site can hep, we could get several teams of scholars working in different parts of the world and then collate the results. A non-English speaking scholar may be helpful as a consultant, but he will not really be able to actively lead the project. If I was living in Iran, Iraq or other ME countries, I might go full steam with this. There are a few English speaking scholars in the part of the world I inhabit, and I will see if I can get in touch with them, but as things stand at the moment, I doubt it. I am sorry I cannot explain my difficulties in this matter in further detail. But I am hoping some others may be able to help. Mods and admins, could you please use your resources to help dismantle the article in question. Anyway, anyone reading this -: if you can find ( and get in touch with) an English speaking Muslim scholar, please bring this article to his notice and please try to arouse his interest. We really need to do something about it. However, until the author of the article replies to my email, if he ever does, I am going to keep reading bits and pieces, to see if I can see through the silver painting. The first thing one notices is that the article has been published in a godless website (the name free-minds is a clear indication that it is godless). So even though the author seems to bear some sort of a Muslim name, he clearly is a former Muslim. Therefore readers should not expect honesty of purpose from him. But just because he is a former Muslim, we cannot say that he is talking rubbish. We have to refute his arguments logically. Until more can be done, let us all keep reading it and see what we can make out of it. I have a lot of other stuff on my plate at the moment but I too will read it when I can. We should read it slowly as the flaws will be more easily apparent if we read it slowly and concentrate upon it. All those of us who can, let us get to work now and share our findings, if any. In the meantime, also, let us not forget our search for English-speaking scholars. The article has been given to us by a member and is as follows: https://www.free-minds.org/sites/default/files/WhichQuran.pdf Thanks again, SoP, for that link. God bless you.
  11. One of the hallmarks of DAESH is that they don't except anyone other that those with their own ideology (or their own sect if you will) as citizens in their so called Islamic State. Those who is not like them has either been killed or enslaved. As far as I know most Islamic societies through history has always allowed for non-Muslims to live there. Even if you use the Prophet(صلى الله عليه وسلم وعائلته) as an example or Amir al-Muminin(عليه السلام), they always allowed people from other religions to live among the Muslims as long as they did not present a direct physical treat. And it makes good sense because the Qur'an says that there is no compulsion in religion. So people don't have to convert if they don't want to. It is a matter between them and Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى)
  12. Perhaps have her read age-level books on science there is a lot of fun/interesting things you could likely find on this subject especially for her age.
  13. Well Iran has no problem sending their citizens to live in Iraq and Syria, with that aside there is a large influx of Afghans and Pakistanis living in Iran as of recent years.
  14. @Notme Well there you go. I think if you come up with a good plan and program you will achieve great results. And remember one great book is better then 100 "meh" books, right? Also, I like your way of thinking as it should be: convincing. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ On a side note I would like to point about books etc. in the West: I am myself born and grew up and still live in the West. I do not believe all books made here are always bad or so but most of the books that you can find in the store and sadly in my case at the national libraries are from a certain type. The type the anti-Islamic mindset and "elite" would allow or even push. While many great books will never be allowed for obvious reasons. So please be aware. It is even so that they use all kinds of psychological tricks and various ways to hide very bad teachings. For example Nickelodeon, Hollywood produced, teen consisting but for children shows and cartoons, in which they always portray parents as stupid and annoying. (in the And Disney with it's many hidden sex drawings; Books I can't really name examples right now, but I have seen them myself in this Western country.
  15. So spending his money to build an army to defend the Iraqi people from foreign occupation is on himself? Sending aid to Fallujah while America and Iraq's "government" were besieging thousands of people is on himself, and standing up for Iraq whilst its neighbors Turkey and Iran are draining its water, using its resources and sending its young people to die for the tyrant Bashar is on himself? I don't need to be Iraqi brother to be logical and understand basic things, Iran is clearly taking advantage of Iraq and the Arab world, they want to dominate the Arab states, Hezbillah's founder even acknowledged this when they were fighting Israel back in the 80s how Iran began to infiltrate their movement from being the Islamic Resistance to being Iran's mercenaries. Iraq is no different today, Iran's people were the same ones who administrated Abu Ghraib with the CIA they are dividing Iraqis and Arabs.
  16. Seriously it is the way you present those arguments like it is the first time anyone has been made aware of what you are presenting. Friend???? You are all my brothers even if somewhat misguided. Brother you tried your best to argue in that thread from a standpoint of finding one liners or words without understanding all the while thinking that the brother had not done his due diligence and was an internet warrior. He is from the Hawza and an academic and what he was saying you either failed to understand, just like the Quwa and Fael and its degree of possession, or did not want to understand just because you had a preconceived position and or teamed up. The authenticity of khutba e Fadak is a completely different proposition to the superiority of Hazrat Abbas(عليه السلام) to Ruhullah Ulul Azm Prophet Isa(عليه السلام). The first is academic and the second is conjectural warped Qiyas. Here you thought Abul Fadl was a special fazeelat like the Prophet(sawws) especially bestowed upon Imam Ali(عليه السلام) of Abu Turab.
