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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. People believe Isis to be Muslims. They are not Muslims either. In Islam if you kill someone unjustly that is automatic Jahannam. Eternity in Jahannam. Eternity in Jahannam means there was unbelief. They were hypocrites pretending to be Muslim. There are also hypocrites pretending to be Christians. They are selling religion for a price of their worldly desires. The Qur'an is very specific if you worship other than him no matter how nice you are you will not get Jannah. Allah knows you better than anyone so if at your core you truly believe if God alone that will save you. Allah knows who the true believers and unbelievers are.
  3. lol. Don't worry. I don't take it personally that some Muslims think I'm going to hell. Some so-called Christians would like to send me there sooner.
  4. hi , Moms don't go to hell but acceptance of truth & changing way of life is very hard for everyone ,that may lasts whole of life ,we consider belief system there is many Christians that behave like Muslims & deserve Paradise although they don't know about Islam but they unknowingly follow it's moral in the other hand there is Muslims that just are Muslims in name but whole of their behavior deserves hell like as ISIS ,etc
  5. I didn't say my religion allowed me to "do anything". It's actually pretty strict. I said it doesn't hold that folks of other faiths are necessarily going to hell.
  6. With all due respect, I've read all of the stuff people have thrown at me already. Most of it is, In my humble opinion, inaccurate,biased, or intellectually disingenuous.. Whether they are trying to " be nice" or not. Some of it is stunningly ignorant and derivative of the worst research spewed out these days by anti-Catholics with no critical thinking skills. Most Muslims don't understand the concept of the Trinity or have a good grasp of Church history or the early Church Fathers. That's not surprising, it's not their religion. No reason for them to be. I'm reasonably well-versed in my own faith ( taught by some of the best minds and researchers around...don't know what the Muslim equivalent would be, but it'd likely be pretty lofty) and they were quite a bit better than the " Christian theologians" and " Church historians" in here. Lol.
  7. Alhamdulilah, I lot of people like a religion that you can do anything and not have no accountability for actions. Hell is made for a reason and judgment day is for a reason. Those evil doers and deniers will have to stand before God and answer for the crimes. In essence there’s only only one religion and that’s the religion of the one true God, the God of Abraham. Abraham never worshipped Jesus as God or the son of God. He worshipped one true God.
  8. That’s the common definition now. But if you are Trinity Christian that definition wasn’t around during Jesus days on Earth. His ummah of believers are monotheistic. Any Muslim on here who tells you differently is only trying to be nice. In the Qur'an, Allah is very specific about associating people or things along with him as God or having sons. Christianity can’t be trinity and monotheistic at the same time. That’s the great deception. True Abrahamic religions only belief in one God with no association of other images, people, or idols. No other Prophet in the Bible mentions worshipping Jesus or the trinity. They observed one true God. Does this mean your going to Hell? Not necessarily. At your core you yourself might be truly monotheistic. Only you and God knows. But yes if you worship Jesus as God and son of God while knowingly receiving guidance on about submitting to the one Oneness of God as in no image or human, and you die without accepting true belief you will die as an unbeliever and According to the Qur'an will not get Jannah. I will leave this link for you below https://www.google.com/amp/s/romecorruptedchristianity.wordpress.com/2013/07/02/nimrods-family-created-God-the-father-and-God-the-son/amp/
  9. Those who refuse to believe in Islam after knowing his doctrine will don't go to heaven however those who don't know Islam or have very few knowledge about what is Islam and are good people could have some possibilities to reach jannah.
  10. ^ Actually mine doesn't think folks of other religions are going to hell. One of the reasons I like it.
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  12. Meh. Every religion thinks that people of other religions are going to hell. There can only be one truth.
  13. And anyhow, people that practice qābdḣ are following the "Imams" of the mādḣāb (sect) they follow, while if they were to try to prove that it’s obligatory (or even permissible) from the sunnāh, they won’t be able to do it. And these sects are an innovation, anyway... In the book of Ịĵābāt āl-Ŝāʾịl, page 317, tradition 161, by Muqbịl bin Ĥāḏị āl-Ŵāḏịʾi, he said: The four sects (Āl-Mādāḣịb āl-Ārbāʾāh: Shāfiʿīs, Malikis, Hanbalis and Hanafis) are an innovation. And that he challenged the mutāʾāsibin (fanatics/radicals) for these sects, that they bring proof from the sunnāh or the Holy Qur'an, that the Muslim has to worship (or rule/judge) according to one of these sects.
  14. Zoroaster was a Prophet that taught Pure Monotheism, 100%, however their religion obviously deviated in some smaller areas. As the first historically recognized Prophet of Monotheism (in secular history) it'd be silly to disregard him. Mani is more complicated based on surviving texts, as I mentioned above he is more speculative (perhaps ironically, considering he came way after Zoroaster). I've no thought towards Mahavira. Laozi? well there is a case you could make for it, the whole philosophy of Taoism doesn't have much that contradicts Islam at all.
