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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. being born in a Muslim famliy, I guess we are indoctrinated with Islamic principle from very young age, which encomposess A-B
  3. How Our Fitrah, Islam and Qur'an are the same thing ? Please explain.
  4. That's an old one. Best caption I saw with it was along the lines: "When you have to do a presentation in front of the class and your mates try to make you laugh"
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  6. Ok then. 1. I do this. I plan meals a month at a time so I can efficiently grocery shop. I despise food waste and am a cheapskate. 2. Man, I'd love to have an interrupted 15 minutes a day just to compose myself. 3. I'm a fairly cheerful person, but interesting is a bit of a stretch. 4 and 5. I try to keep up with the clutter, but just can't. At least one of my children is a small tornado. 6. We don't use the fireplace and if we did, Mr.. Notme would be the one to light it. 7. Hahaha! No. 8 and 9. I'm happy to see him when he comes home. 10. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in my house who is consistently good for listening. 11. No. 12. Lofty goal. Haven't yet achieved it. 13 and 14. Ok sure. 15 and 16. No. 17. Oh heck no! Anything which is not allowed to be questioned must be questioned. 18. A woman's place is at her husband's side where they can help and uplift each other, not bowing at his feet.
  7. I think the Imam Hasan Centre follows Ayatollah Sistani’s (may Allah prolong his life) timetable: https://www.imamhasancentre.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/1440_RAMADHAN_IHC-3.pdf
  8. Hypocrisy is a strong word to use, but I completely agree with what you are saying.
  9. I think the circumstances surrounding different events will generate different levels of reaction. Where it happened, how it happened, who did it, who the victims are, etc. And naturally, we as Muslims are going to be more vocal about something that happens to our own, especially when there is a lack of empathy towards Muslim lives in general. We could go on and on comparing how people have reacted to certain tragedies differently. Last month 130 Muslims in Mali were massacred, I don't think I saw anything about that on Shiachat or many other places for that matter. Just as tragic, but no discussion. That could be for many reasons... maybe we are all hypocrites, I don't know.
  10. There is no summary on this subject. Just refer to your marja’ on that.. and as for Ayatollah Sayyid Ali as-Sistani (may Allah prolong his life), his position in fact is not clear. He issued a fatwa prohibiting cursing in public based upon a particular and specific situation, where a group of brothers in Iraq at the height of sectarian conflict (more like our genocide as always...) just “lost it” publicly when the People of Ignorance bombed al Askari’s (peace be upon them and their descendants) mosque second time. If you read it in Arabic, the fatwa didn’t prohibit cursing of the enemies of Islam in public or private, it forbid the practice in that particular moment.
  11. there are different traditions mentioning depth of Damascus or Wadi al Yabis.. Yes, you are right that Wadi e Yabis is now known as Wadi Rayan...it is also called Chorath Valley...
  12. Alhamdulilah, By nature souls want to believe in Allah but for disbelievers it’s more rebellion. They hate the idea of having to to submit to Allah and his laws. They would rather be free of accountability then having to submit to Allah. They want to be their own Gods or worship their own gods which can even be science. Funny how in the moment of extreme danger, God is the first name people call out for help, even Atheist. We don’t make the Muslims. You can talk to her until she’s blue in the face but if she is deep in disbelief (rebellion) no logical sound argument will make sense to them. It’s whats in the heart.
  13. How is that so? In fact the Islamic model of a religious family is not far off from the “1950’s ideal”. Our religion is pretty conservative with clearly defined societal roles but it’s the ignorant people who, for whatever reason, think that because we are Shia Muslims, we are somehow theologically more “liberal”, than let’s say, Wahhabis. Yes, we don’t kill our wives for seeking education or outside of home employment, but our maraji’ clearly defined the roles within families. That’s the same as per Islamic teachings.
  14. Hello. You can always use this website to reuse old websites, or ones that are timeout/down. (e.g., click here). In addition to revisiting websites, and taking a look at how they used to look like. (e.g., ShiaChat or Facebook). All it does, is take digital snapshots of websites, and save them as archive. Always was helpful, when I needed to lookup a timed out website, or a 'sold out' one.
  15. Exactly, the same thing in mine’s. Both of us have individual phones, laptops etc. etc., we use each other’s devices whenever, but we don’t check each other’s emails, letters, phone messages because our marriage is based entirely on mutual trust build on the solid foundations of religion. We both know religious “do’s and don’ts”. If both are religious, there shouldn’t be problems such as obsessive jealousy.
