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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. Hi @Son of Placid The text of the hadith: "The Jews divided into 71 sects, one of which is in the Heaven and 70 of which are in the Hell; the Nazarites divided into 72 sects; 71 of which is in the Hell and one of which is in the Heaven; and I swear to the One in whose hand is Muhammad's life, my nation will divide into 73 sects; one of which is in the Heaven and 72 of which are in the Hell." Hadith al-Iftiraq is not cited in the Shiite Four Books and Sunni Sahihayn. Even some early researchers of Islamic sects, such as al-Nawbakhti in his Firaq al-Shi'a and Abu l-Hasan al-Ash'ari
  3. Important subject for mankind. In the past stars served as guidance for ships when sailing. Also when positioning satellites, stars can be used as reference points. During space exploration, astronomy is very important knowledge. Nowdays we can predict timings for new moon, moon positions, eclipses, tide water levels, time for prayers...many more. All through knowledge of astronomy. Using Astrology to determine the individual fate and future ... not something that related islamic belief. Wallahualam.
  4. Good to see that Palestinians voices are now heard loud and clear in western MSM. It is actually helping to dismantle the narrative that uses Hamas as a pretext to attack anything or everything in Gaza.
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  6. It is his tweet. 'An early thanksgiving'.
  7. No I have read them thank you. I just wonder why the more mainstream marjas don’t necessarily share the same opinion
  8. It is not same than astrology. Astronomy is allowed and important subject.
  9. What's the Islamic ruling about studying astronomy ?
  10. So actually we don't know what was his Dua wordings?
  11. I see you have not read my previous posts at all.
  12. 125K Prophets but everybody has to follow Muhammad? Hang on, only a sect of a sect of Islam has the real truth and goes to heaven, the rest...
  13. Salam These signs are result of bipolarity issue which one day he is too talkative & other day he completly ignores you which you have two options which one is submitting his issue & continue your life with it or kindly talk to him & presuade him to ask a therapist to help him for reaching to balance between his polars.
  14. You must learn not to be in debt then you can start the payback of your old debt. Because there is no guarantee that you can pay your current accumulated debt on time, let alone you make efforts to pay old debts by introducing new debts. The condition of God to accept our prayers is that we don't miss our current prayers and do the make up prayers that we missed. With good intention, God will accept our current prayers and if we die whole trying to make up our missed prayers, God may forgive us for making effort and good intention.
  15. Quack cures popping up everywhere. Indian steam is a good example. It maintains the narrative that there is no cure, we are in a hopeless situation without a vaccine. Feel cornered? You're supposed to. Don't forget that the people promoting it reject Allah, aka God. That is the main argument. Someone says there are treatments, authorities dismiss it saying it's not a cure. Kevin Trudeau, an American loud mouth, got in trouble for saying oranges "cure" scurvy. There is no such thing as a "cure" in the USA or Canada. A cure would stop funding right now. Cure is a bad, bad word in the medica
  16. Exactly. To OP: If you are able to find the time to pray missed prayers I fail to see why you can't pray your normal obligatory prayers of the day? If you were going to pray 3 days worth of prayers in one day, surely one set should be the current ones and the two remaining the missed ones?
  17. It's not so much about how you describe yourself, rather it's about the policies you want to implement. Free education, free healthcare, social housing, child benefits, maternal leave, are all quite standard in northern and western europe regardless of whether the left, right, centrists or a coalition is in power. However nothing comes for free. If you want to have these benefits be prepared to pay for them. Large American mansions and driveways full of cars are out of the equation.
  18. Nice! I am against the progressives.
  19. It's free here too but we will pay for it in many other ways. What I meant was there is not supposed to be research and development funding if there is a treatment available.
  20. I have found many medications, not cures but lessen the severity. Studies will be done next year.
  21. Also note that if you have the sincere intention of making up all your missed prayers, and you are working towards it, but for some reason you die earlier than expected then your prayers count as having been made up. That's what I've heard at least, because you are rewarded for a pure intention
  22. Socialism creates authoritarianism. There has to be a might or force that takes money from the rich. A lot of uninformed Socialists think that socialism is simply taxing the rich. Nah, everyone gets swallowed up in it. China is a State Capitalist country. Socialism is the initial stage. The ultimate go is a stateless society, ie. Communism. Mao enforced a Communist government. Maoism stems from jumping the gun and going straight to Communism. Soviet Union was indeed Socialists as was Nazi Germany, aka the Nationalist Socialist Party. One may say AOC is caving on he
  23. Salam - how does one have patience, when he is not aware of his future ? And how does one have trust in Allah when he hasn’t promised you the future YOU EXPECT? Specially if someone is looking to get married, but he has not been able to find anyone. How does one identify between a test and a punishment. I recon I could be patience if I knew in the end of the road, there is nothing but good. But someone times I’m filled with anxiety and stress of finding the right person to marry as no one has promised I will get a chaste and shy/practicing woman. I have
  24. Salam No, correct logic is you keep your daily prayers and add one day of catch-up to each day. That way you will be 'evens' in 200 days without committing the sin of skipping a daily prayer again. Or in 100 days if you add two everyday. And so on. What matters is intention to pay your debt, as in a monetary one.
  25. Does it mean they see the realities of barzak etc?
  26. Socialism can't work under an authoritarian government. It can't remain socialist when there are "elites" and power always corrupts. Though China has done ok. The Soviet Union had an authoritarian government. When there is democracy, when power is distributed among as many people as possible, when the society functions according to The Golden Rule, I think it could work really well. As far as I know, it has never happened before. Historically communism has only functioned well in small communities. AOC might be a card carrying member of DSA, but in Congress she f
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