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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. Hes a great guy , capable leader of his country Hes killing wahhabis who are destabilizing his country He protects minorities He is supported by Russians who know how to deal with these wahabi fanatics He just has a bad rep problem Could be a great ally of US but unfortunately he is demonized by both major parties
  3. Just to close the argument from my side your opinion of wrinkles is based on societal perspectives and that's exactly my point of false conditioned perspectives. Young people these days are very wrinkly too and many look older for their age. Anyway the poster of this thread says the man looks 29 and he and his daughter would have believed him if he had not told him his age. Honestly I am confident your opinion would change if you only tried. He shouldn't have asked it's only because he is worried about what society will think. Reflect on the example set by the Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) and Lady Khadija (عليه السلام).
  4. Wasalam brother From Karachi grandparents from lucknow India
  5. Yeah it's entirely up to the individual. I know for a fact that I ain't marrying a granny. It's more of a personal preference that age gap should be reasonable. Like there's this issue of attraction too I guess.
  6. Salam, There was an thread started about all the Iraqi users. I was wondering who's Pakistani here? Also which city are you from? I'm an Islamabadian
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  8. I think that Bashar al Assad is the best choice that the Syrian people has at the moment. I would not blame him from the current war. That is caused by United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Unfortunately there is a lot of propaganda out there and he has had a very bad press. I visited Syria back when his father was president. Then it was evident to me that the methods of the Syrian government was quite rough. It was though not any worse that the Turkish regime nor the actions of the Zionist entity. Both of which I visited at the same time. I would say that the Zionists was and still is way worse. In my experience anyway. As far as I understand Bashar al Assad inherited somewhat reluctantly his fathers regime. What ever methods still in use from that regime has to be attributed to Hafiz. It is my impression that he is a reasonable man that want to do good for all Syrians and not just him self and his family or the Alawites. But of cause Syria has the same problems that many other countries has with corruption and nepotism and that is a challenge. Both for the Syrian people and for Bashar. I think there is cause for optimism though. Hopefully the ordeal that the Syrian people has gone through for the past 8 years will pave the way for a more inclusive form of government with less nepotism, less corruption and softer methods than what his father used. Apart from that I think that for geopolitical reason it is important to keep and strengthen the alliance between Hezbollah, Syria, Iran and Iraq. Someone need to stop the Zionist entity and American imperialism. But of cause I am just a dump idealist who doesn't understand about money and power.
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  10. How do we browse forum questions? I'm only seeing a way to view latest replies on the forum under the activities tab. Does anyone know how to view based on category and how to post a new topic? I don't even remember how I posted this one!
  11. True, but since people are are "so open minded" and leave it up to the girl, she could marry a grandpa for all she cares, if shes ok marrying an 80 year old. People are allowed to contribute their opinions, lol.
  12. My response was based on what I recommend based on experience, considering thats what the person asking the question is looking for.... our opinions. I could say don’t say yes cause hes probably very wrinkly. Probably irrelevant to you but maybe a big deal to his daughter. We don't know since were not her, we're all giving our opinions. I think mine is the most accurate. If the dad wanted to just ask the girl for her opinion he could have, but he asked us.
  13. I grew up in Belgium and went to church every Wednesday as part of school although I am a Shia Muslim. I also remember reading a serious of books on the stories from the bible later in life and when I worked in a museum I browsed through a copy of the bible oh. Also in school in the United Kingdom we were given small copies of the bible , I had no objection and thought it was a fanciable thing but my Muslim fellow was very angry at me for accepting a copy of the bible. I just thought it was a nice free object to have.
  14. Let me clarify what I mean. I support individual people's right to place themselves under shariah of their choice which is within the bounds of the law. (In other words, they have a right to freedom of religion.) Better?
  15. Well I guess American government is made up of business corporations and run by business men that fund their own corporations. PBS is a government owned corporation and GM corporation is acquired by the government. Also Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac are all government sponsored corporations. Naturally their first priority are their business interests. They don't have any feeling towards the ordinary man on the street. People should vote objectively and not ponder on the past.
  16. No they should not But minority leaders do that , as in the last 50 yrs white establishment has a new kind of " white mans burden" I.e trying so very hard to overcome the history of segregation What it does is make rich liberal whites feel great about themselves , but leaves poor whites feeling responsible and apologizing for past sins of richer whites even though their own white forefathers were just as likely to be oppressed as browns or blacks
  17. Revert1963

    Belief in God

    If I am not mistaken about astrophysics, I think that elementary particles pop into existence out of nowhere and back into nowhere all the time in empty space. Of cause that doesn't mean that Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) isn't creating them. In my limited understanding it actually appears to me as one of the very good arguments for Gods existence. Though for me I do not care so much about the physical evidence. The evidence that makes me certain of Gods existence is purely emotional.
