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    • I am not discussing 'good' levels of understanding at all. I am just saying that we are tied to Quran more than what people give us credit for.  Could all of us do more? Absolutely But even the most learned scholars who will tell you that the more they learn, the more they realize they have to learn. The levels of understanding differs by country and region.
    • After the western-backed Ukraine coup in 2014, the Kiev puppet regime have been committed genocide against ethnic Russians in Donbass. The war between the Russian-backed separatists and Kiev continued for eight years and killed 14,000 people, according to the United Nations. One of Russia's main purposes for its invasion was to defend Donbass against Kiev. Is this not a purpose that Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) would accept? Doesn't Imam Ali (عليه السلام) say: "كونا للظالم خصما وللمظلوم عونا" "Be an enemy to the oppressor and a friend to the oppressed." (Source: Bihar al-Anwar, Vol. 42, Pg. 206) Furthermore, we find very clear signs of Nazism within the Ukrainian government. This video shows how Zelensky himself has people close to him who are clear neo-Nazis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvsnYJPqLSI&t And we find that another reason for Russia's invasion was the 'denazification' of Ukraine. What's wrong with waging war against the oppressors? What's so ungodly about that? The purposes behind Russia's invasion are, on the contrary, justified by our own religion. Just ponder over why some Syrians call Putin 'Abu Ali'. 
    • He didn't led only 1. Rather 17. And i never claimed that his leading the prayer is a clear proof of his appointment. Rather it is an indication. So try again.    Its your understanding which is a joke. It is so ridiculous that you don't even deserve debunked by me on this.    Yup and that's why you have hadiths which says adam was punished because he doubts the wilayah of ali and God spoke to the prophet with the voice of ali in meraj.   It is vague for the all of the companions who narrated this hadith when someone criticized ali thinking it to be some kind of a virtue. No one appoints their successor by saying this. People appoint it clearly by saying so and so is my successor. And also have sympathy for hilli and murtada who thought that this hadith is not clear. It's not even just vague, it would be even grammatically incorrect if we put shia understanding in this hadeeth.    Ghadeer is still vague.    There are no multiple traditions mentioning the bayah. There are only two chains of that, one of which is weak because of ali bin zaid, second one is fabricated because of it's matn.    You ahadith of the imams are narrated by people who according to you belonged to misguided sects. Many of them were waqifi and fatahi. Pray to God that i don't get started over this.    Keep dreaming about how you debunked me many times, but the reality is none of you could answer my questions, and i don't just say so and so hadith is weak, I prove it. If you can't understand that, it's not my problem.    Completely irrelevant to the debate. Don't jump from one topic to another. If I started asking you about different topics like why the deputies of 12 th imam was so focused on collecting khums instead of answering religious questions, and why did the tawqeeat stopped being written in infallible handwriting after the death of the second deputy, about why did the imams supposedly gave condradictory answers to religious questions which lead to so many difference in the fatawa of shia jurists, about why did the imams did taqiyah in even minor fiqh issues, about why even the closest companions of imams didn't knew about who the next imam was which is clearly in contrast with your sahih hadith, you would get rattled just as you are now.    Can't you read. The narration is weak. 
    • The word science just means knowledge.  Do you mean the word,  or the common usage, studies of the physical universe? 
    • so what was the purpose and why stay 3 days to make everyone meet Imam Ali and offer congrats for what ...exactly?
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