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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. Yes, this is one of the reasons.The noha reciters have started acting like 'Zakirs' only with poetry.
  3. There are aspects of validity in the sense of critical consideration to what constitutes valid and authoritative but the thing that Qur'anists fail to understand is how fallacious they end up being through the new self-contradictory dogmas they employ. Some things they bring up are useful but also require a wider and deeper exploration of Hadith collections to really actually determine the validity of their position. Basically the Qur'anist generally determines the conclusion before reaching it, than going through a process to determine the conclusion. Also they seem to fall for a false-comparison when it comes to things like Karaite Judasim and Solar Scriptora (in Christianity). The nature of the Judeo-Christian Bible in relation to the Talmud and Catholic Church is categorically not an applicable comparison (which they usually work under the impression of) by the very nature of the text of the Bible itself in comparison to the Qur'an. One (Qur'an) is a received revelation (even if non-Muslims deny that it is) that in the first context is speaking to Muhammad himself, the other (Bible) is a compilation of linear narratives that claim to be a historical account and also include hymns and letters. There is also another fallacy I see them pulling, which is the assertion that the nature of Hadith itself is there to mislead or distort the Qur'an by nature and that reading the Qur'an alone as it is somehow equates to the only true (or an objective) understanding of the Qur'an and the theology, metaphysics, morals/ethics and philosophy/ontology it reveals. This view can manifest within some people as the dogma of "Those who accept Hadith are going to Jahannam", it's entirely illogical by the Qur'an's own standards which asserts a deeper understanding of the afterlife and what this life's purpose is. It's as if these people think that the Islamic position (whether Sunni or Shi'ite) is that all Hadith are infallible and non-debatable and that Hadith are more central to our Faith than the Qur'an, both of which are wrong and absurd views.
  4. I don’t understand why you found it uncomfortable to watch the first few minutes of the video. All those points mentioned by the scholars/speaker can be simply explained. don’t be shocked or put off when SDT or Shimrani potray it in such a 'shocking' way.
  5. The quranists are missing all tafasir and things around the verses, as well as any other rulings derived from ahadith. Also, they disobey Qur'an in and of itself. The Qur'an says obey the Prophet, so you must listen to the Prophet. This means taking ahadith.
  6. One person’s continuity is another person’s awkwardness and cultural confusion... Like @notme said, eventually a distinct natural English style will emerge, but until then, this is what we got.
  7. “Quranism” as practiced and believed is inherently self contradictory.
  8. Today
  9. Hold my falooda... Surely this isn't for real?
  10. @rkazmi33 I think there’s some confusion on what we’re discussing. I could respond point for point (there are some misconceptions you posted), but I don’t think we have baseline agreement on definitions. I honestly don’t think we’re even talking about the same thing. All I’ll say is that the psychology literature is very clear on this matter.
  11. Shari'ah is Shari'ah... It's hard to be a Muslim and not at least accept that Shari'ah is a valid system. But if Allah's law says to do x and y and a hadith says to do f and g, then there is no question about it, surely? This is what I mean, people see the word Qur'anist and think of these people who reject everything other than the Qur'an. Actually people who view Islam like this often are on a downward spiral and this is their last step before leaving the religion. Rather a Qur'anist worth giving time to is one who studies hadith, history and scripture and puts fact before falsehood, even when a majority follow such falsehood. Many Qur'anists are pro-Alid by the way and say that the Islam of man has been distorted certainly in the Ummayad caliphate but slightly later too.
  12. Salam Historicaly first Quranist was second caliph & after him first group were Khswarij in time of umnsyids & second group were Abbasids that became Qursnists & all of them rejected order of Prophet Muhammad (pbu) about imamate of Imam Ali & 11 Imams(عليه السلام) & know radical Quranists are trying to destroy any Islamic site like as Kaaba because they know it against their understand in from Qur'an
  13. Is it allowed for husband and wife to qasr their roza in Ramadan to have intercourse during day time
  14. Love nohas but am put off by the modern day theatrics. They are much better when live in an Imambargah or an actual Jaloos. Do not listen to the edited recordings where the reciter takes precedence over the noha if you know what I mean.
  15. Apart from the obvious verses about ahl el Beit (عليه السلام) I think they understand much better than many. Just by their study of semantics used throughout the Qur'an they can determine what really would mean such or such verb or noun, like 'strike' or 'pure', and reach another meaning that would be consistent over the whole book when 'traditionalists' as they call us would have interpretated them in different ways according to the surah. Not sure if I made myself clear. I would say they do not understand the shari`ah, or even do not believe in it as a juridical system.
  16. Well forcing someone to talk to you or stay with you in a relationship is also a sign of narcissism. I am saying that emotional and psychological abuse is more hurtful than silent treatment TO ME. But people want to insist that silent treatment is more hurtful. This is exactly why people resort to silent treatment. When you try to force your values, morals and lifestyles on other people. Yes, silent treatment people are weak, they may not be good at fighting, they may be too soft hearted, that's not neccesarily a bad thing. Just live and let live. Find friends who enjoy the regular fighting and taunting and are not sensitive, have a cruel sense of humor, but then you might be the one getting hurt. This is why people insist on forcing sensitive people to interact with them because then they always have upper hand. They don't have to worry about getting hurt. Bullies miss their victims, victims don't miss bullies.
  17. Sayed Sistani: Imam Khamenei: Sayed Fadlallah: Sheikh Naser Makarem: Sayed Sadiq Shirazi:
  18. Hey no problem brother, that is what individuality is all about. I love the adaptation from the older traditional reciters keeping the cultural ties intact cross mixing them to an audience that understand a different language. Continuity comes to mind.
  19. I never managed to handle one properly. Neither anyone in my entourage. Only ups and downs, until it went spinning around, and having to roll it back up and stuff. More time wasted fixing it than enjoying. Forget it man.
  20. Sorry but this is kind of what I was talking about. I just feel this is most suited for Arabic/Farsi, not English. I am not a fan. At some point or another most speakers using this style lose their rythmn and it sounds inconsistent, maybe because English oration was never used for this style, adding melody, etc. One can still add a solemn and an emotive tone without the melody.
  21. I have grown up in the us and have played card ganes that don’t associate with betting. first example I play goldfish, speed, or ERS for fun with cards. since these don’t have me betting are they okay to play?
  22. Silent treatment is one technique common in narcissists (although you don’t have to be a narcissist necessarily to use the silent treatment, but the effects are the same).
  23. SubhanAllah, watch this:
  24. Again, this is an incredibly selfish thing to do. How easy is it to walk away and just go in your little cocoon? It's like saying "oh the environment is too toxic for me, lemme go and just sit on the top of the mountain and forget about everything, and just let others suffer". It's something a lot of people don't think about, they feel they are being strong, but in reality they are weak. Like how I said in my post, you say something before deciding to head to Mount Everest, isolating yourself from the world, such as "right now I need time to think, I'll get back to you later and we''ll solve this". It's not always about us, we need to be mindful of others. Those who give silent treatment tend to play the 'victim card'
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