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  2. The one million figure has been mentionned to br abused, but again these people were litteral pirates, so them having slavery is not suprising, pirates are litterally terrorists in waters.
  3. First 4 minutes of video C0VlD-19 has changed since the last half year. Then another 4 minutes with virologists speaking. https://www.dw.com/en/coronavirus-gene-mutation-how-afraid-shuld-we-be/av-54132538#spark_wn=1
  4. Yes. The answer to this is definitely yes. Najis does not equal evil. Pigs and dogs are still creatures of The Creator, and we are designed to be regularly in proximity to najisat when we go to toilet. It takes actual effort to remain clean.
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  6. 2400GMT/2000EDT,Friday,10July2020 12,615,267 Cases (+235,706) 562,011 Deaths (+ 5,388) 7,320,914 Recoveries 4,732,442 Active Cases of which 58,803 are Serious or Critical https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-00502-w Massive contact-tracing effort finds hundreds of cases linked to (Seoul-ed.) nightclubs Also: University student testing 1/3 of people in a European study showed no symptoms Immunological deaths Test frequency more important that 'accuracy' 3,800 variations in the attaching-spike Monkey genome identifies genes associated with infectability 2+ on Children Bars and Gyms are super-spreaders Q: @starlight Would the sugars in alcoholic breathe be a more efficient transmitter ? (or something like it?) The panting in gyms are kind of obvious. Preliminary on why the UK has such a high death rate. A second spike protein has been found that SARS-CoV-2 also uses ACE2 attaching to neuropilin-1 to invade. Contaminated Surfaces are a modest risk. More.
  7. An acquaintance (not religious) thought semen was ‘Tahir and when I corrected him he claimed “Then, what? Are we conceived out of Najasa?” To me, that was an interesting question. I came her to see if there were narrations or explanation to us developing from Najasah (partly, as you have explained).
  8. Asperger's doesn't make you evil, it just gives you a different set of problems. If it wasn't this, God would have given you something else and it would bother you just as much, nobody gets off scot free. But fortunately for us, we know that He doesn't give us burdens we can't handle. I know somebody well in the spectrum whose piety is impressive.
  9. From what I understand in many cases the men were castrated (or sent to mines or used to row the ships) and the women were used as sex slaves. People can argue the extent of it, I would hope that it wasn't the majority of cases but based on a couple of lectures that I've seen, that is the claim. The issue that I raised about Muslims pointing the finger at Westerners is that the Barbary slave trade involved Moorish pirates raiding towns as far away as Britain and Iceland and the numbers may have reached the millions who were sold into slavery in Africa (and the Middle East) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbary_slave_trade
  10. The question we should ponder on is how najis is our hearts? If even a dog has a purer heart than us we are in trouble! We better start cleaning before we leave the room and the door is locked.
  11. He has multiple lectures about slavery as well, I've watched a couple, they are on YouTube. I think that Daniel Haqiqatjou has also dealt with the issue. One thing that you should avoid is the hypocrisy of many of the liberal Muslims who think that Westerners today should be held accountable for the slave trade, but that we in the Muslims community for some reason should not. Even though being a slave in the Muslim world was often no joke.
  12. But most of the materials that grow a human come from food or from the mother. Only half the first cell's DNA is carried by the semen. @Ibn Al-Shahid Why are you asking this question?
  13. We aren't immaculate beings, I believe that Najasat in the jurisprudential sense is established to aid us in not only avoiding diseases, but also maintaining cleanliness.
  14. Doesn’t matter if it’s blood or semen, still najasat. And that’s the question. Are we made from najasat? (blood, semen, urine, etc.)
  15. but this energy had to begin, unless you want the problem of infinite regression. When the quran says it did not come from nothing, what is meant is that nothing unlike Allah(stw) has no creative power, Allah(stw) can bring something into existance when it did not exist before, ie matter, ie energy, ie bigbang, etc.
  16. Yes, but to follow with the reasoning of the brother we still have the issue of blood being Najas and it flows within us.
  17. I have seen many attacking Islam and the Prophet Muhammad ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)), due to the Arab/Muslim slave trade and in a way seeking to defame Islam and the Prophet. I do not know much about this slave trade and for the benefit of us all, as well as the sake of defending the honor of our prophet and Islam, how can we as Muslims approach the matter of this Arab/Muslim slave trade and give our input in its regard. I would highly appreciate any books, articles, and whatever material or sources that can help me in understanding the concept of slavery and Islam. I have heard of Jonathan A C Brown's book and hope to purchase it soon.
  18. I was reffering to sperm our origin not the things inside of us.
  19. I don't have the narration, but it was in a thread where people discussed "round cubes" and whether God could make things like that. The consensus was that the questions were invalid. Though it seems that with this particular question the Imam gave two different answers based on the capabilities of who asked. Please see Ethereal's response in this thread he explains this
  20. Comming from someone whos familly is from southern lebanon, we make a lot of children, I know a freind who has 9 siblings, in my familly many have 4 children, 3 children, my mother is the only one that had a unique child.
  21. Sone najis stuff in islam do become not najis if mixed with other substances.
  22. This could be a breaking good news. Although a vaccine for covid-19 is not yet available, the case study below shows covid-19 is not that fatal, with the “right and proper” treatment. 100% recovery. No mention about Remdesivir and hydroxychloroquine. Can someone from Detroit verify the accuracy of this study? https://cf5e727d-d02d-4d71-89ff-9fe2d3ad957f.filesusr.com/ugd/adf864_8979940e4aed4fd9a62eb3554a59cd5f.pdf In summary, we treated 107 COVID-19 patients,solely with biological therapies, who all recovered. Only three were hospitalized. Of the three hospitalizations, two were hospitalized before beginning our treatment and sought our care post hospitalization. One was hospitalized while solely taking the oral regimen of Vitamins A, C, D, and iodine, and not the oxidative therapies. All recovered uneventfully. There were no deaths. In the state of Michigan, as of 6/21/20, the case fatality rate was 9.0% (6,067 deaths and 67,097 positive cases of SARS-CoV-2).[92] Therefore, out of our 107 COVID19 patients, 10 deaths could be predicted. At the very least, with 25 patients testing positive for the virus, we should have expected two deaths, but in reality, we should have seen significantly more morbidity considering we only had 33 tests performed on the 107 patients (all symptomatic), a median age of 56, and comorbid conditions. Of the 107 patients total, we should have experienced at least eight hospitalizations considering the median age, according to a published analysis.[93] As of this publication, no cure, treatment, or preventive for SARS-CoV-2 has yet been proven effective in a randomized study, except for dexamethasone (a potent steroid) use in severely ill, hospitalized patients. In this study a novel treatment program, which is hypothesized to aid and support the immune system, was highly effective in the recovery of 100 % of 107 patients. This case review points out that specific and relatively inexpensive nutritional support along with oxidative intravenous as well as intramuscular, and nebulized oxidative solutions may be helpful for COVID-19 patients. Future, randomized studies are needed to elucidate the effectiveness of this or similar regimens.
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  24. Today for lunch I had beef fatayer, my aunt brought it yesterday. For dinner I had ground beef with bread and yogurt.
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