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  2. Al-salamu alaykm everyone, here's a response from Sayyid Sistani's office
  3. Used to follow him up until recently. His lectures truly are some of the best. May Allah be pleased with him.
  4. When you feel the pain, don't focus on your thoughts, pay attention to your body. If you feel anxious, feel the butterflies and let it pass. Just tell yourself that it's a natural feeling everyone goes through. It's a phase you're going through. Sometimes you feel that you can't find any other girl, but lemme tell you that Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) has someone for you who may even be better than her.
  5. Coastal. I've formerly lived near Richmond, Lynchburg, Roanoke, and Blacksburg, never NoVA.
  6. The main character chose to follow some rules while he was unable give up on others such as abstaining from sex and dating. It's so sad how idiotic our youth are becoming. All they want to do is to fit in society and compromise on their values. This actually hurts me because I always have to see my own siblings head in a similar direction. People are legit becoming blind. Our youth don't even bother doing taqleed anymore. It's about "how I feel" and "in my opinion". May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) hasten the appearance of Imam Mahdi (عليه السلام). Our Imams (عليه السلام) have told us to spend our youth in worship. Lets not ever be influenced by what society thinks of us. We are on the straight path and it's not worth compromising on our values to impress every John, Bob and Harry.
  7. Sorry my nafs got me there again. I mean it may help him feel better temporarily but islamically it's probably not accepted. So I wouldn't recommend making or sharing a love poem.
  8. They do it non-stop. They take some of our belief and then find their own hadith to “disprove” us or they cherrypick from our ahadith books (for example, al-Kafi, Bihar al-Anwar) without ever mentioning to their audience that Shia Muslims, unlike Sunnis, do not consider all of the ahadith to be authentic and on the same page one hadith can be weak or have broken chains of narrators whilst the one directly after it may be authentic with unbroken chain of narrators. They only apply “rigorous standards” of judging ahadith when it suits them and their ideology. It’s an interesting subject in itself worth discussing in separate topic.
  9. Of course the show doesn't represent Islam or 'devout' Muslims, but it is a pretty accurate representation of many 'average' Muslim men here in the West... well at least 85-90% of the Muslim guys in my city. "I just want to be good, and as long as I'm good to people I should be ok having any type of 'fun' because God will forgive me since I was good" that's essentially the predominant mentality with some variations here and there.
  10. Yesterday
  11. will read bout it in more detail. thank you for the straightforward explanations (unlike many others I've read..), made it easy to understand the perspective. this killed me lol
  12. From my own experience, it may be true. I know of religious sisters that wear fake engagement rings in public places so that random brothers wouldn’t approach them and the situations wouldn’t end up somehow inappropriate. I realised that it is more prevalent in the West, than in the “East”, due to more relaxed cultural norms. If I was you, and you know where she lives, I would firstly call her father and arrange a meeting. I wouldn’t try to do anything through her because her father may take an insult to that. You may ask her if she’s married though. One way or another, Inshallah things will be solved out soon.
  13. I found this quote from the man in your profile picture Exactly, he says it is a great book, but hasn't even tried to read the stuff in it. At least read this "great" book, then judge on whether it's good or not, because I read a bit of it (only a couple 10s of pages and found it to be worthless. Barely ever refers to Shia ahadith, and tries to disprove Shiism using Sunni ahadith, which is completely pointless.
  14. I thought it was cute, a good way to show people we’re “normal”. Sadly enough people can’t think we’re just like them in many ways. Why did you think it was stereotypical? I think the creator was a Muslima.
  15. He admitted it himself here. The problem is not the fact that one is a revert, Alhamduillah for that, the problem is that these kind of people don’t know Arabic, yet with the help of YouTube and some Wahhabi run forums, they become Google muftis trying to “refute” our entire aqida, taking online even on the marājiʿ that speak multiple languages and study their entire life. I sincerely believe that in order for any discussion to be serious and on some level, there must be some basic scholarly criteria followed. Nowadays people like Ali Dawah, Mohammed Hijab and their likes became some sort of “experts” on Islam without stepping in the Islamic seminary even for a day, it only proves the further mental deficiencies of the people that follow them unconditionally and their deviant lies. I’ll never forget how once in the West I approached a group of Wahhabis and the revert tried to convince me that I’m not a Muslim, once I told him to list me the five pillars of Islam, he couldn’t even do that, not to mention speaking Arabic. Those are the types that not only waste our and their lifes, many of them become terrorists killing “disbelievers”. Therefore, people as such should be put on the spot because weak minds may fall into their traps.
  16. I agree and I think it would help him if he showed it to her
  17. I think we can add this verse to the ones tending towards the true limitation of true religion .. "And if they incline to peace, then incline to it [also] and rely upon Allah . Indeed, it is He who is the Hearing, the Knowing." Anfal 61
  18. Single girls who wear engagement rings to "ward off" male attention.... lol seriously? Turns out egos arent just mens' speciality....
  19. @Laayla Sorry sister again I won't be interested in clicking on the video. Honestly I do not think it does Islam any good but damage by bringing it to people's attention. New generation of Muslim children could think it is okay to be this way. It sounds similar to concepts of television comedy in the United Kingdom as well when I used to keep up with such things. They use Islam as a vehicle and add different elements to manipulate peoples minds to think it represents Islamic values of behaviour. Also the original 'Little House on the Prairie' drama from the 70's or 80's was more Islamic than this garbage because it focused on family values and it didn't ridicule anyone. I still love 'Little House on the Prairie' show along with the 'Waltons'.
  20. @Laayla Little mosque was not harmful, though a bit stereotypical.
  21. In Arabic they are called Jahanmeya , as in Jahanam like hell. I respect hell but not in my living room lol
  22. Assalam Alikum brother.  I thought I would be looking at grapes in your page, and then I see a upside down praying mantis, haha so nice.  I hope you are well and in good health.  God bless you.

