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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    • Slightly off topic, but I do find it strange that in a madhab based on the Qur'an and the sunnah of the prophet and his progeny, peace and blessings on them all, people are still able to come up with these invented practices of listening to a 21st century song everyday in order to apparently fight witchcraft. Incredible.
    • First of all there is no such thing as an engagement in islam. If you aren't married to him then there isn't really any reason to be chatting. Secondly, he sounds like he has self esteem issues or an ego problem. Unfortunately this is common among insecure men. If you want to help him then be supportive and try not to be too sensitive about these things.  Thirdly, note that islam is serious about marriage and divorce. Be careful not to break off your marriage over something trivial.
    • Wa alaikum as salam Firstly I recommend you and all members here to strongly reduce the time you spend on youtube. As a rule, try to avoid watching more than one video per day, as it has become a silent addiction. Regarding the comments, islam has had opponents since day 1. All we can do is pray for our and everyone else's guidance and forgiveness. 
    • This is a good question and can be asked in a different way:  A young man is unmarried and has tried to get married or do mutah but it hasn't been possible yet. He tries very hard to avoid sins and this is extremely difficult for him. He puts in remarkable effort and shows almost super-human patience and self-control, and so he is able to avoid most sexual sins almost all the time. But very rarely, he still does end up committing some sin, like a short lustful gaze, which he always repents later on and asks Allah for forgiveness.  On the other hand is a man who is married and his desire is completely satisfied through halal means. He therefore feels no difficulty, no hardship, no problem at all in in any way to maintain his chastity. It is very easy for him to stay away from sins, but this isn't because he has very high patience, or self-control...it is only because he feels no need to commit any sin in the first place.  Which one of these two men has higher status in Allah's view? As a general rule, the married person's rank is much higher, e.g., the rank of his prayers is 70 times higher. Married people are more loved by Allah than unmarried people. Most of the people in hell will be unmarried ones (this is what I heard). In the light of this, can we say that surely the married person who can avoid sins very, very, easily is higher in rank than an unmarried person who has to put in extreme efforts but still fails at times.  But Allah is Just. So it might be possible that in certain cases, the reward of unmarried man for his patience is greater than the reward of the married man. It is difficult for us to decide - Allah is the best judge. 
    • Correction no need to leave precaution in delaying Salah until disappearance of redness in eastern horizon.  According to that marja view not wajib to wait. Anyhow precaution is fine but under that view it's not wajib to wait. 
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