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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. LOL too bad there’s not much decent men out there, so this message should really be directed at men more so than women
  3. they're not kuffar but we highly criticise them for their actions upon stealing the Ahlul Bayt(as)'s rights and hiding away the truth
  4. Bil Quwa of Rasool Allah becoming bil fe'l in Imam Hussain because of the relationship of the minniyat. Otherwise you would have same argument that it is determinant. I do believe, and it is my personal opinion, that Prophet Jesus would have wished (because of his pledge) for among the ones who helped Imam Hussain (asws) in Karbala. And this is not the ordinary battle, here we have witnessed the "Zibhin Azeem". Had Jesus been in Karbala in place of Hazrat Abbas (عليه السلام), would he chose to throw away water and prohibit himself for drinking water after occupying the river? We cannot answer these types of speculative questions, but I do believe that the character of Abbas (عليه السلام) is only one just like there is only one Hussain (عليه السلام) Secondly, the verse 4:69 And whoever obeys Allah and the Apostle, these are with those upon whom Allah has bestowed favors from among the Prophets and the truthful and the martyrs and the good, and a goodly company are they! (English - Shakir) The bolded part is one group, and they are companions to each other. The only fazeelat mentioned in this verse for this group is that they are the ones upon whom Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) has bestowed in'am. So "for us" with our limited knowledge, there is equality in status because we don't know upon whom Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) has bestowed greater in'am, only Allah knows that and what we can say for sure is that there would be higher status for Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) and his Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام) because of various mutawatir ahadith and many verses of Qur'an. Wallaho Aa'lam
  5. So you're telling me what I have already told to others: How it was considered "a fazeelat" by me is given as under:
  6. Yeah men find it more difficult to view their friendships as platonic. I mean there will always be exceptions, but I think the majority will agree.
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  8. I agree with everything you've said, but in those social experiments its always the men who say they can’t be friends with women. Women can be friends with men and not develop any feelings or attraction...the real issue here is men lol.
  9. Yeah I agree although it's a message to the sisters, guys have a lot to take from this too.
  10. hmm, many of us women know this already, this message should be directed at men more so than woman. Women, though, should make it clear that there are boundaries and shouldn’t be crossed.
  11. It’s not a dying sunnah, I can name 100 people that I know who have second wives... no joke
  12. Ask your doctor if he can switch you to escitalopram.
  13. Because what you are not understanding is that the possession of the degree of a characteristic be it bil quwa or bil fael is the determinant and not of one manifesting itself earlier. He even gave example of the bil quwa of Rasool Allah(sawws) becoming a fael in the Imams Hasnain(عليه السلام) in its' respective highest degree. There is no comparison here brother, it is fallacious thought. Janabe Abbas(عليه السلام) is not even from amongst the 14 Masoomeen(عليه السلام). Tomorrow Shahbaz Qalander or that Baba Sada Hussain of Lahore will start to compare with the Prophet Isa(عليه السلام)
  14. Salam, take a look at this video.
  15. I take zoloft, multivitamins, iron, sleep fine and eat well but I’m extremely tired and unfocused all day long.
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    Bismillah May Allah shower his blessings in Muhammad and his household Might be time to do a topic thread on what Allah makes halal no person can make haraam and what Allah has made not permissible no person can make permissible. I always see people trying to make mutah and polygyny haraam. Anyone who try’s to change what’s halal to haraam or vice versa will have to answer to Allah for their ignorance and arrogance about his laws. I have even seen one thread in which someone says they want to be the only wife for their husband in Jannah and they don’t want their husband to have other wives in Jannah. Allah has given the Muslim male certain rites and bounties for certain roles that no one can take away. Do some people believe they know better than Allah about why he has made things permissible and some things not. No ones knowledge is equal to or greater than Allahs knowledge not even any of our Loved Prophets and holy Imams. The knowledge and laws they did receive came from Allah who is the most wise. You can’t disagree with some versus of Qur'an and not accept some versus because you have a personal dislike or lack of understanding of the Law. The laws and rules are not just for Muhammad’s time because the Qur'an is universal and divine command so it means rules and laws are applicable through out the entire duration of the Earth’s existence all the way up to the last day. It is an unbeliever trait to change Allahs laws and rules that are set in the Qur'an. Mutah was outlawed by the self appointed caliphs but it was reinstated by Ali AS the the first Imam and rightful commander and chief of the believers. Polygyny was legal during Muhammad time and it’s legal now. Who’s going to dispute with Allah??? Who are you to dispute with Allah about what he has made permissible and not permissible? Can you produce a book like that of the Qur'an or better? Ask Allah to forgive us our sins of Arrogance, our Sins of ignorance and our sins of Negligence.
