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In the Name of God بسم الله
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When we think of the term Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, certain thoughts may enter our mind such as the need to maintain hygiene or the need to constantly check, fear of contamination or hurting others. It is much more than that. It also primarily deals with the 'obsession' of thoughts, as I'd like to call it. Being inclined to unwanted thoughts, such as sexual or religious ones and the more you try to push it away, the worse it gets. It is like someone telling you to continue thinking this way even if you don't like it. Although this does not make sense, readers who are able to connect will get the idea.

Scrupulosity is the term given for religious OCD and is quite common within the younger generation. Fear of being a sinful human in the eyes of God, fear of constantly repeating one's prayers or rituals, lustful or bad thoughts about religious figures and others. It may possibly stem from genetic factors, but environmental conditions play a major role. Families who have been raised in conservative societies will often intertwine religion and culture, thus leading to confusion. Young adults who try so hard to keep their connection with God on a pure level will surround themselves with fear and worry of not being a righteous Muslim/Christian/Jew. 

Religious OCD was first termed scrupulosity in the 12th century. It derives from a traditional use of the term 'scruples' in a religious context, which means being obsessively concerned of one's sins and religious devotion. Moreover, the word in fact originates from the Latin word 'scurpulom' meaning sharp stone which implies the stabbing pain one suffers from their own conscience. Many famous historical religious figures would express their obsessional suffering where it became recognised as a mental disorder in the 16th century, being termed as 'religious melachony'. It is now a modern day pyschological problem, with its prevalence as rather speculative. 

 I was born and raised into a religious family whom emphasised on the importance of Islam. When I was consistent on keeping up with my prayers and religious tasks, this is when the major hurdle begun. As much as I loved being a good faithful Muslim, such thoughts that I somehow created within my mind used to intervene every single moment of the day. It used to bother me the moment I started to pray, read Qur'an, or anything that was not religion-based. I'd stay awake all night repeating the same thoughts in my head, and it felt like I was being choked by somebody. I was also scared by the number of sins I would commit, such as angering my parents. Whenever I'd anger them for the slightest thing, it led to me being emotional and apologetic. I didn't want them to stay mad at me as I feared that my prayers won't be accepted. Later on I ended up realising that I was manipulated for most of the time which really hurt me. I was coerced into believing that certain things were forbidden in Islam when it later sounded all very contradicting. This is when I started to lose most of my faith, because of the lies that I have been told. The amount of times I apologised to my parents has led me to even despise the word 'sorry'. It is when I started to realise that Islam is not as complicated as certain people make it seem to be.

My point here is not about Islam being the cause of OCD; it is about how others misrepresent the truth. For that reason, we find people either not practising or turning into agnostics. All because of the idiotic cultural taboos within our religion. If we somehow fall out of line in terms of faith, even if it was a small slip, we are suddenly hypocritical disbelieving servants of God. That's what victims of scrupulosity have to deal with, they are constantly under fear that the slightest thing would displease the Lord. Firstly, this life was set as a test; no doubt that human beings are prone to sinning, it is not possible for anyone to reach perfection. The least we can do is try our best and pray sincerely for our guidance. 




You're awake at night, in a deep dark suspense. Not a pindrop of sound. You face upwards towards the ceiling, trying to think about God, but everytime you do, the devil makes his way into your head. You feel frustrated, anxious, and devastated; wondering how can you stop him from getting inside your thoughts. How do you continue to keep that connection with your Lord without him trying to distance yourself from faith? 

For nearly five years, I suffered from a common condition as to what we know as OCD: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I never knew what it first was until I was around 15 and found out that it can even be genetic (from my father's side). It was really difficult and coming from a religious family, things became more complicated. Later onwards, I realised that God is not a strict being, nor does he want our religion to feel complicated - and yet we are the ones who complicate it for ourselves. Alot of people especially within my culture make it seem like Islam is somewhat forceful and harsh. The sad truth is, some corrupt leaders have represented our religion in such a way that contradicts to what it originally was 1400 years ago. 
I don't only blame terrorist groups for portraying a terrible image of Prophet Muhammad's teachings, but our own community has also failed us. We are surrounded by blindness and ignorance yet its hard for us to realise that until we ourselves choose to divert in the path of seeking the true knowledge. However, alot of prideful humans will cease to believe the truth even if it was witnessed before them. Their arrogance is more worthy than divine knowledge.


In a time of ignorance

A period of injustice and profanity 

Where it was filled with insanity 

Hearts were filled with vanity


He sent a true messenger 

To fulfill a mission that would change humanity

To forbid atrocity and spread morality

To guide His creatures towards the true message

To remove the calamities and wreckage


The hypocrites wouldn't stop mocking him

Calling him names and throwing dirt

He let them do so freely, for he was never hurt

'Cause the Lord was always by his side

Every night he raised his hands and cried

Praying that his people would follow the truth


A man of respect and dignity 

A man who preached unity 

He who gave women their rights 

He who gave the nation its might 


The Holy Book and the Holy Progeny

The two things that held the nation together

But he still knew about the bad prophecy

He could already sense the wild weather


Ya Rasullulah,


Can you see how your nation tore apart 

When it used to be only one


Can you see the amount of bloodshed

Leaving thousands of your Muslims dead


Can you see the amount of hatred and sedition

Leaving thousands of your Muslims in a heartless condition 


Waiting for your chosen ancestor

To free the Earth from the oppressors

To fill it with justice and remove the tyranny


You were the chosen one to mankind 

An immaculate soul that He designed.


