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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    • While I agree with this decision in the abstract, in the real world this decision is nothing to celebrate. Here's why. There is no legal clarity about what constitutes 'abortion' and who can or cannot be prosecuted. It all depends on where you live and the record of the state or county prosecutor.  For example, in the State where I live, Michigan, the State attorney general said she will not prosecute abortion even though there is a 1931 law in Michigan banning abortion which was nullified by the Roe decision but is now in effect. So  While the State AG said she will not prosecute, no such statement was made by local prosecutors. So it is still possible to be prosecuted at the local level and there is no clarity as to what is an 'abortion'. So, for example, a women with a high risk pregnancy in which the doctor terminates the pregnancy due to extreme health risk of the mother may or may not be prosecuted. The doctor and the patient could be prosecuted and go to prison. That is why doctors in many counties in Michigan with 'activist' (Trump supporting) prosecutors are saying they will no longer be accepting patients with high risk pregnancies. They don't want to possibly go to prison or lose their license. So what will happen to these women ? Noone knows. The wealthy ones can go to other parts of the state (Wayne and Oakland counties) and rent a hotel room for the course of their pregnancy and deliver there. The poor ones are SOL.  Also, we know that the mothers most likely to be prosecuted and go to prison are the poor and minority ones, who can't afford good lawyers. So this decision is no reason to celebrate anything. This is a really bad time to be a women with a high risk pregnancy, in areas where you may be prosecuted, and a bad time for Doctors in those areas. May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) help them.   
    • If that´s the case, maybe try to get a rational and calm reason as to why they think you´re not prepared enough for it? There must be a cause for their rejection. 
    • The key to getting thru this pandemic is like all the past pandemics. Once a large enough segment of the population has been exposed, then the virus becomes endemic and finally burns itself out.  So exposure to the most mild of variants is actual beneficial for future exposures. Additionally the virus is really only dangerous for those who have weakened immunity, have multiple comorbidties, or are obese. If one has strong immune system, has higher levels of Vitamin D , Zinc and Magnesium ( as multiple retrospective studies has shown), and takes higher dose Vitamin C, then the chance of major debilitating infection is very low. For children many countries have declared no vital need for vaccines at all, after extensive study and epidemiological data. Additionally one should have strong eeman in Allah and the Immune System he has given us. It provides both T Cell and B Cell immunity,  cellular and humoral immunity which beats any man made vaccine without all the horrible possible side effects. Plus natural immunity produces antibodies to all parts of the virus including envelope proteins,  internal proteins and propagating enzyme segments...without out dangerous adjuvants which hyperstimulate the immune system,  and often can result in autoimmune problems or even vaccine induced immune system dysfunction. The belief in pharmaceutical propaganda due to a constant barrage of paid media and bought off medical Profesionals is amazing.  The most strident vaccine advocates have read actual very little actual published  data and studies, constantly only hear mainstream sources and have no credible exposure to alternative news sources and often just parrot the CNN/CDC big pharma paid sources. The NIH and CDC get significant contributions and royalties ( including names like Fauci etc) from pharmaceutical companies and hence slant their coverage of scientific issue to reflect their commercial interests...which is very sad. In fact, the pharmaceutical companies actively tried to suppress very good treatments, think steroids and vitamin D for more than 2 years, so that they could maintain emergency use authorization. Instead they actively discouraged their use and encouraged adverse treatment like ventilators which resulted in higher patient Mortality and Morbidity. If a credible treatment was available it might jeopardize their EUA  status and their obscene billions in profits.
    • According to Sayyid Fadallah((رضي الله عنه)) and other marjaa, before the fetus clings to the womb of the uterus, ending the pregnancy is allowed. This 'window' is from conception to approx 6 days after conception https://www.nichd.nih.gov/newsroom/releases/embryo#:~:text=Specifically%2C the researchers found that,the wall of the uterus. So medications like RU-486 also called the 'morning after' pill are allowed according to this fatwa. Abortion after this point is also allowed in certain cases, see below.  http://english.bayynat.org/FiqhLaws/Fiqh_abortionlegitimacy .htm In accordance to the view of the late Religious Authority, Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah: Abortion is prohibited in Islam starting from the stage in which the ovum is fertilized and becomes stuck to the wall of the womb, since at this stage the life of the fetus starts....
