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In the Name of God بسم الله
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What happened in Afghanistan. I never thought I would see these days, these events occurring.

Reading about the events before Imam Mehdi (AFJ) appears. It was horrible to read what events going to occur. I never thought I would be witness to some of the events.

I am very fortunate and my family as well that we live in Australia, away from the danger and warzone. All of us safe and healthy.

O Man why are you so obsessed with oppressing women and children??

O World why do turn blind eye to oppression ???

O World why do you start all these ending wars, what for money?? you already got a lot, don't you??

O World is it because you're envy of Ahl-Bayt (peace be upon them) ???

O World do you think, your first death will be your last death???

O World do you know that You can't blame Iblis/Shaytan etc... they're not gonna be there for ya as they didn't force you ??? because it was you who thought about it and chose to do what you did.

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