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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    I've disappointed God :(

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    suicide 1 2 3

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    Are men designed for monogamy?

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    Want my parents to get divorced

  5. I need help

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    My younger sister has same-sex attraction 1 2 3

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    Mutah with immoral person 1 2

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    Why are marriages still arranged in your communities?

  10. Bangali Shia Community UK

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    Mutah Marriage

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    What does this world need more of?

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  15. I need help.

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    marriage nikaah help and divorce

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    Support for liberal Islam

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    • Salam ,  Start a podcast ...why not ? It would be amazing if you bring topics related to the Ahlulbayt (عليه السلام) . You can do biographies on the Ahlulbayt (عليه السلام) through your podcast . That would be amazing
    • There is a reason why drugs is haram --> they mess with your head. Now DMT and ayahuasca are maybe not necessarily harmful to the "health" and pysche but they tend to come with weird experiences that influence your behavior and convictions. Supposedly shamans and other old magicians used these drugs to communicate with interdimensional beings (djinns basically) and coincidentally (no really coincidence lol) these "beings" always carry the same gnostic message of how humans are bad, save-the-planet empty words, basically waswas x100.  For someone to get closer to truth he/she has to resort to revelation(Quran,..) and reason only, not drugs (however good they made you feel).
    • Wish they could but it's already 8 people in our house . Our house is pretty big but it will be a chaos .  1. Dad   2. Mum  3. Me   4. Brother  5. Sister 6. Sister  7. Sister  8. Grandmother(moms side)  
    • I wonder if the translation could be revised to be more precise.  I do not think that فَإِذَا رَقَقْتَ translates into "(when you) feel like weeping". A more precise translation could have different implications.  The letter فَ before فَتَذَكَّرْهُمْ and فَإِذَا رَقَقْتَ and فَابْكِ could be indicative of a causal chain.  "When you remember them" → "When you're tender or softened" → "When you cry" ... Implications: Thinking of your beloved deceased family members causes your heart (you) to become tender or softened which in turn causes you to shed tears.  Going back to one of my previous posts (see below), we can say that thinking about a deceased beloved family member transforms the heart, makes it soft and tender. A soft and tender heart is more inclined to crying. A soft heart, more prone to crying, is a "transmitting" heart. When your heart is in that state your duas are heard and accepted.      
    • Salam, So last night I recorded the first episode in one go and published it. It is still only an experiment for me so I'd greatly appreciate your feedback and what you think before I spread it to a larger audience.   
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