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    • I am not discussing the OPs male problems with a na-Mahram. However, in terms of the forgiveness of Allah no matter the sin, absolutely. As long as sincere Tawbah is made. Not careless sinning and then Tawbah, but sincere repentance.  Humans don't forgive and forget, but that is why we're the flawed creation, and our creator, Allah, is truly ar-Rahman. So long as there's sincerity, and you have breath in your body, the rope to climb out of that pit is always left for you by Allah, the Almighty, the most merciful. 
    • Original Poster: your solution is simple.    Through our eyes and ears, our hearts get attracted to million of nasty things. At those critical moments, your job is to force yourself to not act on those thoughts. Simple, right?    Repeating again here, “don’t act on your thoughts.”. Spiritual cure side, keep repeating أستغفر الله  in your alone times through the day and night. 
    • Who is George Galloway? This glorious video is him in the US Senate, absolutely destroying US senators on Saddam and the Iraq war  
    • My posts address everything, respectfully, i won't talk to a sister about male issues.
    • This is double standards i wonder if your response would be the same if OP was a female asking for advice on addiction to hooking up with men outside of marriage. Would you say oh yeah it's ok as long as you ask for forgiveness after committing the sin?  I do understand that men have strong urges but we can advice him differently, we can tell him to repent now and never turn back stop making it easy for him to commit sin and then turn back and repent. No that's not how it works. Also i would never doubt or question the forgiveness of Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) 
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