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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    • Spring ahead, fall back is how I have always been taught it and your phones tend to do it automatically now although we still have some appliances that need to be manually set back. We have all digital clocks
    • The Catholic Church doesn't recognize marriages which take place outside of The Church. So technically yes, but only if the protestant spouse is willing to be married in a Catholic ceremony and attest to the Catholic Church that all children will be raised Catholic.  (Unless they've changed this since my parents were married.) Usually at least one spouse must be not so adamantly religious. 
    • Acknowledge the thoughts for what they are: just thoughts that likely aren't conscious ones and let them evaporate away. Don't dwell on them, because that only makes them worse. Believe it or not, I deal with a lot of the same manner of challenges that you do and getting on new medications helped me out a lot, but first I had to see a doctor and unfortunately I neglected to do this for a while and wound up getting myself in some legal trouble due to some harmful psychiatric medications I had been prescribed. Mental health treatment isn't exactly the best science because humans still don't know how the brain functions well enough yet to find a solution that works for everyone; I've once heard medication therapy referred to as "popping the hood on your car, pouring oil on the engine block and hoping that some makes it into the crankcase". I believe this is the truth because I have tried so many medications before I found specific ones and a dosage that would work with the least amount of negative side effects. Another thing I do is meditate. Not with mantras or transcendental meditation, but I sit (or lay) quietly with my eyes shut and I allow my focus to be on my breathing. When thoughts arise, I acknowledge them and let them simply "drift away and pop" like soap bubbles in the breeze. It has helped me to quiet my mind and also helped me to be more "present" and focused when saying my five dailies.
    • Uhhh . . . What about Yemen ? Or Somalia? Or . . .
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