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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. This was for 2015. The thought was on how time pass, meaning the more things change the more they stay the same. alhamdulillah
  3. Okay, focusing on the coaches who are positively inclined in their nature... When we were teenagers he said during one of training sessions, "you are the frog & you don't let that bird swallow you by never giving up, ever, you give, you're swallowed" & he gave each & everyone of us this pic to emphasise. alhamdulillah 'Never give up' were the words.
  4. salam, please pay more attention on Surah Yasin... Towards its retirement, there's something like 'Bee & it becomes'
  5. ia I don't know the extent of your understanding of how things work, of what is real & what is pure. were another to come, would you say 'impossible, magic, miracle'? word 'greatest' is a loose sense here. the third perspective view is different from the first hand view or gorilla on the back view or most critically the view of those who go & consult to view the tomorrows' matches & apply whatever alterations to whatever advantages/disadvantages. alhamdulillah
  6. alhamdulillah, words can never be enough for personal coaches. it is moments irreplaceable & appreciated both good and bad. alhamdulillah. As for overall coaches for others & all... they too are amazing. What I personally yearn for is an environment where the coaches are influenced by more or less the same creed ia. AB(عليه السلام) & ohh, coaches like Lampard are easy going like the Bok coach. Then there are pink scarlets coaching minions, example is in that 2nd 300 movie where that girl says 'war' & that minion king God repeats after her 'war'. & you know who repeats after him chanting 'war'? minions in their millions, lots... blown knots.
  7. The rosicrucians used a v shape to absorb the triangle energy... I thought it was this symbol ^ to repel, whatever it is they do, 8 . Both are definitely on the same pink WhatsApp group. anyway the queen didn't get the gold this time & it feels like what is gold anyway? dust.... alhamdulillah always
  8. Hope all the best for the Iraqi team
  9. did you happen to see two balls in particular that seemed oddish in the tournament? The runout through down under & that knock to the boundary, a moment in favor of English?
  10. Their position not being 8, like maybe they were waiting for super eagles. Problem is it is difficult to differentiate between vultures & eagles. am la means am here. Not am la.
  11. Oh, am hoping for India against The English in the final. Also for a mixed semis, Australia/English/India/Pakistan. So Pakistan needs a good run today & even when South Africa go down down under they can never escape their position.
  12. am supporting sport in general. am a protea fan. Just that, on the real, we are not suppose to support the enemies of Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). South Africa is sponsored by alcohol companies & it's like having to let go of what you love (the country). It is not worth it. Sporting wise, English have improved quite a lot. Australia is still the team to beat. India are the champs. Honestly, I was hoping Afghanistan was going to have a good run. New Zealand is strong. As for Pakistan...
  13. I support Pakistan brother! I really hope we beat Bangladesh, and New Zealand beat England. Who do you support? Also who you reckon is going to win World Cup?
  14. Proteas are left with having to down down under & may escape the clasps of 8
  15. Butterflies in the tummy right there... Football matches are not won before being won, anyway that is fan mentality you have. Athletes know for certain that there are winners and losers & sometimes doing everything right is not enough. So they just enjoy the journey. This team gives goosebumps though, it's a yearning etched deep. Maybe the country will offer solace to blood tears turned black Insha'Allah
  16. Poor position 8. I don't know whether they like to be there @ 8. Maybe they worship 8 who knows. Ask the Moroccans why or what are those boys waiting for? 8 promised to bring them ... tramp said it, you're playing with fire
  17. Today South Africa is positioned @ number 8. alhamdulillah, it has/had to do with protea fire, maybe, or not. Fire is warm or Fire is hell. So I was just wondering through all the probabilities & possibilities... Who do you support @ali_fatheroforphans
  18. I just hope the pitches are more sporting and not all flat track run machines.
  19. Salam, Any cricket fans here? Who are you supporting? Today it's England vs South Africa.
  20. that is really true. Even in politics we do the same
  21. hahaha we destroyed china, japan is next we r going to win this!!!!
  22. another win for Iran. we r in the quterfinals and unbeatable no one has even scored against us. we will win this finaly!
  23. Iraq and Iran did have same points but Iran win because of more goals. Anyway I wish Iran and Iraq will play in Finals.
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