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In the Name of God بسم الله
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Ideas about modern issues from an Islamic perspective.

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One day we'll all be philosophers

[This was originally written on November 25 2017 and was updated on Sept 13 2023, to include the graphic, headings and a summary] Summary There is an inverse relationship between human labour for any activity and the moral and ethical issues related to it. The less we work, because we have automation, for example, often the more we need to exercise moral and other consideration related to that work. As a result automation and AI won't necessarily make people unemployed, they'll simply

Haji 2003

Haji 2003 in God Hypothesis

God Hypothesis

[This was originally posted in 2016 - but seems to have disappeared from my list of blog entries, although subsequent posts in the series are still there. This post is based on the original, but I have used the passage of time to refine it and add some more detail. Detail also added about transition fuels]. Synchronicity between resource availability and human development I think it is interesting how the content of planet Earth appears to be ‘synchronous’ with human growth and develop

God & the concept of multiple discovery

Summary Multiple discovery also referred to as simultaneous invention - is where the same innovation is discovered by people working independently from each other. The notion suggests that individuals do not necessarily possess unique insights, but rather the presence of various environmental and cultural factors will engender innovation. A specific individual therefore has no specific genius that sets them apart from others. An alternative hypothesis is that specific inventions have been t

Belief and proof

We need proof One of the challenges presented to people who believe in God by atheists is the lack of what is considered to be acceptable proof for His existence. But what happens when you are given proof? The case of CV19 I think our experience with covid over the past two years provides a really interesting case study in terms of how people respond to a phenomenon where you could argue that the type of evidence atheists are looking for is available in abundance and yet there are

Haji 2003

Haji 2003 in God Hypothesis

Pyramids, aliens & God

Summary The theory that the pyramids were built or had their construction guided by extraterrestrials is challenged by the existence of mistakes in the construction of some of them. But I think the Egyptians were privy to Divine Guidance, which in itself is interesting because the evidence of a Pharoah moving from polytheism to monotheism supports Qur'anic teaching as I understand it.   The bent pyramid at Dahshur There is a populist theory that the pyramids must have ha

Haji 2003

Haji 2003 in God Hypothesis

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