السلام عليك يا رسول الله ❤️

اللهم صلي على محمد و آل محمد


Am I not allowed to grow a little confidence?

To get past my self consciousness?


Why youse gotta restrict me 

From getting rid of my insecurity

Youse will never understand why I keep disobeying

Youse may think I'm selfish, but I keep praying 

Hoping for a miracle to pass by and change your minds


I know that it's for my protection 

But I'm old enough to depend on my own

Everyday I keep staring at my reflection 

Wondering when youse will leave me alone.


But seriously though



Am I not allowed to grow a little more confidence?

To get past my self consciousness?


I'm only pretty if I have enough likes

I'm not so pretty if I only have five 


I'm only popular if I have many friends 

I'm only special if I start to follow these trends


I only get noticed with makeup

Without it I'm no longer recognised


You need that flat stomach and those fine curves 

So you choose to put yourself  through that pain you don't deserve

Starving yourself till your rib cages begin to show

You want to be like the rest, because your self esteem is so low


Society is committing a crime

With how they define beauty

Girls can no longer be themselves

'Cause they fear society's judgements.


Society made you forget your true beauty 

That lies beneath all those flaws.


"And you don't have to change a thing the world can change its heart" ~ Alessia Cara


Please let me help you 

Let me help you get this through 

We share the same blood

And I want you to be loved


Look I know that you're depressed

And I know that you're in distress


But I wish you could open up

Instead of always shutting up

You choose to conceal yourself 

And I still don't know why 

sometimes I hate myself 

For even having to try 

To make you fess up 


I know you don't want my help 

Maybe I do suck at giving advice 

But why should I leave you to silently yelp

When I'm here for you, but you're just like ice


I am always contemplating

And always wondering

Whether I've done more than enough 


I want to be there for you

But you keep pushing me away

So I chose to do the same


Please let me help you 

Let me help you get this through

We share the same blood

And I want you to be loved.


When I'm in pain you say it won't last

But I see you still paining about the past


When I'm in tears you tell me to keep smiling

But I still see you curled up in the corner crying


You tell everyone it'll be alright 

But the space around you is tight 


You tell everyone you're fine

But I already know that's a lie


It's never that easy to let go 

That strong feeling of betrayal

But one day they'll know 

Just how much they left you in denial .


"It's never easy to walk away, let it go

Nothing heals the past like time" ~ Dean Lewis


You say it was a curse
'Cause I became worse
You say I am being punished
'Cause I caused my old self to be diminished

You say I am beginning to deteriorate
As time passes by
I don't know how much longer I can wait
As I sit there and cry
Staring at the blank wall
Hoping for a miracle

You say it was a curse
But I believe it was a test
You say I became worse
But I am trying my best
To return to where I was.


She's been through hell
But everytime she fell
She got back up and praised the Lord
For she made it through that narrow ford

Instead of sleeping
She kept on weeping
Instead of dreaming
She kept on thinking

Too many thoughts right now
That's keeping her up tonight
She can't seem to break this fight
A fight of clashing thoughts

She got caught in an accident
Yet she still thanked Him
'Cause she knew that not everyone's lucky
He chose to put her through a calamity
Out of his sincere love and mercy

So she refuses to question herself 
Why she faces such calamities 
'Cause she already knows the answer

Everything happens for a reason through His will

She's been through hell
But everytime she fell
She got back up and praised the Lord
For she made it through that narrow ford.


I  would give way to the guilt
That let those trapped thoughts and emotions get built
Awake all night, contemplating whether I was a bad person
And this only made my condition worsen

Couldn't tell anyone what I was going through
And even if I did, I felt like there was nothing they could do

Compulsive and uncontrollable
It felt so unavoidable

Trapped inside my own hole, not willing to escape

Something just kept pulling me back,

Why couldn't I control it, was it that powerful?

That would leave me with visible marks the next day
Some questioned it, but it didn't bother me anyway

'Cuz they ended up believing my excuses

It was the same thoughts on repeat
Like a rewind tape that I couldn't delete.


