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In the Name of God بسم الله


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About this blog

Salamon Alaikom,  3 fields of issues will be 'logged in this valuable platform. 

1. 'ritings on issue of religion - no 'xplanation coming.

2. hadith - more 'xplanation coming!

3. Soft defence - more 'xplanation coming!


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Salam Alaikom, some facts and thoughts are presented below.

Firstly: No creation is there without being created, example reflect on, if a computer has creator how does this enormous sun do not have creator, all these stars, galaxies, milky ways and so on. Sure evolution happened but still who is the first cause. Every effect has cause but not necessarily every cause has effect. When the creation of stars come into life and lived, changes occurred that is normal, 'outer' change but no change in essence of its existence, no inner change. If someone can invent a computer and he does not isn't it an ugly and despiteful act while the good is that he creates it because he can do it, Allah also could create such a creation as humans, why wouldn't the One do it, would be surprising if Allah didn't.

Secondly: Life has different levels or existence from non-existence to low-existence until it reaches high existence, so what do I mean.


This is from low to high, even number and letter have some kind of low form life. Imagine the animal that is near human, and imagine the animal that is near plants, imagine the plant that is near animal-sign of life, quantity of life- and imagine plant that is near mineral. This is the spectrums, can they go together. Or were the created separately, How? Every level of life has senses for example the animals near human life has more senses than animals near plant life and the quality/quantity of that sense. Atom and the smallest part discovered has senses and cells has also senses. How can atoms turn to cells? How can atoms come at first place? Sure in cells there are atoms that are working for cells a higher form of existence.

Numbers from 0 to 9 you can create unlimited of numbers and combination.
Letters from a to z you can create unlimited of words and combination.
From some basic minerals you can create all minerals and combination.
From some plant life you can create all plants and combination, now is this possible, how come from numbers, letters and minerals you can do and plant holds cells that is from root of minerals and minerals root is numbers equations and formulas. From some humans you can create all humans with different combinations.

1. All creation is either physical creation or non-physical creation.

2. All the creation of the creator has to sides, one physical side and another spiritual-non-physical side in their own dimensions, realms and spheres.

3. All creation of the creator has characteristic and properties that is physical as will as non-physical, the non-physical are example different feelings and emotions in devotions as will as different focuses and concentrations in thoughts.

4. Truth, faith, Piety, certitude, moderation, modesty, knowledge, intellect, are some positive characteristics and each positive characteristic has its opposite a negative characteristic.

5. Plus another point all the creation has some kind of spouse or partner.

6. All characteristics in point 4. of humans have two side, the sides are theoretical and practical example knowledge has two sides one natural science and social science; practical science and theoretical science and hard science and soft science. hard science build outside human, theoritical sciences build inside human.

You can listen to his speeches

Dr. Farrokh Sekaleshfar was born in Manchester, United Kingdom. He received his MBBS (Medical Degree) in 2000 from the Imperial College of London, the second ranked medical school in England and 3rd ranked in the world. He also studied bioethics at the University of Manchester School of Law. Dr. Sekaleshfar currently resides in Qum and has studied in the Islamic Seminary for over a decade. He is well-known for his talks on spirituality and bioethics. Source: Dr. Farrokh Sekaleshfar

This can help you also: PS. this is not the best quality, sound problem.

Some articles / Notes:
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Many people in the Islamic world believe that act of sin makes the appearance of the Saviour of the world named Imam al-Mahdi harder or it is because of we humans commit sin that Allah don’t give him permission to start his world wide revolution and bring humanity to the peace Salam. Yes it may be right but the real root of the problem is knowledge about Islam(please note the Islam of the Prophet Mohammad(S) and not a satanic version of Islam). By acquiring knowledge about Islam, indirectly sin and corruption gets less and little everyone tastes how it is to be human. So with other words no west like Islam that in europe develops or east like is in development in east asian countries. Logical reasoning with intellectual arguments tells us, that may in europe there is teachings of right Islam, the Islam of Prophet Mohammad or the same in asia, muslim countries and the world in general. But the thing is if it is a right Islam than it is a right Islam. What i mean with  this psychopathic sentence is that if the true Islam reveal itself and gets stronger there is no names like west Islam or east one. With other words no east like traditions or west like traditions have place in Islam and in addition it doesn’t matter where you live -Islam itself holds all positive culture and traditions from all around the globe; and accepts it except those that are against Islamic law and Ethic-. Some may ask why and answer is because Islam is based on intellectuality and not whims and wishes of people living in the world or even philosophy and mysticism. To acquire the Islam of Prophet Mohammad, intellectuality is essential, to separate all west like and east like ways from Islam. In conclusion intellectuality would dominate our lives and replace east and west and bring forth Islam. East and west would be only names to understand directions.