  18. No way ! Once you start shariah in pockets of this country you are essentially having a dual standard of justice for your citizens Plus whose shariah ? Who determines that ? Are u going to have e.g a local Arkansas regional Muslim scholars association who makes those rules? What if I'm a Muslim in a small community but I don’t follow the fiqah of 4 Sunni school or jafari you are going to force me into those categories? Well I'm sure we don’t agree on anything usually sister so why not add MAGA warriors to the list ! they have more integrity than your hijabi "convertibles "
  19. Who said I wasn’t rich? Your friend is rich by money, and I’m rich by faith & belief! (9:34) “O' you who have faith! Indeed, many of the scribes and monks wrongfully eat up the people’s wealth, and bar [them] from the way of God. Those who treasure up gold and silver, and do not spend it in the way of God, inform them of a painful punishment.”
  20. Salam wa laikum May Allah shower his blessings on Muhammad and his Ahlul Bayt. Alhamdulilah as a kid I grew up in New Orleans and good public schools were limited. So as a Muslim kid I went to Christian private schools. I attended a Lutheran Christian primary school and middle school and then attended an all boy catholic high school which had brothers of sacred heart monks. So of course this came with the territory of a lots of bible reading studies and classes through out my youth.
  21. Sorry to have irked you. I meant that the page I linked was what got me wondering. There seems to be some talk of the order of the Surahs. I don't see how that actually changes anything and was not my intention to imply it was. The problem with web pages and such is the opinion of the author, is not, (pretty much never), mine. As I said, I want their info, not their opinion. I'm willing to help with sources but don't care to offend anyone with links to slander. My reference to a google search was so I didn't have to get in the middle of what you found. My apologies for making it look like a brush-off. I figure, those who care will follow 17:36, those who agree to disagree will only look at the links to see the slander, those who don't care wouldn't open the links anyway. Which Qur'an? is probably the most comprehensive.
  22. You're mad he's rich and you aren't
  23. Well said. People that appose marriages because of age differences obviously are driven by societies conditioning and prejudices. I wish people would actually go out there and see the reality for themselves where it is the norm and these relationships last unlike same age marriages, Muzmatch is an example full of young divorcees. Absolutely the example set by the Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) and Lady Khadija (عليه السلام) is what people have to take as an example. I stopped viewing or commenting on this thread but I felt the need to acknowledge your comment. Jazakalah. @j.angel @ali_fatheroforphans guys unless you try you will never know the blessings for sure.
  24. Lol, isn't it ultimately her choice? Obviously her father's opinion matters, and you raised some good points about maturity. But at the end of the day, it's her choice. I've met fully grown women with a whole family of their own who don't even have a fraction of my maturity. At the same time, there are 20 year olds who are way less mature than some 16 year olds. At the end of the day maturity is subjective to an individual's own experiences, so whilst yes, a 40 year old's maturity is likely more than that of a 20 year old, that's not an objective fact. In this case, its important for the girl herself to weigh her options and see if this man really is right for her. His business and career etc is all irrelevant. If theres enough emotional and intellectual compatibility, then that's good. Let's not forget the example set by the Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) and Lady Khadija (عليه السلام)
  25. Congratulations to all momineen on the wiladat eve of the Imam of our time (ajtfs).
  26. Have you ever wondered why urban legends have the power to survive and be passed down to generations for hundreds of years? It is because they have elements that connect with our 'Collective Unconscious'. I think this part of our imagination is the gateway to the unseen. Jazakalah brother these are very real experiences and ordinary people also see across the barrier that separates us from the other side. America is also full of people with such experiences. Even in real life I have witnessed a fellow human being stand next to me and bend spoons just by focusing his thoughts onto it. For some reason he felt the need to place one of his hands on my shoulder while doing this. To me that says it all about psychic energy driven by our mental thoughts. The mind is much more powerful than the physical world. The chemicals and neurons in our brain are electricity which are influenced not only by triggers in our environment but also our thoughts. What you said also reminds me of one of my very early childhood experiences in Belgium when I saw a man dressed like Santa Claus surrounded with kids or the coca cola character on advertising in a red outfit giving gifts to children. It is very clear to me to this day and then he disappeared after a pillar came in my vision while I was walking and seeing this, he and the children all disappeared. People can of course link this experience to my imagination as I did used to receive gifts from a man dressed as Santa Clause in school but as I said previously I think hallucinations are a starting point to such paranormal experiences which are very real.
  27. Happy Easter to all those celebrating.
  28. Why should any politician do that? If he could relate to the concerns of all the people in his country and work to serve their needs then there would be no need for segregation in politics or any part of society. We should not create such strategies in our mind. I only know about him because his name comes up in google when I type the words Shia and Hollywood . I don't think I have ever seen any if his films. I don’t watch latest movies. I like old horror movies. Shia La Beouf is a man lol I also live under a rock, so to speak. I don't keep up with politics or popular culture. I don't know who these people are. As I said I have only seen his photos come up on Google when I type the words Shia and Hollywood lol
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