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In the Name of God بسم الله
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About this blog

What happened in Afghanistan. I never thought I would see these days, these events occurring.

Reading about the events before Imam Mehdi (AFJ) appears. It was horrible to read what events going to occur. I never thought I would be witness to some of the events.

I am very fortunate and my family as well that we live in Australia, away from the danger and warzone. All of us safe and healthy.

O Man why are you so obsessed with oppressing women and children??

O World why do turn blind eye to oppression ???

O World why do you start all these ending wars, what for money?? you already got a lot, don't you??

O World is it because you're envy of Ahl-Bayt (peace be upon them) ???

O World do you think, your first death will be your last death???

O World do you know that You can't blame Iblis/Shaytan etc... they're not gonna be there for ya as they didn't force you ??? because it was you who thought about it and chose to do what you did.

Entries in this blog

Test and trials

Take: Everyday   ,   Every second,         Every situations,         Every difficulties,           Every achievements  Take all these a test and trials where your patience is tested, your faith is tested, your ability to control your desires and emotions are tested, family relations is tested etc..... Focus on passing these tests with patience, faith in God, doing religious obligations, praying to God, always seeking help from God, seeking forgiveness and thanking him in every sit


Meedy in Test and trials

Falling apart

My family are being torn apart bit by bit. My oldest brother's wife falsely accusing of him cheating and she knows its not true but the wealth and her sisters whispers have blinded her. My 2nd old brother's wife or both blame my 3rd brother wife for my failed marriage and told me parents to pick them or us. I have my own issues and demons to deal with My mind is not strong enough to listen to the news anymore.  I see hypocrisy everywhere. There are times, I get test
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