  17. I think you need a good sleep or time for rest. Please have it and spare me. Ok, and what you and your friends were doing here? Khutba e Fadak was the words of Al-Jahiz, this is Shia position? And should I refer you more threads? You're continue to throw allegations on me despite the fact that I have never claimed that I am a scholar nor I have claimed that I am presenting Shia position. Whatever has been mentioned is a fazeelat in my opinion.
  18. She likes figuring stuff out. Maybe she would enjoy mysteries. I wonder if she's old enough to enjoy The Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew. Are those even appealing to modern kids? And how to get there from stories of magic cats?
  19. Heh. She's 7. We're at the level of multiplication, division, and some fairly simple logic and algebra. Other than Al Jibra, I don't know if history has recorded who is responsible for those.
  20. Brother you quote these one liners like the scholars are not aware of them. Besides the full Hadith e kisa is not even part of Sheikh Qummi's Mafiteh. This is trying to go ahead of the scholars and I am sure you don't but is equating oneself to 'Aql e Qul'. So you are articulating a view based on your own Qiyas which is Haram for the full audience of shiachat and others outside, a view which is not even Shia, to many an impressionable younger brothers. Responsibility is a word that comes to mind. Besides I have told you of the three Shia scholarly views. Is this a new view outside the fold of shiaism. Plus you are not willing to seek guidance or ask a learned scholar, because the answer will fit your conjecture. Hazrat Abbas(عليه السلام) had a son named Fadl.
  21. sorry for the super late reply. isn't this the case most of the time? that the mutation(s) is detrimental to the life form's existence and rarely beneficial? Let alone getting that totally 'random' perfect beneficial mutation at the exact moment a creature needs it when the creature is subjected to a life-threatening change in the environment.. I mean sure if there is some sort of intelligence force directing such occurrences, but for random chance alone it is not plausible in the least. so far I still haven't come across a convincing mechanism outside of intelligence, and random chance will never be a convincing mechanism...
  22. Have you tried audiobooks? Or even more cheaply good public service radio broadcasters who read stories (long ones). In my humble opinion they're a good way of getting kids to go through a similar cognitive process to reading I.e. seeing the pictures in their heads (something which television does not help them to practice). In my limited sample of a few kids, the one difference between those who saw the pictures and those who did not is that kids in the former group were more interested in reading. Another way of developing this habit is to have them read a short rich descriptive tract, and then draw/paint what they see. The other issue is that the initial stimulus to read can simply come from the desire to read something in which there is a prior interest, e.g. if there is a book connected with a tv show or movie. Once the barrier is broken they can be moved onto something more worthwhile. It does not matter if the initial books are a bit trashy as long as the direction of travel is ok. I am attaching a reading list that one of the United Kingdom fee-paying schools that Maryam could have gone to, gave us. I think it's within the top 20 in the United Kingdom, so not a bad standard. The list is for 10-year-olds, but gives you an idea of trajectory. SHHS Reading List 10 year olds.pdf
  23. What would she really like to read about? Maybe try through that? Or looking at what exactly makes her like math and then in a way letting her see she can find that too in reading https://www.al-Islam.org/library/kids-corner
  24. https://www.shiatv.net/video/1573063302 https://www.shiatv.net/video/372423213 https://www.shiatv.net/video/894a0b029ac115da88f8
  25. You could also give her an encyclopedia (children's ones), that have a lot of interesting information about the universe and history. Or maybe get her started on a Guinness World Records book and then slowly ease her into novels and more creative works that would help develop her creativity.
  26. Who said anything about Daesh ? Totally offtopic
  27. Are you looking for a historical context? I would recommend you see each verse not only in their historical context but it’s relevance today, here and now. Ask yourself, “what does this verse mean for me?” And there’s is no one right answer but rather levels of meanings that will be disclosed to you in accordance to the level of your inner realization or receptivity. Being firm against the Kafirun (literally “those who cover up” or conceal the Real or the Truth) has relevance to us us here and now because we need to be increasingly and vigilantly firm against all sorts of God-lessness of the Modern age... I.e. the attention sucking devices, technologies, mindless entertainment, ideologies (social and political), and against being pushed towards pursuing pleasure and excessivenes in food, sexuality and instant gratification.
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