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  2. @Syed Ali Mehdi Shah Naqvi You fail to prove that calling someone an Imam (عليه السلام) implies bid'ah and attributing infallibility.
  3. I didn't know that brother. Even i don't know anything. We are all learning. Point is, every book needs a teacher. This is the reason Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) said: "I leave among you two weighty things, if you hold fast to them, you'll never go Astray, The Book of Allah and My itrat Ahlebait. They will never seperate from each other till they meet me at The Fountain" So whoever will seperate them, he will go astray. Quran says offer salat, how will you offer if you don't refer back to ahlebait (عليه السلام).? Now if you say we can also refer back to others to know about salat, then its just like asking teacher of English literature about persian literature. I think this is what brother tried to say. May Allah guide us to the straight path.
  4. As for death. Everyone has passed away and every one has to being a creation of Allah. This is system of universe that creation has to go through, and Ahlebait (عليه السلام) 14 infallibles did pass away since they came to this world in state of a bashar. But in reality, they can't die and neither they will as many ayahs of Quran are shahid.
  5. Oops , looks like I didn't clarify my initial statement I don't reject Hadith, I just don't know any of them (or anything about them... I have no clue what Hadith are, what purpose they are supposed to serve, etc). I was more addressing the fact that he said that the Quran was "silent" & the reason why I pray the way that I do: I read that that's how you're supposed to pray and I want to pray properly and perfectly (still have a lot of work to do in that dept.) I'm extremely new to all of this, probably not even a month and I've not taken shahada yet, so there is an incredible amount of this religion that I do not yet know of. Sorry for the misunderstanding, but that's clearly my bad.
  6. Quran 4:59 is an address to people who are faithful, to obey Allah and Obey Messenger and those who have been given authority among them. I dont need to quote references that ulil-Amr are 12 Imams. They have already been given authority by Allah.
  7. Scholors said so you accept. But when @randomly curious gave you hadiths, you reject lol. Ok cool.
  8. First of All some people do oppose calling marjas Ayatullah. But Ayatullah doesn't refer to any particular Hujjah of Allah, it means signs of Allah and sun, moon, system of universe are all signs of Allah through which we recognise Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) so i don't think its inappropriate to call marjas ayatullah. No hadith says "Ture Ulema" instead its like "We are ulema are our shias are students". If you wanna be sure, go to your marja and ask him whether he is an alim or not, he will never ever say he is an alim. He will always lable him as student. How can choosen ones compared to random people like us? There is absolutely no contradiction with Quran since this makes and exception for Ahlebait (عليه السلام). just like poor can recieve zakat as per Quran but hadith makes exception for family of Prophet. Yoh take that as contradiction? Lol
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  10. Risalat Learning is a great self-study app which has all the lectures of Sheikh Mohammad Shomali in literally every science (fiqh, akhlaq, quran etc.) It's organised in a nice way. It's on google play store.
  11. Part of the problem I think is that many nation's around the world have a strong dependency on oil. Any potential threat or concern related to the flow of oil out of the region, jeopardizes the stability of economies around the world. So externally, the west is always going to want "skin in the game". Then you have some middle eastern nation's, like Saudi Arabia or UAE, Kuwait, and Oman that seem to be competing with Iran for regional influence. So they also finance western intervention. Then in Syria, you have a hardcore dictatorship, and people who do not like Assad and his rule (or his father's rule before him), like the Muslim Brotherhood. And you have enemies of Assad also over in Iraq and elsewhere in the region who wanted to see a change in leadership. Protests were crushed, and many foreign nations saw an opportunity to get a leader that would fit their interests. Iran saw a leader they liked (maybe a trade partner) and decided to send members of it's military to help Assad. Russia saw value in their naval stations and Russian bases there and decided to help Assad. The US saw an opportunity to remove an enemy that was also pro Russia and Iran, that could jeapordize the flow of resources, Arab nation's saw an opportunity to gain influence. Both sent money and weapons to opponents of Assad. Collectively i think most people agree that the Syrian dictatorship has indiscriminately bombed areas resulting in deaths of civilians. But the counter is that, radical groups like ISIS use guerilla tactics and can be otherwise to difficult to defeat without aggressive action. Assad is then considered a lesser evil to ISIS. But in truth, the war will never end so long as he remains in power. I'm just happy that the US hasn't decided to really confront Assad militarily. It's clearly much harder to rebuild nation's than it is to tear them down. But the people have to want unity and they have to want to rebuild as well. Right now I don't always get that impression with rampant corruption and regional tensions. There seems to be an internal ideological power struggle that is preventing growth and outside influences are exacerbating the violence and are preventing a resolution in either direction. ICenozoic grabs popcorn and awaits the flaming*
  12. The Sahabi who was in the cave was NOT Abu Bakr. Abu Bakr was NOT an expert in terrain and knowing the locations. It was Abdullah Bin Ariq’t Bin Bakr. It has been proven even by Sunnis that Abu Bakr was not the guy in the cave. Your argument os built on an incorrect premise. I will not bother with the rest. Apologies.
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  14. US police have a history of lying, even when caught on video. I'm skeptical. Not that the man with a wheelchair committed vandalism. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. I doubt that they needed to shoot the man in the face (with beanbags or taser) to keep the community safe.
