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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    • Eventually The world/Media will forget about Afghanistan as they focus on their new target e.g. getting 3rd vaccine shot, US/Aus/Uk alliance against china&Russia. Pakistani people  defending their country despite its history and on going interference in Afghanistan. The childish behavior of Afghani Adults - E.g. if War is over and Afghan are in charge. They'll continue to be corruption (for example, you fill a form and return to the department in regard to something like passport. The person who gets it, after you're gone, may throw in the bin or the officer in charge of processing the form, may reject or throw it away) << All this either because person doesn't like other person's ethnic, religious background, would've done it if person gave them some money etc. This can be said about the other departments of Gov. Or you will have officials putting their families/relatives/friends in charge of positions. Or they complain oh why hazaras are in charge of this  Or if something goes wrong, they blame the whole people of ethnics The Irish, The Scottish,  The Wales and The British - Same languages, similar religions or different sector of Christianity. All of them live peacefully, get along well with another, does not care whether you Catholic, Orthodox or Atheists. And Look at us, seriously.   I think we all can writes essays and books about the things that wrong in our countries, cultures etc.    
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      Salam Alaykum, does anyone know of any hadith in the Shia literature corpus that indicates it is mustahab to delay the isha prayer to  later in the night?  Thank you
    • I think the main thing brothers and sisters need to understand is that our position on this issue is different from the position of the 'right to choose' people and also different from the anti Roe v Wade people. We have our own position 1. We disagree with the Christian position that life begins at conception. According to our scholars and according the authentic hadith of Ahl Al Bayt and also Quran, life doesn't begin at conception but begins weeks after that point (during the first trimester). That's why using contraception is perfectly ok, and even using things that end the pregnancy before the 'ruh' enters the fetus, like RU-486 (sometimes called the 'abortion pill') is also ok to use. Before the 'ruh' enters the fetus, it is the women's and ideally the couples right to choose whether they want a child or not. Once the 'ruh' enters, it is no longer their choice to make 2. We disagree with the 'pro choice' people who say that the fetus is part of the women's body until it is viable outside the womb. They say this because they have guessed that it is only a human being once it can exist on it's own outside the womb, because most of them don't believe in a soul and believe a human being is just so many pounds of meat, electrical signals, and chemical processes. We as muslims don't believe that. 
    • They are not criticizing it because they are 'for' abortion. As muslims, we should be 'for' a women's right to choose, but we believe, and it is a very clear issue, that once the 'ruh' or the spirit enters into the fetus, the fetus is no longer part of the women's body, but is an independent human being with all the same rights as any other human being. So she has the right to choose while it is still part of 'her', i.e. before the soul enters the fetus. After that point, it is no longer 'her' so then the 'right to choose' is irrelevant. The soul enters the fetus when the fetus attaches itself Here is a good article on this from the website of the late Sayyid Fadlallah(رضي الله عنه). It is from 2013, but still very relevant http://english.bayynat.org/FiqhLaws/Fiqh_abortionlegitimacy .htm The issue with the Texas law is that it 'turns neighbors against each other' which will have a detrimental impact on the society. It is a purely political move, as Republicans are under pressure from their base to pass some kind of legislation on abortion, and they have failed to pass anything significant so far. It was not done to stop abortion, because it is very easy for most women to travel to an adjacent state where abortion is legal, and it does not help the mother in any way (like giving her counseling, or financial assistance so that she will be less worried about raising a child). Also, it will probably be challenged in court and will be unable to be enforced. It is another 'dog and pony show' only. 
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