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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. Once again, had the same debate on privacy. imo people are just nosey. Just because you have a connection with someone doesnt mean you have a right to their personal stuff.
  3. Salam Now that narjes-library is offline, where do I go to get pdf files of Shia/history/philosophy/political books?
  4. FYI: This " publication" is likely a fabrication. So no reason to get too upset or overjoyed at it. There are a lot of these kinds of things floating around.
  5. Go and look at what is happening with society today, with the sheer number of women hoping onto dating websites (read about the studies done) where there are ten men to one women, and a woman has surplus hitherto unknown. Women now get married far later, have far more partners, and many only choose to settle once their biological clock starts ticking. Their attitudes about roles in a marriage, how to act within a marriage, what is right or wrong in a marriage, when to remain in a marriage are so warped it is beyond belief. That 1950's graphic is not Islamic, it is sexist and unhealthy, but some of it is relevant. Also note how the man in that picture worked, bought the house, paid for everything, and gave his wife and their kids stability.
  6. A wife that was more likely to work for you and get a smile in return - more than enough repayment!!!
  7. I am not trying to criticize you. My natural tendency is also toward being isolated. But I actively fight against this because I believe, from what I have studied, that the teachings of Our Prophet and Imams((عليه السلام)) is to have a balance between being isolated and being social. I know myself well enough to know that no matter how hard I try, I could not be one of those 'social butterflies' because that is not in my nature. But I can try hard to fight against those tendencies in myself which I know are not encouraged in Islam. Being a revert to Islam and being around other reverts, I notice that this is a strong tendency toward isolation in this particular community. There are natural reasons for this which I understand and which I experienced myself. When you become a revert, you are 'thrown' into an ethnic community that is not your own. You probably don't know the language, don't understand the culture, maybe don't like the food, etc. But you are kind of forced to be in this community in order to fulfill your social obligations. Also, at the same time most reverts don't have particularly good and warm relations with their family after their reversion (most don't, at least in the intro period when the family is still getting used to the new habits and customs of their family member). So in that situation, the natural human tendency is to withdraw within one's self and then become isolated. At the same time, I can tell you from experience that this is the number one reason behind the 'revolving door' of reversion, where people revert and then shortly after that leave the religion of Islam. It is because human being were not meant to live in isolation, I.e. it is an extremely unnatural state to be in as a human, as we are 'hard wired' by Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) to be social creatures. At the same time, I understand because I went through it myself that the social situations that reverts are put into are sometimes so awkward and difficult that most non reverts would think there is something wrong with someone mentally who would even put themselves in those situations. If you're a revert, I don't need to elaborate on this. If you're not a revert, I probably would have to make a very long post to explain it to you.I have had people who are educated, practicing Muslims who were well known in their communities tell me things like 'If my family wasn't Muslim, I don't think I could be one', etc. These are not non practicing or even marginally practicing members of the community who say this. At the same time, if you believe that Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) is Just, then you also know that He(s.w.a) would not give someone a test which they could not pass. So if you are given a test in life, such as what was stated above, that means that you have the ability to pass it, otherwise you wouldn't be given it. It may be impossible for other people, that's why they were not given that particular test. But it is possible for us. We just have to keep trying till we pass it. I'm still trying and encouraged by the very small amount of success I have found so far.
  8. Oh my ! It's CRAZY how hormones can make all humans feel the very same about loving someone ! I would cry if it was even months ago but now I just smiled ! Time , dear mine, time will heal everything! Don't worry , don't overthink , don't die (!) , don't listen to sad songs . But remember you will be sad n depressed for about 1 or even 2 years later. U might even need to visit a psychotherapist or psychologist . Take it easy n remember almost everyone had such horrible days in his/her life , all the failures in exams, all nights without sleeping , all days without eating anything . U might even go all crazy n mad n be harsh. N remember ,brother , once it's finished you will be another person ,a VERY strong one , believe me . I was reading a book yesterday cuz I had exam . There , I read this n I was like oh,I wish I would cross this text back to days I was all depressed . This is a part of it : Therefore, seek cure from it (Qur'an ) for your ailments and seek its assistance in your distresses. " sermon 175 of Nahjul Balagha " N one last thing. I finally felt all normal n OK , just this year, hamdillah, about like 1 year later after the breakup ! N I believe it s bcuz this year I went to Karbala. I was thro all this depression so believe me when I say Allah n Imams will help u if u ask them to !
