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  2. Iran has probably got elements working with nwo. I was asking myself the same thing. It could be that Iran was desperate to comply, and this was something every country was involved in pretty much. I remember reading a blog something back about Iran (I'm still reading up to understand more) It showed how some within Iran were aligned with the nwo. If I find it I will share it here. Although I don't doubt the good and true ones of Iran. "Are they runned by globalist and masons? Some of their politiians were atending WEF like Rohani and Zarif." Could it also be possible that with the way the world system of governance is at the present-sovereign countries have to have a voice in someway? Or that they are going with the program.
  3. It's funny because I have this uncle that would make a fuss if you wore shorts in his presence, and I mean for boys.
  4. In Canada it's like that? When my mortgage was foreclosed, I had 3 months to come up with the full payoff amount, and then when I could not, eviction proceedings were started. The bank was very happy to take ownership of my house.
  5. Allahumma salli ala muhammadiw wa ali muhammadin wa ajjil faraja hum Rabbinee lima anzalta ilayya min khayrin faqir Allahumma innee urreedu an atazawwaja faqaddir lee minan nisaa-I a’fihunna farjajan wa ah’fadh’ihunna lee fee nafsihaa wa awsa-i-hunna lee rizwan wa a-dhamahunna lee barakatan fee nafsihaa wa maaleee faqaddir lee minhaa waladan tayyiban tajaluhoo khalafan saalihan fee hayaatee wa ba`da mawtee. Oh Allah! I desire to marry, so arrange for me a woman from those who willingly abstain from what is unlawful and who safeguards her soul for my sake and because of her, not only my means of sustenance will increase, but also make there be in it abundance and also make it sure that she will give me a virtuous son, who will be a noble successor in my life and after my death. Ya Rabb, help me in finding a good wife in the same boat as me, who also understands and accepts me as I am. May she find peace and be filled with joy wherever she goes. May she have the strength and courage to find me, love me and live with me. May she find and be filled with much wisdom and clarity in her words and from her experiences. May she in her kindness, share these experiences with me and help us grow together. Verily with hardship comes ease. (إِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ يُسْرًا - 94:6) Ya Rabb, You alone know what is truly in my heart. You alone know my struggles and pain, Al-Wadud. I feel unbearably lonely and do not wish to incur Your displeasure by remaining unmarried, Al-'Aziz!
  6. Yes, they're pressured or forced. Such mentality will only make them feel older and not their age. And this isn't just about clothes, in general parents expect their children to do everything they're told like some machine. In the comfort of their own home i personally don't see a problem why girls can't wear shorts that reach the knees whereas boys can. If they decide to not study, we can't force them. They've got their own ambitions and passions, we shouldn't limit their abilities or skills. First of all my post was about siblings, not unrelated males and females. If siblings are attracted to each other that's just disgusting and they're mentally sick. Correct, but its not our fault that our society makes it that way.
  7. Salam, Someone correct me if im wrong, but I heard somewhere that cheating on subjects other than islamic related ones is not haram. Even if this is incorrect, most online courses tend to be open book.
