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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    • The Qur’an itself has a challenge to bring a single contradiction. I have went through a few of the supposed contradictions that anti-Islam websites have and to me they were not clear contradictions. The Islamophobes just chose to interpret it a certain way.
    • If you start looking for contradictions in the Quran, you will find them. I can point to websites that specialize in this. And most of those points are true. I can also share with you seeming contradictions in our Quran, that on the face value look like that. They are all tests. But you chose to look at the Quran with a certain attitude. If you do the same with the Bible, you'll realize that the Bible is even superior to the Quran in some ways. Allah created nations different so we can learn from each other. The books called the Gospels are in the very least narrations about Jesus. If you respect narrations that were written hundreds of years after prophet mohamed, and study and acknowledge them, then why not seek inspiration from books about the Spirit of God? 
    • That is your opinion. Many believe that Imam Ali had a different Quran before uthman ordered the burning of all the Quran other than his.  I can find all the wisdom of the Quran in the Bible too. But that's just me, you have a different way.  When I read a book like the psalm I feel so light I almost feel like I'm levitating. It's all the same to me. Same message and same point from the same God. 
    • A lot of jibberish, but a start on "standards" in the EU has to begin somewhere. https://www.dw.com/en/eu-unveils-ai-rules-seeking-global-standards/a-57282281 
    • What is the contact details/Email for Sayed Baqir al Qazwini ? 
    • Look at how nonsensical it sounds: social distancing. When I first heard it, it sounded like some ridiculous buzzword from the likes of Buzzfeed or Facebook. turns out, it’s a form of social engineering.  it’s oxymoronic: how you “social” distance, without breaking the social aspect? Its also like a military marching order: 6 feet apart, stand in line as if you are a slave to go into stores, to get vaccinated, to go into your office, to do a much of anything. its more like distance socially. The breakdown of social bonds. does our deen not promote the bringing together of people, of espousing love in one’s heart for humanity? For forming ranks in obedience to Allah and for the sake of bettering ones entire community? Are mosques not gathering places?  The mosques were already deserted pre-lockdown, now the hadith prophecy has truly come to pass: the churches, synagogues and mosques are all deserted. The people grow farther and farther apart while the elitist cults grow closer and closer in cooperation.
    • Walaikum Salaam,  Excellent observation Mashallah. Thanks for that. Just a question : did you come up with that yourself? I just saw this thread now after I spent time postulating my belief that this verse refers to the creation process of Allah's entire creations.  Here is the post     So I would like to thank you for pointing out this extremely important point and puzzle piece for this! I did not notice it before.  This first being is to me the first creation step which is a time when there existed only God and one 'nafs'. This nafs turned into two, then four, just like the cleaving of an egg cell, but on a much more basic and elemental level. The most basic level possible.  So the first thought I had when I heard from you that the first creature was feminine, was that it makes sense in many levels.  1 - God is Howa, referred to in masculine form, even though He is definitely behind gender, but still! We sat He and not She in most monotheistic religions. So it makes sense in the balance of things to have the only 'other' nafs than Allah as female to complement.  2 - the symbol of the mother or source (like umm AL kitab) is definitely logic for a source nafs, just like mothers in sexually reproducing creatures are our source. All fathers had to come from mothers, but there must have been a first mother who could not have come from a father. I am also speaking symbolic her. The mother, the darkness which resonate with the idea of a womb are present in the verse.  3 - biologically speaking we learned in school via photographs of embryonic development, that all humans start off as female in the womb, and we all had vaginas up to a certain stage. This is also evident that all men have breasts, even if they are not functional. At a certain stage the area of the vaginas seal for the males and the ovaries go down to become testicles. So we start off as females biologically too, which is a physical support for this idea.  This is from the top of my head, but thank you for giving me more proof for my hypothesis of the meaning of the verse being the description of the creation of 8 elements, that each consist of 3 units of various combinations of male and female nafs (yin yang.. Even female yin is always mentioned before yang Mashallah)  Each element is one of the following in most likelihood 1 water 2 earth 3 heaven 4 mountain 5 wind 6 fire 7 marsh 8 thunder  The first element was water which is actually female from outside, and contains male nafs inside,  The 8 elements are the building stones for all creations, and each element has an ultimate master, who are the Malaika described in the Quran including the fire realm head iblis, who demoted himself by not accepting the imamate of Adam. The word Malaika is based in the word mulk which is also kingdom.  These are in my opinion the angels that rule the universe on behalf of Allah, by caring His throne. Allah's throne is said to be carried by 8 Malaika.  They are the masters of the universe.  There is a clear hierarchy of ins and jinn, and the highest ranked ones are the representatives of the elements of earth and fire. And the earth / ins one is most likely inheritor of Adam, as Imam of the other Malaika, which will be fully established and eternally implemented after the final resurrection and Yom El Qyama in Sha Allah.  OK you probably think I'm crazy haha I better stop     
    • It's like the hypothetical question of "Would you kill hitler as a child?" In this case, Khidr did to prevent disaster. And look at it this way, the boy who would have grown up to be evil was cut short before he could commit a single sin. I view this as an incredible mercy for him because he gets to be resurrected on Judgement Day without an atom of a sin on his book, when if history took a slightly different turn, he would have been among the most wicked and in a very bad position. That boy was spared Hell.   I don't understand this point He was not needed, but that was how it went down. It was also necessary for Prophet Moses s.a to witness so he may be tested.   It was not one specific incident, it was one part of about three incidents which were all connected. If we want to find meaning in one then we have to look at the entire thing. I interpret it as: You see one pixel, God sees the entire picture. Everything that Khidr did was objectionable on the surface, but once Prophet Moses s.a found out how this was going to affect the future, he realized that it was actually a mercy.
    • I really, really, really hate poison ivy.  Y'all have no idea how much I hate that stinking plant. More than bamboo, more, even, than ticks. Ugh. 
    • Think about it, there are already verses that clearly say the Qur'an will be protected. That is enough proof. If it lack some verses then it is not protected, if the wording have changed such that meaning have been changed then it has contradiction and lackness which means not protected. If Qur'an is judge then how can we trust in judge that have been changed? How can we compare then a narration to changed Qur'an to decide the correctness of narration when we don't know if the verse we have is right?
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