At the moment east and west(the world) are in ruins and standby, some may see how they are moving towards perfection of peace, Salam in a motionless way more than 1000 years!

Furthermore those that accepted Islam are Islamist or proper said without playing with words, muslims. Their 'tradition' is Sharia in arabic ‘Fiqh’ that is not like Christianity that change their rulings for people ex. letting homo marriages -like hello forget about getting to Mars; making the law of God set for humans less worth by making it a tradition-culture- that can be changeable-. We can change; set aside; replace a cultural act, can we do the same with the Law-sunnah- of the creator set for us?

Some may say; why not change, well the answer is simply said that Sharia rulings are rooted in intellectuality, the sharia of Islam is born-based throw Intellectuality. It is because of this that our Islamic culture that is all good culture from around the world is standardized by Islamic law-sharia- and not vice versa. 

Summarized: what is right intellectuality? Is it to make a sophisticated weapon, demonstrate that the brain works, when the brain is working, mind and memory is good, that means i can use reflection-tafakkor- and being the talkative animal-Haywan natiq- talk a lot that's called right intellectuality. How can it be right intellectuality-Aql varziy- when it steams from the soul-nafs- also called psyche. The only way it is the right intellectuality-Aql varziy- when the intellectuality arises from the horizon of inner human instincts-Fitrah- from a place called Heart; like the beam of light as a sign for the beginning of morning prayer-fajr Sadeq-; Most people are stuck on the vertical beam of light in the morning that is false sign for fajr-Fajr Kazeb- 

So saying all this, the main goal is to dictate and remind myself as the first reader of this post how to acquire knowledge.

How to acquire knowledge?

Here is a general method with specific example that is inspired by reading some of sayings of Imam Jafar as-Sadiq.

“Know that the Physical-body has four innate abilities:”

1. The Curiosity generating capacity – This accepts Knowledge and passes it to the Head. 

2. The retention capability – This keeps the Knowledge for the natural processes to act on. Ex. By becoming silence so the need of reflection arises on the horizon of the head of an intellectual being named ‘human’.

(3). The absorbing capacity – This processing the Knowledge to obtain the extract, and thus to allocate to the Chest. In this stage you get the result, example you download a file that needs with a rar program (reflection) get extracted and ready to be evaluated and read and necessary important material from it continues to be send to the chest.

(4). The removal capability – This removes waste products after absorbing ability has completed its task.

Just consider the adaptations that occur in the head between these four abilities. These have been organized to meet the chest’s seed as part of the Omniscient design.

Without the interest generating capacity, how could one have endeavored in the pursuit of Knowledge, which is a necessary ‘ingredient’ for heart maintenance?

Without the retention ability, how would the Knowledge could be retained in the head for processing?

Without the inclusion ability, how would Knowledge have been processed for obtaining extracts and further transported to the chest without interference?

And without the removal ability, how would the waste products that come from the head, have been eliminated on a regular basis?


Four kind of questions have been answered that is necessary!





Example- Why acquire knowledge? Other why’s you bring forth

Example- What kind of knowledge? Other what’s you bring forth…

Example- How to do it? Other how’s you bring forth!

Example- Who should do it? Other who’s you bring forth!

Last but not least some of our Scholars-Ulema- says that the reason our Imam is not coming is because the testing of people is still left, the people must pass a test and that is acting according to sharia the Islamic law. Being persistence by having devotion - Del in persian- active.

Extra: Can we say when we know knowledge, it helps us to say so little we know, and this makes us to act properly and precisely, and talk less. There is a hadith i did not find, with following content: 'any cup/bowl is filled when  respective content is poured in it except the bowl of knowledge, contrary you get increased capacity.' Example you have capacity to learn 10 things, when you learn 2 things, it is not 8, but 2 increase. So one should remind oneself that if one discovers so ignorant one is, Allah gives capacity to learn further.

55ـ الإمامُ عليٌّ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): كلُّ شَيءٍ يَنقُصُ عَلَى الإنفاقِ إلّا العِلمَ.

55– Imam Ali (AS) said, ‘Everything decreases with giving away except knowledge.’
[Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 6888]

Sure there is no limit, but when we eat physical food we get satisfied or we fill so much that we can not continue, And we can eat so much like muawiya Curse upon Him and never satisfied, until we die in certain age, and even this food for stomach continue in paradise but do not know if one gets filled in hereafter.