  8. Israel Reportedly Carries Out Drone Strikes On Iranian Factory On Eve Of Blinken’s Middle East Tour Story by Siladitya Ray, Forbes Staff • 1h ago 4746 Comments Topline An Iranian defense factory was targeted by Israeli drone strikes late Saturday night, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing U.S. officials, an attack that comes amid growing tensions over Iran’s nuclear program and its continued supply of weapons to Russia. File photo of Iran's Uranium Conversion Facility, just outside the city of Isfahan. ASSOCIATED PRESS© Provided by Forbes Key Facts Citing unnamed U.S. officials, the Wall Street Journal reported that the target was a munitions factory and the attack was carried out by small Israeli quadcopters (Israel has not officially claimed responsibility for the strikes). It is unclear if the munitions factory itself was the target of the attack, as it is located next to an Iran Space Research Center site, which has been sanctioned by the U.S. for its alleged work on ballistic missiles, the report added. In a statement on Sunday, the Iranian Defense Ministry said a factory in the city of Isfahan was targeted by three drones but claimed that the attack was “unsuccessful.” Two of the three drones “were caught in traps” and a third one was shot down by air defense inside the factory, resulting in only “minor damage” on the facility’s roof and no casualties, the ministry added. Israeli media outlets and journalists citing official sources within the country, however, reported that the strikes successfully targeted four different areas of a building linked to Iran’s missile program. The strikes come on the eve of U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s Middle East tour, which includes visits to Egypt, Israel and the occupied West Bank territory. Related video: Drone attack on Iran’s Isfahan military plant ‘unsuccessful’: Defence ministry (Dailymotion) Crucial Quote Dismissing the attack as a “cowardly” attempt to destabilize the country, Iran’s foreign minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said: “Such actions will not impact our experts' determination to progress in our peaceful nuclear work.” Key Background The city of Isafan is located less than 100 miles from Natanz, which is home to a major Iranian nuclear facility. The Biden Administration’s efforts to resurrect a deal to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon—after the previous agreement was scrapped by the Trump Administration—have failed to make any progress. Israel, however, has warned that it will use military force to halt Iran’s nuclear or ballistic missile programs, and the Israeli Defense Forces has been linked to strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities and scientists in the past. The strike on Iran is the first one carried out by Israel by the country’s new far-right ruling coalition led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Tehran has also drawn international scorn for supplying weapons including kamikaze drones to the Russian military in support of its ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Section Title Israel Strikes Iran Amid New International Push to Contain Tehran (Wall Street Journal)
  9. I want to know where the direction of Imam Hussain (عليه السلام) grave is from Ontario Canada.
  10. I don’t want to hurt anyone but as someone living in Europe. I have to admit that in our continent usually people are really critical to who they chose to see as a “alim” or “scholar”. Nowadays in turned east to dress oneself up as a scholar and preach to the world. Someone that is carrying a specific last name doesn’t mean he is special compared to anyone else. In fact most shias of Europe don’t even want to be involved with western Islamic school of thought because it’s pretty much westernised and detouched from the rope of ahlalbayt. Listening music has for ever been haram and this can be clarified trough Hadith and scientifically proven that it’s bad for the health. I don’t agree at all with the western School of thought with all due respect
  11. News|Military Iran thwarts drone attacks on Isfahan military site Iranian defence ministry says a loud blast heard in Isfahan was caused by ‘unsuccessful’ drone attacks. Members of the Iranian Army take part in a military exercise in Isfahan on September 8, 2022. [File: Handout/WANA via Reuters] Published On 29 Jan 202329 Jan 2023 Iran’s defence ministry has reported several drone attacks on a military plant in the country’s central city of Isfahan. The attacks were “unsuccessful” and there were no casualties, the ministry said in a statement early on Sunday. “One of [the drones] was hit by the … air defence and the other two were caught in defence traps and blew up,” said the statement carried by the state news agency, IRNA. “Fortunately, this unsuccessful attack did not cause any loss of life and caused minor damage to the workshop’s roof,” it said. The ministry did not say who was suspected of carrying out the attack. The statement came shortly after Iranian media reported a loud blast in Isfahan. News agencies published a video showing a flash of light at the plant, said to be an ammunitions factory, and footage of emergency vehicles and fire trucks outside the plant. The ministry said the attack “has not affected our installations and mission … and such blind measures will not have an impact on the continuation of the country’s progress”. Reports of the drone attacks in Isfahan also came as Iran’s state TV also said a fire had broken out at an oil refinery in an industrial zone near the northwestern city of Tabriz. It said the cause was not yet known as it showed footage of firefighters trying to extinguish the blaze. There have been several explosions and fires around Iranian military, nuclear and industrial facilities in the past few years. Sign up for Al Jazeera Week in the Middle East Catch up on our coverage of the region, all in one place. Sign up By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Policy They come amid a long-running shadow war between Iran and Israel. The two countries are at loggerheads over Tehran’s nuclear programme. Israel says Iran is seeking to develop nuclear weapons, an allegation Tehran denies. In July last year, Iran said it had arrested a sabotage team made up of Kurdish fighters working for Israel who planned to blow up a “sensitive” defence industry centre in Isfahan. Iran also blamed Israel for the assassination of its top nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, in 2020, as well as an attack on its underground Natanz nuclear facility in April 2021 that damaged its centrifuges. Israel has not claimed responsibility for the attacks. Israeli officials rarely acknowledge operations carried out by the country’s secret military units or its Mossad intelligence agency. SOURCE: NEWS AGENCIES
