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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. While it’s a natural human tendency to be curious about the unseen (Ghaib), I’ve noticed many of us here are curious about wrong types of unseen. There are a few popular unseen that people could be interested in, like God, Imam Mahdi AF, exotic sciences, Angels, Gog-Magog, and Jinns, many here seem to waste lots of their spiritual prowess on wrong kinds of unseen. Our minds get conditioned by what we read, hear, watch, and excessively think about. Those who become way too curious about the wrong types of unseen tend to start seeing things because their minds make them see and hear what they want to, eventually the obsession about those lead to mental problems, anxiety, and other life affecting phobias. This, in addition to the real existence of the unseen creatures that Allah created, and warned us about them of seeing us from a position where we can’t see them, they sometime get unnecessarily attracted by these unseen beings, in this case the curiosity indeed come attempt to kill the cat. This could become an obvious outcome because curiosity becomes mutual sometimes and some of those individuals truly become exposed to the other side, mostly to their own detriment, ending up in physical and spiritual sicknesses. On the other hand, Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) and all the good that He has created is easily approachable. It’s not very hard to reach to Allah, as long as we prioritise Him in our lives. Seeking Allah, His pleasure, recognition, and love - through Imam Mahdi AF and through more knowledges, more sciences, as the vehicle or waseela towards Him - is something which is one of the core purposes of the creation of human life. We all are given huge potential but very limited time on this planet, might as well spend it on Allah and for Allah, and achieve all that is good destined for us. It’s something I wanted to let it out by reading all sorts of weird posts on ShiaChat. You don’t want to go on that path which doesn’t go anywhere or worst, may lead to literal hell in this life and worst in what comes next.
  3. Still a beautiful creation of the Almighty Plus creatures do tasbih of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى), which is a lot more than us humans who are forgetful in their rememberance.
  4. I don't think any of our maraja claim to be infallible in the first place. It's very rational that they are in a better position than us to derive rulings because they spent all their lives studying the traditions of our Imams (عليه السلام). There is a chance that one of their rulings may be incorrect (even if the chance is 1%), but it gives us no right to arrogantly reject the laws. On the day of judgement we will be held accountable because we had no knowledge of the rulings yet we were willing to reject them. That's the reason why taqleed is wajib on us, we can''t create our own rules. Yes, everything in our books of fiqh isn't 100% correct but it is our duty to follow the rules as a precaution, and anyone with some rationality will agree. Our maraja say- "According to the research I have done, these are the rulings and here are the proofs etc.". No one claims to be infallible.
  5. Brother, you started three different topics where in all three you clearly have some sort of an agenda to undermine the taqlid to mujtahids and their rulings. It doesn’t matter what you or us think, it matters what the marja’ of your choice ruled in regard to the fiqh issues and the rulings on dogs are quite clear across the board. We don’t make up our own jurisprudence as we please.
  6. Walaykum as salam, Nobody considers marājiʿ to be infallible in the sense of the Fourteen ma‘ṣūmūn or the Prophets, but they are a bridge between us and the Imams during the time of ghayba. We follow the mujtahids on the fiqh issues because let’s be honest, people left alone without a clear guidance on furu al-din usually cause corruption and mischief. There are people who reach the stage of ijtihad and follow their own rulings, I.e. they are knowledgeable enough to derive the laws by themselves, but they are in extremely small minority. By the way, this is a solid argument against Wahhabism and their rejection of taqlid. As a Usulis, we take ijtihad to be a part of al-wajib al-kifa'I, therefore the marājiʿ have very purposeful role in our Ummah. I remember debating once an Akhbari from Pakistan who told me we shouldn’t do taqlid to marja’. Once I asked him how he derives sharia laws on everyday life, for example if the perfumes he uses are halal because they contain alcohol, he told me laughably that he consults his auntie on the issues he isn’t sure of. Subhanallah, that’s a case of full infallibility right there.
  7. There was some talk about a railway connecting Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. I hope it materialises. I think it will be beneficial for the three countries.
  8. Personally I disagree but that is not part of this discussion in a direct sense. I know that my opinion on this is at odds with 99.9% of the community here.
  9. @Propaganda_of_the_Deed I can’t see the second image.
  10. You were saying: And that’s why I disagreed with you.
  11. only the Prophets and Ahlul Bayt are infallible
  12. Today
  13. Caucasian Shepherd dog. Impressive beasts not to be messed with.
  14. I absolutely adore dogs! Look at this cutie, maybe he’s too fluffy for some but I love Chow Chows. This is a pup but I saw an adult one the other day and got so excited lol. I also love Huskies, Golden retrievers and oh gosh so many!!
  15. Akita Inu (Japanese Akita) Chow Chow (looks like a teddy bear) Samoyed Siberian Husky Alaskan Malamute puppies Last but by no means least, Pomeranian
  16. Salam, We are all part of certain Islamic groups who are awaiting a saviour. "Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves." So if we want Allah to change our condition and remove poverty, injustice, ignorance, and grief, then we must change what is within us. What do you think your group needs to do? I have certain ideas in case someone is interested that can be applied to each Islamic grouping of today, but in general terms I believe that so-called suni groupings struggle more with nifaq (hypocracy) while so-called Shia groups struggle with shirq (partnering with God). One is dhaaleen (lost) the other is maghdub alayhum (anger upon them). What do you think Mahdi will change in your group?
  17. How about a thread to post relevant developments, positive or negative between the two neighbouring countries? We can start with the promising development from Pakistani Prime Minister Khan's first state visit to Iran to discuss improving much needed bilateral ties, border security, counter terrorism and regional issues. Meeting both the Supreme Leader and President Rouhani during his visit and also having visited the holy city of Mashhad. Pakistan and Iran agree to joint border reaction force:
  18. Salam, Do you treat your marjas as infallible or are you aware that they make mistakes and teach things that are wrong at times? Are you aware that our ideas of Islam could be wrong and what we are taught is full of shortcomings? Feel free to share your experience where you yourself found out that you were wrong about something in Islam, or s great scholar who admitted a mistake in their beliefs. I used to believe - like so many Islamic scholars - that all Prophets friends were great, then I changed my mind about it, and had not problem admitting it. I believe that a good scholar is a person who admits that they are imperfect and who are not afraid to learn, develop, evolve, and change their opinions about things.
  19. This is a similar case to the work you’ve done. I urge all to watch the whole video:
  20. Well according to Qur'an Adam was a Zalim which are promised hell in other instances. If you take Qur'an without an open mind to variation, then it will seem to contradict itself in many places. Just like the AHL kitab are described as good and bad in different places.
  21. Definitely our scholars are not perfect, nor their books and narrations. Your Islam is therefore far from perfect, as every creature is imperfect too.
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