  16. This is funny https://twitter.com/ImAlgerianBro/status/1120785826437320704?s=09
  17. I never said otherwise. I think it is realistic, like I said, we follow the perfect religion, so simply expressing the same level outcry shouldn't be too much to ask.
  18. Hah this puts present day Muslim women to shame They left out the man's right to have multiple wives Then it will be totally complete And needs updating " be a little gay" ??? Not going to fly
  19. I don't think it is down to hypocrisy. No one here condones what happened and some have condemned Sri Lanka events as mentioned in that thread, although relatively muted in comparison to NZ as you said. The logical explanation is obvious, it hit closer to home. It was at a building we recognise, community members who resemble us, or could have been our relatives, performing religious duties we recognise. We are also concerned about rising Islamaphobia and copy cat attacks, which did take place, like several mosques Birmingham, though less violent in nature. Standing up for justice is incumbent on us no matter who is oppressed or who is the oppressor. But feeling emotional, upset or empathy for attacks on fellow Muslims while performing religious duties is natural. Any religious forum is bound to hace more coverage of an atrocity against their community than others. To expect it to be the same level in outcry, while admirable is a bit unrealistic and a bit much.
  20. I’m not going to be very original, what about searching for sources on al-Islam.org?
  21. As salaamun aleikum, So I have a question here... I know a sister whose been married for ithink 5 years now. When she was in her early 20s, which was like almost 20 years ago and she was non Muslim, she had a baby and gave it up for adoption due to not being able to care for the child on her own. She hasnt told her husband this yet, she says because when they both married, they agreed whatever occured in both their pasts was not relevant to who they as individuals are now as good, praticing Muslims, or as a married couple... But what if this kid randomly shows up looking for his birth mom someday? What should she do? Tell her husband now? Continue to keep the secret in hopes her kid never shows up and if he does, just deal with it when it happens? All I could say was, "gee, thats a tough call, sister" I will be sure to share any input with her, cuz what I said really wasnt very helpfull, I know W/s
  22. If you do taqlid to Grand Ayatollah Ali as-Sistani (may Allah prolong his life), then use prayer timetable for Ramadan available on the websites run by his representatives. Which country are you in?
  23. If this is not a trolling, I would seek a professional medical help if I was you.
  24. Calm down, the way you react isnt equal to what this was intended to do. Look at that thread and compare it to the NZ thread. The NZ thread is still going, while the Sri Lanka one hardly has any replies. We have a duty to show people how just Islam is, and how we don't stand for evil whether it's against us or anyone else. Were Muslims. We follow the perfect religion. Saying "why should we ------ if Christians don’t" is an immature argument. We don’t copy others, we set the example, and act like role models for everyone else.
  25. Your topic sounds like a moral threat. We did express sadness below: What else do you expect us to do? Convert to Christianity to make up for the numbers that were killed at the hands of Wahhabis, whose ideology is spread, since at least 30 years, worldwide by the close allies of the West? The West is busy sanctioning and going after Iran, Hezbollah and the Houthis of Yemen. They don’t lift a finger on their close allies such as Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain, whose sick and vile ideology has on its hands not only the blood of 300 Sri Lankan Christians, but also hundreds of thousands, if not millions by now, Shia women, children and the elderly. We are tortured and killed daily from the Maghreb to Malaysia. How many Christians go in and out of themselves to mourn our suffering and change it?
  26. Salam, As some may know, there were a series of blasts in Sri Lanka, and many sadly passed away. What I noticed, from ShiaChat, is that people were so much more enraged at the shooting in NZ. Both events are tragic. Both sets of lives are equal. So why are we less saddened, or at least, express our sadness and engagement at this tragedy less than one that is more connected to ourselves (NZ). Is there not a level of hypocrisy when we ourselves protest that Muslim lives are regarded as less than by outsiders, when we ourselves seem to show less sadness and engagement when its concerning other lives being lost. I'm making these claims based on the fact that when the NZ tragedy happened, everyone had something to say and express their anger and sadness, while not even a fraction of that is being reciprocated for other lives being lost. Of course, everyone has a different way of grieving and I may be wrong. But as a Shia Islamic forum who claim to follow the perfect religion, should we not explicitly express just as much condolences and sadness at the loss of Christian lives as Muslim lives?
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