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  2. 313 Seeker

    Things God can't Do?

    Allah does exactly as He pleases. The reason He does not have a son is because He chose not to have one. Everything is the way it is because He chose it, and He is capable of all. All means all, it's an infinite term that is absolute and all-encompassing. There is no limit to what He is capable of, and all it takes is a Word.
  3. Sirius_Bright

    Things God can't Do?

    Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى has power over all things. However, Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى doesn't do many things which are wicked or considered morally objectionable.
  4. Salsabeel

    whats the difference between عمل and فعل ?

    So this means salah and charity can be both, a f'el and an amal.
  5. Salsabeel

    Things God can't Do?

    Allah s.w.t has said "Lam Yalid walam Yulad" but a man is saying no since He can do anything therefore ...... Allah s.w.t has said "La ta'khuduhu sinatun wala nowm" but a man is insisting no since He can do everything therefore ......... For me, whatever He has said all is truth.
  6. Real Muslim = Real Scientist = Real Philosopher
  7. Haji 2003


    https://edition.cnn.com/2018/11/19/australia/wombat-cube-poo-intl/index.html This is a topic I have considered before, and I think it has a lot of mileage. As a theist, a possible line of belief is that these creatures were put here to provide inspiration for innovation and to that extent, the diversity of evolution has a clear and divine purpose. There are also epistemological implications as well. The need for such inspiration suggests that humans may have limited capacity to identify these innovations independently or that even if this could happen, it may take too long. The clues in the natural world speed up the learning process. Not only that but if the lessons from nature provide lessons for e.g. manufacturing processes is that evidence that a Creator anticipated humans to be at this level of development at this point in time? Other implications are that all of this gives us the impetus to look at nature in a more systematic manner and indeed for us to have a materialistic incentive to preserve the natural environment for the benefits that it can provide.
  8. 313 Seeker

    Profanity/Vulgar language.

    Walaikum salaam, I just posted this recently in another thread, but why not post it again ..
  9. Irfani313

    whats the difference between عمل and فعل ?

    F’el - is an action done be any actor (not the movie actors but all actors of any action). So any action done with intention (intention = neeyah) or unintentionally (unintentionally = without neeyah), or done with knowledge or as a habit without knowledge is still F’el. Hence the actions of humans, animal and plants are considered F’el. 
  10. 313 Seeker

    Things God can't Do?

    My observation from debating with people: 1 - Quran says: Prophets doing zulm, khata2, dhul, disobey God, make something haram that is halal, all Prophets asking for forgiveness and getting forgiven, etc People say ... Prophets make no mistakes 2 - Quran says: Allah says specifically .. only pray to Him, people: ... let's pray to people 3 - Quran says: Allah says that He is capable of everything people: ... Allah is not capable of everything, and we know what His limits are 4 - Quran says: The earth is spread out with mountains as pegs people: ... Earth is a ball 5 - Quran says: Prophet is a mere human people: ... Prophet is not a mere human 5 - Quran says: Allah has a Hand people: ... Allah has no Hand etc. etc. End Times are here
  11. Salsabeel

    Things God can't Do?

    Thanks for your comment brother. This means there cannot be multiplicity.
  12. 313 Seeker

    Things God can't Do?

    then the next logical question is that if Allah can make Himself inferior to the gods He hypothetically created. And the answer again is that Allah is capable of all.
  13. Salsabeel

    The Meaning Of Create

    فَتَبَارَكَ اللَّهُ أَحْسَنُ الْخَالِقِينَ 23:14
  14. Hameedeh

    Making Dua For Each Other

    Salam, Sister. Are you okay?
  15. 313 Seeker

    Things God can't Do?

    I am not sure what literal here means, but fact is that if Allah mentions Himself having a Hand, then He has a Hand. If He is describing His Yiad, then He has a Yiad. Even if that Yiad is more than we can imagine or describe. But it's a Yiad. We don't have the right to say that Allah has no Yiad, when He describes a Yiad, a Throne, a Face, a Hand, etc. And notice that I am not interpreting or describing. I am simply repeating words that Allah Himself uses to describe Himself. People tend to remove what Allah says, and invent stuff that Allah didn't say, while claiming He did. The same old story!
  16. Hameedeh

    Eid-e Zahra(as)

    Salam. I was moving again and had no Internet connection, so I did not see this topic. Congrats to everyone. I moved into my new apartment on Eid-e-Zahra. How lucky was that? I have an interview for a job later today. Please make dua for me!
  17. Asghar Ali Karbalai

    Things God can't Do?

