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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    • Brother this is very interesting. Can you please elaborate on the connection between K-pop and the LGBTQ?
    • So you don’t think that American hostility to Iran is at all driven by economics? If so, then why did Iran initially nationalise key sectors of its economy, rather than open up following the ouster of the Shah? Certainly the U.S. has long opposed revolutionary Iran’s support for the Palestinians, but one would think that the U.S. would also wish to regain control of the Iranian economy. If the Iranian economy were fully capitalist, then the West would have already regained control of Iranian resources. By contrast, under the Shah the Iranian economy favoured foreign extraction and concession(s).
    • Well it depends what type of communism you are referring to. Many of these revolutions were inspired by the USSR, which believed in Leninism, which required a "strong State" to succeed. Maoism and Stalinism were even bigger monsters.
    • Well I would say that largely depends on a different side of the mindset of a person, some people like to have everything set in place and in a routine and that works for them, others prefer to take each day as it comes, without so much so as a plan but just getting it done.  Furthermore, neither mindset can really be said to be advantageous or "better" as everyone is simply different, the routine will work for some people quite well, for their entire lives even, however other people don't function like this and prefer to be more flexible.  Overall I guess what you've mentioned is another topic altogether, whether a couple is set in stone and has a routine or whether there's a freestyle approach, however it does link in with the original point and it could definitely be put down as a 4 option. 
    • Because of Iran's opposition to Israel, its expansion of the Islamic Revolution beyond its borders, and the position it has taken on opposing Arab regimes, especially ones that are allied with the United States.
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