So the food is always available, eat; i stop when satisfied; start eating when feeling hungry. The problem for some is, they are dying of hunger spiritually but they do not recognize it, they are in pain, but... Imagine if there be such sickness that you do not feel physical hunger, or you train yourself and cheat like those follow deviated 'mystical paths', or you are out of your fitra like it and have such character, because you spend time on reflection like the Prophet Peace upon Him and His Family when he was child.

Maybe people that continue searching and eating spiritual knowledge without being satisfied, and stop to do it to act upon it, becomes like muawiya Curse upon Him but in spiritual sense. Of course long term it is normal to continue, but in short terms, we should be satisfied and act upon it. What is the point of food/knowledge when we eat it and not act, we have energy and we not do work, and is not only beneficial but contrary harmful. By writing like this opens our eyes how to deal with the problem, to continue reflecting this synonym and develop this 'logical reasoning'. To find the proper medication, use in right time, control the sickness, to start than fighting it and removing it so we start act with knowledge.

Notes: This post may change and get better


One Entity

Heart Beats start at sunset!

Brain Waves start at sunrise!

For the body, brain waves

For the soul, heart beats

For the hereafter, soft-kindly

For the world, Intellectuality

For the physic, Brain waves

For the ‘meta’physic, heart beats



It’s difficult to see

secrets of those that

are patient, try to pierce the water by gazing hard with attention

and focus

to unveil the secrets of water drops

It can only happen in cold ocean; not hot streams… reach the old ocean not hanging around in fast streams…

There have ‘ever been survival out from the Cold Ocean!

So beware, be in the beautiful green field

beside the Cold Ocean



Burning in Brain

Burning in mind

Burning in thoughts

Burning in time

Burning during sleep

Burning while awake

Burning at rest

If it continues it will be

Burning in hell!

Burning in concentration

Burning in feelings

Burning in emotions

Burning while awake

Simply just burning

Flourishing of fear; hope and love!

Otherwise prison better.



The mouth is off; the tongue cannot connect the words to the world! The intellect is off!

The body is off; so is the body language; every DNA string. The soul is off; every component of it!

The knowledge that is light in the heart; that connect body; intellect; soul; heart is off; So is the heart off; The only one with eternal eternally is overall; It doesn’t matter for the One whether it’s dark or light; All this created by the One for the ones to “enjoy”; One is the most; most Kind. With kindness One guide but its creators; Humans;  Adams; Eves with their will; decision, the decision whether to fly the one way of the One or crawl on the earth for a bit money; disunity.


The Goal!

The dear mother’s womb

for organ creation, and bodily beauty

and perfection.

Surely, the less beautiful, the world

of creation; on it stand the bodily

beauty and perfection

Obvious it be, tool is the less beauty, the

world of creation for the best worth, the

soul of perfection.

So may the soul be Solomon over

the world of creation, to begin

absorbing attributes of the only

King over heavens and between.

As the body grow after birth

Soul will complete it is birth

in the bed of dead

eyes closed and eyebrows lead

meeting each other on resurrection day

Salam they say


Where is not trap!

To reach You, may I suicide

By elixir the soul unconscious

flying wildly above the skies

dancing of joy,

To reach, you may suicide

By elixir the soul unconscious

Flying wildly above the 7 skies

Dancing of joy, unaware

that even skies hold traps hidden

for the ones, so may they learn always

have precaution.



The King is One

but the Kingdom His, with pairs

in the path of perfection

proudly whispering; no one is like the One one!

In pairs are the living world

“250.000; and more

species of flowering plants.”

let alone humans, the most


In earth sea, sky and cosmos

walking, swimming, flying, and watching

cells, atoms, sounds and light

perfection, purification, surrounding  and obeying

Creation the not only Kingdom; is His

atoms in pair created

with negative electrons and positive protons

are their attractiveness less; humans?

Nothing is like Him!



Unknown holding a macabre beauty

Try to pierce into the heart and create mounds of tears!

Continuously allure the heart with candid

Weaver-birds enjoying in a lodge terrace;

With invasive ambiguity; deep interaction and coax

Showing the shredded sweet; whisper blend with

Insatiable and innocuous strains; taking the heart

As an arid!

White-hot glare with shimmered and hues sumptuous

Cover the inferno!

Myriad dwarf dances vignette; the heart witness Crammed with visceral sheer magic.

Silhouette with intriguing dark streaks reaching

The zenith; Conscious heartbeat releases hues of red

Like flying flames refracted; rendered the vehement hoax of the vile

Consciousness’s reflections echo terse signs

May the heart perceive the varied hallow veils?

Split asunder and gush forth sternly and itself illumine.

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