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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Most of you must be aware of the recent $350 billion weapons deal between saudi and trump, out of which deals worth $110 billions will be with immediate effect.

As expected the military-industrial-complex(hereafter referred to as MIC)-owned most of the mainstream media is jubilant. 

In the words of trump-

"Tremendous investments in the United States. Hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the United States and jobs, jobs, jobs."

Disclaimer- Trump, like almost all US presidents is merely a puppet, with more strings than an actual puppet. So I dont consider him to be very relevant. But the statement shows what the MIC wants the people to focus on.

The whole exercise is nothing but a continuation of the US-Saudi policy of transferring the wealth from West Asia to the West in return for maintaining the saudi kingdom in its supposedly dominating position.

Hejaz- The residence of the faithful

Hejaz was supposed to be a place of refuge. It holds much more religious significance for the muslims than it has political significance for the MIC, the Saudis and their ilk.

It was, and still is, supposed to be a place where any muslim from across the world can come and start living. And settle, if they wish to do so. This CANNOT HAVE BEEN RESTRICTED.

Mecca, Medina, Jeddah and all the other religious places belong to the muslims and cannot be at the whims and fancies of some clan.

The natural wealth, too, in and around these areas are to belong to all the muslims. The rulers are supposed to be the custodians, not owners, as is currently the case. At the most, they can take what they need and not what they want. 

The trillions of dollars that they have extracted and squandered is wealth belonging to all the muslims who were driven out of these holy lands, who wished to settle there, but cannot due to the restrictions in place and the poor and the needy and the other deserving muslims across the world, who need to be bailed out.

One can object that since Saudi Arabia is an "independent" country, they can run their affairs as they wish. They can spend and squander as they wish. They can purchase $10 trillions worth of weapons. They can completely stop immigrants. And they can throw out the shias and the non-compliant sunnis if they wish. They can dole out the crumbs to the Africans Muslims to fight their wars in Yemen and other places.

My point is, Hejaz was never supposed to be a normal, usual, like any other country. It is a place with utmost religious significance for the muslims and the People of the book. It should have been a place of refuge for the poor and those driven out. A place for those looking for spiritual emancipation. For the ones looking who wished to visit the various houses of the towering figures islam- the Ahlul bayt and the righteous Sahaba. The center which redistributed wealth from the rich muslims to the poor. 

And not be the extractor of muslim wealth and squanderer of haq of the muslims. Not to help bolster one of the most evil and hardcore anti-islamic forces, the whole gamut of the MIC, including its dutiful media. Not to support of the unjust system of the petro-dollar hegemony. Not to bribe the poor and malnourished nations with money to fight their wars against other weak nations. 

Conclusion- The transfer of the haq of poor, needy and the deserving muslims and the money which otherwise could have been used to develop islamic cities, give citizenship to the refugees and any other muslim for that matter, create more STEM graduates among the muslims and the others and so on, is being used for an utter devastating effect. It is totally unfortunate, I and, i am sure that all the informed and religious muslims, are completely opposed to this initiative and wish that circumstances occur which will kill this deal.

PS- The old timers will remember that in 2010, a weapons deal worth $60 billion was signed between the MIC spokesman Obama and the Saudis. It was a huge news back then and a great PR challenge for the MIC mouthpieces. So they focused on the 'iranian threat'. Now they have a buffoon as a president. They want to use it as an advantage. They want the people to think- He is a buffoon, so he does not know what he is doing, cant blame him, there is no one to blame and no need to do so. Focus on jobs, people (happy face).


The Idli-Wala Uncle

In the mornings, especially on weekends, we prefer to have a light breakfast. At such times, our favourite option is to buy idlis from the local idli-wale "uncle".

The idlis are of an average, and sometimes above-average, quality. Not too great, not bad either.

However, the more than the idlis, the more fulfilling task is to buy them. Why, do you ask?  Why, it is because of the behaviour of the idli-wale 'uncle', of course.

There are a number of unwritten rules-

  • The customer has to stand and wait for his eye contact.
  • He will ask in the humblest manner possible- Aapko kya dun? (What would you like). This, he says to everyone, kids and adults alike.
  • The customer is supposed to reciprocate the humility and say what he wishes to have. In my case, I say- 6 idli de dijiye.
  • He will take the 6 idlis and put them in a plastic bag, slowly, but steadily. No customer is supposed to display their impatience. That is how it is supposed to be.

And then comes the best part.

Probably one of the most expensive among the ingredients is the copra chutney(Chutney made out of coconut cream). When he pours it into another small plastic bag, he will ask if we need more.  

If the customer says that he wants more of it, uncle obliges, not grudgingly, but by asking, "is that enough for you?" (Itna chalega?). The customer, based on the Indian customs, is supposed to say "yes" and he/she does that.

Majority of the customers of the "uncle" are kids and young adults. They follow all the rules of buying idlis from the "uncle". But if someone does not, you will never ever see the "uncle" lose patience. I have never seen him shout, get angry or say anything negative.

Just a day ago, one of the workers (I think he must be a relative), got a dosa stuck on the frying pan. Not because of his fault, but probably due to some issue with the heat, I am not sure. I heard not a single word of reprimand, negativity or any indication of anger or loss. I offered to buy the 'broken' dosa(because the dosa was still edible and I knew that uncle would give it to me at a cheaper rate and I love dosas), but he refused stating that they will eat it and make another one for the waiting 'patient' customer. Uncle was more concerned about the customer's wait time, than he was of the loss of the dosa. 

The "uncle" is quite old- over 60. One of his children, who helps him, I have seen him regularly perform wudhu, even when it is not namaz time.

It is no wonder then that I regularly ask my household, if they wish to have idlis for breakfast.

The behaviour of the uncle refreshes my faith in God SWT and in humanity. May God SWT shower his blessings on the "uncle" and his family and keep/put them onto the straight path.

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