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In the Name of God بسم الله
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Ideas about modern issues from an Islamic perspective.

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A counterpoint to the Great Replacement Theory

[This post was initially published as 'A little conspiracy theory of mine' on Oct 25 2016. I've now retitled it and linked some of the text with the notion of the Great Replacement Theory.] Summary Britain, after the Second World War ostensibly recruited workers from various developing countries in order to fill skill shortages. However, around the same time, there was a concerted effort by Australia to recruit working-class Britons. A possible explanation to this anomalous situation i

FIFA Sweet Spot

Summary Winning need not be the goal of every country, getting into the last 16 can be good enough. We want to do better next time ... Now that the World Cup is over you get the following headlines: https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Sports/World-Cup-leaves-Asia-with-pride-regret-ahead-of-old-power-final   But is this where Asian countries really want to be? It seems to me as a casual observer that the better performing teams have the following characteristics

Haji 2003

Haji 2003 in Politics

Monitoring social media

Introduction This originally started as a post on another thread dealing with the protests in Iran in 2022. But I also wanted to focus on it as an idea and develop it here. The material here is updated from the previous post.  This post is about social media postings (specifically on Twitter) and the 'Iran centredness' of the people who were tweeting about that country. I was curious to see whether the interest that people were showing in the "welfare of Iranian women" mirrored their i

Haji 2003

Haji 2003 in Politics

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