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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. While I would not call my self a distinct Quranist, (I simply has to little knowledge to choose either), I do think the Quranists has a good argument. The message given to Rasul Allah (صلى الله عليه وسلم وعائلته) is what is written in the Qur'an. And that must be the foremost authority to Muslims. The Hadith is hear say. As far as I understand the word "hadith" means something that people has said about the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم وعائلته). That means that the hadith is not divine revelation. Even scholars admit that many hadith's are fake, invented by people trying to forward their own agenda. In the first centuries AH a lot of Christian's, Jew's, Zoroastrian's, Manichean's and polytheist's converted to Islam out of convenience. Many of them brought with them their own theology which must have produced a number of hadith's. So in the worst case scenario the hadith's is letting the mistakes in the back door that these other religions made, and that the Qur'an has been send to correct. I am not saying that all hadith's are fake, but why do people shun the word Quranist and speak of the Quranist stand in derogatory terms.
  3. I don't understand Urdu, so even with the words, without the exception of "Ali", it just looks like some random music video, probably about some girl or other Haram stuff. Especially with the heart stuff.
  4. Sometimes we need to ask ourselves what exactly is being saved. Perhaps it is an end that is ineveitable and is just being dragged out by out of place patience and tolerance of what should be intolerable.
  5. Azadari of Imam Hussain AS took its own distinct form in the Indian sub continent. The majlis structure took its own form of, describing good qualities of Prophet and Ahlul Bayt, followed by rebutting some allegations, both Fiqhi and Ideological, followed by the Grief part, translated as masaeb. Before the lecture part of the majlis, there were two forms added, one was poetry in the praise and other was poetry in the grief. Even before that, there was the Hadith Kisa followed by some Qur'an recitation but both get dropped and picked up given the times and schedules. Majlis always ends up with the matam or the standing up hitting your chest while in tandem chanting the names of Imams or some religious poetry. The last part is always the Ziarat, or the standing Salam to the Prophet and all the Imams including the martyrs of Karbala. But it took almost 1200 years to get to this though. So like sister @notme said, the western majlis would take some time to get its own form eventually. Meanwhile justice bear with it, our grand kids would have a much more uniform and stable form of azadari in the West InshAllah. Our struggle would be to keep sticking to it, and transfer it to our next generation in more stronger and solid form. It would be a great injustice to ourselves if we cringe on that part.
  6. It's not being wahhabi, it's that it defeats the purpose if the latmiyyah is more catchy than meaningful. The purpose of a latmiyya is to sadden you, even to the point of crying sometimes, not to tap your feet to the rhythm. And we're not shunning the new wave, as there are many new latmiyyat which understand this issue, and don't do all these things to them. I'll list some examples: And many more...
  7. Indeed, there are plenty examples I can find but would not want to single out anyone in particular in this manner. But I am glad to see I wasn't the only one anyway.
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    Beat in Latmiya

    Don’t be so wahabi all of you. Human societies grow, improve overtime, create legacies, build upon each other, move on to new things based on prior works, invent new ideas and things, almost always based on foundations of the things of the past. Nothing is truly disruptive in its essence in this way of human progress. Everything has a precedence in Human’s sage of progress. Its not like when the Holy Prophet s came, he announced that he would fight with the copper sword because this was he way of Prophets of the old, and rejected the swords made of iron ore that were prevalent in those days. Or suddenly one day he announced to not use the camels for transportation because they were domesticated much later than bulls and so on. Starting from the time of our Prophet S, the poetry has been composed and vocalised in front of him in the form prevalent in his time. After his demise the tradition continued of Islamic poetry and a lot was composed and vocalised in the praise of Aimah of Ahlul Bayt. This continued through the ages till what we see today is just another expression of the same holy art form. So accept it and move on. If there is anything too out of way, let the masses reject it by all means. But there is no point in keep in the criticising mode unless you want to keep it as a fashionable art form, for some people criticising gives them personal validation. Also whenever the wahabi-bug bites you or pokes you in your head, always think of it this way. Humans as a society and culture progress and move on based on prior work of their previous generation. This is true for everything, literally everything, including religious customs , that is the things which are other than set in stone wajibaat. You just can’t cling on to the oldies and keep shunning the new wave by your own fatwas.
  9. Maybe I'm not quite understanding what you are referring to in your original post. I would ask you to link an example of what you mean but that might be gheeba. Maybe we have different things in mind...
  10. I'm more grossed out by the slathering of effeminate moves the guy in the last one is busting out. Not a good look on a man at all. If you mute it and watch his moves, he could literally be singing about anything, and I mean literally.
  11. Today
  12. This is a misnomer. The silent treatment is not a lack of communication, on the contrary, it’s using silence as a loud, manipulative passive aggressive form of control. So it’s actually “saying” a lot, just in a different form. These can happen within personal relationships, families, the workplace... We have to decide the significance of a relationship. An occasional acquaintance may yield low harm with this approach, but for family members, this can be dangerous. The silent treatment is an extreme form of punishment, and in the majority of cases, a cordial relationship is preferable, even if very limited.
