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All about quitting smoking - smokers and ex-smokers
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  2. @Mohammed-Mehdi Do you have a list of the names of the owners and shareholders of these companies? They are probably not Jewish Zionists, but Christian Zionists (Masons).
  3. They make awful lot of money from it, including the (Western) goverments who tax the hell out of it. Furthermore it is compatible with their idea about the value of human life, and depopulation agenda.
  4. The Zionists own these cig companies and have promoted smoking cigarettes decades ago for women as an indication of independence and freedom. Of course before that for men with the tough cool cowboy guy etc. I don't have a link to the documentation right now, but it is out there. If you like to call them the elite, Illuminati, the US government, etc. I don't care too much about the label, but ZIonists is the most accurate I believe. They also own the world's biggest media corporations like Time Warner, which got so many of the mainstream tv channels and newspapers all owned by them.
  5. Some/most work places are "smoke free". Continue to not smoke. Even fifty years ago, it was said that smoking one cigarette within one hour after exercise is equal to smoking an entire pack. Take advantage of infirmiry: Last Saturday is when l got into can't-even-gasp-for-air spasm in my upper chest cavity (as l described elsewhere). Later today, it will be one week without smoking. When l'd try earlier in the week, l'd get spasms. Right now, that accustomed to, drawing sensation is all l miss.
  6. smoking increases metabolism to, when you quit it slows back down. I went from 140 lbs to 201 lbs at 5'6'' the first time I quit. It took forever to get the extra weight off.
  7. Reward mechanisms man, that's the key imo. It's normal to substitute smoking by eating as a reward mechanism, especially unhealthy food (snacks mostly). Find other things that can be rewarding for you, as videogames, movies, a walk, some time reading, or just healthy snacks/drinks (in my case, I'm eating pure chocolate that is actually very healthy though not sweet at all), you will get used to enjoy them in a controlled way. IA everything goes well, stay strong brother.
  8. any know what to do about the weight gain from quiting smoking. obviously diet and exercise but does anyone have any other advise?
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