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    • I once saw Ayotullah Seestani but the guard was pushing me, was not letting me hug him. And, I didnt have honor to meet Ayotullah khamnei but met Ayotullah Aqeel ul Gharvi. Masha-Allah, I love him so much and eager to meet him. By the way, a Wali in Pakistan recently left this world to meet Ahlebait (عليه السلام). His name was Allama Talib Johri. You can learn from him, walis are not infallible so they may do some little wrongs perhaps like smoking or eating paan if you what paan is. There are varying degrees in Walis like Hazrat Salman (عليه السلام) and Hazrat Abu Zar (عليه السلام) but as far as I know they detest major sins and are humble that's why Allah (عزّ وجلّ) hears them, teach them and forgives their small faults and people call them Walis but they are afraid of saying anything about them. 
    • How do you know he knew about this wars at the point when he married them, or during most (or all) of his time married to them? I don't see why Allah would have given him that knowledge, which would just make his life harder. Seems more logical to assume that he didn't know, unless there is strong evidence to the contrary.
    • Brother, if I speak of myself, I am blessed to have not born in west. Secondly, I had strong feelings while I got adult but I prayed to Allah (عزّ وجلّ) that help me to counter it. So, right now Allah (عزّ وجلّ) has favoured me with so many tasks that I hardly think that way and when it happen, I just ignore it because I have to pray daily.  I would request those:youths: 1.Just start praying daily and you will get rid of that habit and won't think about committing sins for you can't do five times ghusal and pray. That's what Quran says: "Salah prevents from evil and bad habits". 2. Keep fasting for days for doing wrong deeds invalidate fasting and you surely wont break it. 3. Busy yourself with activities. Prohibit your eyes from seeing bad things and ears from bad voices. Make it a habit. These I think are some suggestions, I hope can work for you and that's all I can say.
    • No expert sources have been provided so far, and no real discussion has taken place of these accusations (which presumes both an action and a motive), because nobody here has enough knowledge or expertise in this area. The burden of proof is on the accuser, not the accused. It’s just sprouting “I heard” heresay. Could the people who voted “I think it happened” (think is an interesting word) provide any evidence for their opinion? Or should we brush these off as the obligatory Iran hatred that some people reflexively have?
    • Salam brother and sisters. I was hoping we can have an intellectual and peaceful discussion in this thread regarding the marriage dilemma many of us face. Reading many threads and listening to some few muslim speakers, many seem to be unanimious that it's wajib to get married if one is commiting sin such as porn, istimna, zina etc. However if one is not commiting those sins but they are afraid that they might fall into those traps, it would still be wajib on them to get married. The problem I have with these views is that it makes the intention for marriage to be a way to fulfill their desire. I don't necessary think it's wrong with that intention, however long term wise it could have a bad impact on the marriage. Is it wise islamically to enter nikah marriage for the purpose of fulfilling their sexual desire? Now there is another option, temporarily marriage, mutah. Mutah can be beneficial but it can also lead to many other problems depending on the couples involved. First of all, mutah with a muslim sister in the west is pretty much impossible. No father will give away their daughter for temporarily pleasure for another man. I wouldn't do it either if I had a daughter. What most of us brothers are left with are western woman for mutah. There are some decent western woman that are applicable to be a mutah wife however it's not easy to find them and when you have found them, they might not be interested in such relationship. Majority of western woman that we can marry temporarily are breaking many of the islamic rules, leaving us disheartened for the temporarily pleasure of sex. This has discouraged many brothers from having mutah relationships with western woman, including myself. Now is it worth to be disheartened everyday for the temporarily pleasure of sex? Is this so much better than the other major sins? Personally I do not understand this. Converting them to islam is not an easy job, and most likely won't happen unless they are deeply in love with you and do it for your sake, or because they start to believe in islam. What most muslim brother then are left with, is either 1. commit major sins, 2. live your life like a monk until you are all ready with your degrees and have a good job to get nikah marriage with muslim sister or  3. to be of the lucky few that managed to get a good mutah/nikah at an early age. Majority of people fall in the first option, that they commit major sins, this includes both sunni and shia brothers. The ones that are able to life like a monk meaning no sex and no istimna until their mid 20's or late 20's are very rare. And the ones that fall in the third option, that they are able to get married at early age with good nikah/mutah wife is also not very common in the west. I am certainly not the only one aware of these issues, yet there is so little talk about these concerns. This includes both within the islamic families and within the islamic communities. What are then our obligations as muslim brothers being aware of these issues? are we supposed to get married nikah/mutah with whoever we find just to prevent ourselves commiting sins? For example in another thread there was a discussion regarding mutah with prostitute and how some marjas in their "vague answer" to the "vague questions" kinda gave the impression  that if there is no other absolute option to fulfill the desire and one is afraid that they might fall into zina or istimna then mutah with a prostitute is the last option. What came to my mind is that, how is mutah with a prostitute better option than to commit istimna no matter how big of sin that is. I am hoping brother @Abu Hadi can give his input. These are pretty much some of the dilemmas we brothers are facing. Many of us also have younger siblings and younger cousins, what guidance/help can we give them? I would like to hear from both the young and older brothers in the forum.
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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