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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. yes unfortunately this still happens but in secret circles, who practise old pagan rituals cause they think it gives them longer life and power and whatever else they have if you look at Alistair Crowley book on sacrifice and blood magic, he quotes the old testament which says "the life is in the blood" hence this is where they get their queue to do such actions and believe that by taking the life of another and consuming their blood that it in fact adds life to their life cause "the life is in the blood" , and he recommends that this act is done using an intelligent innocent virgin child for their blood is most "rewarding" , and yeah this is actually a real thing which those people take absolutely seriously but of course this is nothing but conjecture from the old Babylonian pagan religions that they incorporated into their beliefs, and what the Devils told them only to make them go astray and fulfill the purpose that they Devil wishes to fulfil(mankinds total destruction) there is many instances of "satanic" practises where people have been caught doing this act in their hidden circles , and many scandals in various celebrities and higher ups and politicians throughout the years , more recent in our times, just google it and you will find thousands of very incriminating reports with plenty of evidence which cannot be denied but is because the people who practise this are the leaders of this world , the so called elite these people think that this is some hidden or old "knowledge" that has been lost or forgotten and that they have access to it and hence think it makes them powerfull God says that He sends people astray, He makes them believe in their stupid ideas, because these people ARE given the world and they attribute their gains and positions to these acts hence they continue to propagate them and carry them out, but really they are only being sent astray and made to believe in their nonsense also the fact that they are able to do it for so long and not ever get exposed and judged for it also gives them a false sense of pride that somehow these acts are the ones who are protecting them and giving them these positions and the ability to get away from it thats how God misguides , He allows them to do what they want and He makes them believe that its the acts that are giving them what they seek, so hence that they continue to sink lower and lower until finally when they reach their final adobe, the plug is pulled and the truth is revealed and they are send to the lowest depths of Hell from which they will never come out
  3. I have never read or heard anywhere that Ayatullahs Sistani recommends walking on fire. Do you have a source? Please do not spread such information without source. While mourning for Imam Hussain (عليه السلام) is a highly recommended act that carries immeasurable sawab, it is not a substitute or equivalent for Ibadaats like Namaz, fasting, Hajj and so on. Everything has their own position. If our crying for Hussain(عليه السلام) is bidah then so is Prophet Yaqub (as)'s crying for Nabi Yousaf (عليه السلام). We are following bidah of a Prophet(عليه السلام) as compared to Sunnis to follow the bidah of Umar and Abu Bakr. We are still better off.
  4. I know how it feels like, I have social anxiety till now. I’m trying my best to fight it. The mosque I attend is small, there is few people so I never had any anxiety. I have a big terror when I pray in prayer room where both Sunnis and Shias can pray, but they (Sunnis) never attacked me so since few months I feel comfortable praying infont of others. I recommend you to start attending Friday prayers, you should try it. Edit:- Oh my God, just now I remember last year I went to Sunni Mosque for Eid prayer, I will never forget that day
  5. There’s a lot of tolerance on this forum from Wahhabis/Salafis, to pseudo-“Shia” “reformers” that know better than maraji’ or our ulama of the past. The worst are the ones pretending to be from us in quest to destroy Islam from within. Unfortunately the ghulat cults will be plentiful before the reappearance of al Qaim (ajtf).
  6. People like you are just take their information about Ashura from Anti Shia channel & think knowe everything about it but hide yourself behind the word you don't care about being Shia or Sunni, that you repeat again & again your accusations without true & unbiased search & sticked to anti Shia lies ,I don't have any word with you
  7. Salamu Alykoum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatu, I was preforming my Ghusl and my mom calls me, I stopped, turned off the water and answered her. When she finished talking I turned the water back on and proceeded. Was my ghusl Valid in this case or no?
  8. Many faiths like shikism and native American traditions believe that long hair helps you spiritually, some to point of requiring it (for males to). What does Islam say about it. Is it innovation to believe that it does. I have short and only ever had medium length hair and don't really intend to grow it out but I was curious about it.