  13. Listen and be the judge I think they doo
  14. We have proofs lol 1) logical proofs 2) scientific proofs 3) Numerical 4) historical look at the logics in Qur'an and compare it to any other religion you be surprised at the logics of Qur'an it makes all the sense !! You want to know about God ask Qur'an it will tell you the most accurate definition that is coherent with logic want to ask about one news ask Qur'an want to ask about life and purpose and hearafter ask Qur'an it will tell you ! The most logical explanation possible than any other religion can ever tell you compare the logics you will see the truth is clear from falseness and look who is taking ! Their books have mentioned Prophet Mohammed both Torah and Injeel look at the Islam.org article on it I have myself searched up all monotheist religions and found none of them to be as close as accurate as Qur'an is some say he has son some say he is far not close some say he has forms some say he is one but reincarnation some say he has eye it symbol of eye some say he possessed a body and then that person got revelation blah blah blah ain’t none truthful when I saw these all signs I recognized I need no more to conclude there is nothing like it at all !!! look at the scientist facts in Qur'an that are absolutely accurate this itself is a huge miracle and indication of it being truthful from big band to evolution to embryos to wind pollination to reproduction to honey bees to seven heavens to man from mud and it’s elements to all the data regarding milk production tons and tons of miracles on this book of MIRACLE. Look at the language of the book it’s poetic and wonderful it’s free from ambiguous verses and things that need so much brain breaking to understand. Free from racism that is in many religions free from musics and rituals that some people have in their religions that is a spiritual thing for relaxation. It just makes sense Their is no imperfection anywhere logically !! At all look at the the number 16 mentioned in the aya for Bees that is exactly the no of chromosome in bees! Look at the history behind this book look at the religions before it and then when this came everyone tried to destroy it until now it’s their struggle to ! Why so much hatred their must be some sort of power that everyone wants to eradicate it ! Aren’t these proofs enough ! If they are truthful let them bring their PROOF
  15. Alhamdulilah, Being that we are limited beings we could not ever stand in the place of Allah. We can represent Allah’s order and govern according to his order to the best of our Ability. One other thing is. Was Ibliss only jealous of Adam? By questioning Gods ruling of Adam he obviously saw flaws in Allah. His aim being to prove Allah wrong? Did he have a desire to be more than what he was? Did he think higher of himself than even Allah?
  16. Sayed al Sistani has answered a similar question: Question: Is it permissible to listen to religious songs in praise of Ahlul Bayt ((عليه السلام).) that are accompanied with music? Answer: Songs (al-ghinã’) are harãm absolutely. However, singing praise [of the Prophet or the Ahlul Bayt] that is sung with a good tune but is not in ghinã’ form is without problem. As for the music, it would be allowed, if it is not suitable for entertainment and amusement gatherings. Link In other words if these tunes sound like music for entertainment (for example pop music) then they are haram. Wallahu a'lam
  17. I disagree with the trend of having turned it into some kind of soundtrack to listen to when you're bored. It makes perfect sense when it is being recited live in a majlis, but to make clips or albums and to play it in your car or your iphone is one step away from listening to music (in fact these days it is often exactly the same as listening to music) May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) guide us all. Wallahu a'lam
  18. Alhamdulilah, Great read! One of the best articles I have read in here yet. May Allah shower his mercy on the believing men and believing women.
  19. @Noor TalebHere are some more of these types of people smh. It says in I John 4, if the Prophet doesn’t mention Jesus than it is a false Prophet. But Prophet Muhammad ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) did mention Jesus ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم))
  20. I have to disagree with everyone. I am usually the one giving silent treatment to others and I don't understand how it can be worse than verbal or psychological abuse. We have all heard "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything". I apply that principle in my life and I honestly wouldn't mind if all my enemies gave me silent treatment instead of other kinds of abuse. Silent treatment is often used by people who are bullied. They don't want to confront a violent and mean bully and they know the bully just doesn't care, so there's no point in explaining your point of view. People think I am a push over and if they yell at me or keep insisting for me to do something, I will give up and give them what they want from me. It's lack of respect for boundaries and personal space. Also people pretend to be all friendly and nice and when I feel that I can trust them, they start passing mean comments and jokes. I give people chances and when I see that they don't want to change their behavior after apologizing hundreds of times, I just throw them out of my life. It's very important to cut toxic people out of life for your mental health and peace of mind, otherwise you will keep wasting your emotions and energy on them.
  21. Second reason. It just sounds a bit like a beat in haram music. I know that it’s totally different and that it’s produced by the mouth by saying Hussein or something but still it sounds like a beat
  22. I don't know. Most people in my family love nohas and have their favourite reciters but I never enjoy them, except one or two here and there. Too much noise for my liking maybe? Donno.
  23. is it just a personal preference? or do you mean it might fall in the grey area zone in terms of it being harram?
  24. I'm vexed. You could have used the perfect meme for conveying this sentence.
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