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    1. 1. Of most major battles and wars in world history, could they have been prevented from ever occurring?

      • Yes, it is possible and realistic, given the proper initiative. War can always be prevented. The inclination of people towards peace is proof of this.
      • No, events are firmly set in motion, and there's often no turning back. Most wars are inevitable, and we have no option but to play them out. The countless wars in history is proof of this.

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      Hug your children extra tight today.  My friend's child passed away from illness.  Inna lil Allah wa inna elahi raj3oun
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      Why was not your ex-Muslim Iranian Lecture patient and thoughtful. Ilmul Kalam does not comes with impatience but Allah (AWJ) tries you with patience and then answers you. The answer to the question as to why Allah (AWJ) creates is hidden in how he is different from his creation. A creation cannot be called as creator in true terms because whatever it creates is already present in universe such as in the form of properties of materials and things, we only channel those things with intellect and make it how our intellect guides us through the information encoded into materials. While Allah (AWJ) does not take help from information encoded into materials, He (AWJ) makes those materials and put those properties into it and manifest His power. Whether you acknowledge or reject, it does not have effect upon Him. If your ex-Muslim Iranian rejects His power, He (AWJ) would simply put Him into hell and if your teacher can over power Him ask Him try to negate His laws such as death and preventing entering into Hell.
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      How can you snatch the cup of Divine love from the intoxicated? 
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      Jumah Mubarak SC
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    • By starlight in Combat With The Self
      After the rather long tradition on the mandatory and recommended rights I decided to jump a few chapters( which I will come back to later) and post the hadiths in the book regarding Intellect. 
      According to Sheikh Hurr al-Amilli the word ''Intellect" in the terminology of scholars and wise men, has been used to mean various things. Through the course of research, we know that, in traditions, it has been ascribed three meanings:
      1. The faculty enabling one to tell right from wrong, and to distinguish them, and the knowledge of the cause of things. This is what has been charged with religious obligations.
      2.The state and disposition that incites one to choose good and advantageous things, and to avoid evil and harm.
      3. Intelligence, i,e., knowledge. This is why its opposite has been referred to as ignorance, and not folly or madness.
      The intellect which is referred in most of the traditions refers to the second and third meanings and Allah is the most Knowledgeable
      Imam Ali Amir ul-Muminin(as) said: 'The angel Gabriel(as)  descended upon Adam (as) and said to him: "O Adam, I have been commanded to give you a choice of three things, of which you must choose one and leave the other two." 
      Adam replied: "O Gabriel, what are these three things?"
      He said: " Intellect, Modesty and Belief"
      So Adam said :"I choose Intellect." 
      Then Gabriel told Modesty and Belief to leave. However, they beseeched him and said: "O Gabriel, we have been commanded to be wherever the Intellect is."  
      So he replied:"As you wish and ascended back from whence he had come'
         -al-Kafi, v.1, p.8, no.1; al-Mahasin, p.192, no.6. 
    • By starlight in Combat With The Self
      Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (as) quoted his infallible forefathers as having narrated on the authority of the Prophet (saw) that He said: 'One who, when an evil thought or carnal desire comes to him, shuns it because of his fear of Allah, Mighty and Exalted. Allah will forbid the Fire from touching him, and will protect him from the Great Terror, and will bestow on him what He has promised him in His book: "And for him who fears to stand before his Lord are two gardens." - Quran 55:46 
      As for one who, when this base world and the Hereafter both occur to him, chooses this world over the next, he will meet Allah on the Day of Judgment without any good deed to protect him from  the Fire. And he who chooses the Hereafter and abandons this world, Allah will be pleased with him, and will forgive him according to his deed.'      al-Faqih, v.4, p.2, no.1
    • By Sisterfatima1 in Fatima
      My dear sweet daughter as time goes by I feel more and more we are being disconnected your birth was truly a blessing for me after a difficult time 
      you were my everything watching you grow up and having people around you caring for you and loving you when I can’t be there hurts me alot
      i wish I could be the one holding your hand and helping you during hard times 
      I would give anything to have one more day with you and just play with you like we used to play 
      I miss your laughter I miss holding you when you were sad I miss you singing to your brother 
      I’ve missed out on so much in your life I hate living with this 
      i wish daddy would let me know you more 
      if you ever read this one day my sweet girl know that mummy loves you and wants you nobody what anybody says I never abandoned you 
      I hope one day we can be reunited 
      I pray Allah will always keep you safe my precious baby 
    • By starlight in Combat With The Self
      Imam Musa al-Kazim(as) said to one of his companions, Hisham b.al-Hakam: 'O Hisham, indeed Allah has given glad tidings to the people of intellect and understanding in the Quran saying : "Therefore give good news to My servants,those who listen to the word, then follow the best of it; those it is whom Allah has guided, and those it is who are the men of understanding." (39:17-18) 
      Then he said: 'O Hisham, verily Luqman said to his son: 'Humble yourself to the truth and you will be the most intelligent of men. My son, this world is a deep sea in which many a scholar may drown, so let piety be your boat, and faith your provision, and reliance on Allah your sails, and intellect your captain, and knowledge your steer, and patience the shipmates.'
