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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. @hasanhh thank you so much. We were doing this sum where 4 pears cost Rs.3 and we had to find how much can we buy for Rs.15.So I try to explaining to her Rs. 3 = 4 pears Rs. 1= 4/3 pears and from there she was totally lost. 'What's 4/3 pear?' ,'who even buys 4/3 pears' 'what is the meaning of 4/3 pears' She got a lousy mathematics teacher this year and little missy's been acting very difficult whenever I try to teach her maths.
  3. I don't think anyone's 'hating' per se, rather the females might feel disconcerted because males tend to focus more on female issues rather than worry about our own issues. Put this in the context of a 'patriarchal atmosphere' and you'd perfectly understand why they wouldn't feel too comfortable when every other thread is focused on their behaviour/dress etc.
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  5. Uni = 1 Do the work around whatever 1 is chosen by the problem. l looked at a video: lf 20 pens cost Rs 400, what does 1 cost? Rs 400 divided by 20 pens = Rs 20/pen (please note that units carry through) Then it asked the question: lf 20 pens cost Rs 400, what does 30 pens cost? The video showed 2 out of the 3 ways to work this. 1] Since 1 pen is Rs 20, then 30pens = 30pens x Rs 20 = Rs-pens 600 2] OR Rs400 x 30 pens all divided by 20-pens = Rs-pens 1200 divided by 20pens = Rs 600 2b] Rs400 x 30pens all divided by 20 pens = cancelling zeros --> Rs400 x 3pens/2pens = Rs 600 [the way l was learned] 3] Just make the observation that for 20 pens is Rs400 and 30 pens is half-again more than 20 pens --> Rs400 + half again more = Rs 600 Now, there is a 4th way: graph it. Chose whichever X-axis and Y-axis you wish for each, then plot 1 pen intersecting Rs 20, 2 pens plotted to intersect 40 . . . ad juri . . . then when completed, follow the Pen-axis over to 30, then go to the line and then move (left or down depending on how your axies are graphed) and find Rs 600. But this proceedured is first week algebra, l do not believe your child is there (old enough) yet. Easy, right? Footnote Question: Hey, star. Aren't you glad l am not scheduled to do your brain surgery?
  6. So this felintologist in Russia decided to start breeding cats with the purpose of having human like faces! I'm not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, they look very interesting; on the other hand, animal breeding endeavours are marred with cruelty. Your thoughts?
  7. Actually they are wrong including you. Above hadiths are from Books of Ahl Sunnah. And Thiqa and seduq narrator is not an innovator whether Shia or Sunni. Bukhari quoted in is sahih from Shias then call those riwayahs weak as well. They like to play with narrators and break as many Usool as they want based upon whom their daddies wrote sahih books
  8. Here a couple of short reads on recycling: https://www.cawrecycles.org/polystyrene-and-other-non-recyclable-plastics https://lausd-oehs.org/docs/Recycling/Non_Recyclable_List.pdf
  9. Based on some reviews.... Al-Mehdi Institute AMI is pretty good for what you want. They are located in Birmingham.
  10. As 0tzi's mummified body was uncovered by snow melt accelerated by accumulated dust from the Sahara, the Andes is now experiencing a similar effect: https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-50573623
  11. Depending on how this plays out, if the Middle Eastern character is a villain or not, this could be the perfect example of orientalism. Put a Middle Eastern guy and discredit him so that when the true Messaiah comes everyone would be averted to the idea that he’d be Middle Eastern. Look at how the use the Arabic accent to produce a character who’ll probably be the villain.
  12. Muslims need to stop feeling ashamed if they go to a counsellor. It's a good thing to let out all our worries to someone who'll offer us professional advice. Even if you feel that you have no mental issues, it's totally normal to go to a counsellor.
  13. I never thought teaching unitary method to a child would be so difficult. God help us.
  14. How are any of these things bad? Even if climate change is outside of human control, what is harmed by making these changes?
  15. Do not buy into this: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2019/12/even-50-year-old-climate-models-correctly-predicted-global-warming Why not? Models of the 60s and 70s were all-over-the-place. Models do not include dust --which has a cooling effect, but was an expressed concern in the 1960s Models do not include desertification --the Sahara has expanded southward for 30 years; Lake Chad is drying up because of other drainage systems eroding into the Logonne River; water to the Aral Sea has been diverted; . . . How temperartures are recorded is not standardized by time of day --only the "High" is recorded Misuse of observables: notoriously the "heat island" fraud (the Sun heats up all the concrete and asphalt in cities, then when it got dark took an IR picture of all this material cooling off and proclaim it is the effect of fossil fuels)
  16. ignore the was wasa and khalas nothing to worry about
  17. You might have to buy a live animal and slaughter it yourself or hire a Muslim to slaughter and butcher it for you. I do not know of any halal suppliers in the United States, though they might exist. If you don't have a large freezer, get a group together to share one animal.
  18. [Note from Mod: This topic has been temporarily closed for review by a moderator pending one of the following actions: 1) Cleanup: Topic will be reviewed, inappropriate posts will be deleted followed by warnings/bans being implemented and then reopened. 2) Topic will be permanently deleted or sent to the lounge. 3) Topic will remain permanently closed. Please allow up to 48 hours for one of the above actions to take place. Contact the appropriate moderator for any further explanations The ShiaChat.com rules can be found at: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/12120-faq-shiachatcom-rules-and-policy/ [Auto]
  19. Perhaps it might be helpful to you if you don’t see this “journey” as “a journey” or a “ladder”.
  20. Thurs, 0900EST/1700Baghdah; 05Dec19 https://www.thebaghdadpost.com/en/Story/44950/Official-death-toll-of-Iraq-protests-rises-to-460-people --- plus: some form of permanent disabilty: 3,000 ---OPINE: for weeks, 20,000 has been the official wounded number. ln this article is is '17,400'. Actual wounded easily exceeds 30,000 Tahir square is filling up: https://www.thebaghdadpost.com/en/Story/44953/Huge-numbers-protest-at-Tahrir-Square-in-Iraq Another keep-talking-wait-it-out policy statement (is he also speaking for the EU?job title) https://www.thebaghdadpost.com/en/Story/44952/France-reiterates-support-to-find-way-out-of-Iraq-crisis &, the Black gold: https://www.thebaghdadpost.com/en/Story/44948/KRG-s-Minister-Reveals-Agreement-with-Baghdad-on-Oil-Budget
  21. In fairness though the Apostle Paul only said that women had to veil their hair when in Church or praying HOWEVER historically the majority of Christian women did veil their hair most of the time or at least when outside of the house.
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