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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. Times were NEVER like that picture in a whole heck of a lot of the US. I don't recognize it at all from my own childhood. That represents only one slice of the country. If I find the replies some of the older ( even older than me!) women in our community made in response to one of these things, I'll post it.
  3. Mews : Saudi killed 37 Shia death .Record Saudi terrorism
  4. The " naiveity" which included war, battles, wins, and treaty negotiations? I'm still living on the land. Didn't keep it by saying " Please". Sounds like that board needs to tone down its own ignorance and racism. * sigh* so much brainwashing, so little time...
  5. Well, I wasn't going to say much more in here because I am just coming off the Lenten Fast and Easter ceremonies and my brains are still a bit scrambled, so if I'm not making sense it's just because I'm still tired. Not as young as I used to be. In "meatspace" there is a lot of concern coming from Muslims to Catholics and other Christians over this. Can pretty much guarantee you there are phone calls and maybe meetings at high levels taking place as well. I personally think there is a growing understanding among non-Muslims that the folks who do this kind of thing represent a tiny fraction of the Muslim population, just as the KKK , which is only " Christian" in the most twisted sense of the word, is a tiny fraction of the Christian population...or the white population for that matter. I also think there is a kind of fatigue among Muslims setting in over " apologizing" for the actions of that fraction. This is logical. Christians don't spend time apologizing for the KKK because they're such a lunatic fringe it seems unnecessary. yes, Christians pray for Muslims. We did on Good Friday as part of the Prayers of the Faithful and as part of the Veneration of the Cross to bring ourselves into mindfulness of the sufferings of the world. Everyone's sufferings. As far as doing more than prayer, plenty of Christians are trying to change government policy among other things. Pretty sure my CongressCritters are tired of hearing from me and those like me, but they've also been responsive many times and have done some things we wanted them to do.
  6. I visited Istanbul last year and it was so heartwarming to see how much love the locals had for the stray dogs and cats. Every dog I saw had a tag on their ear to indicate they had been vaccinated so the tourists wouldn't be concerned about approaching the dogs to pet them or if the dogs/cats approached them. Even the shop owners were never seen to shoo the animals away if they went into the shops or sat right outside them.
  7. Salaam, Thank you very much for the information and taking your time to find out about this query.
  8. Animals in general (ourselves included) are carriers of various nasties. At least dogs don't sit around smearing themselves in saliva like cats do. Also, I think that is evidence that growing up around dogs and other pets is good for the immune system. Also, they're adorable.
  9. There are many more blessing awaiting under Earth and will only be revealed after the Mahdi reappears (May Allah subhana wa tala hasten his appearance) and let us witness the Utopian world of peace where even the dry desserts of the Middle East will have abundance of greenery and fruits inshalah.
  10. thegoodman81

    Belief in God

    Greetings, Guest Hussein! I'm not on here very often but I'm glad I checked in, because your question really intrigued me. I tried to send you a private message but I don't think I can, probably due to your status. I do hope you open an account so that we can message one another because I'd like to hear your thoughts. I agree with you completely that sometimes it is hard to have a confident faith in God's existence. In my youth and into my 20s I struggled with the question of God's existence, and some of the questions that follow. How can I know that my holy book is true (or in my case, my 66 holy books that comprise the Bible)? How can I know in whom to place my faith? And I add this with all possible respect, but I believe these would be harder questions for a Muslim who is searching for truth. After all, the Qur'an contains many statements about reality that are simply untrue (as do the Hadith). For example, we all know the sun doesn't set in a pool of muddy water, we all know sperm isn't produced between the ribs, we all know that stars are not lamps hung from a dome, etc. Yet these are the words of the all-knowing, all-powerful God who created the universe? It doesn't make sense. If I were a Muslim, this would give me serious alarm that the God alleged to have crafted the Qur'an is not real. Perhaps these are issues which are bothering you as well. In my opinion, there is overwhelming evidence that God exists... the Kalam Cosmological argument, the argument from fine-tuning, the moral argument, the teological, etc. But if I were a Muslim, my struggle would be: "I don't understand why there are good reasons to believe God, yet my Qur'an contains inaccuracies and misunderstandings (as do the Hadith). How can this be? How can God make such mistakes?" Obviously I don't know if this is what you are thinking. It is simply what I would think IF I were a Muslim. However, let me make a respectful suggestion. Have you ever considered that God does exist, but maybe he is not Allah?