  12. Yes. Working on one now. I’m not sure where you got that impression, but that’s not how it works at all. Obviously, as with any loan, the payments at the front end (when the interest acts on a much higher remaining principal) are going to be more interest-heavy than the later ones, when the principal is much smaller. But on any normal loan you’re definitely paying down significant amounts of principal from the start. I’m in my first year right now and actually make a game of watching the principal go down each month. Right now roughly half the monthly payment, maybe a little more, is going to principal. You’re always responsible for whatever is left on the loan. It’s a contract you sign. Of course if you are not able to continue to make payments you are not going to be able to keep the house. The house is the asset that is the collateral of the loan. That is going to be the same any type of loan. The Islamic bank is not just going to let you stay there for free are they? At some point, they, as the majority owners of the property, will evict you. I would imagine they would have to buy you out in proportion to your ownership, and you would walk with that, less any fees that might apply. Much the same in many of the cases with a regular mortgage. The idea that a person necessarily walks away with nothing is the worst case scenario of foreclosure. And no, banks do not generally want to rush into foreclosure without exhausting all the other means available. Delayed payments, stretching out the amortization. And finally encouraging you to voluntarily sell at market if it’s just not working, in which case, you will walk away with your accumulated equity and the loan is wrapped up. But in reality a person is going to have 6 months, even a year to work through it if they cooperate with the bank in finding a solution. Banks do not want to foreclose. They will do a lot to avoid that. Foreclosure is ugly and expensive for the bank with legal fees, procedure, and so on. This link puts average US foreclosure costs for the bank at $50 000. That’s a whole person’s lower-middle sort of income in the US. That’s not chump change. As I pointed out above, foreclosure is a massive cost to the bank, and is a significant risk for them. A bank ends up in the red on a foreclosure. That risk of foreclosure costs is another part of what interest represents, beyond time value of money compensation and costs of managing the loan. It includes an insurance premium on the risk of your default. Meanwhile, in this worst case you walk away. You will not have a house. You will not have money from the exchange in your pocket. You lose everything you paid in over time. But that’s the same as if you had been paying rent all those years. Your credit rating will be toast for the better part of a decade. But they just means your ability to get new credit. You end up more or less neutral. The bank ends up behind by $50k. How is that a greater risk for you? Or you sell it before it gets to foreclosure. You pay off the rest of the loan, the bank is whole, at least on the original principal. They lose out some expected profits from the remaining years though. You meanwhile walk off with at least some of your equity. You end up ahead, and the bank ends up a little behind. Again, how is that a greater risk for you?
  13. Majority of them are monsters, they are getting millions of dollars and they can’t increase the salary of the employees. im starting to think if working as an employee is really worth it or no, becoming free lancer with unstable salary is better, atleast we are not treating ourselves as slaves.
  14. Can anyone send me clear fatwa from any marja saying mortgage and interest is 100% halal without changing intention since you know that you will be paying interest also no such thing as fixed price for 30 years in Australia so are you going to paying more or less than borrowed amount. with so much evidence form Quran and Hadith why riba is wrong it’s an unjust system. Renting = dead money? You using someone service/item/home hence you gotta pay for it nothing is free. I pay $530 a week rent my parents pay $5500 a month I don’t see the need to live in debt just to own a home after 30 years if you live long enough. Both my parents have to work just to provide but Al hamdullilah I can provide for my family of a single income. Think about all of these things. Don’t fall into the traps and sometimes you have to take sacrifices for the sake of allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى)
  15. Have you had a fixed rate mortgage ? I've had 2. What I described is not a fixed rate mortgage. With a fixed rate mortgage, you pay ONLY interest for the first 10 years or so (I'm not sure you know what an amortization schedule is. You can look it up). For the first 10 years or so, you are basically renting the house. You're principle doesn't decrease (maybe by a few dollars). You are still responsible for 100% of the loan amount (approx 100%) should you decide to leave the house or you can't make the payments. If you are a few days late with the payment, the bank can come in, take your house, give you nothing, and you are stuck with a huge bill (penalties). Oh, and you don't have a house. So you are now homeless. The bank loses nothing. They will kick you out, then turn around and sell the house, or maybe wait a few years and sit on it (because they have the money to do this) until they can sell it for more money. So you take all the risk, and they get all the reward. This is an unjust system. It's ok if you don't want to acknowledge this, I'm not speaking to you specifically. The other financial products such as variable rate mortgages, reverse mortgages, etc, are scams, not loans. They are worse than this. Also, the only people (nowdays) who qualify for fixed rate mortgages with a somewhat reasonable interest rate (if there is such a thing) are those with high incomes and nearly perfect credit. This is about 10% of the US population. The rest will have no choice other than going for these scam products (like variable rate) if they want to live in a house and not throw their money down the toilet (i.e. renting). An Islamic system (investment, not interest based) would solve most of these problems. Most people in the US, non muslims, would prefer the Islamic system over the current system (there have been surveys done about this, but do you really need a survey to tell you the obvious) but it is not happening (real Islamic banks) and the only reason is the stranglehold the mega finance corps like Chase, BOA, etc, have over the US political system via their bribes (oops, I mean political campaign donations).
