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    • Wasalaam, Yeah this is the area I’m not very knowledgeable about haha  my mother told me this and I thought wow it makes more sense than humans making pyramids! She didn’t give me much detail. She did the Asian thing and said a part of the story and then continued it years later lol leaving it to me to put it together and remember. It’s a head scratcher  And I have little liking for the occult (just a little bit >.<) only in video games, you learn a lot actually. Like One game Shadow hearts(my fav rpg). It’s how I found out that prophet soloman is famous for controlling 72 ‘demons’ although we know they’re jinns i just thought it was pretty neat yeah I’m the type who believes somebody 100% they trust. So I trust everything my mother says lol i agree they help us out but we do have some level of ‘ manipulation’ I guess? They’re weaker than us, not physically maybe more mentally  I think not like modern day Jews, they’re still some Jews who will convert when the imam will come, those guys follow original Judaism and practice like we do. They’re prayers are like us and they have almost the same set of beliefs. They’re are some very good people of the book who follow the original word. I think anyway, it’s interesting and I want to learn more 
    • Salam Quran reffers that after prophet Solomon (as) they tried to learn magic from them also they started praying them & in most occasions they pray Satan & jinns & in return they receive  a little help from them but they don't use them  , it's only Ahlulbay (as) & people that have authority from them can use them as slaves not Jews.
    • Jinns man jinns they used to be our slaves  we worked them raw  One example of Jinns being used to create fantastic sites, Prophet Soloman(as)  they have extradoniary strength but ultimately humans are masters over them... those who practice occult behavior such as some Jews can still use Jinns for their works 
    • Oh the good old days of statistics. I still have nightmares. Definitely one of my most hated classes ive already forgotten all the p,f,z,t the whole friggin alphabet tests god was it annoying lol
    • Anecdote here- ive had a lot stomach problems and have quite the sensitive stomach smaller plates and eating the plate longer or taking my time and eating as I’m hungry have helped me a lot. Can’t say much for long term weight loss, I lost the initial like 10lbs over a period which may be water weight or whatever. Eating less helps with cravings and feeling full longer becuase you force your body to work on that little bit. Which may be all you need but that depends on your body weight or and lifestyle. May not work for others  like I don’t lose weight no matter how much I fast or don’t eat at all. I don’t lose anything t-t lol well I really only eat junk food XD so eating healthy is the key on the other hand if I’m reeeaaallly hungry and can’t eat or have nothing to eat I just watch some mukbangs, or daydream about food all day...until they close...and it’s too late to eat lol
    • http://en.abna24.com/news//iranian-turkish-officials-discuss-cooperation-in-hajj-affairs_919035.html
    • @Gaius I. Caesar - salaam brother. As promised.
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This blog will contain traditions, habits, events, sayings, pieces of history, reflections , lessons and much more from the life of the seal of the Prophets, Muhammed (saw).


"There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and [who] remembers Allah often." [33:21]

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