  17. I am a little confused about the rules about which drugs and which doses of drugs are and are not permissible. I recently learned, to my shock, that there is a type of tea that is widespread in Pakistan called joshar joshanda which contains ephedra. Pakistan is largely a Muslim country, so it was surprising to me that joshanda is so popular there, as I would have assumed it would be considered haram. However, googling for "ephedra haram" or "joshanda haram" yielded no discussions about whether it is considered haram or halal. To me it seems there are inconsistencies and contradictions in how drugs are considered halal or haram. From what I observe, the Muslim community: 1. Considers caffeine (the chemical ingredient in coffee) halal 2. Considers ephedra (the chemical ingredient in joshanda) halal 3. Considers amphetamine (the ingredient in Adderall) haram 4. Considers alcohol, even in small quantities used in cooking, haram. There are a couple of different explanations I hear about what drugs are halal/haram and when. A. Any drug that alters your state of mind should be haram, even in trace quantities too small to alter your state of mind. If this is true, then 1 and 2 are wrong and both should be haram B. Drugs in trace quantities too small to have a negative effect on your state of mind are fine. Larger doses that impair your mental state are haram. If this is the case, then 3 (in small doses) and 4 are wrong and should be considered halal. It seems to me, any ruling about what is and isn't permissible must imply *at least one* of these 4 commonly accepted statements is wrong. If someone can provide some insight into the proper ruling, and which of these 4 statements is true and which are false, it would be greatly appreciated
  18. Assalamu wa’alaykom brothers and sisters. I know that Du’a al Nudba is recommended to be recited on Friday mornings. But my question is whether it is recommended to be recited before or after sunrise? I’ve read on some websites that it is recommended to recite it before sunrise, while on other websites I’ve read it’s recommended to be recited after?? Can someone please clear this confusion. Jazakallah khayr
  19. That thread was never intended to be used by some of us to deliberately talk about something someone else had actually asked about.
  20. I don’t get close and joke around with men. I am however, friendly with everyone.
  21. My Father, myself, two of my sons, and a grandson. When I was in elementary there was no such thing as OCD. I was a brat, I was told to behave, settle down, I was often helped to settle down. I often heard, Why can't you just... My grade four teacher gave me a sheet of bristle board, told me to draw out my thoughts on it. I couldn't keep one thought in my head long enough to draw it. Add the stress of how a drawing would be received, what did she want me to draw, who was going to see it, what was it all about anyway. I made a mess, I never did do it. History class was ridiculous, I remembered nothing. While everybody was listening, in my head I already had the explorer off exploring something else, finding something new. Rarely heard what he actually did. For every thought, there is an equal and opposite thought, (relatively speaking), sometimes an influx of ideas before the first thought is fully processed. It's what makes kids climb up slides. Kids appear dumb because they are asked one simple question expecting one simple answer while they stand there silent. Inside the brain they've thought of a few answers and explored a couple scenarios already. They just don't know which answer is best. The sign of a high IQ is often confusion. They appear clumsy because their hands don't move as fast as their brain. Then comes the disapproval because you just can't quite follow the crowd. You want to fit in but know you don't. Upstream seems to be the best way to express it, often viewed as behavior problems. Over time you learn what is acceptable and how to slow down. If bad thoughts creep up it's okay to stop what you're doing and tell yourself that isn't right, then go back to what you were doing. The act of stopping yourself is very helpful. If these thoughts are conspiring, doubting, angry, or lack empathy they may not be your own. @Abu Hadi mentioned it and probably has a better idea how it's dealt with in an Islamic environment. The biggest problem with Western psychology is as Abu mentioned, they believe nothing spiritual, everything supposedly comes from within.
  22. Asalam O Alykum I would like to ask regarding an amount that was taken to me in shape of property share. Actually there are some shares in our father’s property, when my father was alive, he decided that, two family members would pay the share of elder one, and as per property value his share was becoming around 8, to 9 lac it means I had to pay half while I had paid to him already some amount, but suddenly he demanded that only me will pay him full amount, that was unable to fulfill by me. Then it was again decided by our entire family, that 80% house land will be sold and would be paid remains 3 shares as per law, everything was going smooth and purchaser was agreed to buy 80% house land as per demand, but my elder brother created broil and put some difficulties in selling the home, while, if the home was sold, so everyone would get their share as per becoming. Now selling the home is totally beyond to everyone’s thought, even nobody is discussing about this matter, while 30 months has been passed and my 30% amount was not given me back yet, furthermore, in which home my elder brother is living demanding for rent of 15 years only to me. Why is he doing like this I do not know, because I’m not only the one who was living alone in my father's home ( there are two families here including my family ) I think so, he badly jealous of my success, now my point is that, my huge amount is bound since 2016, if I kept on circulating that amount in my business, I could easily increase 20% in a month, now can I add my some home liabilities on that amount that he has to give me back? Because it was taken to me in the context of property share, and property value is getting increase day by day. He should return my money back because, when the some home portion was being sold as per demand, so why did he create some difficulties in selling. I'll wait to read from you..... Thanks
  23. Sister, What do you think of ear piercings for women? WOW!! What a solid argument!! And yes, I am being sarcastic. You honestly are worried about people's judgements of you even after passing away?????? and you worry about getting Ikhals from people who judge dead Muslims on the basis of their own opinion and not what Islamic laws say? In my opinion one should be more worried about whether the angels one would meet in the grave have been instructed to judge people on the basis of body piercings.
  24. Salam, women and men should both always observe modesty in public and private around non-mahrams. Neither should be flirty in any way because that’s haram. Religious brothers and sisters can meet their other half, for example, by asking the local alim to be their matchmaker. That’s the most common way to pair up without engaging in forbidden acts. Another method is through own family’s connections. Once married, strong in Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَىٰ), almost all differences and issues should be solvable.
  25. The research you presented is speculative because it is based on assumptions. Like all science it is always developing and changing, we cannot agree as certain. Also it is not taking into consideration the internal mental processes that influence personality. The mind has the ability to store over two million pieces of information from tbe environment but only stores 134000, even then it rejects most of it. The mind is a very complex machine we cannot base it on gender. These differences in gender expectations cannot be put down to biological differences between genders, it is more likely social conditioning. I wonder how different the research results would be compared to studies conducted in different culturals. Also I disagree with your video saying that we process information differently because of our gender. There is no scientific evidence of that.
  26. I would be careful there on such a strong statement. Not only the three rejected the wilayah completely, they persecuted Prophet’s own family and even insulted the Prophet himself on many occasions during his lifetime.
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