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    • What are you objecting to? Almost every post of yours in this thread has contained a patronising comment of some type or other. I assumed it was deliberate. Generally, you seem to have difficulty in disagreeing with people without coming off like that.
    • Do you have any proof whatsoever for the first part of your comment? If someone commits a crime serious enough for them to go to prison for it, why should people not report it?  I don't want to open up a conversation about 'snitching' but I think you will find that African-Americans snitch on each other far more than whites snitch on them. And either way, do you not think that not reporting crimes, even lets say consuming drugs in public or graffiti or urinating in public areas or whatever you consider to not be worthy of police attention, are part of the reason that inner cities turn into ghettos? Once you have areas that the locals don't respect how can you expect to have a flourishing community? I don't think that I need to address the second point, most sensible people understand why normalising having children outside of wedlock on a massive scale is damaging for a community. Check out the Shi'a positon on illegitimate children and then consider the morality of what you are defending.  (Also the more I read your first comment to more I ironic it seems)
    • Xinhua news coming out with feel good stories about Xinjiang. Odd thing about this one is that there are lots of scenes of Xinjiang, but no mosques ...  
    • Numbers don't matter. In Badr there were 313 versus a thousand. With Imam Zamana (عليه السلام) there are again going to only 313 close companions. Quality matters, not quantity.
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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