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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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A place to post poems and other artistic contributions. 

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    • ^^^He sure likes to touch little girls and sniff their hair. That's what power does to people, they think they are invincible.  
    • I really have a bad image of biden in my opinion he can easilly be sufyani. I remember that dude getting on his first day as president and Isis didalready got a comeback in iraq and on same day there got a suicide bombing in baghdad... also i am wondering why the soo called shia leaders who wanna be scholars, are now silent after they supported and promoted Biden to become a president.. i mean i belief all of them are really bad but now ( i cant belief i will say it) it looks like i am going to miss trump that dude was just the most stupid version of yazid while the Biden is like the smart version of  muawiya. the saddest part is also that lots voted for him because he used the word" iNsHaLlAH" and said "bLaCk LiVeS mAtTeR"  these people will belief in all seriousness that Biden is going to make everything right or something like that??? same with iranians who started to feel seen because Biden was talking about their sanction .. I mean like did they really think biden will do good job?? the fact is that our blood will stay cheap to them nothing will change it will get only worse day by day  Btw i am not sure you all know it but Biden is one of the co-founder of isis and was the backlicker of Obama and gave him lots inspirations, he openly called himself a straight up Zionist he is also really creepy there are some rumors coming up that he promotes pedophillia  ---  
    • i totally agree, also to be honest we are getting by the time more and more hypocrites especially from the arabs..  i went to Iraq to visit family members of obviously going on ziaret to the shrines of the masomeen (عليه السلام) and I have seen those people and i got really disappointed in how they have changed into.. they care tooo much about their status as being from Abbasid or other hashemite tribe or whatsoever (including my own Family), they care too much about money, and they have some huge proudness and act they are the promised people of paradise etc( like if you arent arab or not fully arab its like allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) has cursed you etc)... its disguisting and sad at the same time that this is how lots turn into..btw i went to iraq before corona started in case you wonder did i say they are straight up fake scholars? i am rather scared for the next generations for what will happen to them..and yes i see waay to many people knowing some hadith and acting like they are scholars and this can easily go the wrong way especially we all know that our education system has already decreased and the actually knowledgeable people are seen as stupid clowns while people who are actually dumb are seen as a holy spirit.. all these point are not only revering to shia islam but is also a general thing that is happening.. world wide more and more people are starting to show disapproval to follow a religion (or even A god)  and go follow instead of it some internet- hypes, female hijabis are taking off their hijab and now lots want to join it too, people as Kardashians are seen as huge examples while they dont wear any clothes and it looks like the youth are following such stuff instead of religion...   i totally agree..its has been send down with a reason.  it has been clearly stated that when our imam will return he will not come as a mullah or sayed dresssed up peroson but as a modernate youthfull men.. and this is ONE of the soo many reasons why lots arent going to follow him. He will come with a ruling/governemt as never seen or taught before... those things will cause that our imam will get laughed at.  exactly and it looks like we are getting more and more of such stereotypes (i dont want to call names) this is something to worry about also for the youth and next generation. explain please. i dont understand it
    • wow guys thats a lot of comments mashallah!! keep it up!! the way I see marjaa is nothing more than just a sholar who is temporarelly being a leader to the ummah who can give advise and make some rules (but they arent god chosen ones)... we all know and we have more than proof enough that we as normal people arent able to carry any leadership ( i think all nations already had some leadership including muslims who called themslves cilaphates) but it brought us nowhere but infact nothing else than corruption and hate.  as long our beloved imam stays in ghaibat we dont have any option left than going to our marja (he even did advise us that) but when he appears than we should stop listening to our scholars and then go directly into what imam al mahdi himself will say. if we chose to listen to some of the soo called scholars instead of our own imam then we will be just like the corrupted jews who didnt obey their own prophets but rather to someone else (who is isnt masoom)  and yes i agree too the leaders of the past including sistani,khamenei etc (our crowns on our heads) if they disappear we will end up in a  huge hell for sure.. especially with the modern people who wanna be scholars.....
    • Salam ,  Study together , Pave each others path towards God , Ponder on the Qualities of Muhammad Wa Aale Muhammad (عليه السلام) , Travel , Ziyarah (there are plenty) , Picnics , raising children and many more 
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