  15. So how many Mujtahids do u follow who r they? I follow Ayt. Sistani (Razi Allah Tala Anhu) Ayt. Khamenei (Razi Allah Tala Anhu) and Ayt. Yusuf Saanei (Razi Allah Tala Anhu) (AND YES I DO CONSIDER SAANEI (رضي الله عنه). TO BE MUJTAHID SO NONE OF THAT PLEASE)
  16. The thing is that anyone who commits zina, has to go through certain steps. That's why people start raising many questions and feel hesitant to marry such a person. There needs to be some context because and we also need to understand the deeper psychological issues which caused a person to commit zina. We need to look at it from a case to case basis. Remember that people can spend anywhere between a few days to months to plan out such an activity. Once a person does act out, there is this sudden shame and guilt. Then people try to make new resolutions - "I will never ever do such an act again". These statements could just come from their emotional state. There are guys who commit zina with multiple girls. In this case, one would naturally start taking this as a red flag, regardless of whether he repented. My point is that it's not that straightforward and everyone has the right to properly investigate the person. However, if we truly feel sincerity and honesty from the person, then sure we shouldn't hold on to their past. An important point - no one is determined by their past. It's unfortunate but I'd say most people define us by our past when our choices and actions in the present matter. We can't change how people think, that's why it's so careful for parents to educate their children and ensure they don't get into such activities.
  17. As a guest, please do not flatter, cajole or threaten Mods/Admins in order to get your post approved. Normally, Mods do not approve posts that have extra off-topic content.
  18. All the dead can hear. I am not sure about the distance and such but it would obviously differ from a martyr to a person who isn’t. I will look into more narrations on this and update you. It will take some time.
  20. Kansas City Zoo has a LIVE Swan Cam. Trumpeter swans Melvin and Mabel are expecting! Stay tuned to the camera to see their cygnets hatch! The first potential date of their hatching is June 11, 2020. (I apologize if there is an advertisement before the camera starts.)
  21. I am a conservative when it comes to cultural & social issues, yes. I'm not going to deny that because I am not ashamed of it. Economics? I'm a working class moderate. I believe that work is good and validating for people in that it gives you purpose in life, keeps you busy, and is insanely rewarding when you drive by a job you did and point it out to your friends or family that "See that? I BUILT THAT!" . However, I think that a mixed market is going to have to be the way that America and the Western world goes in the future. I don't think that Ben Shapiro or Fox News would ever make the above statement, it goes against conservative correctness. That's just the tip of that there iceboig, my brother.
  22. Interfaith dialogue is important, but difficult. There's two pendulum swinging tendencies. One is overly combative, and the other is fear of challenge and critical dialogue. People have to believe in respect, frankness, humility, and agree purely on the seeking of truth, putting personal egos, agendas, and tribal affiliations aside. Both sides have to approach the conversation in good faith. But as you can see, there's a million ways it can break down or be compromised, some by malice, but often by misunderstandings.
  23. Alright. I want to clear a misunderstanding that I came across after my readings and doing some self-reflection. Misunderstanding: Rearrangement of The Ayats and Surahs does not constitute change/alteration in The Quran Misunderstanding Cleared: What I now understand is that even if that were true, the flow of ayats based on how Arabic Grammar works would come off stilted and off putting. Therefore, I should’ve understood it as Rearrangement of The Surahs of The Quran doesn’t matter. But, Rearrangement of The Ayats does matter. Since the Ayats are right where they are in each designated Surahs our Imams from Ali ibne Abi Talib (عليه السلام) all the way to Muhammad Al-Mahdi (عليه السلام) will not see this as an issue of The Quran. Given how History has played out Ali ibne Abi Talib (عليه السلام) hasn’t rejected Uthman’s Mushaf of The Quran which is what most Muslims have as the standard Mushaf. Therefore, ALL 6236 Ayats are properly placed in order as they are in each designated Surahs in Uthman’s Mushaf of The Quran. However, the order of The Surahs doesn’t matter in the long run when reading the Quran. For some of you Muslims I may come across as someone not even trying their best to be a Muslim. But, the sad fact about myself is that I’m just trying to understand and develop the experience for what it means to have a firm Yaqeen (Certainty) throughout this which is a big requirement for what it means to be a Momin (Believer) of Allah. I’ll admit. I’m not perfect. I’m a Human Being with flaws all around and have doubts that plague my mind to insanity. Hence, I struggle and strive to build up my Yaqeen. And what better way to build up my Yaqeen then to understand How The Quran came to be as Islamic History dictates so far. At least I have no doubts about The Ayats of The Quran being 100% preserved in Mushaf exactly the same as they were originally recited by Allah through Prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s mouth.
  24. Interesting that Muslims can digest both "left wing" and "right wing" content, and find personal ideological validation in both of them. Most of the points raised here are straight from YouTube pundits or mass media. @Abdul-Hadi's points especially sound like an episode of Ben Shapiro or a segment on Fox News.
  25. It requires much research and study to become a debater, websites alone wont help if you dont know your own creed.
  26. We show other people that Muslims have their words, actions, deeds and intentions “in the way of Allah” (fi sabilillah). Pray a lot, especially for the reappearance of the 12th Imam, may Allah hasten his appearance. The Radiance of the Secrets of Prayer Get PDF https://www.al-islam.org/radiance-secrets-prayer-muhsin-qaraati
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