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  12. A friend of my family has a walking stick that collapses into a small size when not in use. When a group of us were on a hike, I saw the name on it and have been thinking about doing a google search.
  13. I have considered carrying pepper spray in recent times but haven't as of yet. I am also trying to carry an extra hijab with me when out and about in London as weak individuals will usually target a Muslim woman in the way of trying to rip her hijab off.
  14. For me personally, it's not that I am any less sad or it is any less heinous of a crime. It is an act of terrorism, and any act of terrorism is an extremely horrible thing that has bad consequences for generation. I think pretty much everyone in the world, aside from a few crazies, is agreed on that. So since the vast, vast majority of people believe this, we should assume that the people on ShiaChat also believe it. Speaking from experience, 99.9% of them do. There may be two factors in the difference in response, 1. At the same time this attack was happening, nonsense, the 'so called' leader of Hijaz saw an opportunity to summarily execute many Shia prisoners who were sitting in Al Saud's jail without a trial and some without even being charged. Two tragedies took place at the same time, most of us were following this one because like others have said, it hits closer to home 2. Whenever a group that uses the word 'Islam' in it's name commits a terrorist act, it is pounced upon by the global secular media in such a ferocious way that we really don't need to publicize it. That part is done quickly. Much less so or not at all when the situation is reversed, and Muslims are the victims and the perpetrator is a non Muslim. So we feel more need to publicize those.
  15. I'm not only pinpointing these two tragedies, this applies to all tragedies everywhere. Our reactions should be consistent. Maybe hypocrisy is too strong, because much of the time it isnt malicious or intentional. Perhaps a 'double standard' would be better. I didn't suggest we had any of that. But why only have either extreme? Why either be completely silent (or very quite in comparison to other tragedies that seem to hit closer to home) or completely condone and celebrate such atrocities? Why can’t we, as Shia Muslims show the world how neutral we are, and how the Ahl Al Bayt would have responded to such atrocities? Why not Express just as much sympathy for both? Yes, as humans we will be affected by the NZ event more than Sri Lanka, but we need to be conscious as to the effects of remaining silent as to them. We need to show we don't stand for the killing of Christians just as we don’t stand for the killing of Muslims. We all know none of us condone these atrocities, regardless of the victims. But some will take silence or less outcry as acceptance and celebration, even if it's the complete opposite. We have a duty to correct those misconceptions.
  16. Thank you Team members. We appreciate you. @Ashvazdanghe @starlight @notme @Gaius I. Caesar @Abu Hadi @root @Hassan- @Reza @Ibn Al-Ja'abi @Sirius_Bright @Abu Nur @Qa'im
  17. I sometimes chat with the Sunnis on their board After the Sri Lanka bombings, there was only one post about the incident, and it looked almost celebratory. No words of condemnation, concern, or outrage. Simply "look how many people were killed!" naturally, that same board was filled with outage for days over New Zealand, and even included calls for violence. Now there are moderates over there who obviously don't support any of this, but they remain quiet while the hateful extremists spout out their propaganda. This is the problem within Sunni Islam right now--the bad guys get all the press, while the good guys remain quiet out of fear. One guy made a remark that was basically "doesn't the west know that we're not allowed to copy the enemy in their evil"? To which I replied "what do you mean by 'we'"? a subtle thing here, but just one word tells you everything you need to know. The guy was basically saying the barbarians who blew up churches in Sri Lanka were "our guys". I can tell you that as a westerner, the psycho who shot women and children in New Zealand was not one of "our guys" --only criminals or racists would identify with that guy. Another guy on the Sunni board remarked "I don't entertain the idea of repeating the same naiveity of the Native Americans with the whole "Kind, polite" behaviour nonsense with Europeans" Which is basically a way of saying all Europeans are genocidal imperialists who deserve violence against them. It is alarming to see the Wahhabist/Jihadist mindset so entrenched in the minds of some of these people. The "us vs. them" narrative. I don't see any of that here.