  16. For example, Despite the profits the companies make, they go cutting staff members, closing bank branches, increasing interest rate etc. This affects so many lives.
  17. Salam qunut can be direct translatio or even asking something in your mother language alyhough some Dhikrs have been recommended for it. https://en.wikishia.net/view/Qunut Seven Powerful Duas to Recite in Qunoot https://themuslimvibe.com/faith-islam/seven-powerful-duas-to-recite-in-qunoot
  18. Title of the video: 01_Tawheed - The Notion of Encompassment | Dr Faroukh Sekaleshfar from IBN TV
  19. Salam globalism itself is not a bad anything but on the other hand controlling it by supporters of Shaitan is bad because Imam mahdi (aj) after reappearnce will start divine globalism aginst current satanic globalism which idea of divne globalism has been corrupted by followers of Shaitan which anything form previous divine based communities have been corrupted by Shiatan & his followers for preventing from reappearance of Imam Mahdi (aj) because after reappearance of him Shaitan & his followers will be perished so therefore they can't corrupt divne globalism which will be came by Imam Mahdi (aj) so therefore Shaitan & his followers do everything that they can in order to stop or at least postpone their perishing & totall destroying .
  20. Salam , yeah we can Islamic Revolution of Iran (IRI) has done based on idea of Imam Khomeini(رضي الله عنه) building a society & country for helping Imam Mahdi (aj) which after his reappearance his helpers will be ready in any field & aspects of society & countries & cities for building "a divine world of justice and a visionary world" which it's not necessary that anyone or community copy cat anything from Iran although they can inspire from idea of Imam Khomeini(رضي الله عنه) about IRI which you can learn from pros & cons of it so then take lessons for doing right work & avoiding mistakes of IRI which it as any idea & action has supporters & opponents even between Shia muslims anyway existance of IRI can motivate anyone even it's opponets to make a better country & city than Iran.
  21. “A high risk loan won't have many lenders lining up, increasing the leverage of the willing lender.” Yes in a society where interest charging exists and its availability is subject to free markets - groups of people can be disenfranchised by having credit withheld. Thanks for this. The site would benefit from more contributions by you.
  22. Salam Aleycum I wonder why Iran a few months ago made it obligatory to be vaccinated against covid to enter the country? How can this be islamic? Forcing muslims to take a experimental jab? Who made this decision? Are they runned by globalist and masons? Some of their politiians were atending WEF like Rohani and Zarif. Also in G20 (Usa, Russia, China) last year the countries involved agreed on a digital passport for the next pandemic...and also agreed that mrna vaccines are safe. In the end of the doccument they give special thanks to the Rockefellers, UN, Etc Doesnt seem like they are really enemies of each other
  23. Salam that person maybe considered as most knowledgeable or highly educated but there is no guarantee that average person is considered as quit smart because any average person in our era nearly have easy access to any source of knowledge through many means likewise internet & etc but on the other hand majority of people of past likewise people at 19th century only have had limited access to sources of knowledge just through hard copies of books & limited number of knowledgeable persons which due that many smart people until 20th century before advent of internet couldn't receive enough education .
  24. Salaam, can someone please guve the name of the sheikh and the name of the video? I am not able to see the posted video or any info about it. I would like to search for it on another platform but need this relevant info to do so. Jazakallahkheyr
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