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    • Israel is probably blackmailing the US with this. Saying to the Biden administration "either you support our invasion of Gaza and extermination of the Palestinians, or we will launch an all-out war against Lebanon"
    • When I go to a new masjid, I look for the long beards and the short pants. If I see that, I'm outta there....... > 
    • This has more to do with internal politics in Israel vs what they actually intend on doing. Most half way intelligent people in Israel know that a war with Hezb would do so much damage to their society and economy and lead to a mass exodus of jews out of the Zionist State. Most of them know that this is a wound the country would probably never recover from. They know that a war like this would end up destroying them in the process. So if you look thru the posturing and spin, it is highly unlikely, IMHO. 
    • Thanks so much,  Every now and then I visit shiachat, and read what is happening here. I've kind of lost interest in martial arts as of late, so I'm not so interesting anymore. hehe But I try to keep a minimal level of fitness, and maybe some day I'll gain back the old enthusiasm.  Keep it up and all the best  Salaam
    • This is a waste of time now, people are just bein quarrelsome for no other reason than being stubborn. 
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