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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Share your recipes or ideas, food pictures, some good restaurants, anything related to food.

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  2. Another Question: I had a thought about making some munchies that are a lot cheaper than store bought junk food --a healthier too. Can I use that pre-made pizza dough that comes with nothing on it? Does it bake alright to put stuff like icing on it? Any similar experiments.
  3. Do you know about Socco? Do you make it yourself? I have seen recipes on the Internet, but never ate it before. The basic recipe is a batter (chickpea flour, salt, black pepper, water and olive oil) that is baked and broiled in the oven. To make the recipe your own, you can add whatever spice you like or chopped herbs or onions, etc. (Chickpea flour is also called garbanzo bean flour.) One particular recipe mentions adding the Lebanese spice za'atar, that I do like: https://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-socca-a-naturally-gluten-free-chickpea-flatbread-cooking-lessons-from-the-kitchn-169513
  4. They serve Karafs regularly at the Islamic centre, I guess half the attendees must be like and then
  5. Yes...karafs (celery) is not delicious so Khoresh-e Karafs is not very popular. Unlike khoresh-e karafs, ghormeh sabzi is very popular. They are similar in appearance but different in taste. This is khoresh-e karafs: This is ghormeh sabzi:
  6. I think she cooks it in the same way you do.
  7. haha I know, my mum always says I have delicate hands. when I first started they kept breaking, but then I just got used to it. took me around 2 hours to perfectly make them at first time without them breaking and rolling them very softly, but now im just used to it, takes me an hour. im just very gentle with it thats all
  8. They're very delicate, don't they break if you boil them?
  9. Salaam Keralite Biryani specially from Northern Kerala.They put Gravy at base of bowl and Rice above it and serve it on Banana leaf upside down out of bowl.All those spices on top of rice makes a unique taste.
  10. yesss, I just make it with the grape leaves from the store, boil them so they become thinner and then seperate them, and put the stuffing inside so it becomes softer with the rice. How does your mum make it?
  11. Karafs?! It doesnt have many fans in Iran. Many dislike it!
  12. My grandmother cooks Dolmeh with fresh grape leaves and it become delicious.
  13. My mothers plau, aloo shorba, bhindi, kala daal, shami kebab, pakora curry, roti and parate etc etc i just love her food yum! but I seriously love daal lol oh and Italian food
  14. Tacos. (Homemade, not from a restaurant, because I don't know of any halal taco places, and vegetarian or fish tacos are just ok, not my favorite.)
  15. Levantine : Molokhieh with rice Persian : karafs Indian subcontinent : Beryani (hesitate between Sri Lanki or Maurician) European : French Pot au feu African : Red Thieboudien East asian : Korean Bibimbap
  16. My favorite dish is minced meat with spinach and many more lol...
  17. dolmaaaa is my favourite, always has been always will be, one day in sha Allah ill invite you over, I make the best dolma and koosah as well, its like mwah also, lasagna, and my infamous mint soup. tbh I don't like it when some people put sultanas in the dolma, I like it soft and small like a pencil and just savoury with no sweetness. I have a problem with making marqa though.
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