  15. Thank you Team members! @starlight @notme @Abu Nur @Gaius I. Caesar @Reza @wolverine @Abu Hadi @Haji 2003 @Ibn Al-Ja'abi @Sirius_Bright
  16. The US was built on genocide and slavery. Gave in to its worse impulses for a heck of a long time. It will take along time to heal the damage because a lot of it is still systemic. But a start has been made, In my humble opinion. I'd listen to the communities affected as to what they need.
  17. My family and community is involved in a massive restoration project and in formally and legally opposing about a half dozen proposed environmentally damaging efforts from the state and Feds. Why I'm busy.
  18. Well, guess I'm going to hell, then. The common definition of being a Christian is to be Trinitarian. It's also considered monotheistic,though. But we've been through all this ad nauseum.
  19. What would people recommend to read first, Hayat Al-Qulub Vol. 2 by Allama Majlesi, The Message by Sheikh Subhani, The Life of Muhammad by Allama Qarashi, or a different book? And for the life of the Imams, would people recommend Hayat Al Qulub Vol. 3 by Allama Majlesi, the many books by Allama Qarashi, or Kitab Al Irshad by Sheikh Mufeed? Thanks
  20. I am yet to watch this, but from skimming through it seems similar to the answers already given. But, it may be beneficial if I post it anyways.
  21. Wolves don't make good companion animals for humans. Why throw 10,000 years of domestication out the window? Even northern breeds are challenging sometimes. Mine is sweet but stubborn. The wolf-dog that used to live down the street was a mess. Howled all day,got loose and attacked my dogs. Wolves belong with their own kind,In my humble opinion.
  22. For clarity, I think we can split this discussion into two different categories: 1: Could an Imam who does not have authority at a specific time disagree when the Imam who does have authority gives a command (irshadi or mawlawi) 2: Given the same situation, the Imams do not have to do the same exact things as the others. I think if we accept point 1 (that an Imam is allowed to disagree with the command of another Imam), then obviously point two is also accepted. But if we accept point 2, that doesn't necessarily mean an Imam can disagree when a command is given by the Imam who has more authority. The reason I split it up like this is because the evidences for these two points can be different. What I am thinking, is that if we bring the evidence that the Imams and Prophet can make mistakes in matters of application of certain laws, then that at least proves point 2, since one Imam can make a mistake in the application of a certain law, and the later Imams learn from that mistake and not do the same things. Not only that, but it also proves that the same Imam, can do different things, given the same situation, since at one time he could make a mistake, and another he learns from his mistake and doesn't do it again. For example, lets for arguments sake say that Imam Hussain's (a) decision to go to Kufa was a mistake. Now lets say Allah gave the Imam a second chance and rewinded time back again when the Imam hadn't made the decision to leave for Kufa. Would the Imam (a) have made the same decision? I think that most of us will agree the Imam (a) would have done different things, learning from his mistake. Thoughts?
  23. Thank you once again for taking the time out of your busy day to solve my problems.

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      Perfectly fine brother :)

  24. Youre right. Another thing in the trinity there are three of the same kind co exist at the same time ( look at the fabrication) lol. Like look at the entire life of Isa ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) like come on eating, drinking, crying, sleeping and PRAYING! doesn't seem like God or Godly to me. The God we know is free from such accusations and limited attributes of being called a father , son and another person. These 3 are people / human with human limited qualities. Moreover, the moment God comes in forms becomes limited as such a limitless being cannot be trapped inside a limited body and becomes similar like us which he is certainly not as he is limitless!
  25. Can you provide any fatwa which explicitly says that taraweeh with forada intention is forbidden? If you cannot, then don't make your own assumptions that it is forbidden like alcohol. That is a dangerous and problematic way of thinking. To date, I have not found any single fatwa which renders forada niyyat haram in taraweeh. If you are aware of such fatwa then please share it with us. I did not go because of my host - that is your another wrong assumption. The intention was to please Allah, by joining Sunni congregation for unity and showing islmaic moral ethics by not declining the dinner from the host. Whether Allah would have been more pleased if I had sacrificed both these recommended acts for the sake of avoiding Taraweeh is a judgment only Allah can make himself - neither you nor I. In either case, the intention was to gain Allah's pleasure, not the host. 3Question: Can one say one’s congregational prayer behind a Sunni Imam with the intention of Jama'at (congregation)? And should one recite al-hamd on his own? Answer: It is permissible to offer prayer in their congregational prayer. However, it is obligatory upon you to recite al-Hamd and Sura-e Tawhid yourself – be the recitation in low voice though. https://www.Sistani.org/english/qa/01262/ Whether this includes or excludes Taraweeh remains to be seen. If it is forbidden, then perhaps they should ammend the answer by writing in brackets that taraweeh is excluded.
  26. I've yet to see one of our ulema say "alayhi salaam" after Buddha, which is for the Prophets and messengers and Ahlul Bayt. There is no evidence he was a nabi, otherwise where do we draw the line in non Biblical past religious founders or personalities? Would you say Zoroaster (عليه السلام), Mani (عليه السلام), Mahavira (عليه السلام) or Laozi (عليه السلام) too? Based on what exactly?
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