  18. To each their own then. Why Ahmednijad would want to Tweet about things like this makes no sense to me. That Twitter handle has tweeted about everything from U.S. College Football to Tupac lyrics. I've scrolled through his Tweet history and found nothing to convinvce me that its a handle worth follwing anyway. Javad Zarif is the only one people should be following for the Irani position on anything of actual value.
  19. Article from 2 years ago, which corroborates BBC News stating he joined in 2017: https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/ahmadinejad-banned-twitter-Iran-now-hes-tweeting-his-comeback Ahmadinejad banned Twitter in Iran. Now he's tweeting his comeback Some experts believe the social media drive may behind long-term plans to get back into the presidential seat
  20. My goodness, how times have changed in the U.S. You show this to a woman nowadays and you'll be lucky if a dry look is all you get. I showed this to my wife and her first reply was..."sure, I'll quit my job and do all of this, how does that sound?"...not sure if she was being sarcastic or honest... but something like this is a reflection of how times have changed in the U.S....however, we do need to consider that there are parts of the world where this is normal. What happens in the West doesn't happen in the East. A lot has to do with the educational and career opportunities available to women now. Still, a person's reaction to this is an indicator of how Conservative (they'll agree with the picture as being proper and the way it should always be) or Liberal (they'll disagree with the picture as being arcane and misogynistic). Oh, and they'll go out of their way to defend their "opinion" with data and evidence. Either way, I wish a warm meal was ready when I got home and the house was clean...but I'm of the mindset that having a warm meal and a clean house is as much a part of my responsibility as much as its my wife's since she works as well. Growing up with a Mom who had a career and marrying a wife who has a career created this opinion for me. I encourage the same for my daughter as well. In all fairness, I spend just as much time yelling at my kids to do the dishes, fold the laundry, mow the lawn and clean the house as anyone else.... I'm a well balanced lazy bum.
  21. No news or other searches relating to Ahmedinejad and Twitter yield anything suggesting it is a pardoy or fake account. Even BBC News has a 2018 article on his account: https://www.bbc.co.United Kingdom/news/world-middle-east-46037819
  22. Verified on Twitter doesn't really mean much to be honest. A verification only involves basic steps... Updated profile with bio, profile pic and a header picture. Verify email address and/or telephone # Set Tweets to "public" Make sure your profile relates to your "business" (entertainment, industry, etc...) Send to Twitter for verification. So you see it doesn't take much to get that blue verification logo next to your name. Any Tom, Dick & Harry can get one if they want. Besides, never trust anything on Twitter. With the amount of Bots on there nowadays, Twitter is a means of manipulating the masses with propaganda more than anything else. Anything on Twitter needs to be taken with a grain of salt, its the biggest weapon used to swing public opinion (specifically for elections...that's how Trump won the election, how Brexit passed a referendum vote & how Modi won in India). https://www.symantec.com/blogs/election-security/spot-twitter-bot Twitter is heavily weaponized right now. Worse than Facebook I would say. Also, think about it. Why on Earth would Ahmednijad tweet about Nipsey Hussle? It makes no sense. None at all.
  23. Pakistan could face Sanctions after Iranian Visit - let the oil smuggling begin ! President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan issued a joint statement and stressed that the border between the two countries should be border of peace and friendship. http://en.abna24.com/news//two-countries’-border-should-be-border-of-peace-friendship_938058.html
  24. She gave you the answer that you do not like. She hurt you, but it's over. Remember there are plenty of Muslim girls who would treat you better because they have good manners and are not selfish. In order to get over her, keep reminding yourself that she does not care about you. Being married to her and living with her would have been a nightmare, with her being upset with you on a daily basis unless you agreed to her every whim. Allah saved you from such a life. Take this disappointment like a man and be strong. Have patience.
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