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In the Name of God بسم الله

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Group for sharing your own work and sharing tips and tricks. All types of creative or hands on projects are welcome, but please only share your own work. From knitting to carpentry, electrical repairs or photography, or whatever else you do to make your surroundings beautiful: feel free to show off your work. Constructive criticism is encouraged.
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  2. In all seriousness, where are the teachers for a couple online tutorials? Following Youtube videos is helpful but I could use some live time instruction to engage with the techniques at a deeper level.
  3. Not really making art myself. Mostly admire other people's art.
  4. Thank you very much, I agree with you. Yeah Krita, it's very powerful because there are many brushes to select from, though my computer doesn't respond well to it, It crashes a lot. Medibang is a bit more stable.
  5. I see, yeah that's common. I hope that you will always be able to keep up your art no matter what you decide to do. Having a talent like that is not something to be wasted. inshaAllah you find a way to utilize it and pursue whatever else you like at the same time. I've never heard of medibang paint, I'll have to check it out. My Photoshop subscription just expired but I am currently using Krita which is free too.
  6. Thank you very much! I can see that too but I don't have any support from my family, sadly, they are expecting me to be something else. I am using Medibang paint, it's free.
  7. @Hadeel I checked out your other work. Wow you have an amazing grasp of color and light! And you're very young too, I could easily see you becoming a professional and doing some great work for Islam through your art You've inspired me to draw today after many months of not drawing, thank you! By the way what program are you using?
  8. @ireallywannaknow Thank you very much and also to the others that liked it! I shared it with you because I have seen some of your drawings too. And they are mashAllah also beautiful, I like your style. You can see more art if you go to my profile and click on the website url. It is just a hobby right now, but I have thoughts of higher aspirations with my art, for example, by doing Islamic da'wah. But that is not something I'm sure of because I still have to know what kind of future is awaiting me as I'm in my last year of high school. But InshAllah I can use it for something that will benefit the Islamic community.
  9. @Hadeel wa alaikum Salam. Wow that's absolutely beautiful mashaAllah, thank you for sharing with me I really like that this piece has a deep message to it. Can't wait to see more of your art! What kind of stuff do you do with your work? Is it just a hobby or what?
  10. I've been a guest in this site for some quite time and never really thought of sharing my art but that's going to change. I'm very glad to share some with the Shiachat community: Unveil your soul @ireallywannaknow
  11. I was going through the accounts of Dow DuPont and they mentioned having something called "Great Stuff". I had no idea what this was so checked it out. Seems to be a range of gap fillers that householders can use quite easily. To stop warm air leaking out from a building and also to stop insects and vermin: https://www.greatstuff.dupont.com/insulating-foam-sealants-for-homeowners.html
  12. I found one! It's portable, and still works great, has A/V connection for TV, but now I need to find an AC adapter. It's only got the car charger with it. I'm hoping to watch my martial arts training videos over there where I won't disturb anyone. I don't need a pretty screen so the old TV should be fine. There's also a large wall mirror, so I can check my posture and form as I train - assuming it's enough space. We will see.
  13. Yes, the old TV has only AV. You think I should just try to find an old DVD player? We might have one around somewhere.
  14. chromecast needs an hdmi connecton & usb port for power supply or you had to buy a power adaptor for it ,old analog TV's only support RGB & A/V cables & it's a complicated work to attach chromecast through hdmi to A/V converter that not works all time & causes many problem for DVD player you can use only A/V cale
  15. Oooh... good point. I can hem the bottom so it falls short of the floor. As it is now, it's a little longer than just reaching the floor. But the creepy crawlies that we've seen are of the many legged variety. They're less alarming to me than the four legged, furry ones, and I don't mind periodically spraying or setting up traps for them.
  16. ^ mashallah, looks a huge improvement on what was there before. These shots are not as wide angle as the previous one, so not possible to see what happened to the hatch leading to the kitchen. The sheet seems like a good touch, but if you get creepy crawlies in that part of the world, won't it give them more hiding space?
  17. My sitting room is mostly finished. Here's the entry view. I still need to replace the electrical outlet plates. I didn't like the existing brown ones. We have some white ones stored somewhere that I need to find. The curtain hides the ugly defunct air conditioner. If I remove it, I'll have to either find an exact size match, or repair the hole through the wall. Here's a view of the reading space. There is a wall light above each chair. The patchwork carpet was so much less expensive than any solid carpet or rugs, and it really brightens up the room, in my opinion. It was pretty easy to install too. Cutting the edges to fit was the hardest part, and that was more tedious than difficult. ----- Next step - since it rains almost every day and I can't seem to make progress on the porch - will be the kitchen. ----- Not remodel related, but electronics related: anyone know what I need to connect a DVD player or Chromecast (or both) to old analog TV? It had a connected VCR/DVD player, but the DVD side doesn't work and I've got no VHS tapes. ----- My son has taken over the upstairs portion. He set up a recording studio. I guess that's off my schedule for now.
  18. « mangaxmuslim.world» اعلام شده است و علاقه‌مندان ایرانی نیز می‌توانند طرح‌ها و ایده‌های خود را برای شرکت در نمایشگاه به کانال تلگرامی«@bunka» و یا پست الکترونیکی « pr.tokyo@icro.ir http://rahyafteha.ir/59941/نخستین-همایش-مانگای-اسلامی-در-سفارت/
  19. There's a youtube playlist made by an artist who teaches how to draw faces. Some of the videos are not in English but you can still watch them. I haven't watched all the videos so I can't say if there is anything inappropriate. Hopefully not. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIYNJI1mD49b1jPHuDnGPZYLb1YOaX4m5
  20. Iranians make a special ceremony where several 9 year old girls pray together for the first time. I don't know the name for it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqtisDe8ptA
  21. My grand father used to cut the cake and give present.. I don't see it now anywhere probably that's because children tries to get on janamaz from very start.. I have 8 month twin nieces, I make them sit beside me whenever i pray, I know that its not the time but its not useless either.
  22. What do you call the ceremony for the first time the girl is praying? Or boy?
  23. Event for completing Quran That's what parents usually misses

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