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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Share your recipes or ideas, food pictures, some good restaurants, anything related to food.

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  2. This might take a while. I'm leaving now to search the Internet for chickpea flour.
  3. From the Fox TV program, "Marred, with Children" In short, daughter Kelly has a Mother-comes-to-school-day and to keep tis short, the other girls ask Kate questions. To answer one question like your post suggests, , Kate picks up the phone and says, ~"Hello. pizza man."
  4. Checking Wikipedia.... I don't know who that is. Should I be offended?
  5. l do some of this, for rice, noodles, emptied-out-boxes. But l always stay-with-the-stove. Like last night, l dumped in whole wheat noodles, lentils, last of a box of brown rice, something else, a couple of chunks-of-cheese . . . brought it to a boil . . . turned the heat way back . . . waited for it to 'blurp' and then shut the heat off . . . After it cooled for a few minutes, l ate it.
  6. You sound like Kate Bundy.
  7. Frying Yaas... bring on the health advice.
  8. Boiling. It is easy and I don’t need to regularly check the food.
  9. My signature method is the crock pot, but I actually only use it a few times per week. The rest is a mix of baking, microwave steaming, and stovetop grilling. I prefer whichever method is the right balance of good taste and texture, less work, and less mess. But my favorite method is to announce to my husband "I don't feel like cooking today" and then wait for him to order a pizza.
  10. I love using the microwave to warm up the food my mum cooks. So yeah that's my preferred cooling method.
  11. The toaster oven makes things crunchy, but if the package I pull out of the freezer says Do not cook in Toaster Oven then I open the Microwave.
  12. Now l do not believe that for one dang second. And if it did happen, old gladiator gal will either smack your head or take you on a snake hunt.
  13. Stove top Using pots and pans..... Here is how it typically goes
  14. We each have settled into our own favorite way of cooking. Kettles, woks, pans, grills, microwave . . . l prefer baking just about everything. The reason is it may take somethings a little longer, but it saves on 'the mess.' For example, l can set my potatoes in,and by the time l have a pizza slice or hamburger ready to bake, then when l put that in everything will be done at the same time. So what is you favorite way of cooking and why?
  15. l have to ask: What is mint soup? And how do you make it?
  16. As a substitute, l opened a can of Tomatoe Soup since l didn't have other tomatoe products for my pizza. l had tried ketschup and know this is really lousy (for me anyway and its also kinda runny). Being paste-like it spread easily and l just added my own spices on top. Much better and a whole lot cheaper than smaller cans of sauce or paste.
  17. Adas polo or Maash polo are more inexpensive and yet, more delicious. http://www.thepersianpot.com/recipe/adas-polow-lentil-rice/
  18. If you are near the Chicago airport, there is a halal restaurant called Mama Maria or Mama Maria's Pizza and More. They sell halal food, but they have vegetarian foods for family members that don't want to eat meat. We went there 3 years ago and the location was only take-out, no tables at all; just 3 chairs to sit if you wanted to rest while waiting for your food to be cooked and packed up. We took food back to our hotel. There are two locations, so I don't know about seating in the other restaurant. It was nice to eat some halal food! http://mamamariazabiha.com/our-menu/
  19. Celery Stew is inexpensive compared to other Iranian dishes, so Khoresh-e Karafs is very cost effective when you need to feed a lot of people.
  20. I really like Grilled Steaks! There is an option for a great cooking method. Very simple, fast and tasty! The way to make the perfect steak is simple. How Long To Grill Steak
  21. Another Question: I had a thought about making some munchies that are a lot cheaper than store bought junk food --a healthier too. Can I use that pre-made pizza dough that comes with nothing on it? Does it bake alright to put stuff like icing on it? Any similar experiments.
  22. Do you know about Socco? Do you make it yourself? I have seen recipes on the Internet, but never ate it before. The basic recipe is a batter (chickpea flour, salt, black pepper, water and olive oil) that is baked and broiled in the oven. To make the recipe your own, you can add whatever spice you like or chopped herbs or onions, etc. (Chickpea flour is also called garbanzo bean flour.) One particular recipe mentions adding the Lebanese spice za'atar, that I do like: https://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-socca-a-naturally-gluten-free-chickpea-flatbread-cooking-lessons-from-the-kitchn-169513
  23. They serve Karafs regularly at the Islamic centre, I guess half the attendees must be like and then
  24. Yes...karafs (celery) is not delicious so Khoresh-e Karafs is not very popular. Unlike khoresh-e karafs, ghormeh sabzi is very popular. They are similar in appearance but different in taste. This is khoresh-e karafs: This is ghormeh sabzi:
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