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      313 Seeker

      Masha Allah sister that's nice to hear! I fasted yesterday and thought a lot about things. Guess that's like celebrating lol .. I live in a suni country so there aren't many people aware of Mahdi. I also get so much more than I deserve! It is embarrassing how merciful and amazing God is to me even though I'm so full of mistakes! I hope that poverty ends soon. It's sad to see so many people desperate and unhappy because they can't afford good lives. Also ignorance is so annoying. May God give us patience and forgive us.

    3. Laayla


      Alhamd'Allah rab al 3lameen.  Your du32s brother, Insh'Allah He gifts us wisdom and patience.  Goodnight brother.

    4. 313 Seeker

      313 Seeker

      You have them sister ! Insha Allah ... ameen. Good night dear sister and thanks for the kind message 

  23. Well the basis of this political movement was led by atheist Herzl. Definitely some followers aren't, even if they might follow the wrong God.
  24. @Murtaza1 Assalam Alikum brother. I respect your choice not to see the clip. However, I'm raising awareness of what the entertainment industry wants to normalize to our youth. I find it necessary to voice and bring a counterargument, in case people want to read that this show does not represent Muslim youth, and there are plenty of respectable, self dignified and God fearing millennial Muslims and this show in no way represents us, NOT IN OUR NAME! Another show they are portraying Muslims is Little Mosque on the Prairie. A Muslim community butts heads with locals when its new spiritual leader arrives. A small Muslim community in the prairies finally gets its own mosque - the problem is, it's in a church! Reverend Magee, who was tricked into the deal by the scheming Yasir, is suddenly very unpopular with his parishioners. The mosque's new Iman, Amaar Rashid arrives from the big city to smooth things over, but his easy charm and progressive ways do little to convince the locals that Muslims aren't simply a bunch of terrorists. A handshake deal between the new Imam and Reverend Magee ensures that Mercy's Muslims are here to stay. Little Mosque is the perfect show to Understand Islam for non Muslims مترجم
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