    Brother salsabeel Thanks for the tag but I see lessons of 'Tawheed' by Moula Ali(asws) which sounds and is very heavenly. Over here normal human beings are discussing on Allah and after one sentence to Qaim I stopped commenting because I am afraid that my 'Aql' is very less to speak/comment on the subject of 'Tawheed'. I am afraid that I don't cause 'Slip of tongue' on this. I know Allah is 'Ahad' without any counting as per Moula Ali(asws) and I know somebody asking 6th Imam(asws) if your Allah can make another Allah to which he(asws) replied you talk about one another Allah my Allah can make thousands of Allah but they all will remain his makhlooq only (meaning Khaaliq will be one and only).
  18. Thanks for the video. The point is that all sects and groups of today have mistakes in their teachings. So even though some people might know about the wilaya of Imam Ali, maybe other people understand tawheed of Allah more. It might be right that Imam Ali is the Khalifa, but the modern Shia traditions might be far off from what Imam Ali stood for. To claim that one is Shia is just as uncertain as saying one is Muslim or Mumin. We are all uncertain, among the people who fear God. I definitely think it's important to learn and make educated opinions based on truths, but in principle the people of Kufa also called themselves Shia until they proved not to be. The true Shia of today are the ones who are in tune and ready for the Imam Mahdi, and those are probably among all sects and religions of today. And time will tell who the true followers of ahlulbayt are. And anybody who follows ahlulbayt is Muslim and Mumin at the same time. Hope that makes sense.
  19. Salsabeel

    Legs of Allah

    When did they saw Allah first time? And in which shape? Is there any hadith in Bukhari or other sahih books explaining that?
  20. Today
  21. Salsabeel

    Things God can't Do?

    At least let us know the name of that god who can cease to exist, who can commit suicide, speak lies, give birth and take birth, sleep, eat, walk, have wife, become jahil, fani, da'eef, marhoom, za'il etc.
  22. Another member gave me this link to ilmi prints. I haven't purchased with them, but they have some Islamic prints (posters) and some even mention the name of Ahle Bayt AS. You need to choose the size you want. The larger the print, the higher the cost. https://ilmiprints.com/collections/religious?sort_by=created-descending&view=list
  23. Wasalaam, That is the problem. We all have our own interpretation of the Quran, and no one of us has the right to be 100% of anything, because we are all human, and not God. So we can just hope that we right about our interpretations. The same goes for allegiance to Ahlul Bayt. It's up to interpretation what that means exactly, and who they are, and what they taught and stood for. Therefore, it is best to give everybody who is Muslim the benefit of the doubt, unless they are clearly hypocrites of their own faith. Sunis and Shia have enough in common to have very clear guidelines for behavior. Kindness, generosity, charity, connection & fear of Allah, fairness, non-materialism, etc etc. Each person gets judged alone. Many who claim to know what 5:3 is about will go to hell, while many who never even heard of the Arab word Quran, will go to heaven. Essentially, it is in God's hands in what state our hearts are in. And definitely those who are good in their hearts will be for tolerance, acceptance, and unity.
  24. Salsabeel

    Things God can't Do?

    @Sumerian @Qa'im @ShiaMan14 @Sirius_Bright @Asghar Ali Karbalai @HakimPtsid Brothers, we have some nice lesseons on touheed going on here. Will you mind participating here?
  25. 313 Seeker

    Things God can't Do?

    If a person says God can jdkf;ajefiopjewr9049103jril;esjfkld;sjhfkasl; , then the answer is Yes! It doesn't matter what it is or isn't, God is capable of it. Thank you
  26. Rabi al-Awwal 12 - Prophet SA arrived Holy City of Madina. Congratulations on this holy day.
  27. Hameedeh

    Tariq Ramadan finally free

    Do you know more about his health? How did he become handicapped while locked up?
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