      'O Hisham, every single thing has an authority and the authority of intellect is thinking and the authority of thought is silence. Every thing has a riding beast(tool) at its disposal, and for the intellect it is humility, and you would have to be a fool to mount a prohibited and unstable beast.
      'O Hisham, verily Allah has two authorities over His creation, one manifest and the other hidden. The manifest authority is the prophets, messengers and divine guides, whereas the hidden authority is the intellect.
      'O Hisham, how can your expect your actions to be purified by Allah when your heart is preoccupied with matters other than the command of your Lord, and you obey your whims in spite of your intellect?
      'O Hisham, the intelligent person contents himself with a meagre portion of this world along with wisdom, and does not content himself with a meagre portion of wisdom along with this world.This is why their businesses flourish. The intelligent people have abandoned the extravagances of this world, so how can they sin?; for abandoning this world is a virtue and abandoning sin is a duty.
      'O Hisham, The intelligent man looks at this world and at its people, and he knows that this world is acquired only by toil. And he looks at the Hereafter, and he knows that it too is acquired only by toil, so by means of toiling, he acquires the more permanent of the two.'     al-Kafi,v.1,p.10,no.12.
      Imam Jafar al-sadiq (as) said: 'The intellect is the authority of the believer.'                                     al-Kafi, v.1,p.19,no.24. 
      Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (as) quoted the Prophet(saw) as having said : ' 'O Ali, there is no poverty worse than ignorance, and no wealth more profitable than the intellect.'    al- Kafi, v,1,p.20,no.25.
      Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (as) said: ' There are five things that if a person lacks, he will also lack in enjoyment[of anything]. They are: the intellect, good manners, belief, generosity and a good nature.'  al-Mahasin,p.191,no.1. 
      Amir al-Muminin (as) said: 'The intellect is a chaste covering, and virtue is a manifest beauty, so cover the flaws of your character with your virtue, and kill your desires with your intellect - compassion will submit to you and love will manifest itself to you.'     al-Kafi, v.1, p.15,no.13.
    • By starlight in Combat With The Self
      Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (as) said : 'When Allah created the intellect, He gave it the faculty of reason and then commanded it,'Come forward', so it came forward, then commanded it, "Go back"' and it went back. Then He said to it:"By my Honour and Sublimity,I have no created anything as dear to Me as you, and I have bestowed you only upon one whom I love. It is you that I command, and you that I prohibit from things, and you that I punish and you that I reward."'  - al- Kafi,v.1, p.8, no.1: al-Mahasin,p.192,no.6 & 7
      Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (as) was asked by someone what the intellect was, to which Imam(as) replied: 'It is that with which a servant worships the Beneficent and that with which he attains Paradise.' So the man asked:'So what about that which even Muawiyah possessed?' Imam(as) replied:' That is a vicious thing, that is devilry, and resembles intellect, though it is not so.'  - al-Kafi,v.1, p.8, no.2; al-Mahasin, p.191, n0.2; al- Faqih, v.4, p.298,no.902 
      Imam Ali al-Rida(as) said; 'Every man's friend is his intellect, and his enemy is ignorance.'   al-Kafi v.1,p.8,no.4; al-Mahasin, p.194, no.12; Illa al-Shara'i, p.101, no.2; Uyun Akhbar al-Rida(as), v.2,  p.24, no.1; and v.1, p.258, no.15
      Imam Jafar al-Sadiq(as) said; 'Whoever uses his intellect will have belief, and whoever has belief will enter Paradise.'  al-Kafi, v.1,p.9, no.6; Thawab al-A'mal, p.29,no.2 
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