    • So if they arrest women for miscarriages, this is obviously wrong, horrible, and against Islam. At the same time, if I'm not mistaken, I think this was only 1 case. I'm not sure of the status of this case at this point.  The problem may not be the law, but how it's enforced. We know that in the US, poor people and minorities are dealt with more harshly by the justice system. They don't have the same 'rights' as the rich and powerful. This is mainly because of a legacy of racism and a justice system run by 'hired gun' lawyers. The more money you have, the better lawyer you can get and the more 'rights' you have. The less money you have, the less 'rights' you have. In the US, rich people can get away with murder. Poor people spend long amounts of time in prison for traffic tickets or other minor offenses. I don't think that has anything to do specifically with abortion, except in a few number of cases.  Now if states start prosecuting women for abortion, of course it will be poor women who don't have the option of going out of state that will be prosecuted. I haven't seen this happening yet, but if it does, my opinion might change on 'not caring' about this issue.   
    • The assumptions and their justifications: -Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) is All Knowing (justified by the Quran) -The Quran is the word of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) (justified by it's inimitability and trust in the Prophet Muhammad ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم))  -Muslim men cannot marry women who are not from the Ahlul Kitab (justified by the Quran and hadith) -Muslim women cannot marry men who are not Muslim (justified by the Quran and hadith)
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      The separation is dwindling for sure. I think it might be a good thing on a societal level, imo, as a Christian nation is far better than the atheist-promoting far-left mess we are in now. Then again, I live in California (a Republican city). So these things are far worse in liberal cities that I’ve been to. 
    • Thank you that kind of answer I was looking for. It has cleared my doubts ❤️
    • Does Akhbaris even exist anymore? I thought that school was abandoned more that 200 years ago.  
    • Translation of a news report: The Hazara International Council has expressed concern over the situation of civilians in Balkhab district of Sar-e-Pul province. The district is witnessing clashes between the Taliban and Maulavi Mahdi, the group's former Hazara commander. According to Shafaqna News Agency in Afghanistan, a statement issued by the Hazara International Council on Friday night (24 June 2022) states that the Council expresses its deep concern about the civilians in the region and their vulnerabilities and the social and economic burden of violence. The statement said that in such an emergency, it is important for the international community to pay attention to the events in Balkhab and the consequences of the war and violence caused by the Taliban attacks, which could lead to widespread crime and human rights abuses. The Hazara International Council has said that the Taliban also committed crimes against the Hazaras during their previous rule. The council referred to the massacre of Hazaras in August 1998 in Mazar-e-Sharif. The Hazara International Council further warns that if the war in Balkhab escalates, catastrophic human costs will be imposed on civilians. The Hazara International Council has called for an immediate end to the violence in Balkhab. The Taliban attack on Balkhab district has entered its third day and it has recently been reported that the Taliban have bombed Maulavi Mahdi's house, but he and his family were not harmed. Pro-Mahdi forces say they have repulsed several Taliban attacks, inflicting heavy casualties on the group. But the Taliban have so far said nothing about the Balkhab war.   Another report tells that the Taliban have been systematically withdrawing most of their forces from parts of Panjshir since Friday. The video, made available to the 8 Sobh news channel, also shows dozens of Taliban rangers leaving the Chamalord district of Panjshir province this morning. Although the exact motive for the Taliban's withdrawal from Panjshir is still unknown, sources say they are likely to be sent to Balkhab district in Sar-e-Pul to confront Maulavi Mahdi. Maulavi Mahdi split from the Taliban after he witnessed institutional discrimination and racism by that group against Shia and Hazara people. Most recently Fiqh Jafari was replaced by that group through Fiqh Hanafi for Shia inside Afghanistan and offices of Shia Maraje' were closed by Taliban. Shia have been expelled from their lands and houses by force through Taliban. Oppression against Shia has been implemented by Taliban on a regular basis. Any support and prayers for the Shia of Afghanistan is needed now, as the war has already started and the Taliban have blocked all roads to and from Balkhab for food and humanitarian aid for the civilians there.
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