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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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    • Who are those two messiahs?  Prophet Jesus (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) and Imam al Mahdi (عليه السلام).
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      Jesus is definitely the truth and the light.  If you FOLLOW him you follow god.    many people have taken this as a  “in other words I’m saying I am god” and Muslims take it as  “he is defiantly the truth, he brought the message of god and telling everyone to follow his works”  You and cool went further and are in the middle  “he is definitely the truth and the word of god, if we follow him we know god. Thank you Jesus (or Ali) in the name of god”    —— what you and cool fail to understand is thst yes they are important figures, yes they do the work of god, but no they do not want the credit, no they don’t want to be associated (whether you claim it’s association or not) you are associating gods work with a prophet/leader.    God has 0 partners, although we can consider his messengers are partners in this world to communicate with us, GOD HAS 0 PARTNERS. HE IS INCOMPARABLE. He doesn’t NEED the messengers nor Jesus nor Imam Ali, if he wanted he could contact us directly. ALLAH chooses to do as he pleases. And he chose this way. But he has made it clear not to associate anybody with him.    why are you guys saying “ya Jesus/Ali (in the name of Allah) thank you for everything)  In your logic, rather you should be saying  “ya Jesus/Ali/Muhammad/Abraham/Musa/zakariah/ismael/Isaac/adam thank you all”   but no, you chose Ali and Jesus because you’re a sheep without you knowing it. Learn how to respect and truly love these two leaders, by respecting that they care about Allah  not you GOODLUCK  
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      We can unite by starting to claim we are not an identity of Human titled sects, rather we are just a Muslim.    - teach a “Sunni” what you think he needs to know about Ahlul Bayt, if you care enough, you can give him his proof. If not, you can say Allahuma ini Balaght which means, god knows I tried or warned.  We can all be Muslims and learn from each other. If someone is doing something haram, inform them. Don’t claim he is not a Muslim, Unless you have valid proof from the Quran. Otherwise we fall as a hypocrite. Preaching that we don’t know of.    Jazak Allah 
    • I also countered that a religion in its pure form tends to become diluted as soon as it ventures far from its original point of origin. At that point cultural syncretism takes over. Examples: Arabian Sunnis adopting polytheistic elements from neighbouring East Africans, Indonesian Shias lapsing into indigenous Buddhism, and sundry Sufis worldwide. A religion cannot be fully comprehensible outside its original linguistic context, so translation in many cases may actually obscure the intended and/or original meaning(s). The question, then, is whether the Hidden Imam’s order would necessarily be highly centralised or (relatively) decentralised. Expansion and centralisation of capital has historically tended to strengthen special interests and governments that enact policies to the detriment of religious communities. Technically, technological advancement is superficially neutral, but in practice transitioning from, say, the horse and buggy (or camel) to the train, automobile, and airplane involves a spiritual change as well. During the Middle Ages long-distance travel by land involved hardship, but today one can travel worldwide with relative ease or even convenience. There is less sacrifice involved, or the nature of the sacrifice has changed, and is thus no longer as lofty as it was. For the same reason traditional societies preferred certain forms of exercise and/or sport over others, i.e., archery, horsemanship, swimming, sprinting, and wrestling instead of, say, boxing or football. An activity and the means by which it is effected, even technological, has a “soul” of its own. What seems clear is that a high concentration of resources in the hands of a monopolistic government-corporate (financial) nexus has not benefitted religion historically. One must also examine the main forces that lie behind globalisation, free trade, open borders, and so on. The Masonic Order is the primary facilitator of a centralised one-world government, acting through neoliberal agencies such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, the UN, NATO, economic blocs such as the EU, and so on. The Masons want to abolish national borders and install a postmodernist, technocratic dictatorship, subsuming national, religious, tribal, and all other distinctions. Iran, among other countries, is fighting this very conspiracy that relies on endless resources to undermine sovereign states and individuals (heads of family). Iran’s statist, pro-national, pro-religious response is to erect a wall between itself and the external—especially Western—world, in order to protect itself from imperialistic cultural and economic forces. Globalisation is clearly destructive in that it deconstructs entire societies and erects an artificial order or simulacrum in its place. Aside from un-Islamic social practices, Iran would certainly not adopt a Western-style neoliberal policy, i.e., unregulated free trade and immigration.
    • Hi I find your interpritaion of this verse helpful.  It explains your points.  You see God as the ultimate light and then there are people (prophets? imams?) who reflect that light or who shine as a star rather than the sun. When I look at Jesus the Messiah through this verse it makes me remember a saying of Jesus recorded faithfully by his friend John (chapter 8:12) When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’ Jesus the Messiah was claiming to be more than just a "likness of God's light" but to actually be that light dispelling all darkness and bring true light and life into people's lives. Yes Jesus is the visible manifestation of more than just God's names but of God's nature and character as well.
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