  9. Could care less about spreading anti Shia or anti Sunni stuff. It’s clear as day that Ashura rituals are just as much bidah as taraweeh. Bias on both sides prohibits them to see this. I am not partial to either side. There are flaws on both sides.
  10. You have nothing better than repeating baseles anti Shia accusations like as Sunning defence the new antim*****
  11. You are saying what you have no clue about it & by insulting to Ayatollah Sistani you are doing a great sin in month of Ramadan , you are like other wahhabits that say a lie like a parrot same as sunning defense guy
  12. No worries brother. Yeah in this case I think you should just ignore the doubt and consider all the bags tahir.
  13. If that the case, God love us so much I can do action is this world as long I made the intention to reach God and that will be okay. In the past, there were human sacrifices to please God. Or be like the zionist, and claim to be chosen people, take palestinian lands and kill them too. In mexico, drug pushers and dealers would pray to Holy Mary to get God's protection before dealing drugs. Are all these acceptable under the intention to reach God. The world will be in chaos when ordinary people start to define personal ways of reaching God.
  14. It honestly is one of those things where you have to bite the bullet and do it. That one first step is the hardest, and the feeling of a thousand eyes on you, and I know the feeling, truly is in your head. I had similar reservations about returning to pray at the local Sunni mosque which I had been part of since they opened but stopped going since I started following Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام), as you can imagine the thoughts of peoples eyes on me praying openly as a Shia with a turbah, but as it turned out, no one cares about us in that sense, no one batted an eyelid. It was in in my head that kept me from returning all these years. I regularly attend when I can.
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  16. Woops. Still bad at maths...
  17. But he's not a layman though... he's a scholar. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abu_Ammaar_Yasir_Qadhi#Islamic_University_of_Madinah Anyway, this is the Sunni position on the matter (they think he died a kafir and is in hellfire). http://www.thesunniway.com/articles/item/246-was-Abu-talib-a-Muslim https://islamqa.org/hanafi/daruliftaa-birmingham/87386 There is some ambiguity and disagreement among Sunnis though: This position is not well known or popular among laymen though... just read the comments section where they call this a "Sufi belief". Regardless, the Sunnis are wrong on this no doubt... https://www.al-Islam.org/180-questions-about-Islam-vol-2-various-issues-makarim-shirazi/30-was-Abu-talib-Muslim http://en.wikishia.net/view/Faith_of_Abu_Talib_(a) https://themuslimvibe.com/faith-Islam/Abu-talib-the-uncle-of-Prophet-Muhammad
  18. Wow that’s amazing. I pray for a miracle to happen for me. I think it will help with my faith
  19. I have long been at a point with my AvPD (avoidant personality disorder) that I have not attended Jumah for months on end. I avoid praying in mosques at all costs unless I know I will literally miss the previous prayer time. For anyone that suffers from social anxiety, or just anxiety in general, how do you bring yourself to go to mosque? How do you manage to go out and not feel like a thousand eyes are burning into your skin? I can't even see myself going to Eid prayer. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Diaz


    So both men and women can pluck right? Thank you guys for the explanation, I really didn’t know that we can pluck our eyebrows.
  21. And Ashura rituals are bidah by a drunkard Safavid ruler. The fact that you refuse to accept the parallels between the two bidahs is astonishing. You sugarcoat the ashura rituals as means of mourning so they are supposedly exempt from the bidah test. The fact is they are bidah no matter how much emotions you have attached to them. The Sunnis will try to give you similar reasons for their bidah.
  22. No issue with saying Harun (a) would have confronted them if his situation was different and the people recognised his authority for example. The question is if Musa (a) was in Harun's (a) position, would Musa (a) have done the same things or different? I'm just not convinced that there is any good evidence that he would have done the same things, or if he would've done different things.