  9. The prayer timetable for Ramadan came out today in my local mosque which is a Sayed Fadlallah institution, I want to know if I can follow that timetable if my marja is Sistani and not fadlallah
  10. Salam alaikum.. I have been suffering from religious OCD for 7 years( self diagnosed). It all started one day out of the blue while listening to a nauha...all kinds of bad sexual thoughts came drowning on me about shahazadi janabe Zahra sa as.....I was petrified...I didn't know what to do...a moment ago I was crying for his tragedy..and now...what was happening...what was I thinking...thus began my dreaded journey of waswas from accursed Satan...I would constantly have bad vulgar abusive obscense thoughts about the sacred Ahlul Bayt AS...I was feeling lost hopeless extremely anxious...I started feeling that I must have committed some grave sin...I begged to Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) for forgiveness...it was extremely depressing...plus I had to conceal my problem from my family coz no one would believe...I just could not get these thoughts out of my head...it was like living in hell..I prayed for death ...being a 18-19 year old boy dat I was.... Prior to all this...I loved Islam Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) and Ahlul Bayt AS sincerely...I still do from the bottom of my heart.. All this continued for 6 years...I still didn't knew I was suffering from OCD Then during my college days...thoughts of kufr shirk...insulting sexual thoughts about God (nauzobillah) started coming to my mind...and till date I am suffering... The last one year...I have lost all hope...my thoughts reject each and every proof of the existence of Allah ..does not value Qur'an...I always have obscene thoughts..I am suffering... While praying...during Majalis..at imambargah...during sleep..while reading Qur'an or listening to lectures......there is no rest from these kufr vulgar thoughts... Please someone please help me..I'm just new here...I stumbled upon this site one day while searching about my condition....I really don't want to hate Islam.. I love Allah my lord . . But I feel like He is angry with me..I feel none of my duas are being accepted ...I feel alone...full of anxiety and depression...and mostly away from Allah... please help me...I feel doomed... please help me please 
  11. Can you imagine the life of a man in 1950? Nearing the 'baby boomer' generation, cheaper housing, easier to get a job, a pension, education. You owned your house quicker, a car, a stable job, and a wife that was more likely to work with you. Less Atheism, no internet and social media. I'd love to see a Feminist version of 2020: 1. Don't let him call you a she or a woman. 2. Be willing to argue to assert dominance. 3. He is not the leader of the house. 4. Don't try to be happy or have a pleasing demeanour, just express your mood at all times. 5. There are no differences between men and women in roles. 6. Gender is just a social construct. And add that to the expensive house prices, and rampant rise of Atheism.
  12. a and b are the same actually. Our Fitrah, Islam and Qur'an are the same thing.
  13. Today
  14. My intuition is saying this is a WOEman poster and a one day bot visit. As you can see, they are trying to plant in your mind that many Muslim girls are in haram relationships. I love the choice of the user name, it will NEVER be fashionable for our dignified women to have illegitimate relationships with non mahrams. Stop spamming on the forums!
  15. Some good reminders. But all men are not the same so a wife should tailor it to his personal likes and dislikes and what she knows makes him happy. I didn't understand why it said a wife has no right to question her husband. However if all households had a little more of these sentiments back in them it would probably have a nice effect on society.
  16. Q : Why do we respect our Parents ? Why do we behave good with others ? Why do we speak the truth ? Why do we stand for justice ? Why we do not misuse our power ? Why do we help others ? Why do we cry for others ? Why we do not steal ? Why we do not create fitna ? Why do we believe in existence of Allah ? A: a. Because it is written in Qur'an. b. Because it is in our nature.(fitrah) c. None of these
  17. You can never stop loving someone. No matter how much you try, you can still let go of that person and through time you won’t feel the same way towards her but you will still feel something for her because how much she meant to you. Let yourself get hurt for it’s a learning experience and that pain is only temporary. but I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for you, to the point where you almost killed your self. I never thought that love can actually take you to that extent. May Allah make it easy for you brother.
  18. No, she said "Plz leave me", everything is finished now...
  19. https://www.alhannah.com/product/iranian-style-prayer-chador-ps390/ There are a lot of them online. Arabic style is also good. It covers whole body and is more like a loose Abaya. Heres one: https://www.amazon.com/Cogongrass-One-piece-Garment-Jellaba-Clothing/dp/B073NXGSJW/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?crid=3FHYRNFC1ZM0M&keywords=chador&qid=1556169547&s=gateway&sprefix=chador&sr=8-2 May Allah keep you with Hazrat Zahra. I liked your question
  20. But I had no control over falling in love with her, I had to go to Pakistan recently and that was where my feelings really developed... I wish I had never fallen in love with her, I destroyed myself by putting her above me, Now I'm all alone with no one to blame but me. I'll never love again.
  21. As Muslims we have to believe in Jesus (peace be upon him) but of course we do not believe various other things that certain Christians believe about him. However he will return to disprove those Christians and pray behind the Madhi (may Allah subhana wa tala hasten his reappearance) to unite Muslims and Christians. I think him praying behind the Mahdi (may Allah subhanan wa talal hasten his reappearance) is a very powerful statement and then Christians would accept Islam inshalah.
  22. I often see this video about how to pray the Shia way coming on Ahlul Bayt tv channel. I recommend it. Here is the link:
  23. Marty, I understand what you are saying. And may God bless you for having the faith that have. Marty, just a quick question though. Would you say that you are living a sinless life because by you being a Christian and accepting Jesus you consider yourself abiding in Him?
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