A delicate young flower
With great spiritual power

A soul that descended from heaven
And took some of its pure fragrance

She brightened the whole city with her illuminance
Her modesty and piety shone through its radiance

She was indeed the greatest of the four 
And God was the only one she spent time for
Consistent in her prayers and faith 
No woman could ever beat her status

Without her existence there would've been no pure progeny
To carry her father's word to all mankind

She suffered with immense pain 
After the loss of her beloved father 
Not only she was faced with disdain 
For trying to claim her right
But she had to face the cruelty and injustice
she had to face the torture and the flames
Causing her to lose a small delicate soul

The love of her life
Couldn't bear to see those wounds 
grief stricken to see his beloved wife
Buried with those scars 

She was a flower nipped in a bud 
That fell from heaven and went back
But her fragrance was still left in her lover's mind

Peace be upon you, ya Fatima al Zahra (عليه السلام)

سلام الله عليكي يا فاطمة الزهراء، يا بنت المعصومة❤️


He was Islam's backbone
His wisdom and bravery was widely known

None of them could beat his intelligence
And for that they called him the peak of eloquence
It was his powerful words that continued to guide mankind
To be fair, honest, loving and kind

He stood by his cousin's side like a shield 
Everytime they had a mission
And had to face opposition 
It was he who gained them victory
In the greatest battles of history

The first man to submit his will to God
The first man to pray behind the Chosen One
The only being to be born in God's house
The only being who was fit for leadership

Slayed the strongest enemies with one strike of his sword
It was never done in arrogance, but for the sake of the Lord
Never wanted to take over the authority
Even though it was meant for him and his hereditary 
For he was neither greedy nor selfish 
He didn't want the name of Islam to perish

He continued saving God and His Messenger's message
Despite being surrounded by immense pain and wreckage 
He never stopped preaching honesty
Of the Holy Book and the Holy Progeny

He was indeed the backbone of Islam
The true light to civilization of Islam

peace be upon you, commander of the faithful, Imam Ali (عليه السلام)


Some days feel low and some days feel high

some days I find joy and some days I just cry

its a mixture of heightened emotions that I can’t even describe

some days feel tough and some days feel like a breeze

some days I find comfort and some days I can’t find ease

its a mixture of heightened emotions I can’t even describe


lost and trapped in this loophole

don’t know when I'll get it under control



Thought I was never going to change
Now thinking about it just feels strange
'Cause I never used to see it coming
I saw myself changing and chose to ignore it

It was for the good but mostly for the bad
Even after I realised, I was neither happy nor sad
I became nicer but less faithful 
Maybe I should've been more careful

The things I told myself I was never going to do 
Now I do them like it's not so bad
I know I didn't completely change to the worst 
But I know my level in faith decreased

Maybe I just wanted to fit in 
And experience it all
Maybe I felt like I was restricting myself too much 

I do not know when I'll climb back 
When I'll return back to my original phase
Where I was so dedicated to my faith.
No matter what obstacle would try and deceive me.

Never thought I was going to change
Now thinking about it just feels strange
'Cause I never used to see it coming
I saw myself changing and chose to ignore it.


Overthinking is everybody's greatest weakness

Did I say or do something wrong?
What does that person think of me?
Does he/she hate me?
Is it really my fault ?
Did I make a good or bad impression?
Was I exaggerating?
Was I being a hypocrite?

Maybe I shouldn't have said that
I shouldn't have made that person think of me that way
Why does he/she hate me?
I know that it was my fault
I know I made a bad impression
I know I was over exaggerating 
I know I was being a hypocrite

Overthinking is like smashing your head against a wall
You keep smashing your head, knowing that nothing's gonna change
No matter how much you think of that situation 

Everything will stay the same.


Such hard things in life that you can't even cope 
But with God by your side, you can't just lose hope

All that pain keeping you up tonight 
You just gotta keep reminding yourself that it's alright

For that silent growing pain is only temporary.
Strengthening our faith and pushing away the guilt that wasn't even necessary.



No doubt I know youse love me
And all these restrictions are there to protect me
But for how long does it have to be this way
How long do I have to pretend that I'm okay

You try hard to guilt trip me
Even though I didn't completely change to the worst
You'd still assume that I lost all my faith
Yet little do you know I pray for you almost everyday

Sometimes I think I'm a little too selfish
To be thinking this way, some are too unfortunate
Instead of complaining I should realize that I'm fortunate
For my life is filled with blessings others wish to have

Forgive me, I have given them a hard time
All I ever wanted them was to understand
They'd make it seem like I'm committing a crime
With their guilt tripping words that I can no longer stand.


Why am I always agitated

To the point where I'm just irritated

At every small thing that comes my way

I throw a tantrum not realising what I say

Sometimes I reassure myself

It's okay, your human, you can control yourself

But everytime I try, its only temporary

And I try to push away the guilt that I carry

No matter how many times you fall

Keep breaking through that strong immense wall

Even if you still haven't been able to and you just wanna stop

Be proud that you still didn't drop

That you still haven't given up.


There will be ease

Don't you ever wish that you could rewind

And remove all those bad memories that were left behind

But then God tells us to learn and move forward

Thinking about the past will just make us fall downwards

He has promised twice that there would be ease 

So make a difference and just let those thoughts cease

Later in life they'll be deep regret

For all that wasted time you could never get

You could've spent that precious time valuably 

But instead you decided to waste it worthlessly

So shed less tears and continue to smile

For your sorrow and hardships will only last a while




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