  23. Why would anyone even listen to this layman? (2:15) “God mocks them and prolongs them in their transgression [while] they wander blindly.”
  24. No, majority of maraji’ rule it makrooh, and some even haram, praying behind the Sunni prayer leader, not to mention the bidah of tarawih. For example, Ayatollah Sistani (may Allah prolong his life), ruled praying behind Sunni and with them only as a matter of an utmost necessity, such as where otherwise one would of been in grave danger to himself or the Shia community if praying in non-Sunni ways. By the way, just on this one thread many people came out to be very ignorant about religion they allegedly follow. Tarawih prayers are a major religious innovation that entered into religion, just as many Israiliyat traditions, through Sunni following fallible beings in their rulings. Despite the fact that the tarawih runs contradictionary to the Prophetic orders in that matter, as recorded even in Sunni books themselves. Equating it with Azadari rituals, where we Shias just commemorate and mourn the fact that we couldn’t be back then and that Sunnis and their fallible role models decided to slaughter Prophet’s grandson, is pure ignorance. Certain Azadari rituals are wajib, others mustahab. One derives his own outlook on them based upon the marja and his reasoning on that matter that they follow. Some accept tatbir and other individually accepted signs of mourning, others do not. The truth is that we do or do not accept certain aspects of mourning that are not an established religious practice mandatory upon all, while tarawih became an established religious practice solely and blindly accepted based upon the will of a fallible being that caused so much suffering to Ahlul Bayt (peace be upon them). We have not only Sunnis here silently trying to undermine our beliefs, but also so called Shias who decided to follow their own ideas and ideology instead of following the maraji’, which in itself is innovation in religious matters because not one of you is learned enough to derive his own rulings on fiqh matters. Tarawih is a haram bidah by a man who assaulted Prophet’s daughter, period.
  25. In the book of Al-Sunnāh, by Al-Mārwāzī, page 94, tradition 83: That Nāfʿī heard Iʿbn Omār saying: “Every bid'ah is going astray/dhālala (deviation/misguidance), even if people found it good.” Status of the tradition: authentic. In Hīlyāt Al-Awlīyʿā, volume 3, page 189: The Prophet said: “Every innovation is a bid'ah, and every bid'ah is going astray/dhalala (deviation/misguidance), and every going astray is in the hellfire.” So basically, Iʿbn Omār is saying that everyone, including Omar (his father) and the people that pray taraweeh are innovators (mubtādʿīeen, and are donkeys). And the Holy Prophet is saying that every innovator is in hell. So, our Holy Prophet is saying that Omar, and the people that pray taraweeh are in hellfire. So again, you have three choices: You will go with Iʿbn Omār (and the Holy Prophet) and regard Omar, and the people that pray taraweeh as innovators and people of hellfire. You will do taraweeh, knowing that Iʿbn Omār said that you are of the people of hellfire, innovator and a donkey. You will go with Omar, and the people that pray taraweeh, and disregard what the Holy Prophet and Iʿbn Omār said. Iʿbn Omār reminds me of when Walter told Larry: “You’re killing your father, Larry!”
  26. OrthodoxTruth


    That’s a Sunni belief, Shias are allowed to pluck our eyebrows and men are allowed to trim their facial hair short, but never to be shaved. The length of male’s facial hair in (Shia) Islam shouldn’t exceed the width of one’s fist, that’s why majority of Shia laymen do not have Sunni style beards. The higher ranking ulama is an exception to that.
  27. If an infallible Imam would of introduce a religious custom and new theological belief unknown at the time of, and even in opposition to the Prophetic teachings, you people would of yell yearly; “Rafida Ramadan’s bidah!”, but when a fallible person that you revere did so, it became a normative, widely accepted religious custom among you lot. It is called hypocrisy. The burden of proof is upon you to prove that the tarawih bidah is not a bidah, and not upon me to prove that it is, when Umar himself called it as such. Seems like some of the sahaba grew in rank with the Prophets for you people, their words became religion.
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